How Many Potter's Does It Take To Put A Star On Top Of The Christmas Tree

Harry was being to wonder how many rangers did it take to put a star on top of the tree? As he tried to keep his balance. Currently Harry was standing on Ryan and Joel's back standing on his tippy toes trying to put a star on top of the largest christmas tree within the Aqua Base. Underneath Ryan and Joel was Carter and Chad the four had created a pyramid of sorts. It was a rather shaky pyramid at that and with Harry on their backs attempting to put a star on top of this very tree. The guys hoped they could get it finished before Dana showed up; because the last thing the guys needed was Dana telling them off.

Meanwhile Dana and Kelsey just arrived back at the Aqua Base after having some girl time together. Just as they we're about to part ways both girls decided to check up on the guys and Harry. I mean what kind of trouble could they get up too without Dana and Kelsey watching their every move. As the girls made their way to the rec room Dana said "I wonder how the guys and Harry are getting along decorating the tree." "Knowing the guys I hope they didn't screw up and injure Harry in some way" Kelsey told Dana in reply. Just the mere mention of Harry's name made Dana freeze if the guys did anything to him so help them.

As soon as Dana reached the rec room and saw the guys in their shaky pyramid formation with Harry on top. Plus Harry looked like he was about to fall. "HARRY!" Dana shouted as she raced towards Harry. But she wasn't quick enough to catch him and so as a result Harry banged his head on a nearby table and as a result slipped into a state of unconsciousness. Dana was none too happy about this outcome and immediately got him taken to the med bay to be checked out. Kelsey stood there looking at the guys who were currently in a heap on the floor; next to the downed Christmas Tree and all the ornaments scattered about shaking her head.

Before anyone could say anything else Dana bursted back into the room and demanded to know who's big idea this was this caused the guys to blame each other. But by this point after all the pointing was done Dana would have cared less about what happened. All she wanted was the why and how and since wasn't getting the answers she wanted. She decided to dish out some punishment and it was the following the guys had to find another tree for the base and christmas ornaments to decorate it with and Kelsey would be overseeing that the guys got it done. While she checked up and took care of Harry since this was all the guys fault for not minding him in the first place. Later on that night after dinner Dana checked up on Harry yet again; she originally decided on sleeping in her room and let Hedwig tell her when Harry was awake by tapping on her bedroom door.

But in the end she ultimately decided on sleeping next to Harry's bedside just in case something or anything happened. It wasn't long before Dana fell asleep clutching her younger brother's hand. Sometime during the night Hedwig sensed that Harry was starting to awake; as quietly as she could Hedwig glided on to her Masters bed she began to nip Dana's fingers. It wasn't long until Dana awoke thanks to Hedwig nipping at her fingers at first she didn't know what Hedwig was trying to tell her. But then Dana heard someone moan that got her attention almost immediately as she looked at Harry who was about to wake he did Dana asked him did he remember anything and Harry groggily said How many rangers does it take to put a star up on a christmas tree.

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