Harry Potter and The Vampires of Santa Carla

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Chapter 1: Little Lost Boy

At five and a half years old Harry really should have known better. Looking around the unfamiliar and darkening streets, the boy tried to once again catch sight of his family.

Aunt Petunia's tall thin frame or even the wide bodies of his uncle and cousin; any of them would be welcoming now. But no, he couldn't see them. They really left him, it wasn't another cruel joke. This time they really did it.

What was he supposed to do now? His shaking had nothing to do with the dropping temperature and lack of jacket. No, Harry was scared.

For all that he may not like his family, he'd never been without them before. Well, them or the neighborhood cat lady. Scooting back against a wall to avoid being bumped into again, the boy slid down and wrapped his arms around his legs tightly before burying his face into his knees.

He should have suspected something was up when his family suddenly decided to take him with them on their Christmas trip, but he'd been too excited at finally being included for once. All he wanted was for his aunt and uncle to love him at least half as much as they did their own son. He didn't care if they never gave him nice things like they did for Dudley. Just being involved, not left behind, was more than he could have ever hoped for.

That's why when they didn't leave him with Mrs. Figg, he had been happy. The boy's eyes squeezed shut while he fought his tears. No, he wouldn't cry. Crying was pointless. It never helped.

Harry had been beyond ecstatic to get on a plane for the first time. To be able to fly was amazing. It was great, but the best thing was to be doing so with his family that for once wanted him there.

But that was a lie.

They didn't want him, they never wanted him.

If his family didn't want him then how could anyone else?

They'd told him if he didn't shape up that they'd abandon him one day. That if he couldn't control his freakiness he'd be a goner.

In a way he'd never believed they'd actually do it. Not only that, but in a place so far away from home that he'd never be able to find his way back.

He knew his address as Harry had been forgotten about and had to find his way back once before. Now it was looking like they didn't just accidently forget him that time that they'd taken him to the mall. It had been on purpose too.

This time he'd never find his way back.

But that's what they wanted.

Dudley had been teasing him before about all the missing people posters hung around everywhere but at the time Harry hadn't been overly worried but now… the sad thought occurred to him that no one would even bother to post a photo to claim him as missing.

Because he wasn't wanted.

Harry didn't know how long he sat there trembling in the corner tired and shaking, all alone and lost before a voice called out to him.

"Move it brat you're scaring off my customers!"

Lifting his head his watery green eyes saw a tall tattooed man giving him a watered-down look similar to what Uncle Vernon did before he got a whopping.

Not wanting to get hit, the tiny boy scurried away quickly and into the crowd only to be pushed around by the overwhelming amount of people now wandering around. The sky was dark, the lights from the shops were bright and Harry was getting tossed to and fro as he fought desperately to find his way out of the crowd and into one of the darker areas in-between the shops.

Harry felt bruised and battered but he could finally breathe. Taking a few shaky steps further into the dank and dark alley, he tried to calm his racing heart and slow his breathing.

Wary and tired, he looked around, but it was too dark. Harry had never been able to see very well with his overly large glasses but, just now, he noticed them missing.

Looking back the way he came the dark-haired boy decided it was a lost cause. Even if he could find his glasses out there they would have been broken and useless by now. Kind of how he felt as he stumbled to keep his footing in the dark as his hand ran across the wall beside him. The light from the shops behind him had faded until the stars were his only light, not that it helped him any.

Stopping, he once again slid down the wall and folded in on himself.

The noise, the smells, the general fear should have kept the boy wide awake but being lost and alone for hours just left him exhausted and, before he knew it, his eyes drifted shut.

Startled, Harry's eyes snapped open only to see nothing but darkness. Panic caused him to swiftly stand up and nearly trip over something beside him.

He vaguely registered the sound as that of an empty can of soda being kicked while he recalled where and why he was currently in this unknown place.

Only to tense up again and warily look around as shadows start to shift. He wasn't alone.

Something was in the dark with him.

Harry's hand reaches for the wall behind him to steady himself and wondered if he should try and run but quickly decided against it. He couldn't see anything aside from the shadows. He could trip and hurt himself even more.

Staying quiet, he hoped whatever it was would just go away.

Growling started then and, suddenly, staying still was the furthest thing from his mind.

He had to run!

So, he did. The growling was following him; chasing him. He could hear it getting closer.

Whatever animal was after him was too fast. It was going to catch him! Panicking only served to cause his fears to come true as he tripped. Throwing out his hands to catch himself, he felt his palms meet the ground hard at the same time as his knees did.

The sting in his hands and pain in his knees didn't really register as the growling thing was practically breathing on him with it's foul breathe and next thing the boy knew is he was slightly dizzy and the ground felt different.

Like sand? He stared at the ground which went from black darkness to a blurry dark color. Sitting up confused, he looked around and that's when the sound hit him; no growling. The smell wasn't bad either.

It wasn't anything he'd smelt before, but it wasn't bad.

Harry had no idea what just happened, but at least he was away from the growling monster now. Standing up he winced as the boy looked at his sand covered hands and noticed their scrapes.

First, he tried to wipe them onto his oversized hand-me-down jeans, which had been the reason for his fall in the first place. The belt could only hold them up so much, so in his panicked run, they loosened up.

His pants were covered in sand as well and it did nothing but further irritate his torn skin.

Looking to the left, he stared for a moment. Harry had never seen the ocean before and that was probably what it was. He couldn't see much of it, but it was water and moving slightly with small wooshes. That must be what were called waves? Harry figured he could clean his hurt hands in there.

Getting closer didn't really clear up his vision but the smell was stronger now and so the young boy decided that must be what the ocean smelt like. Stopping he looked down to his, or rather Dudley's, old worn tennis shoes. It startled him for a minute when his shoes started to sink into the sand in an unfamiliar way.

Reaching down he grabbed at the sand to try and figure out the difference. It was noticeably wet. And not helping his injuries so he dropped the sand satisfied with his discovery about why the sand reacted differently when walking on it.

Getting within reaching distance of the water, he sat down on his bruised knees and brought his hands to the water to clean them. Harry jerked them away immediately with a sharp cry after submerging them, looking at the water as if betrayed.

It stung?

Noticing it getting closer to his legs he quickly backed away from the water not wishing to feel the burning again. No, it couldn't be water, so it wasn't the ocean?

Harry was frustrated, confused, hurt, tired, and hungry… tonight was the worst night he'd ever had, and he'd had some bad nights.

Holding his hands to his chest, he wandered away from the not-water and past the loud people lingering on the possible-beach. Avoiding the loud people made him recall the lonely dark alley and the growling monster. He shuddered.

Where could he go? He didn't trust the people but without them would the monster come back?

Green eyes gazed around the open area searching, for what he wasn't sure. Somewhere to hide, to sleep, to live from now on? He didn't want to think about it but just then he noticed something and awkwardly rushed to it as he was not used to running on sand.

Upon arriving the boy looked over what he'd found. It was some sort of overhang. Not a bridge, more like a porch, but it wasn't attached to a house… Well, whatever it was, the boy decided it was the best place to hide so far.

Underneath was a bit cooler and darker but even with his eyes he could still see better than before, and most importantly no monsters. Though, that probably had to do with the loud music playing in the distance.

Eventually, Harry laid down on the sand to try and sleep, only to find that as soft as it was to touch it was actually still hard to lay on. It left him wishing for the safety and comfort of his cupboard. Because right now the broken mattress and all it's prodding springs sounded heavenly to the disheartened child.

The sun was nearly in the sky as his tired body gave away to exhaustion.

Only a few hours later the sounds of happy chatter and laughter woke him from his sleep. Sitting up groggily the green-eyed boy slowly stood. His body ached and felt weird, it didn't help that he had sand all over. On his clothes, in his clothes, his hair, on his face, even in his mouth. That was gross, he never wanted a shower so badly.

Or a bed.

But mostly he wanted to go home even if his family would never love him, it was surely better than this. His mouth was dry, but he was not going to chance the fake-water again. Was there somewhere he could get water? Maybe he could find a washroom. He could drink from the tap if he had to. In fact, it sounded like a great idea right then.

His stomach growled and suddenly he was reminded that he didn't eat the day before.

Harry could go a day or two without eating even if he would rather not. So, pushing aside the thought of food, he made his way out unsteadily as once more he tried to remember how to balance himself on the sand.

Looking around, he saw that the beach was full of people though blurry there appeared to already be quite a few of them. It didn't even occur to the boy to try and get their help as he was unused to asking for it.

It turned out that finding his way off of the beach wasn't easy as everything was so blurry even in the broad daylight. He would bump into things and people and for the most part get shoved or yelled at for it. He was slowly starting to prefer those that ignored him.

Getting back to the shops after a bit brought about a new problem. Most would run him out even when he tried to just explain that all he wanted was to use their washroom.

People here reminded him of his family.

Maybe everyone was like that. Was that why they said he was a freak?

Eventually he gave up on the shops when upon entering one he knocked down a stand of something and got chased by a scary looking woman. At least, he thought it was a woman, but it was hard to tell.

The rest of the day was spent laying down on a bench until the heat got too much and then he moved underneath it. Harry was beginning to wish he'd never left the sandy place because at least that place had better shade.

The idea that it was this hot in December was a strange thing to him. He was used to the cold and wet weather of the country of his birth. Even during the summer it never really got to be like this. Spending Christmas eve in the blistering heat under a bench was not his ideal Christmas.

The day was a long one and it felt like it would never end to the child, but thankfully the sun set and the weather grew just a bit more bearable as he crawled out from under the bench.

If he learnt anything from last night, this area was going to soon be swarming with too many people. Before that happened, he needed to find a place to hide.

That was the plan but a smell distracted him and before he knew it his feet followed the delicious scent to a hotdog stand. For a while, he stood there watching people getting hotdogs before gaining enough nerve to ask for one himself.

The hotdog stand attendee took one glance at the small boy asking for a hotdog and shooed him away. Harry was saddened but not surprised that he was denied a hotdog even though others were not for some reason.

He couldn't see the money being exchanged with his bad eyesight, so he figured it must be because he was a freak and freaks don't get fed like normal people. Maybe he should ask for scraps? Would that be okay? Before he could the hot dog guy yelled at him to get lost and so he took off.

Harry hardly needed to be told that. He was already lost.

This area was much brighter than the last place. Not only that but there was music playing. It was unlike anything he was used to, it wasn't like on the beach either. Harry kind of wished he could see what this place was. Flashing lights, music, lots of people… it was probably a fun place normally.

Maybe it was a Christmas Eve party?

Wandering around aimlessly was a bad idea but there didn't appear to be anywhere he could hide so walking until he found somewhere was necessary.

Finding a less bright area with less people took some work but he did it. Looking at it, Harry saw what he guessed was a sign, not that he would've been able to read it had he had his glasses so he ignored it and headed inside with slight difficulty.

There were steps, so he had to crawl up them with both his hands and feet to keep from tripping, but once inside, he noticed the lights were dim and kinder on his eyes. Feeling the wall, he found that it was made of glass? That was weird but still... Maybe he could stay here?

Using his hand to feel along the wall, he quickly found a lot of turns and dead ends. It was a strange place and the dark-haired boy was getting worried about being able to find his way back out when a scream caused him to jump.

Looking around frantically and backing up to the glass behind him, he stayed quiet and listened to the screams and... was that laughter?

Covering his mouth, he tried to stay silent and then everything went quiet.

Until he heard footsteps.

And then a dark figure stood before him. He squinted up at the figure noting it was a person. His heartbeat was slowly calming as he removed his hand from his mouth. The boy tried to make out the person's features as they kneeled down to his height.

"Are you lost?" The voice was a male and, while not particularly kind, it wasn't angry either.

Harry nodded.

"Where's your parents?"

"Dead…" It was an automatic response that had been drilled into his head for as long as he could recall. His parents were dead, and it was his fault. Not that he understood how his parents drinking and driving could be his fault but if aunt Petunia said so then it must be true… right?

"…What's your name?" The man asked.

It took the boy a minute to respond, "Harry…"

For the longest time he thought that his name was freak or boy but then the cat lady called him Harry, so he'd asked his aunt and pretty much got the confirmation that Harry was indeed his name and not a new cat's name the old lady had mistakenly called him by. Still, his aunt never called him by it. No one did really… he was constantly having to remind himself that he had a name so that he wouldn't forget it too.

"I'm Dwayne."

"Nice to meet you," Harry said unsurely, because was it nice? No not really. It was just something people said to be polite and Aunt Petunia would smack him if he were anything but… she wasn't here though so did it matter?

He snapped back to attention as the other shifted and Harry's eyes tried to follow it only to focus back on the man's face area when he started talking again, "Are you able to see me?"

Harry frowned, "Kinda… my glasses broke."

Another voice laughed and Harry jumped as his eyes darted to the direction it came from, behind Dwayne.

"That explains it." His voice held humor though Harry was uncertain why.

"Don't mind him, here-" Harry felt a hand grab his own. "I'll lead you out this house is a maze."

"Yeah, what are you doing in a house of mirrors anyhow?" The second guy asked as Harry allowed the first one to lead him.

Harry stared at his hand that was holding Dwayne's. He wasn't used to holding hands. It was something people did for kids his age, but Harry didn't think he'd ever had anyone do it. No, Aunt Petunia would grab his arm and yank him with her if she wanted to make him follow.

Lifting his head, he tried to determine the direction the other guy's voice came from before answering, "There wasn't as many people…"

It seemed safer with less people.

"Hmm… well good thing you ran into good Samaritans like us then." He laughed again, and Harry didn't get why it was so funny. "I'm Paul by the way."

Harry didn't bother with pleasantries this time, instead staying quiet until they were back outside and before Harry could even comprehend what was happening he was being lifted and then set back down.

Confused, he looked at Dwayne for answers.

"The stairs," he stated as if that answered everything.

Before Harry can question it, others approach and he turns to them. For a second no one said anything. It felt like a silent conversation was going on before another voice spoke up, "Hey little dude. I'm Marko!"

The person introducing himself was suddenly bent in front of him and then, from the looks of it, tilting his head back to look at something or someone behind him. Not for the first time, Harry wishes he still had his glasses.

"I know let's keep him!" Marko exclaimed.

"Children aren't pets Marko," a new voice told him.

"Aw come on David, please." His head whipped back around and his grin was noticeable even to Harry given the blurry whiteness of his teeth. "Even Dwayne wants to!"

"Oh well if Dwayne wants to then I guess that's that." David's sarcasm went right over the young boy's head as well as Marko's, or at least he pretended that it did.


With that Harry found himself once more lifted from the ground.

"He's too light I'm gonna go feed him," Marko told them.

Confused as he is, the mention of food brings Harry's stomach alive and the growl makes Paul laugh, "Looks like he agrees."

"This is ridiculous," David's words barely reached him as Marko was carting him off somewhere.

David eyed the brunette vampire once the two blondes took off with the kid. He took a slow drag on his cigarette before exhaling.

"Marko's not wrong. I didn't know you had a soft spot for kids Dwayne."

"He didn't see anything."

"That's true. He'd be terrified otherwise." David shrugged letting the matter drop, "Whatever your reasoning he's your responsibility now. Marko will get bored with him soon enough. Kids can be so fragile."

So, The Lost Boys have adopted Harry, what do you think? By the Harry was born in 1980, this is set in '85 and the events of the Lost Boys movie are set in '87 so any ideas as to what's going to happen next?