Chapter 1

Authors Note: Hello, this is my first fanfiction and English is not my native language so excuse my grammar mistakes. Also, my inspiration for this story is the song 'Heroes dress in Black – Blues Saraceno'. Emily Prentiss will have many characteristics that could remind you other characters, she will be darker than she is in the actual series. Many things is more 'John Wick universe' than criminal minds. Thank you for your time and I'll appreciate it if you leave a comment so I'll know if you like it or not.


I don't own criminal minds or the characters only the story I created. Everything else belongs to their rightful owners.

Emily looked at herself in the mirror. Where was she? That little innocent girl with the curly black hair and the big smile. Years now, every morning she's been looking in the mirror searching for her but she is nowhere to be found. Who is she? That woman that is staring back at her? These ice black eyes are very scary. A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts.

'Emily? Are ya in there? We have to go, this place will be filled with cops and federal agents in few hours.' Yes the official ones, we are just shadows, the ones who get paid to break the law, she thought.

'On my way Clyde. Go and I'll follow, did you call the cleaner?' Clyde looked at her like she is crazy.

'Really Prentiss?' he snarled. 'It only happened once!' he said annoyed.

'Yes and we were running around trying to cover our asses for 2 months!' she said equally annoyed. As they were getting out of the building Hades and his team parked.

'Hey, you two! Did you had fun?' he said in a happy tone that came in contrast with his dark and tough exterior.

'Yes, these jobs are always fun H' Emily said in sarcastic tone.

'Always the sarcastic one!' laughing Hades started to go in the building.

One hour later and the building looked like no one have been there in years.

Current time, Virginia, FBI Headquarters

'Hotch? The director wants us in the conference room now' said JJ. 'The others are coming now'

Hotch looked as puzzled as JJ. 'No one said anything to me'.

'I don't know what's happening either!' she said as she was moving to the door. 'But it looks super formal and important'

Walking in the conference room, all the team was assembled there looking confused too. Three unknown people were in the room too. The team looked at Hotch waiting for an explanation he couldn't give them.

'Sir, hello.' Hotch said to the director 'I didn't get a notice about this' Hotch took a hard expression.

'Hello, agent Hotchner. Yes because I didn't send one. Everyone, meet agents Easter, Prentiss and Wolff.' Director said looking at the team.

JJ shivered. Who are these people? They are so different and yet so alike. The brunette is the definition of dark, tall and dangerous. Emily noticed the scrutiny and half smiled. The blonde is exactly her type. If you could say that she has a type at all. Clyde observing the exchanging looks between the two, pushed Emily lightly and gave her the look of we are here for a job. The team nodded towards the new agents as the three of them noted back.

'Agent Prentiss is the new member of the BAU' director continued. Hotch was ready to protest but director interrupted him. 'With the new cases we have we can use agents Prentiss skills' the team noticed the way director said the word skills. Respect and fear. This gave to the team an uneasy feeling. Emily took a step forward.

'Hello everyone, as the Director said my name is Emily Prentiss. Nice to meet you all. I'll try to fill the shoes of Agent Greenway as best as I can' how the hell does she know about Elle? That though was passing through everyone's mind. Hotch took control of the situation.

'Hello agent Prentiss, I'm Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner, these are Agents Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Jennifer Jareau, Dr Spencer Reid and analyst Penelope Garcia. This is not the way we usually hire people, but welcome to the team'. Hotch new when a battle was lost and in this situation higher powers made a decision for him and there was nothing he could do about it. Emily looked in his eyes and she instantly knew that he'll make her life difficult but unfortunately for him she stared down worst people than him.

'Agents, my name is Clyde Easter and this is Jeremy Wolff we are here only to work with you for one case' he looked so arrogant that even Reid was thinking to punch him.

'As agent Easter said, they are bringing a case to us' director said, 'I'll leave you to it. I expect regular updates about this agent Hotchner. This is more complicate than the cases we usually take.' Director turn and left the room without waiting for an answer and everyone stayed there staring at each other.