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Raven stepped through the ashes of the battle, breathing hard. It had been an hour since the villains had escaped from the fake ghosts and into the dark domain that was the rest of the United States. If her wishes were granted, none of them would return to this barren place, and she would lie near the long lost bodies of her friends forever.

Raven stared at Robin's utility belt for a long moment, the blood that was on it dripping onto her fingers. It had to be the Boy Wonder's blood that was there the Boy Wonder's blood that would dry up and stain for an eternity. His soul was hidden within, trapped, trying to break out and run free, but unable to. It never would be able to do so, now that Robin was dead.

She stroked it's golden edge softly, shutting her eyes and letting tears fall from them. The Titans were dead, she was the last one, the only survivor of the thrice cursed battle. She could never be discovered, or there would be hell to pay.

Raven reached the area where Beast Boy had died, letting out a deep breath. His corpse was still there, burned and bloodied as ever. His blank eyes stared into nothingness, the green slightly faded within. Next to him were two foxes, their teeth digging into the flesh of his body. Blood pooled from their jaws as they ate.

Raven felt anger surge inside her as she watched the creatures eat. Beast Boy did not deserve to be the food of some wild animals. They had not yet noticed her, instead munching happily on her lost friend. Her eyes glowed white and around her fist black orbs formed. The magic created a crackling noise, turning the heads of the animals.

The two foxes leaped back in terror, their eyes widening as they saw the angered half-demon. One turned tail and fled down the dark alleys while the other was more reluctant to do so, instead remaining beside Beast Boy. It let out a little whimper as she stepped forward, but did not budge.

With barely any effort, Raven let her ink colored magic flow out of her hands and around the animal, and mercilessly she broke its neck. The fox fell onto the floor, its mouth hung open helplessly. She did not care. No animal would ever feed on her friend.

She kicked the fox's body to the side and moved up to the green changeling. Raven lifted her head to the sky.

"You didn't deserve to die!" She screamed, not caring to be quiet. "They are murderers! Traitors! I hope they die more painfully than you did!" She spit the last words out of her mouth like they were dirty water.

She lifted Beast Boy's body into the air carefully, using her powers to steady him so he would not fall. She knew she would not have the time to bury all the bodies before they decayed (The massacre had killed so many, even with her powers it would be a miracle to clean up the entire city). As she walked through the battle stained land she too sight of what had happened to it.

Everywhere she looked was blood; splotches of blood on the pavement, torn flesh in a corner, red in all directions. The sight was horribly disturbing. Corpses were less visible than the blood, but still plentiful. Raven had nearly screamed when she had almost tripped on Kid Flash's missing arm, the stump ripped with flesh. Almost half of the buildings were burnt, covered with shattered windows and ash filled stone. Smoke still rose from many, and she could just barely see a fire that was ravaging a skyscraper a few blocks away. Blood leaked into the ocean at the edge of Jump City, turning blue murky red. In the distance smoke rose from the black Titans tower, one of its sides crumpled into the water.

Raven reached an area of the city that didn't have any marks of the battle, and let out a sigh of relief that she no longer had to see blood. Next to one building (The bookstore she had started going to after the old one had been destroyed when returning home from the battle with the Brotherhood of Evil) was a long stretch of dirt shrouded by trees. This was the park, surprisingly undamaged even with a fire nearby and filled with flammable trees and plants. This would be where she would bury the three bodies of the titans and Robin's utility belt (To represent Robin). She let Beast Boy's body lie on the side of a tree, and left to collect the other bodies.

Starfire and Cyborg's bodies were easy to find as she had visited them before. Luckily, their corpses were covered in less of the dark red blood that covered everything else, but she could hardly think brightly about that now. As she laid the three Titans together she couldn't stop the tears from spilling out of her eyes. Their faces were so… inhuman, eyes blank and overflowing with the sense of death. She laid Robin's utility belt next to them. You need to control your emotions, one side of her mind hissed, but she hardly cared. How could she care when everything she loved had been ripped from her life and sent to the void, never to be seen again?

Raven walked a few feet away and found the perfect piece of metal that could be used as a shovel. Without use of her powers, she dug three large holes and one small one, side by side. It was long, strenuous work, and took nearly two full days to complete. Other than sleeping and looking for food and water (She found little, only black berries from a bush in the park and water from a water fountain in the book store) she dug the pits. She slowly lowered each body inside a hole as well as the belt, and then re-covered the holes in dirt, leaving four mounds remaining where they were set.

She yawned, tired from digging and the events that had just taken place. She needed sleep dearly, it was almost vital. She turned toward a group of unburnt houses next to the park, and headed to one made of yellow wood. Inside was a comfy little home with olive green couches and tan carpets. On one couch was a white blanket with red rhombuses and a blue pillow. Around the room were pictures of a family: a mother, a father, two sons, and a daughter. Her vision began to blur, she definitely needed to rest.

Feeling too tired to find a bed Raven curled up on the couch, wrapped the blanket around her torso, and fell asleep.

The first thing she noticed when she woke were the screams. Cries of terror echoed everywhere, screeches of rage just five steps away. The noise was overwhelming, she clutched her ears and crumpled to the floor, shutting her eyes lightly as if to block out the noise. It did not.

Someone yelled nearby, and Raven opened her eyes to see a man who looked about forty years old tumble in front of her, blood spilling from a wound in his head. He gazed at her helplessly, just as a figure shrouded by shadows stabbed him in the chest.

As Raven stared at the dead man in shock she did not notice the figure standing behind her, one eye gazing down at her with a growing suspicion. A hand grabbed for her hood, and the half-demon let out a shrill cry of terror. She was lifted into the air, kicking and punching, but only hitting open air. In moments she was face to face with none other than Slade.

Raven's eyes widened as she faced off with the one eyed villain who had murdered her friends. They looked at each other for a long time, and then the deranged man let out a horrible, evil laugh, before throwing her into the wall.

A crack sounded at the impact, and she knew several of her bones were broken. She screamed at the pain that erupted through her body, her bones shrieking with intensity. She tried to get up but couldn't.

The door to the house opened and in walked Mala (carrying the Brain), Madame Rouge, General Immortus, and Brother Blood. On their faces were maniacal, unhinged grins that grew at the sight of her. Their eyes were twitching constantly. Black liquid dripped from their mouths and onto the floor. Raven screamed again as the five villains pulled out twisted daggers. Their mouths opened in unison, and as they lifted their heads their eyes shone pure white.

"The gem was born of evil's fire," their voices rasped. "The gem shall be his portal." Raven shut her eyes. The villains were reciting the prophecy, one of her worst fears. She had hoped to never hear it again, but of course it was a false hope.

"He comes to claim, he comes to sire," the villains continued. "The end of all things mortal." After the last word their eyes turned back to normal, and their gazes pierced her, looking as if nothing happened.

Slade stepped forward so he was right in front of her, his dagger shining in the moonlight from out the window.

"I've f-found y-you!" The voice that came out certainly wasn't Slade's, it was very high pitched and came out in parts. A shadow seemed to appear behind him, pulverising all the light. Raven knew what was going to happen right when the villain raise his wicked dagger. In one swift motion he stabbed it into her chest. She screamed.


Raven awoke with a start. She bolted upright on the couch, breathing hard. It was just a nightmare, she tried to tell herself. Slade is not here. His hell spawned soul will never lay a finger on me again. I am safe.

She breathed in a sigh of relief, then looked out the window. The sun was rising, signifying that a new day had arrived. Though her sleep had not been perfect, she was still grateful for it.

Raven stretched and pulled of the covers from the couch. Out of instinct her eyes flickered around the room carefully, looking for danger. Lucky for her, there was none.

Okay, step one, she thought to herself. This part of town is undamaged, and I think I saw a store nearby. If I'm lucky I'll be able to find some food and maybe a toothbrush.

She stepped out of the house slowly, looking out at the park. Seeing her surroundings she was glad to spot a group of stores, among them a supermarket and a gas station.

Without hesitation she turned and headed toward the buildings, letting the cool wind blow through her hair. On her path she avoided her friends' graves; it would take a little while to adapt to the deaths of the other Titans, and even if they still might sadden her, in the future she could possibly live peacefully. It was her hope for now, at least.

Raven swung open the door to the supermarket, and immediately smelt something that was different than blood. Smelling the food reminded her of how hungry she was. After a while most of this food will go bad, she noticed. When it does I'll either have to go and find another supply where the food isn't spoiled, or I'll have to leave Jump City. Both of those options are either quite challenging, or I am very reluctant to act on them. I must be thankful that this wasn't destroyed while it lasts.

Thinking carefully of everything she saw, she walked down the rows and grabbed everything that somewhat delighted her. She set it all in a shopping cart, and then went to the gas station where she got a toothbrush and an interesting magazine. With that off the checklist, she headed back to her house and began to set the food in the refrigerator.

Raven snapped the door shut as she finished, right before taking an apple out to eat. She was especially glad to have it after the battle. She attached some of the pictures of the Titans onto the refrigerator with magnets, pausing on the last one. It was a picture of all five Titans hugging each other on the couch. Most of the Titans were smiling, their faces filled with pure joy… except her. The Raven on the picture was annoyed, she looked like she was rolling her eyes. Did I show my friends how much I truly appreciated them before they died? She worried. I know I have to act this way to control my emotions, but would I have acted nicer to my friends if I'd have known they would die so soon? Maybe I wasn't kind enough, didn't spend enough time with them. Instead I was locked away in my room, not socializing with lives that would soon be lost. I wasn't a good enough friend.

Slowly and sadly, she clipped the picture onto a magnet and left to fetch a new pair of clothes.

I need to take care of myself right now, her mind whispered. No one else will.

Raven began to explore the house, looking in every nook and cranny. Next to the living room on the right was the dining room, which in turn connected straight to the kitchen, which led at an 180 degree angle to a very messy and dark basement. Also connected to the living room was two doors that led straight, one opened to reveal a staircase.

Upstairs was a long and curved bedroom with three beds. Toys for young children littered the floor, and on several occasions she had stepped on painfully small lego pieces. The other door had a closet on its right, a bedroom to its left, and a bathroom straight. She set her toothbrush in a cup on the sink and her clothes in a basket to its left. Hopefully this house will provide the same for me as it had for its original family, she prayed.

The day passed quickly now that she had things to do, and even though her heart was filled with deep sorrow she couldn't help but enjoy it. Cooking was probably the worst part of her day; she had almost burnt the pizza due to her lack of knowledge on anything involving food. Cyborg would have scolded her for hours if he was still there. She had eaten in silence, burning a candle on the wooden table for comfort. The sky was beginning to go dark, and quickly if she could say so herself.

After super she assumed her lotus position and began to chant her mantra, letting herself levitate into the air. She felt a peace enter her mind as she meditated, the peace she loved and could enjoy.

Maybe-maybe I can enjoy this, she thought to herself, getting back to her feet after meditation. Maybe I can be happy, even after losing everything. I can't let this trauma consume my life, no matter what. It's my world now, my destiny. Slade will never harm me again, whatever he tries to do. He received more than he deserved, the least he can do is let me free.

She went to sleep at 9pm,and the dreams came in like a torrent once again.

"Are you afraid?" Slade called from every direction. Raven tumbled through the city, the area darkening all around her. Her eyes were wide with fear, teeth clenched as she fought her way through the shadows.

He's here!

He's here!

He's here!

Her stomach twisted in terror as a figure lunged at her from the shadows. She rolled to the side, barely avoiding a kick to the chest. Her pursuer grunted, then turned and followed her from behind.

Blood seemed to be everywhere, dripping from the walls, onto the pavement. Inhuman screeches sounded everywhere, like demons of the shadows. She heard footsteps from behind her; the figure was gaining space, and soon it would be able to grab her.

Raven grunted as her leg slid against a sharp piece of metal, resulting in a cut that began to ooze blood. She stumbled at the impact, and her pursuer used it to their advantage and lunged. Claws raked against her left arm and she was flung to the side. She clutched her arm, wincing as her wound bled. The figure grew nearer, it had a wolf-like body with large, muscular forelegs and smaller back legs. It was covered in black fur, and its eyes were pure white. Jagged teeth sprung from its mouth. One of its front claws was covered in blood. Her blood.

The alien creature raised its head to the moonlight and let out a wail. Then it lunged at her, its fangs digging into the flesh of her torso. Raven gasped as her vision began to fade.

And then she woke up.

Raven groaned, holding a hand to her head. That was the second nightmare in a row, most likely the result of her terror from the battle. If this pattern continued, she would never sleep well.

It was still night, shadows seeping through the window. Outside stars twinkled in the night sky, and the moon shone like a pale orb in the dark. She rubbed her eyes, listening to the sounds of the night. One of the windows was cracked; she could hear so much. Crickets chirped, an owl hooted, and wait… Was that footsteps?

Thump, thump, thump.

Yes, someone was here, and definitely nearby. By the sound of it, it was probably a few people. The best thing I can do is stay silent, she admonished herself. If I pretend I'm not here, no one will know I exist, and I won't have to kill anybody. She curled up under the covers and closed her eyes. Now that she was listening, she could hear voices clearly.

"I almost feel bad for those Titans, you know," came a voice that was obviously male. "Looking at all the blood covering Jump City, you can tell their fate wasn't a good one. I feel bad for their friends, too."

"They died so young," came another voice, this time a girl. She sounded haughty and snobbish. "Too bad Slade and his Myriad of Doom didn't kill the Justice League, too. Everything would be so much easier, than."

A third person growled, one with authority, if she guessed correctly. "If the Titans hadn't died we wouldn't be able to rob Jump City with this much ease, Jack," scolded the man. "After we're finished we'll be rich. Besides, don't you want them dead?"

The man named Jack hesitated. "I suppose," he grunted. "But like Marla said, they died too young. You can't disagree with that, Greg."

Greg snarled. "You're too soft. Let's start with that yellow house over there."

Raven's stomach tightened. The robbers were going to break into her house! Fear rushed into her veins as she noticed that teleporting out would spark enough light to reveal her presence (Not to mention her magic was unique and recognizable to almost anyone), and moving elsewhere in the house would also be visible.

Time seemed to slow as the door knob turned.

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