Harry Potter and The Santa Carla Vampires

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Chapter 2: A Cave and a Christmas Tree

Marko didn't really know what kid's Harry's age ate, so it was no surprise that when he sat him down at the table with Paul to wait for him, that he brought back a bunch of greasy choices such as fries, burgers, and hotdogs. Harry didn't mind or care. The first thing he did was chug down the soda as soon as it was placed in front of him, almost spilling it in the process.

"Maybe you should've got him a can," Paul murmured while grabbing a hotdog for himself and watching the kid drink like a man dying of thirst.

"Whoa, slow down it's not going anywhere," Marko laughed as he carefully hovered his hands nearby in case the soda did fall. The vampire did not want to have to clean up the sticky drink from his own clothes. It was always a pain as his outfit was lighter and showed stains more easily.

Paul snickered, "Yeah, not like ours would if given the chance."

Harry didn't quite understand what he meant by that but he didn't ask. Instead, he carefully sat the paper cup housing his drink down to reach for whatever was closest.

He couldn't tell what it was but he wasn't picky so he grabbed a handful and started eating it. While eating, part of him wondered why they were feeding him but he felt like if he asked, they might decide to stop.

While the boy was eating, the other two joined in at their table. Dwayne eyed the soda and looked to Marko. "They have lids."

The other vampire shrugged, "Figured with his eyesight that a straw wouldn't work too well."

Dwayne nodded, "Point taken."

"Speaking of his eyes… maybe we could fix them?"

David knew what the other blond was getting at, "He's too young," Their leader looked to the boy in question who was trying to eat a burger half blindly, "How old is he anyway? Three?"

For the first time since they carted him off to feed him Harry spoke, "I'm five," he paused feeling their eyes on him and quickly added, "Sir."

It was silent at the table for a few beats and then Paul burst out laughing. Harry ducked his head and blushed in shame, wondering what he did wrong this time. Did he pause too long between his answer and being respectful? Did he interrupt them? He did, didn't he? Maybe he shouldn't have spoken? Or maybe he should've swallowed his food first?

David looked to Marko who grinned in response and smacked Paul upside the head for his leader per instructions, even if it wasn't a verbal one. The smallest vampire knew how to read him well by now.

"Don't call me sir… you don't have to be polite." The way David said polite was as if it was a nasty word so Harry just nodded, "Yes s-" He caught himself but it didn't stop Paul from laughing again.

"S-sorry," Harry stuttered nervously.

David didn't reply, instead committing his own dirty work this time by kicking Paul underneath the table.

"Ow, are you trying to break something." The rocker vampire stopped laughing to rub at his leg.

"Are you full?" Dwayne asked the boy who hadn't made a move to continue his burger since calling David, 'sir'. The boy nodded and set the burger back down, his appetite lost with worry and embarrassment.

Paul forgot all about his injured leg then, "Come on, if you don't eat up you'll end up being as tiny as Marko when you grow up."

"Hey! I'm not that small," Marko protested.

The two started bickering then and Harry stared their way, worried that he made them fight.

"They do this all the time, it's how they show they care about one another," Dwayne told him patting his head.

Harry looked up at the dark-haired man as he moved his hand away. The boy found that he missed the feeling. Still, Harry didn't get it but as long as he wasn't the cause of them fighting then it was okay, he guessed.

Actually, some of their insults were funny but he wouldn't laugh because they might decide to go away. That's when his stomach sank as he realized that if he said he was done with the food they might leave him alone again.

Harry didn't want to go back to being by himself, but even if he could keep them around by eating, he would eventually get full and then be alone again.

There was no good outcome to this. Part of the boy wondered if he might be able to ask to stay with them but even if they agreed to let him trail after them he knew that once they went home for the night he wouldn't be invited.

Thoroughly bummed out he picked at his burger trying to eat a few more bites because he was unsure when his next meal would be.

As if sensing his mood Dwayne asked, "What's wrong?"

Harry shrugged setting down the burger.

"That's not an answer."

"I don't wanna be alone," Harry admitted staring at the table.

"You're not, you've got us," Marko chirped as he stopped throwing fries at Paul.

Harry nodded but didn't look any happier.

David and Dwayne looked at each other knowingly as the former stood up, "Well, boys we've all had our fill tonight so why not head home."

That made Harry's head shoot up and look around, wildly trying to come up with an excuse for them not to leave yet but coming up with none.

"What already? It's Christmas Eve." Marko pouted at the thought of an early night but then cheered up and said, "Okay but Harry should ride with me."

"No chance you're completely reckless. He'll ride with Dwayne," David said leaving no room to argue so, Marko pouted once more.

Harry though was confused. "Ride?"

"You've probably never been on a bike before. Don't worry I won't go too fast," Dwayne told him.

That was true Harry hadn't been allowed a bike like Dudley had. Not that the other boy ever used it because he didn't want to break a sweat but Harry had looked at it longingly more than once wondering what it'd be like to ride it.

That's when Harry started to comprehend, "I'm going with you?"

"Of course! I said we were keeping you, didn't I?" Marko told the boy and Harry wasn't sure that's how things worked but he wasn't going to complain. He didn't want to be alone and if for even just a few more hours he wasn't then he'd be happy with that.

Getting up from the table he went to follow only to have his hand grabbed again by Dwayne, "Don't want you to get lost in the crowd," He explained and Harry smiled slightly up at him wishing that his own family had wanted that as well.

No, he wouldn't cry. They might think him a crybaby and leave without him. Speaking of leaving, Harry wondered where they were going. Looking at the big hand holding his Harry decided to chance asking, "Where are we going?"

"Home," David called back to them.

Harry wondered then what their home was like. He'd only ever known the Dursley's and Mrs. Figg's home but those had never been Harry's home. The boy pondered what having a home was like.

While he came up with all kinds of ideas for what their house might look like, they made their way to the bikes and Dwayne helped him onto the back of his and expressed the need for him to hold on so as not to fall off.

Harry took his words more seriously than most five-year-old kids knew how to and complied. Soon, they were moving and even though things were even more blurry than before in his green eyes, Harry was having the time of his life.

He never knew bikes could be so fast. He must've said so out loud because Paul laughed and yelled out over the wind in response, "I don't think our bikes are like the ones you've been thinking about."

"There's more than one kind?" He shouted back, getting laughs in return but not feeling like they were making fun of his question. "Ours are more like cars than the things kid's ride around on," Dwayne explained.

It took Harry a minute but he could remember something about hooligans and no-good waste of space teenagers being mentioned by his uncle when fast bikes came up. He didn't think his new 'friends' were either of those, though.

Harry pushed thoughts of Vernon away enough to feel the of the wind as they sped down the road. It made him recall that Dwayne said he'd go slow. It didn't feel slow but, then again, they were behind the others so maybe this bike could go faster.

"Can it go faster?"

Dwayne briefly glanced back at the small boy behind him, "Do you want to?"

Harry nodded into the older boy's jacket, "Yeah!"

"Hold on tight then." It was all the warning he got before it did, indeed, get faster much to the boy's delight. He laughed and held on tight like he was directed to.

"Kid's a natural!" One of them shouted while the others hooted and hollered as they raced their way home.

Once they stopped Harry couldn't help but feel disappointed that it was over and they noticed. Dwayne helped him down off of the bike and asked, "So you enjoyed riding then?"

"Yeah it was great it felt like I was flying!" His smile was bright and genuine something none of them were used to seeing.

"Flying, huh?" David's lips twitched up. "Maybe one day you will."

Harry didn't dwell on that. Instead, he tried to survey his surroundings; it was mostly dark blobs to him though. "Is your house around here?"

"Our home is yes." Dwayne told him before picking him up. "The terrain isn't something you want to navigate blindly."

Harry nodded and was content with being carried to their destination. So that's what the dark-haired vampire did. The boy had given up looking around and instead focused on how Dwayne walked to try and picture what the area was like.

He was sure that they started on normal outside ground, and then maybe went up some stairs, and then he wasn't sure but it was different, and then more stairs probably. One thing was for sure, he didn't see himself being able to leave without help.

That was okay though, he didn't want to leave them even if Harry knew it would happen eventually. So far, they didn't seem to notice that he was different. Maybe they never would and they'd keep him forever.

Dwayne set him down once inside and it was dark so Harry thought they must not have turned on any lights yet and then there was some light making Harry blink and look towards it.

It wasn't what he was used to at all, it appeared to be fire instead of electricity. Seeing his intense gaze, Dwayne bent down beside him. "We use torches to light our way."

"Torches?" Harry wasn't familiar with the word.

"Sticks on fire that we hang on the wall," Paul told him from his place a few feet away, "Harry come over here." The lazy blond waves him over. Though the boy doesn't see it, he does respond to the command and carefully made his way over to him.

Luckily there's nothing to trip on in his path.

"Can you get up here yourself?"

Harry feels the thing in front of him and concludes that it's probably a couch and nods hoisting himself up without Paul's help. Much to the blonde's amusement, he wiggles a bit before he succeeds.

"Great. We don't have a bed for you but you can sleep here."

Harry looked to the older boy and then smiled; the couch felt worlds better than even his old mattress back with the Dursleys so he wasn't going to complain. In fact, he wouldn't have if they told him to sleep on the floor. He was getting to stay for the night so, for that the boy was grateful.

"Normally I'm not one for rules," David started not sounding happy, "but there is one." He paused, considering, "Make that two. First we sleep during the day because everything fun happens at night so don't wake us up."

"Not that you could. We sleep like the dead." Marko chimed in making Paul laugh. Harry felt the couch shook with his mirth.

"The second is no calling us sir. No need for being polite period," He stressed again on the polite thing. It almost made Harry think he didn't like manners.

"He's right. We're all buddies here, no need to be formal," Paul said, throwing an arm around his shoulder. It was weird and not because of the height differences. He could tell that Paul was slouching in a way that would horrify his aunt. It was just such a friendly gesture, and despite receiving several of them tonight, Harry wasn't sure what to do with them.

The boy wasn't going to ask for them to stop though because it almost felt like they did care about him. Even if it was only for the night, or even just for Christmas, it was kinda like what he thought a family would be like… It wasn't the parents he'd always fantasized about but maybe this was what it was like to have older brothers?

He never thought about siblings before, but now that he'd met these guys, he could picture having them.

Pulling himself away from his thoughts he nods seriously, "I won't break the rules, promise." He didn't want to get kicked out for waking them up or being too polite, though he still found the latter a stranger thing to have a rule on.

David nodded satisfied.

Harry yawned then.

"Tired?" Dwayne asked and the green-eyed boy shook his head in a negative fashion. If they weren't going to bed yet then he wasn't going either.

"I'd say let him sleep but if we want to get him on our schedule maybe we should try and keep him awake for a little while longer?" Marko asked unsure.

"Probably a good idea," David supposed.

"I can stay awake!" Harry wouldn't let them down, even if he slept very little the night before. He didn't want to disappoint them.

"All night?" Dwayne's tone was mildly concerned.

Harry sat up straight and nodded.

"Well then we better come up with something fun to keep him occupied then."

Marko snapped his fingers. "I've got it!"

Then David asked, "You're not serious?"

"Sure am. Paul can help," Marko volunteered the other.

Paul grumbled about being an errand boy before jumping up from the couch in excitement, "I know! I can pick out the decorations!"

Harry hadn't the faintest idea what the two were up to but soon they were gone and he was left in the company of Dwayne and David. It wasn't long before David made himself scarce and Dwayne decided to read one of his books. At least he read it aloud to give Harry something to do even if it was to listen to a story that was too mature for him to fully grasp.

It wasn't long before the boy felt himself nodding off despite his best efforts not to.

Not long after he was shaken awake, "Good nap?" It was Marko, he was back from wherever he went.

"Come see what I got us!" He told the little boy excitedly, so, Harry pulled himself tiredly off of the couch and in the direction that Marko was urging him.

He only nearly tripped twice on the way before standing before something big. "What is it?"

It smelled like pine?

"A tree silly. I picked it out myself," Marko told him proudly.

Harry blinked up at the tree, "Why?"

"Well it is Christmas time…" Marko trailed off. He was a little put out about his tree picking skills not being praised.

"Oh…" That was true but then, "Why didn't you already have one?" Harry asked curiously.

"We don't really celebrate the holidays with decorations, never have," David said as he appeared out of a dark corner that he'd previously disappeared into earlier.

"…Then why did you get a Christmas tree?"

Before anyone could answer Harry Paul barreled in, "I've got decorations!"

"Come on, Harry. Let's decorate the tree it'll be fun!" Marko exclaimed before picking the boy up like a doll and brought him over to the decorations.

Harry had never once been allowed to decorate for Christmas. Instead, when he was allowed out of his cupboard during those times, he watched aunt Petunia do most of the work after Dudley got bored of hanging two or three ornaments. Harry had offered to help once, thinking it was a chore, but he was thoroughly told that he wasn't to be anywhere near the tree, decorations, or presents.

This was different though; he wasn't only being included in their tree decorating. But part of his mind told him that they were doing this for him in the first place. There was only one Christmas present that could've been better than this. And because he was having so much fun, he nearly forgot that he didn't already have his greatest desire already; a family.

Even though Marko and Paul could have decorated the tree in no time, taking the time and letting Harry help was fun. Neither of them had done such a thing since they had been human and, while both agreed with David that playing human like Max wasn't something they could stomach, they didn't think of this in the same vein. No, they were just having fun, which was the whole point of living forever.

During the night, Paul had found some old Christmas rock songs to play while they worked and David had once again vanished after telling them they would be the ones cleaning all of this up.

As Dwayne was usually quiet, and Harry couldn't see very well, it took the boy awhile to notice that he wasn't around either. "Did Dwayne not want to decorate either?"

Paul had explained that David was too cool to bother with such mundane tasks and, though Harry didn't quite understand, he was fine with just the other three.

"Hmm? Oh, he said he had something to take care of before morning," Marko said somewhat distracted by whatever he was doing near the top of the tree. Harry didn't bother to ask how he got up there, figuring they must have a ladder.

It was decided early on that Paul would bring the ornaments and things to Harry to prevent him from falling over things.

Harry was a little sad that Dwayne was busy but didn't let himself get too disheartened as he hung another ornament on a tree branch within his reach.

Eventually though even all the fun and music couldn't keep him awake any longer and he drifted off at the foot of the tree surrounded by various decorations.

Paul noticed the sleeping boy first and considered waking him up before deciding instead to carry him to the sofa.

"He's out for the count, isn't he?" Marko asked as he untangled himself from some sparkly tassel stuff.

"Yup not bad though. Only an hour left until the sun rises," Paul said, taking a seat beside the sleeping boy and pulling out some of his stash from underneath the couch cushion to smoke.

Marko was busy stuffing the remaining Christmas junk in an unused corner in the meantime, "Where did you even get all this stuff?"

"Here and there. It's everywhere this time of year." He leaned back and exhaled his smoke.

Marko snorted, "Figures. I didn't think you had that much money on you tonight."

Paul shrugged, "Why waste money? Like I said, it was everywhere. No one's gonna even notice."

Just then Dwayne entered the cave carrying a box, "That took you long enough." Marko floated over and examined the contents of the box. "I never pegged you for the guy who likes to shop."

Dwayne frowned, "I was in and out of the clothing store in minutes."

"Yet you left hours ago," David said as he entered the room.

"I thought he might appreciate being able to see."

"Glasses?" Marko pulled out a pair sitting on top, "Didn't know the eyeglass places stayed open so late."

"They don't and I wasn't sure of the prescription so," He trailed off.


Dwayne sat the box down and then removed the clothes on top to reveal a case of some sort. Marko opened it and blinked down at all the glass, "So what you grabbed all of the different prescription glass they had?"

"Not all… it took so long because I was reading up on which ones were the strongest." Dwayne told him and the vampire just stared while Paul helpfully added, "His eyesight is pretty bad."

"Hadn't noticed." Marko told him sarcastically which Paul took seriously, "You didn't see him trip over the ornament box earlier?" He motioned to the big box in the corner.

It wasn't something that was easily missed due to its size but apparently, it's coloring had caused it to blend in just enough for Harry to have missed it. Good thing all the glass was already out of it or the boy might've ended up cut. It wouldn't have been a problem as they were perfectly capable of controlling themselves but the smell would linger and that would be annoying. That's why they didn't bring their food home.

"Sun's coming up." David tells them unnecessarily, "Leave his Christmas gifts under the tree or wherever."

Dwayne hadn't meant for it to seem like he was gifting the kid with Christmas presents but he needed both new clothes and the ability to see. They were more necessity items than presents but still he sat the plain brown box under the tree and followed his brothers deeper into the cave.

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