Here is the last chapter!

A marriage is a deep and loving friendship, one in which the love is so strong that each would sacrifice for the other, one that sex gets added to. So, the only way to a lasting and happy marriage is via friendship. So, take it slow, get to know the other person fully, be best friends... Because when you do that you'll find that humans mate for life and it is a sure way to a joyful way of living. The alternative is exposing yourself to the risks of not finding true love. This is because you didn't take the time to be best friends first... that you got addicted to sexual contact... which is awesome in a marriage between best friends and terrible when trust and surety are absent.

Our marriage was forged in fire and was all the stronger for it.

I stand watching Jesse and Winnie, she was a daddy's girl but we shared a bond that ran deep. She stopped aging a year ago and when she fell from the old tree she died but with luck on our side she woke and we knew then she was our daughter forever until time ran out.

Her hair was a shade darker than mine, her face resembled mine but hinted at her namesake, her Great Grandmother. Jesse was in love his love for her was very different from how he loved me.

I sit back while Ma and daddy along with Mae and Angus are all in town shopping, my thought runs wild. For a daughter, a father's love is one of the most important bedrocks of her growing up. A girl will look to her dad as a symbol of what is good and admirable in a man. It is in the way that dads complement their daughters for their intelligence, beauty, and strength that in turn solidifies a young woman's belief in herself. Being daddy's little girl is a role that many young woman relish and this is indeed another one of the very special aspects of being a dad. While this role definitely comes with a significant amount of pressure there is nothing more satisfying for a father than having his little girl look up to him.

Winnie's voice broke those loving thoughts, "Momma, Hun is here," Jesse nearly died when Winnie fell for Hun who was around much more than her father would ever want.

Jesse just sauntered up wrapping his strong arms around me, "I still don't like it,"

"It will never matter; you will just deal with it. She is happy, they are made for the other and you want her happy so don't ruin it for her. She found her love he will protect her and love her as you love me, she will always be your baby girl if that's what you're really worried about," trying to use a softer tone.

His scoff was off, "Am I that transparent?"

My smile was for him right now, my face turned to look up into his rich swirling eyes. "Jesse, we have been together for nearly nineteen years. I know you as you know me. Winnie will love you more than any other man, Hun will never come before you or daddy, and her great grandfather Angus. You have to learn to control your thinking, she is a daddies girl and will always be,"

"Guessing you had words with her,"

I smiled again, "You're right,"

His face changed to understanding as Winnie herself walked up to the front porch with Hun's hand in hers. "Hello Dove, and Jesse," at least Hun tried he really did.

"Hello, Hun," my arms wrapped around him as Jesse hugged his baby once again. "The guest room at Mae's is set up for you," Jesse smiled we didn't allow her and Hun to sleep in the same house.

But later that night as I looked out the large bay window my Winnie was kissing Hun smack dap between her great grandparents and our home, lucky her father was sleeping or Hun be dead a few times.

I whispered, "Thank you, Grandmother. For everything, my life is everything I wished for thanks to you,"

I just leave to my room, to my husband who just curled around me the moment I was in bed. His voice groggy, "You okay?"

"Never better," my fingertips tracing his face.

He smiled, "I love you, Finley Blaire Mae Tuck,"

"I love you, Jesse Tuck,"

This was my story, a story that had a never-ending happy story….