You watch your girlfriend, Laura Hollis, combing her hair as she talks about her work day.

You nod as though you're interested in what she's saying, but all you can do is concentrate on her lips.

"...And that's why I think that I need a better assignment!"

You are facing her and pull her into a kiss.

Her lips were so soft and you could hear her drop her hairbrush as she climbs onto the bed with you.

You didn't want to admit it, but you did love it when she was the one in control.

You spent a majority of your time with her trying to save her from whatever was trying to harm her.

She was the one that spent the same amount of time saving you, from yourself.

"Is this going to turn into Paris?"

"Do you want it to?"

"I just want you tonight."

"You have me, Laura, all of me."

"You're talking too much."

"Whatever you say, Buttercup."

You lay down on your back as she is looking into your eyes.

"What are you looking for?"


"You're being weird."

"I can't look into my girlfriend's beautiful eyes?"

You try to look away from her, mainly due to feeling vulnerable.

If anyone else had said how beautiful your eyes were, you would punch their lights out.

Laura Hollis was always an exception to the rules.

"Look at me, Carm."

Your eyes lock and you can't stop looking into her eyes.

They were warming your soul and you couldn't stop smiling.

"Is that a smile? Is the big ol' baddy vampire smiling?"

"Come here, you tiny gay human."

"Don't call me that!"

She was going to protest more when you kiss her again.

Every time you kiss her, it feels like the first time.

It felt like magic and it was something that you would hold onto forever.

She was now lying on top of you and you never want this moment to end.

You love each moment with her, whether it's eating cereal together, fighting over the bathroom sink when trying to brush your teeth, or talking at night before you go to sleep.

It didn't matter what you were doing as long as you were spending those moments with her.

She was resting her head on your shoulder and she was playing with your interlocked fingers.

"I'm yours, Laura."

She looks at you and smiles, "I know."

"Even if we weren't together romantically, I would still feel like I was taken."


"Yes, Creampuff. The moment I met you, I just knew."

"You knew that we would be together?"

"I knew that something special was forming between us. Others have come and gone in my life, yet you stayed. You were the shoulder to cry on when I needed and not once did you judge me."

"I love you, Carm."

You felt her kiss your cheek and snuggle closer to you.

"I love you too, Laura."

"For the rest of my life?"

"And beyond."