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Briefing Room, Normandy SR-2

2185 CE

It took a while but Lia managed to snap Kale out of his stupor. The man blinked for a few seconds as if taking in his surroundings for the first time. He felt a soft hand on his and looked it's owner in the eyes.

"Kale, are you alright?"

"Just some old memories, Lia." He replied with a shake of his head "Nothing to be concerned about."

"It is if it made you stare at a wall for ten minutes straight." The Jedi retorted before crossing her arms and giving him a skeptical look "Now tell me."

"Hey, where's Will?"

"He's out touring the ship. Stop avoiding the subject. Tell me what's wrong."

The two stared at each other before Kale gave up and sat on the holotable at the center.

"Nine years ago. My old crew and I took a job as security for a research facility. I made the choice of not finding out more about the job and that cost me my friends. I should've digged deeper. Something went wrong and their little project got out. Killed every scientist there and only two of us were left. We managed to kill the thing by dropping the whole facility on it. We got lucky. But after that, everything was erased. The facility didn't exist. So were the personnel inside, including my team. I would've gone after them, hunt them down one by one but I was too deep in the bottle to give a damn anymore. What's the point? Killing them won't bring them back. It didn't work with Noelle, why would this be any different? So for the years to come, I was at the shithole of the Galaxy. Drinking my days to forget. Then the my friend, the one who survived with me and became rather influential in the Coruscant, saw the sorry state I was in and pulled some strings. Next thing I know, I'm commanding a regiment of Clones and working for the Republic. It's amazing how my stomach isn't bloated from all that drinking." Kale joked "Can you imagine me with a big, round belly and fighting in this thing?"

"I would pay to see that." Lia replied with a laugh before asking "What about your friend? What happened to him?"

"We... keep in contact sometimes but well... I never really paid him back the way he wanted."

"Oh, why's that?" Lia asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kale got off the table and made to stand in front of Lia before looking straight into her cyan blue eyes.

"He's not you."

Silence fell as a smile slowly made it's way to Lia's face to which Kale found himself returning. He leaned in and enveloped Lia's lips with his own to which the Jedi happily reciprocated. Kale placed his hand on the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

"I apologize but I must ask that you refrain from committing any sexual activity inside the Briefing Room and the Normandy. Thank you."

The two broke apart and Kale chuckled. Lia did as well before gently pushing herself off the blonde.

"I'll have to thank her for that. We have rules about this, remember?"

"Hey, what the Council doesn't know won't hurt 'em."

"Cheeky bastard."

"Who knew a Jedi could have such a potty mouth? You know, you're a far cry from the first time I met you. You were so prim and proper then but now... "

"After spending enough time with you... " Lia chuckled and walked out of the room, leaving Kale to see her go. The dirty blonde sighed and shook his head.

"What a woman."

~Line Break~

Armory, Normandy SR-2

"You're telling me this little thing fires lasers?"

"Charged plasma bolts, Mr. Taylor. What's the matter? Never seen a blaster before?"

Jacob chuckled as he set the pistol-sized blaster on the table. Honestly, he couldn't believe it. If he remembered correctly, the only laser-based weaponry he had ever seen was from the videos he saw about Sovereign before the Citadel decided to cover it up as a Geth ship. If what Will says is true, then this thing can surpass Kinetic Barriers with ease. Oh, what he would give to have one of these babies.

Will let out a small laugh as he holstered the DC-15s sidearm. He liked the man. Better than that woman at least. First chance she got, the ship's XO cornered him and wanted him to hand over his weapons. She tried to have some grunts to detain him but... Well, let's just say he showed them to never mess with a Clone Commander. After all, they received ARC training from Alpha-17. As Jacob moved on to make his routine check-up of the team's weapons, he couldn't help but ask about something.

"Will, I gotta ask. How'd you get those scars?"

"Ah. Some bugs with knives tried to cut my throat open. Snatched off my helmet and decided to play with their victim. Cut me up and took my eye too. Lucky for me that a Jedi was close by. Heh, and all that happened on my first deployment."

"What was it like?"

"It was hot. The sun was bearing down on us and there was sand everywhere. Sand, sand, and even more sand. Then a damn sandstorm hit us too. Even with the helmet's visor, we couldn't really see where they were. The only thing we managed to see were blue and red blaster bolts passing by or whizzing past our heads. That's how the bugs got me." The scarred, one-eyed Clone took out his Vibroknife and began playing with it, doing several tricks that impressed the man before him. "We've been trained for all kinds of situations but it never really prepared us for the real thing. For all the screams and blood and death. I was amazed we even lasted the first hour."

"How long has it passed since then?"

"That was two and a half years ago. A lot has happened during the war. We lose hundreds of brothers everyday and hundreds of shinies were put in the grinder to replace them."

"Sounds rough."

"You have no idea."

The door to the Armory opened and Will turned his gaze to the newcomer only to glare his remaining eye. The newcomer glared back and the two stared each other down.

"Ms. Lawson."


Will's eyes narrowed further. He didn't recall telling her his number.

"I should have you sent to the brig for what you've done."

"Woah. Wait a second, Miranda. What did he do to piss you off that much?" Jacob asked as he made a calming gesture.

The raven haired beauty glared once more at the Clone Marshal Commander before turning to Jacob.

"This man hospitalized two Cerberus personnel."

"After you told them to apprehend me, strip me of my weapons and armor. What did you think I would do? Lay down like a dog and have you freely confiscate Republic property? I may not know where in the Galaxy I am but I'm still a soldier of the Republic. Any further attempts will be met with lethal force. Besides, the Boss and the General won't like it if you hurt one of their boys."

Silence fell on the Armory as the two stared each other down. Will still had the Vibroknife in his left hand while his right was slowly inching towards his sidearm. If he was gonna do this, he had to be fast. The woman looked like she wasn't reaching for any sort of weapon so he had to guess she was going to use her 'Biotics'. Before things could escalate, Mordin passed by and gave the two a look before his eyes landed on Will, making his first proper observation.

"Hmm. Weapons and armor of unknown origin." The Professor began muttering to himself as he began circling the Clone much to his confusion. After all, he didn't have a translator so all he could hear were a bunch of gibberish "Markings doesn't suggest Blue Suns, Eclipse or Blood Pack allegiance. Small mercenary company perhaps?"

"Uh, mind telling me what the pincer head's talking about?"

Will turned his eyes to Jacob and the Cerberus Soldier replied.

"The Professor's curious about your weapons and armor. He's wondering if you're part of a small mercenary company too."

"Negative. I'm not part of any mercenary company, Professor. I am a Clone Marshal Commander of the 82nd Delta Corps of the Grand Army of the Republic to which I proudly serve."

"Isn't that a mouthful, Will."

The four turned to the door to see Lia enter the Armory. Will immediately straightened and saluted the woman to which she nodded in dismissal. Miranda saw from the corner of her eye that Jacob subconsciously straightened as well.

"General." Will greeted "What brings you here?"

"I just wanted to see if you were making friends." Lia joked.

"I would appreciate if you didn't talk to me like a youngling, General."

"If I recall, you're only thirteen years old."

This shocked the other occupants of the room. Mordin more so than the others.

"Amazing. Cloning. Accelerated growth. Subject appears to be in standard human forties. But what is the need for accelerated growth? Less time for replenish troops? More troops produced within half the tim needed for humans to grow. Yes, yes, yes... "

The others watched the Salarian mutter to himself while pacing around the room. It was better to let the Professor let it out of his system now. Lia slightly tilted her head in confusion before turning to Jacob.

"I don't believe we had properly introduced ourselves, yet."

"Uh, no, no we hadn't." Jacob shook himself out of his stupor before introducing himself "Armory Chief Jacob Taylor."

"Jedi General Lia-nara Chaise."

"Nice to meet you, ma'am."

"At ease, soldier. I'm not your C.O." Lia teased before turning to Miranda "And you, my dear? Can you give me a name for that face?"

"Miranda Lawson. The Normandy's XO."

'At least she's polite. When needed.' The Jedi thought to herself before turning back to Will "I have something to discuss with you in private. I've already informed Kale on the way here."

"Where's the Boss, ma'am?"

"He said he wanted to check the rest of the ship out and will support whatever decison we make. Follow me, Commander. Oh, and let's see if we can find you a translator along the way."

~Line Break~

Starboard Cargo Area, Normandy SR-2

"So there I was, face-to-face with a Bull Rancor. I looked in it's eyes and saw the hunger in them. It's mouth was hanging open and I could see it salivating as it stated at me. When I saw that, I came to the conclusion... I looked delicious."

Zaeed Massani chuckled as he listened from his spot on the wall. He liked this guy. Sure the man just came in Engineering and started asking around. Zaeed didn't pay him mind until the man decided to ask about Jessie. It then went on from one story after another, the two of them exchanging tales of their mercenary endeavors. Still, Zaeed didn't know what most of the things the guy was talking about but one look in the man's eyes told him it was all true even if he did think the man was insane.

"Big bastard grabbed me and chucked me inside it's mouth. Ha! Too bad for him, I don't go down easy. Stopped myself from getting chewed up. Held it's jaws open with my bare hands before throwing my pack filled with Thermal Detonators down it's throat. After that... let's just say I've been trying to clean all the blood and guts off my armor for weeks."

The old mercenary let out a hearty laugh at that. Crazy really is the word to describe this man. That and lunatic.

"I presume you managed to clean it then?"

Zaeed turned to the Turian sitting next to Gesark's helmet. In the middle of one of his stories, the Turian, Garrus, dropped by to meet Kale before taking a seat and joining in as well. The old mercenary was curious on what sort of shit Archangel dealt with in Omega.

"Oh, I did. But the smell stayed for another week. Couldn't take it anymore and had to go on contracts wearing less gear than what I usually go with. That got me a shrapnel lodged in my lung after a tank exploded next to me. Fortunately, got myself extracted and treated before I could bleed out but not before finishing my contract." He then turned to the Turian "Hey, Garrus. I forgot to ask. How'd you get your face messed up like that?"

"I took a missile to the face." The Turian deadpanned.

"Damn. I'm surprised you lived through that."

"A missile to the face? Bah. I've seen worse. Fuck. I've been through worse."

"Oh." Garrus began, clearly intrigued "Do tell."

"It was back when I was still with the Blue Suns. You see... "

~Line Break~

Venator-class Star Destroyer 'The Revengeance'

CC-4629 'Rally'

Looking down at the hologram of the station and the surrounding area. Rally had to admit, he didn't thought that the battle was this large. He thought the interior of the station was the battlefield, not the moon it was sitting and was supposed to be orbiting. On the trip to the station, the 327th Star Corps. managed to commandeer the station's controls and had it land on the moon, Kamaru VI, where the rest of the 327th and the CIS detachment battled it out. Unfortunately, the station itself was contested. Half of it was under Republic control while the other was under Separatist control.

"Sir, transmission from Commander Merrick."


'Now what does that jarhead want?'

"Patch it through."

The hologram of the battlefield was replaced with that of a Clone Trooper who had his helmet off. The Clone wore a Galactic Marine armor set but had the number 32 painted on the area above the right breast. Mirroring Rally's own number 18 on the same spot. On the Clone's right shoulder armor was a painting of a diamond with a skull in the center. The Clone gave Rally a cocky smirk and gave him a two-finger salute.

"Good to see you, Rally. It's been a while, brother."

"Any particular reason you called Merrick? My boys and I are about to be deployed so you better make this quick."

"Agreed." Merrick turned serious "We heard what happened about the General and the Boss. We also got word that you're on a mission to bring the guy that knows what happened to them in."

"We don't know the guy but we know someone who does. Our mission is to capture a Twi'lek smuggler named Ojur. He knows the person that will give us answers on what happened to the General and the Boss. He's our top priority but that doesn't mean we won't help General Secura and 327th along the way. I was thinking of lending her the 18th Battalion's Mechanized Infantry Company and Support Company."

"But isn't that your Company? Shouldn't you be the one leading them?"

"I can issue orders while I'm inside the station. Captain Kert can handle it from there."

"But you don't like doing that. You want to be there and leading them instead."

"That is true." Rally accepted "But my mission is to bring Ojur back here for interrogation."

"Alright, brother. How about this. You go down there and fight with Kert while me and my boys will handle the ones inside."

"Your boys?"

"Will be with you shortly."

Rally furrowed his brow in confusion befire looking out the Revengeance's viewport. A minute later, a Venator came out of hyperspace. This made the Commander shake his head in amusement before turning back to Merrick.

"I guess I'll leave the inside to you. Good luck, brother. Oh. And remember, we need him alive."

"I'll give him back to you breathing."

The line was cut and Rally grunted before making his way out of the bridge. He took the elevator to the armory and grabbed himself a DC-15 Blaster Rifle, a couple of Thermal Detonators and Flash Grenades, and a DC-17 Hand Blaster. With his equipment secured, Rally mafe his way to the hangar. Once he reached the hangar, the place was full of Clones from B Company and D Company. All waiting for the Commander to give the order to attack. Rally met up with his squad and climbed up the side of a TX-130 tank.

"Alright, men. Listen up! As you may have heard, the General, the Boss and Commander Will have vanished. For the lack of better term. They're not dead but someone will be if they don't tell us what happened to our Commanding Officers. Now my mission was supposed to get inside the station. Capture and extract our HVT, Ojur. Now this Twi'lek knows the guy who knows what happened to the General. But with the arrival of the 32nd Marine Regiment, the plan has changed. B Company Mechanized Infantry and D Company Support will be coordinating with the 327th Star Corps. led by Jedi General Aayla Secura with battling the Seppies outside the station. B Company will be dropping off AT-TEs down there while D Company will set up Artilleries behind our line. We're counting on Captain Kert and his Company to provide Artillery Overwatch while we Mechanized boys are gonna crush and scrap these clankers, am I right?"


"That's what I like to hear. Captain Kert." Rally turned to the mentioned Clone who straightened "Blow those clankers sky high."

"With pleasure, sir."

"Good. Alright, men. Lock and load."

Rally jumped off the tank and made his way to a Laarty piloted by Burnside's temporary replacement, Elzee. Rally's squad and ten more Clone Troopers followed the Commander in the Laarty.

"Elzee, take us away."

"Copy that, sir. Be advised, we are receiving warnings from the 327th that the Seppies got flaks. Looks like they were prepared for an air assault, sir."

"Doesn't matter, Elzee. Just get us safely to the ground." Rally replied as he did a last minute weapon check.

"Understood, sir."

The Laarty left the Revengeance's hangar and was soon followed by dozens more, carrying troops, AT-TEs, AT-RTs, TX-130s and the like. The LAATs reached the moon and pilots quickly picked up on a sudden change.

"Sir, it looks like the whole moon is shielded. We just passed through it. Fighting on the groundside suggests it has artificial gravity and oxygen. The resort station was orbiting this moon? The owner's of the resort must own this one as well."

"I don't like rich people." Bugger stated as he hefted the Z-6 over his shoulder "Always look down on you like your trash or rubbing the fact that they're rich in your face."

"Not all of them are like that, Bug." Spotter argued "I met quite a few who are actually nice."

"I can never understand how you meet these people, Spot."

"It pays to be nice to the ladies on shore leave, brother. You'd be surprised on how many women would help a 'poor soldier' out."

"Quiet that up, boys. We're almost there."

The gunship was engulfed in silence while their ARF Trooper, Franc, climbed up the AT-RT. The transport shuddered as a flakburst exploded near the LAAT before it opened it's rear ramp to drop the AT-RT and landing to release the Troopers. Rally waited for the lights to go from red to green and for the doors to slide open. A second later, the lights turned green.

'Okay. Here we go.'

The Clone Commander thought to himself before jumping out the transport. He raised his blaster rifle and fired a shot that struck a B1 Battle Droid in the head. The Commander ran towards the droids while firing his weapon.

"For the Republic!"

The Clones from B Company let out a battle cry and charged. Transport after transport touched down and released more troops while others dropped down AT-TEs who proceeded to fire their Mass Driver Cannon at the mass of droids. The Clones from the 327th watched as Rally passed them by.

"Come on, boys. Scrap these damned clankers. For the Republic!"

Seeing him shoot and lead the charge encouraged the Troopers to rise from their cover and follow after the Commander. Shooting down droids ranging from B1s to Droidekas. If you asked them, it was like the Commander had an aura around him that just made them feel alive. Unstoppable. Even when they got hit, they still feel the need to keep going. Keep fighting. There was a reason why they called him Rally after all.

~Line Break~

Mess Hall, Normandy SR-2

2185 CE

"So we either help them and they help us in return or we don't and we're left to fend for our own in a galaxy we don't know."

Will hummed in thought as he assessed the situation they were in. In one hand, they could help but doing so would mean they were meddling with the affairs of a different galaxy. But from what the General has gathered, they're job is supposed to be kept in the down low. They could leave too but what can they do in a place so unknown. Will grimaced at that. He didn't like the unknown. Too many variables. But at least if they joined, he still gets to shoot something. Though, Blaster ammo would be a problem. Unless they have Tibanna Gas in this galaxy, he'll have to resort to using Slugthrowers. He just hoped they did.

"I see no other way, General. We can't do anything in a galaxy we don't know anything about. It's government, culture, credits, military power and the like. Also, we don't have a clue on how we got here. Let alone, how to get back."

"But Commander Shepard doesn't know either but why should we fight with her, Commander?"

Will shrugged and took out his sidearm and began spinning it.

"We got nothing better to do, General. Might as well help this place with their 'Collector' problem." The Clone Commander then smirked at the Jedi "Besides, I've figured you've already made up your mind, ma'am."

"You got me. Guilty as charged." Lia-nara replied as she raised her hands in mock surrender with a smirk on her face.

Will chuckled before he went back to eating 'Spaghetti'. He gave a satisfied hum after he swallowed before looking back at the Jedi.

"At least the food's better than the rations back home. Why don't the ships have Mess Sergeants, General?"

"Probably because your genetic donor's more interested killing and money than the culinary arts. Besides, I think the Republic is too cheap when it comes to soldier comforts, yes?"

"They say the refreshers in Outpost 7 are still broken. The boys there were starting to stink."

Lia-nara chuckled and took a small bite from her 'Cheesecake'. The two continued to eat in silence before Kale decided to join them with a plate of 'Cheeseburger'.

"I'm thinking when we get back, we could invest in starting Canteens serving these delicacies. What do you think?"

"And who's going to cook it? You? Do you even know how to make it?"

Kale shrugged and bit into his burger, savoring the taste before swallowing "It can't be that hard."

"That's what you said when you handled that holoprojector." Lia-nara replied with mirth in her voice.

"Hey! It's not my fault they put in so many buttons. Why does it even have buttons anyway?"

The three laughed at the old memory before falling into a comfortable silence. Once they were done eating, Kale's demeanor changed and he looked Lia in the eye.

"So what's the plan, Lia?"

The Jedi gently wiped her mouth with a napkin the Mess Sergeant kindly offered them before replying.

"We help Commander Shepard with her mission against these Collectors abd she helps us in return. Blaster ammo will be scarce so I suggest we familiarize ourselves with these Slugthrowers."

"We also have to keep an eye out on our equipment." Will added "Miss Lawson didn't even tried to be subtle when she wanted to take my weapons from me."

"From what I've gathered in this 'Extranet', this galaxy's main firearms are Slugthrowers. They got GARDIAN lasers though."


"General Area Defense Integrated Anti-spacecraft Network. It's an Auto-defense system. Guy behind the gun doesn't need to do much but arm it. A computer does all the work." Kale explained.

"Anyway to shut those things down?" Will asked.

"We could always board the ship, take out the system's controls, destroy the ship's shield generator, life support system and engines then get out. Always worked back home." Kale replied.

"Easier said than done." Lia retorted "There's the crew and the soldiers inside to worry about. We won't last long if they swarm us."

"But we've done it before."

"In a ship we know the schematics and layout. A Collector ship? We don't even know what it looks like. Let alone if there's a way we can board it without getting shot down immediately."

"Hmm. Good point." Kale muttered and the three went deaf to the world as they thought of plans and such about Collector encounters and other variables. Unbeknownst to the bug under the table and the voluptuous woman listening from her office.

~Line Break~

Captain's Cabin, Normandy SR-2

Jane groggily opened her eyes and lazily sat up. She ran a hand through her blood-red hair before wiping the sweat off her forehead. Her dreams left her both hot and sad. It sucked but she just have to live with it... again. A part of her hated Miranda and Cerberus. When she died, she hoped to see John again but no. Cerberus just had to pick up her burnt corpse and resurrect it to a life she didn't even want to live anymore. Sure it's good to see all her friends again and meet new people but she was content in death. She didn't want to save the galaxy. Leave it to someone else. It wasn't her problem anymore... until now that is. Besides, John would've done it regardless. He's just nice that way. Too fucking nice. Even for a hardened Marine.

Sighing, Jane grabbed the knife and Heavy Pistol under her pillow before reaching under the other pillow and counted the Flash Grenades. She gave a satisfied hum before getting off the bed and lifting the mattress a bit to make sure the Katana Shotgun was still there. She nodded to herself before lowering the mattress and dropping to the floor to do her routine morning workout. After bringing her back to life, her arms were a little skinnier than she remembered but at least her legs were still the way she remembered them. Toned and can crush a sparrow's egg between her thighs. But even so, she wasn't content with that. She needed her guns back. And her abs. Can't forget about those. She always did say as a specimen, she was intimidating. Mhmm. Of course, John would simply laugh at that and she would join him.

'Get a grip, woman. It's already over and done. You're alive. He's not. Get over it. You still got your whole lif- whole SECOND life ahead of you. Plenty of fish in the sea. Space. Whatever.'

Jane went on her workout without thinking about the past and John before deciding to take a shower when she began to smell like dead fish. She grabbed a towel, a fresh set of underwear and black shirt before heading to the shower.


The redhead quickly rushed to her aquarium and fed the fish. Cooing like a little girl before heading back to the shower. At least her fishies won't leave her.

One quick shower and a change of clothes later, Jane sat on her desk and opened it's drawer before pulling out a sketchpad and pencil. It was old sure but like they say, you can't beat the classics. She tapped the pencil on the desk as she thought about what she would draw. She could feel the light bulb light up above her head and began vigorously drawing on the sketchpad, unconsciously sticking out her tongue in concentration. Deaf to the world around her. It wasn't until she was done did she realize that EDI was calling her.

"Oh. Hey, EDI. You need something?"

"There's an ongoing brawl at the Shuttle Bay. Five of our security personnel are trying to 'Teach' Clone Marshal Commander Will 'a lesson'. I believe that is a human expression meaning that they intend to assault the Commander."

"Why are you telling me this now!?"

"Because you were too distracted, Commander. And you didn't respond to my calls."

Unfortunately, Jane didn't here any of that as she ran to the elevator and frantically pressed the button for the Deck 5.

"Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. I will not be branded as a bad host because of these Cerberus idiots! Stupid piece of fucking shit. Move faster!"

Jane kicked the wall of the elevator in frustration before crossing her arms and tapping her foot impatiently on the floor. The elevator reached Deck 5 and Jane quickly ran to see Will surrounded by five Cerberus security guards. To the side, Kale and Lia-nara stood with in differing poses. Kale had his arms behind his head and looked like he was enjoying the show. Lia had her arms crossed and was watching the fight with a look of disinterest. Will himself had a challenging look in his face, daring the four men to come at him.

"Come on. Is that all you got? What kind of poor excuse of security guards are you? Face me!"

One ran at the Clone and aimed a right hook to his head only for will to duck underneath the arm and elbow the man in the back before putting him on a sleeper hold and slamming him to the ground. It shocked Jane how fast the scarred Clone was. His armor made it look like it was heavy yet he didn't seem to have trouble moving with it. Especially with that skirt. A second guard managed to punch the Clone while his back was turned. Will sneered before turning around and sent an uppercut that knocked the man to his back. The Clone was on him in an instant and sent one punch that knocked the secind guard out. The third guard wrapped his arms around Will's neck in a sleeper hold but the Clone was quick to retaliate by elbowing him twice in the gut, forcing the guard to let him go before Will kneed the guard in the same spot three times before turning the guard around and wrapping his arms around the guard's midsection. He lifted him up and arched his back, releasing the guard halfway and threw the poor man on his back. The fourth guard ran at Will, screaming like an idiot, before the Clone casually moved to the side and held out his leg. Effectively tripping the guard before Will grabbed the back of the man's head and slammed him down on the ground hard. Knocking the man out. The Clone rose from the ground and faced the final guard who wisely stayed back and away from the fight. The woman cowered when she met Will's eyes and held her hands up in surrender.

"Wait! Please don't hurt me. I give up. I won't bother you."

"Wise decision." Will replied before spotting Jane and immediately straightened.

"Attention, Commander on deck!"

The only one who stood in attention was the last guard and Jane could see the woman was still shaking. Kale and Lia simply turned their head to look at her. The dirty blonde gave a simple wave while Lia nodded in greeting.

"At ease." Jane dismissed before looking at the unconscious bodies of the four guards then turning to Will "Might telling me what happened here, soldier?"

"They struck first, ma'am. I simply acted on self-defense. They seem to be friends of the first two that Miss Lawson ordered to confiscate my weapons and equipment. I guess they wanted to get revenge for what I did. But as you can see." He motioned his head towards the four before looking back at Jane "It didn't work out so well for them. Well, except for her."

Jane sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. She's gonna have a few words with Miranda after what she just tried to pull. Actually, why wasn't she more subtle with that. Miranda could've confiscated them covertly but she had two guards do it instead. Well, there's time for that later.

"I can see that. I'm sorry for letting this happen, Will. I hope this doesn't affect your decision."

"Negative, Commander. General Lia-nara has already made her choice and I support her decision, ma'am."

"Oh, that's a relief." Jane smiled before turning to the last guard. She looked at the name stitched on the guard's uniform: B. Kendall "Alright, Kendall. Get a medic team down here to bring these idiots to Dr. Chakwas. Hmm. I can't really punish you since you actually made a smart call and didn't fight Commander Will."

Jane's eyes then turned to the Clone and his companions before snapping her finger as the idea came to her "You'll be our Grand Army of the Republic group's assistant. Understand?"

"Y-Yes, ma'am."

The redhead smirked and crossed her arms in satisfaction.

"While you go that, these squids will be spending time in the brig after Dr. Chakwas is done with them. Dismissed."

Kendall saluted before leaving as fast as she could to call the medic team. Jane watched the woman go before turning ti the Republic trio.

"Sorry for all this goddamn mess. I'll have a serious talk with my XO. I can promise you that."

"No need for that, Red." Kale replied. Using the cliché nickname much to her chagrin "Will needed a good fight after all. Besides, what better way to acquaint our little group to yours by using the universal language?"

"And what's that?"


Jane open her mouth to retort but looked up in thought before shrugging "Good point. Well, might as well. Get this out of the way now. General Chaise, what's your decision?"

"We'll gladly fight alongside you and put an end to this Collector threat. In exchange for helping us get back to our galaxy, that is." The Jedi answered with a calming smile "And as I Jedi, I can't let something like this go. I've been taught to help people, Commander. All you have to do is ask."

"Thank you."

Jane found herself returning the smile. Kale smirked before crossing his arms.

"Well, now that's it decided. I have to ask." The man looked down and gave an appreciative nod "Do you really walk around and command this ship with no pants on?"

Jane's eyes widened before looking down to find that she indeed was not wearing pants. Luckily, she was wearing her PT shorts and not one of her skimpy underwear. No wonder her legs were freezing. She let out a nervous chuckle and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Uh, whoops. Forgot about that one."

Lia smirked and crossed her arms while her finger touched her cheek.

"Well. I think I speak for the both of us and say that you, my dear, have a very nice, and rather toned, pair of legs." The Jedi laughed and the man next to her did as well "Oh, I could never understand how Master Kenobi could effortlessly flirt like he does."

"Oh. Believe me. I was questioning things about myself when I met the guy. Charming. And a nicely trimmed beard too."

Jane watched the two with amusement before shaking her head and heading for the elevator. She still needs to talk to Miranda about what happened. She works with Cerberus and the Illusive Man. Not wirking FOR them. Despite that logo on the side of the ship, which admittedly should be removed as to not gain attention to themselves, this was still HER ship. She'll remind Little Miss Perfect of that. And not even her boobs or hourglass figure can distract her from that.

~Line Break~

Miranda stared intently at the screen as she watched the recording of the Shuttle Bay fight. CC-2868 was indeed skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as skilled in firearms from what she gathered from the dead Vorcha in the environmental control room back in Omega.

"An army of one man but the right one for the job."

Her thoughts went through Cerberus' attempt in cloning Shepard, or Novak, before she was pulled from the project and moved to Lazarus. She idly wondered what happened to that but she was disturbed from her thoughts when a pantsless Jane stomped into her office. Miranda sighed and knew this was coming. Jane leaned on the wall and crossed her arms, her features set in a neutral expression.

"You know why I'm here?"

"I do."

"So then explain to me why you tried to pull that bullshit to Will."

"Commander, you have seen his weapons and what it can do. If Cerberus can reverse engineer it, think of the benefits we can give to Humanity. Weapons against the Collectors. Against the Rea- "

She was cut off when Jane slammed her fist on the table. Hard enough to leave a dent on the impact site. Before she knew it, the redhead grabbed her by the collar and pulled her close and stared straight into angry, emerald eyes that were slightly glowing red.

"You listen to me and you listen good. The next time I catch you pulling shit like that, I'm gonna shove my foot so far up your pretty little ass and leave it there until you shit it out. I don't care how powerful Cerberus thinks it is but I am not risking valuable allies against the Collectors, maybe even the Reapers, because your little terrorist organization thinks it can fuck over whoever it wants."

Miranda opened her mouth to deny the terrorist organization accusation but Jane didn't let her.

"News flash! Your little black ops organization isn't for the betterment of Humanity. Your Illusive Fuckboy is nothing more than a limpdick, son of a bitch that wants power and control over the whole galaxy all to himself. You? Nothing more than a pretty puppet. All that preaching about the betterment of Humanity? It's nothing more than a boldfaced lie. Fuck. Even a blindman can see that. Also, need I remind you that this is MY ship. If I have to kill every single Cerberus Personnel here just to remind you of that, then I'll do it. I don't work for your piece of shit outfit or your limpdicked retard of a boss. I only did this because the Council were too busy twiddling with their dicks to care about the Collectors AND the Reapers. Make no mistake, I'm not one of the Illusive Man's pawns. When all this is over, I'll enjoy putting a bullet in his fucking head. So if you have any common sense in you, don't cross me. Understand?"

Miranda stared defiant but begrudgingly relented. Jane smirked before letting Miranda go, her eyes going back to their normal hue before turning on her heel and leaving but before she did, Jane looked over her shoulder.

"Oh, and I want you to destroy all the bugs around them, in their person and this whole goddamn ship. Am I clear?"

Her emerald green eyes flashed red for a second before it returned to normal.



Without another word, Jane left. Leaving Miranda to wonder if they should've brought back John Shepard and not Jane Novak. Well, at least she knows that Jane is set on taking out the Collectors. But she did have to think of ways of taking down the Commander in the end. After all, she just admitted to being an enemy of Cerberus. And with that, Miranda began to scheme.

~Line Break~

Jane smiled as she left Miranda's office, not caring about the looks the crew were giving her as she passed by. Fuck modesty. If she wanted to walk around with just a shirt and underwear around the Normandy then she damn well will.

"Um, Commander. You do realize you're not wearing any pants, right?"

"I do, Miss Chambers. And I don't care."

"Of course, Commander. Just... making sure."

Jane laughed to herself before making her way back to her cabin. She made it to the elevator and pressed the button for Deck 1. Sucks to be Miranda but great to Jane. When she finally reached her deck, Jane went straight for her cabin and jumped on the bed. Fuck Miranda, in the non-sexual sense. Actually, fuck her in the sexual sense too. She wondered if John's up for a three- oh. Right.

"Damn it. You're making this whole moving on thing so fucking hard, John. So. Fucking. Hard."

Jane sighed and brought her knees to her chest, staring at the blankly at blankets as she tried to get the man out of her head but for the second life of her, she couldn't.

~Line Break~

Kamaru VI, Lanima Resort Station

CC-02-1642 'Merrick'

1st Marine Raider Bn., 32nd Marine Regiment, 82nd Delta Corps.

Merrick watched the battle outside the station from where he was sitting in the Laarty. When B Company touched down, Rally, like his namesake, rallied the Troopers from both the 327th and the 18th and spearheaded the charge. Droids and Troopers fell in the initial clash before everything became a mess and everyone just started shooting in front of them, hoping to hit something and praying it wasn't a brother they just hit. While all this was going on, Merrick and his Battalion were heading inside the station to support the ongoing battle inside. General Secura contacted him and told him to link up with her in the Center Dome. She also told them to take the hangar in the East Dome. With the Center, East and Southern Dome in their control, all that's left was the North and West. Their target, however, just had to relocate to the West Dome where the Seppies' heavily guarded Command Post was located. It made their job harder after hearing about that but the Marine Raiders were looking for a challenge... and they found one.

"Commander, we're approaching the hangar."

"Good. Get us down there."

"Sir, incoming transmission from General Secura."

"Patch her through."

Merrick waited for a few seconds before the General's voice sounded from his wrist com.

"Commander Merrick *grunt* we have a situation in the hangar." This was followed by the sound of a lightsaber cutting through something and the screams of a B1 Battle Droid "We've engaged Separatist forces in the East Hangar. I don't know how but they managed to slip past our watch. We're holding them off for now. Expect a fight when you get down here, Commander."

"Understood, General." Merrick lowered his arm and faced the other Marines in the Laarty "You heard the lady, boys. Landing Zone's gonna be hot when we get there so ready your weapons and prepare to scrap some clankers."

"Sir yes sir!"

"That's more like it."

The Marines readied their weapons. Standard DC-15 Blaster Rifles, DC-15A Carbines and RPS-6 Rocket Launchers. Merrick himself carried a DC-15A Balster Carbine with an unfolded stock and a RPS-6 Rocket Launcher. They also came equipped with DC-17 Hand Blasters on the hip holsters strapped on their left leg. The 1st Marine Raider Battalion wore the standard Galactic Marines Armor but was a faded Jungle Green in color and had desert camouflaged helmets. Their right shoulder piece had the unit's logo painted on it. A red diamond with a skull at the center. A Vibroknife was resting in a sheathe attached to their right boot. They also wore packs that carried a basic medpac, Thermal Detonators, rations, ans reserve ammunition. Suddenly, the Laarty shuddered and the Marines could hear the blaster bolts hitting the doors before the lights inside turned green. The door slid open and the Marine Raiders jumped out. Blue blaster bolts sailing through the air as they fired back at the droids in the hangar.

"Go! Go! Go! Move it, Marines!"

Three Marines rolled towards a set of crates, which acted as cover, and quickly threw Thermal Detonators at a column of droids at the end of the roll. One of the Marines got shot in the chest and the Marine next to him pulled him behind cover before assessing the damage. Merrick slid towards cover before scanning the area for General Secura. He spotted the Jedi General just as she cut through a squad of Battle Droids with her lightsabers. One blue and the other green. (A/N: Anybody else remember Battlefront 2 (2005)?) She cut the last droid in half before backflipping high in the air as a Droideka tried to run her over. She landed to a crouch and held out her hand before using the Force to pull the Droideka towards her. She rose from her feet and spun on her heel, holding out her lightsabers and cutting the Droideka in two as it sailed in the air. A blaster bolt whizzed past her head and the Rutian Twi'lek looked to the shooter only to see Commander Merrick lower his Blaster Carbine and walk towards her. Aayla composed herself before deactivating her lightsabers to greet the Commander.

"Commander Merrick, I presume."

"Yes, ma'am. Designation CC-02-1642. Commander Merrick, reporting for duty."

The Clone saluted and Aayla nodded for him to lower his arm.

"I'm glad to see you, Commander. Though I wish it was under better circumstances."

"No problem, General. The boys needed to stretch their legs anyway. Now, how can we help?"

"I appreciate the help, Commander." Aayla then pointed at the far side of the hangar "While waiting for you to arrive, one of my men spotted a breach on the wall over there. That's how the droids managed to slip past our defenses. I need your help in pushing the droids back until we find a way to seal that breach."

"Understood, General. We won't let you down." Merrick then radioed his Battalion "Attention Marine Raiders. New orders received. Push these clankers back to the breach on the far side of the hangar. Scrap 'em if you see 'em. Get to it, Marines!"

"General Secura!"

The two turned to see one of the 327th Troopers, distinguishable by the tan kamas, yellow pauldron and decals.

"AATs were spotted entering through the breach."

Merrick was quick to take action.

"All units, be advise. AATs have entered the playing field. Additional mission parameters. Take out those tanks before the droids get a chance to recover."

Merrick lowered his arm and looked to the far side of the hangar to see four AATs forming a line before opening fire on Republic forces. A Marine Raider duo fired their rockets at one tank but only managed to damage it and not destroy it. The AAT turned it's sights on them and the two bugged out before it fired it's main gun at them. Aayla watched along with the Commander before hearing loud noises behind her. She turned around and saw more LAATs landing and dropping off additional Marine Raider reinforcements. She crossed her arms and hummed in approval. With the amount of reinforcements coming in, they can take this station from Separatist hands soon.