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Winnie's point of view…

My name is Winifred (Winnie) Harper Nee Foster, I was born here in Treegap, Maryland in 1890, the year is 1989 only months from 1990 and my hundredth birthday. In 1905 my life was forever changed when I was kidnapped by the Tucks, I was changed because I found myself those weeks I was gone, found love and freedom.

I loved Jesse, maybe it was what they called puppy love from a girl who had been cooped up in a large manor her whole life, but a part of me loves him still. Enough that I named my own daughter Jessie, my granddaughter is also named after the Tucks who may never change but they changed me for the better. Even when I made the hard choice to hide the spring after buying the land, a fact I will never alert any to. I know I am dying, my will has been read and all money and properties are now in the hands of my granddaughter, it was an unusual request, but the Judge granted it.

I never regret my choices, I still miss Jesse and the Tucks but when you have lived such a full life, with the trials and tribulations that come with it. Even after my Jessie passed only a year after giving birth to my only Granddaughter, Finley Blaire Mae Harper, who has been ill her entire seventeen years. On her birthday, I came to her room.

It flashes back like it was only yesterday.


I walked from my master room, the halls darkened in this late hour, but it was time. I had the crystal clear vile in my shaking hands, but I held tight as not to drop the magical waters that rest inside.

Finley was reading, her face so pale and her once stunning blue eyes sunken in, I could not lose her. She was not yet done with life, she wanted to live but knew she would not make it another month.

I smile hearing her gentle voice, "Hello meemaw, you shouldn't be up. You haven't been well; you're ninety-nine not fifty." but she held so much humor in her tone.

Taking her hand in mine, we lock eyes, the same color but hers need more life in them. "I have never lied to you even when the truth hurt, like your father having no desire for a female child. I want you to hear me out my Finley."

Her eyes curious as her face managed to pale more in this minute but when she spoke her words are chosen with care. "I will always trust you, you have been my rock."

"Long ago, in 1905 all those fairytales I once told you about Jesse and the Tucks?"

"I loved those." her smile was weak but held so much fond emotions that I knew meant she was reminiscing of her more carefree days.

"Yes, me too my dearest. Well those weren't fairytale's, I was kidnapped by the Tucks who never became ill, lived long years because of the Magical Spring. I have held on to the waters since you were two. The day we found out how sick you really were, your grandpa thought it was just me being silly, but it was never as such. This will cure you, but in that you will not die; you will watch the world change instead. Can you live with that?"

I have no clue if she believes me, but she answers me, "You make your life, no matter how long you live, one of adventure, seeing the changing world would be something. But alone no, I need company like you." her voice so weak, she needed sleep but fear she might not wake made me stay and talk.

"I never drank it when I turned seventeen, I wanted a long life and in the end to die. But you have had no life other than these walls and school, you have been a loner due to you being sick. I want you to live and be happy, it is my dying wish for you. That is why we saw the Judge, how you have control now."

Her words firm, "I did that to make you happy, every day that I wake I am blessed another day. I will never out live you."

I held the vile to her, "Drink this and you will and be healthy for once in your short life." Finley took the glass vile from my hands, her eyes moving over it before in her mind making me happy by drinking the cold water. She may think it was silly but soon she will be better than she had to leave before the Brothers of the Farlands came, they cannot find the spring and they never shall, but they would kill her, use her and that can never happen.

I have been very busy trying to find one of the Tucks to keep her safe, I may have found Miles in the back woods of Alabama.

Finley smiled, "Here meemaw, we both need sleep." she was still pale as I left.


That was two months ago, she was better and has finished High school but still she was an old soul, wise and alone. She never fit in with her peers. She was here in the Library when I rushed in which could have killed me.

I spoke, "Pack now, anything you need. Trust me." and she did walking from her sanctuary to her room.

I waited in the foyer with the driver who would take her bags, she had three and her bathroom bag and backpack. She was a firm believer now, she was immortal, and my death was her fear.

But right now, her death if it could happen, or the use of her was my own fear as the Brotherhood was lurking closer now, too close for her to stay here safe. I sat with her as she ate in the car, I paid handsomely for Jack to take us to Alabama, Yampertown to be precise.

"Meemaw, why do I have to leave? You will be alone they could hurt you."

I waved this off, "If they wanted to, they would have long ago, but I have made sure they saw me aging, your mother aging but with you it has changed. You shouldn't be alive, and they now see you so healthy, it is best I see if my lead was right, you will be safe with the Tucks." I was too old for this but here I was, making sure my life made it safe to Miles.

It was dawn when we left the Hotel, Jack in the room next to us to make sure we are safe, so we could drive another one into the backwoods. She sits reading we are so close as only a few buildings stood, all looking vintage, the towns people look a little unsavory like a scene out of Fried Green tomatoes, Jack pulled the Mercedes to a stop in a local diner so that we might get out and find him.

Finley stood close to Jack who was a bodyguard for an old friend, I borrowed him for a few days.

A woman of about twenty walked up, "Sorry, Ma'am are ya'll lost?" she was kind, her face had a long scar down the left, but she dressed in modest clothes.

I spoke, "No my dear we are not, I am looking for a man named Miles Tuck." I watched her face as it paled, she knew him.

"Sorry, no one by that name here."

She was lying, "I assume you do know of who I speak of, maybe he doesn't go by that name, but he is here. You run off and tell him Winnie is at the diner having her morning meal." I was from old, very old money, so using this tone was effective with her. I watched her taking to the woods when no one other was looking, Finley ate as did Jack and I, the food was delectable.

We waited over an hour before leaving, the girl was nowhere in sight, but a map was on Jacks seat, we had to take another road before walking a rather sizable distance.

Finley loved the woods, her hands touched the leaves and trees as we passed. "I loved the forest around the manor, getting lost in the woods was a fond pass time."

"Jack, I hate to ask but can you help me, this walk is not up to my old age." I just need an arm to lean on.

It was becoming hotter as the sun was at its peak, but a small cottage type cabin most people die for now is laying in front of us, the girl was standing outside waiting for us.

"Sorry ma'am, he said if it was you that you would come no matter what. Miles is inside." she walked in as I followed suit.

I held my hand up, "Jack keep Finley outside for a few moments then come in, I just need a few words with Miles."

Finley was fiddling with the axe as Jack took it from her. The home was well lit and smelled of fresh honeysuckle, but in the chair, was Miles looking no older than he did in 1905, he was not surprised to see me aged.

He stood helping me to sit, "Is it really you Winnie?" his hand over mine as I laughed.

I repeated what he once told me, "If you think on it, you come to see there'd be so many creatures, including people, we'd all be squeezed in right up next to each other before long." He knew then it was me as he smiled.

"Jesse won't be too pleased you never drank, he was coming to see you this very year. But why have you sought me out?"

"Have you heard of the Brothers of the Farlands?"

His face turned grim, "I have, Celia can we get some tea, love?" he found love again after so many years, this made my heart full again.

I sighed, "Miles, I need help. I never would have asked if it wasn't important. My daughter passed and all I have is my granddaughter, her name is Finley, she was ill from age two. I waited until the last possible time, right before she was to die. I couldn't lose her, she is seventeen and has not been able to live any kind of life. At first, she may not have believed me, but she does now, the brotherhood is after her. I want you, I beg you, to take her to Mae and Angus even Jesse, tell him everything make him protect her, she is my life." he looked shocked, shocked I doomed her to this life he hated.

Celia chimed in handing me some tea, "This is not a bad life when you find love, I will go get her. Miles, I have heard you talk of Winnie and your fondness, we need to help." she was a good woman she walked from us heading outside.

"I will help, I can find Jesse and I know where my maw and pa are, we will have to end the Brotherhood for good. There are many more like us, we have found them we have to leave in the morning, Mae will need to see you one last time."

I was not sure this was a good idea, "How far, I have a time limit these days before people notice my absence and have been gone twenty-eight hours already."

"About two days from here."

"I can't Miles, everything is now in Finley's name, I have changed and sealed her records, so she will not be traced due to debt card transactions, please keep her safe." he understood as he helped me from the rocking chair.

"I will take you back to your car and get Finley's things, I will do everything to protect her Winnie, I promise. In fact, we leave tonight, the brotherhood will be behind you."

The air was crisp as Celia was showing Finley how to use an axe, she was laughing. "Finely come here dearest." I called out to her when she turned Miles gasped.

Finley was my twin, her face more oval/heart shaped to my round face, but she was like my twin, her eyes right blue, her hair an autumn brown her smile was mine, he saw all that he knew me in 1905.

"Yes, Meemaw?"

"This is Miles, he is going to keep you safe now. I must return home, remember all those tales are true so you know you can always trust the Tucks. I need you to listen to him he will protect you from the brotherhood. I love you so much, you are my heart, my rock, my life. I will live on in you."

She was crying as was Celia and I, but I had to go now not having another few days in me.

My last vision of Finley was her smiling with tears in her eyes.