Muddy Dogs And An Angry Sister

"Where could he be!?" Harry frantically thought to himself as he looked around. All he saw were traces of mud but no dog. Before Harry could do anything else a loud shout from down the hall said "Harry James Potter get your butt down to my room now!" Harry gulped and looked down the hall he knew the owner of that voice too well it was his older sister Dana Mitchell. "I am waiting Harry" Dana shouted once again snapping Harry out of his thoughts. Harry then ran to see what all the fuss was about.

But the feeling Harry had in his gut made him think of a certain dog in mind. Trying to act as innocent as possible Harry entered his older sister's bedroom. With a raised eyebrow Dana watched as Harry entered her room he flashed her a grin showing all his pearly white teeth; and said "You called big sister?" "Yes I did Harry" Dana started to say before adding "Also would you kindly drop the innocent act I am so not buying it mister!" Harry quickly frown and look at his big sister who said "I believe this belongs to you"; Harry followed Dana's finger to a pile of clean clothes. That were now dirty once again thanks to grinning puppy covered in mud sitting in the middle of it.

Rocko thought everything was a game so when he saw clean clothes in a basket; he jumped in despite how dirty and filthy he was. Needless to say when Dana returned and saw all her clean clothes which she just washed ruined she wasn't happy at to say the least. Dana then watched as Harry picked up Rocko and shouting sorry as he left the room. Dana shook her head as she watched the pair left she loved both of them to death; because they were both cute and innocent even if they did sometimes get under her skin a little bit. Dana then got back to the task at hand rewashing the clothes she just washed. Meanwhile Harry was giving Rocko a well deserved bath.

Rocko loved having a bath because it meant he could make a mess. Just as Harry was about to dry Rocko off Dana entered the room to check on Harry's progress. The pair then watched as Rocko jumped out of the tub; and shook himself dry around Dana covering her and her clothes in that fresh clean dog smell. Dana just growled in frustration looking down at herself then at Rocko and then finally at Harry. Dana then stomped all the way back to her room for a change of clothes; in the background you can hear Harry shouting that "He's sorry!" But Dana doesn't hear a word of it and if she did she's too angry to think about what to say right now.

Hey Smart Kira here I was just wondering PM me if you'd like me to write stories about Rocko and Joel Rawlings.