Christmas Cookie Midnight Snack

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Aqua Base not a creature was stirring. Well if you took Harry Potter and his grumbling stomach into a account that was an entirely different story. As quietly as he could Harry made his way to the galley in hopes of finding something to eat to nibble on. Once Harry reached the galley he quietly and quickly looked around for something to eat. Harry then stumbled upon some "leftover christmas cookies"; that he and his older sister made earlier that day. Harry already put some aside for Santa Claus because Harry knew he had been extra good this year.

Pulling a stool out as quietly as he could every now and again cringing at the sound it made. Next Harry went to the refrigerator and got the milk out and put some into a glass. Then sat down and ate most of the cookies that was left. Harry had almost finished eating nearly all the cookies. When a hand rested itself on his shoulder this caused Harry to jump a little bit. Looking over his shoulder Harry saw his older sister Dana who looked half awake and half asleep. Yawning Dana looked at Harry and said " What are you doing up Harry?"

Feeling bad for waking his older sister up Harry felt he had to apologize. "Sorry for waking you I just got a little bit hungry is all" Harry said in a little guilty voice. Dana just smiled and said "It's alright and besides I think you ate all the cookies anyways." Looking to see for himself Harry saw that Dana was right; Harry then finished everything including his milk and then tidied everything up. As Dana walked Harry back to his bedroom she wanted to be sure that he went to bed; and wasn't going to disappear anywhere else. Looking at his older sister Harry asked "How did you know where I was?"

Seconds later Hedwig appeared behind Dana "Hey!" Harry started to whine looking at Hedwig Harry continued to say still looking at Hedwig " Whose side are you on!" Hedwig in reply began to nip Dana's fingers affectionately. Even though she was tired Dana said "She's on my side she alerted me to your little disappearing act and lead me to you."As Dana kissed Harry on the forehead as to say goodnight. Yaming and feeling a lot more tired than he was before Harry yawned once again. As Dana continued to tuck Harry into bed once that was done she sat on the edge of Harry's bed.

Stroking his hair until he fell asleep however Dana quietly chuckled to herself quietly as she heard Harry ask "Can we make more christmas cookies tomorrow big sister?" Harry who by now didn't hear what Dana said next and it was "We'll see Harry we'll see." Then Dana left Harry's room to return to her own; but not before giving Harry another kiss on top of his forehead. Later on in the Aqua Base after a day of fighting demons everyone including Harry was just chilling. Then Ryan came out of the galley and asked "Who ate the leftover Christmas cookies?

Because he was going to eat them himself." "Well dear brother" Dana started to say all the while looking at Ryan. Dana then looked at Harry and rubbed Harry's messy hair as Harry squirmed Dana continued to say "A certain cookie monster ate all of them last night Ryan." "And who ate all the cookies last night?" Ryan asked looking at both Dana and Harry. Unable to hold back his laughter any longer Harry said "It was me big brother I was the one who ate the rest of the cookies last night." At first shock overcame Ryan followed by him whining the following "HARRRRRY HOOOOW COOOUULLDD YOOOUUU!"