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A few things before I get started...This is a CapxOC story, and a follow up to my one-shot called 'Tony Waffles'. You don't have to read that to understand this story, but I think it's a cute intro to Tony and Eliza's brother/sister dynamic.

I will try to update as much as possible. I've got Eliza's story plotted out through Infinity War, so this will be a multi-part story. This is part one, chapter one and begins at the end of The Avengers! Oh, and if you're wondering what Eliza looks like, I picture her as Emilia Clarke.

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May 4th, 2012

Eliza gained access to Stark Tower easily enough since her name was on the side of the building. In the elevator up to Tony's quarters, her phone went berserk in her pocket. She pulled it out of her bag and saw four text messages, all from Tony.





Leaning back against the cold metal wall, she rolled her eyes and replied, "Already here. Omw up right now."

Why would he propose they have lunch there and then tell her to stay away as she was in the freaking elevator? Her brother was infuriatingly fickle, and she wasn't going to put up with it. She had three short story revisions due in a week and final grades to enter; she really didn't have time to waste getting all the way to midtown just to go all the way back. Worst case scenario, Tony was too busy for lunch and she could hunker down and get some work done until he was free.

The door pinged, and she stepped out of the elevator, hazel eyes scanning the room.

"Oh Tony," she singsonged into the empty space. Her words echoed back to her as she walked deeper into the room. "Tony? Where are you?"

"He's not here at the moment." a silky voice said from behind her. With a small yelp, she whirled around and saw the source of the voice. The man was over six feet tall and wearing a golden helmet with a pair of large antlers. His face was attractive and menacing all at once, and his smug, icy gaze was deeply off putting. He wore a cape and the outfit underneath it brought to mind a Renaissance fair. Something was very wrong.

"The hell? Who are you?" she asked indignantly, "And where's Tony?"

"Oh, I'm sure your brother will be here momentarily. As for who I am, that seems immaterial," he said, raising a cruel, glowing scepter to her chest. She backed away from him as it whirred and he rested the tip over her heart. The smug look on his face disappeared as nothing happened, and he tried again.

"Could you not poke a hole in my shirt?" she demanded, pushing the scepter away from her David Bowie concert tee as gently as she could. "It's vintage."

He turned away from her then, looking toward the tip of the scepter and muttering something to himself in a language that Eliza couldn't understand.

"Hey! Who the hell are you? I'm about to call securi-" She didn't finish her sentence as the man whipped around, the dull end of the scepter collided with her face in an explosion of pain, and her world went black.

Already here. Omw up right now.

Shit, Tony thought as he whipped through the sky on his way to his tower. He was only about three minutes away, the bright 'STARK' sign visible in the distance. He deeply regretted forgetting his plan to meet Eliza there to discuss the role SHIELD would play in her future over lunch. Of all the days for Loki to unleash Armageddon, it had to be today.

"Jarvis, can you get a visual on what's going on in the tower?" he asked the AI, praying that the psychotic Norse god hadn't thought to shut off the security cameras.

"I'm afraid not, Mister Stark. It appears that the surveillance system is offline." Jarvis said, "But I can tell that your sister's phone is on the forty-eighth floor and is turned on."

"That doesn't make me feel better about leading my kid sister into a trap, but good effort."

"I do try, Sir."

He couldn't help but roll his eyes inside his helmet as the tower got closer. His suit was beat to hell from the helicarrier malfunction, so he ordered Jarvis to prepare the Mach 7. As he got closer, he saw Loki eyeing him haughtily from his own balcony. Rage boiled up from Tony's stomach.

"Sir, the Mach 7 is not ready for deployment." Jarvis informed him.

"Then skip the spinning rims, okay? We're on the clock," Tony said as he went to land. He felt the armor start to strip away as he walked down the ramp. Loki moved back into the Tower. Tony was caught between annoyance, anger, and worry. Where was Eliza? Had Loki turned her into one of his mindless flying monkeys?

He cursed himself for telling her to meet him at the tower. Why didn't he think this shit through? They could've met literally anywhere else. If they'd met in a restaurant and he didn't show she would figure he'd simply stood her up, order the most expensive thing on the menu, and send him the Visa bill. It wouldn't be the first time. But no, he had to go and invite her to the one place Loki would be.

"Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity," Loki taunted him as he sauntered across the stone floor.

"Uh, actually I'm planning to threaten you," Tony taunted back as he made his way down the promenade. He casually scanned the room, and found Eliza slumped in a chair. She was breathing steadily and she looked unharmed, save for a bruise blossoming on her left cheek. Her eyes twitched under her eyelids and he knew she was asleep. Loki stroked her hair as he passed, raising the lava of ire in Tony's stomach.

"You should've left your armor on for that."

"Yeah," Tony submitted, "Seen a bit of mileage and you've got the uh...glowstick of destiny." He made his way down the stairs as calmly as possible. All he wanted to do was throw his armor back on and pummel the Norse prick into the expensive marble flooring. But he knew Loki was counting on his temper. He had to approach this with an even keel...even if his baby sister was passed out on a chair, asleep and vulnerable. He had to keep his cool.

First time for everything, he thought.

Eliza woke with a start at the sound of multiple crashes to her left. Her head was pounding, and the crashing wasn't helpful. She opened her eyes when she felt the floor start to shake underneath her.

"Puny god," she heard as a giant green man passed her. He paused and she froze as they made eye contact. She had every intention of running away, but her feet remained frozen to the floor. This must be the Hulk, she realized. Just as she was about to unglue her feet, the green behemoth nodded at her and proceeded to leap out of the broken window.

A small moan come from her right, barely audible to Eliza, but she turned her head anyway and saw the asshole who had knocked her unconscious half-buried in the floor. He was staring up at the ceiling unblinkingly. Eliza smiled when she realized that The Hulk must've been slamming him around the room and that gave her a twisted spike of pleasure.

She strode to his side, doing her best to tower over him despite her stature. He continued staring blankly at the ceiling, eyes flicking over to her for a fraction of a second. Taking her chance, she kicked him in the ribs as hard a she could. The renaissance dude gave a satisfying, "Oof" and she walked over to where the windows used to be. Broken glass crunched under her feet and she gasped at the scene in front of her.

There was a giant hole in the sky above her, through which she could see only darkness and some kind of monsters coming through. They were screaming - no, it was a battle cry. She could hear her brother's Iron Man blasters going off and she could barely see the ground through the cloud of debris.

It was a warzone.

After waiting for a moment of vertigo to pass, Eliza made a mad dash for the elevator, boarding it the second the doors opened. She didn't know what she could do to help, but she knew she had to do something rather than stay in the tower. Her phone was in her pocket and she called Tony.

"Little busy right now, sis," he answered. "How was your nap?"

"What the hell is going on?" she demanded. The sounds of battle echoed on both ends of the call.

"Long story short, Loki unleashed the apocalypse in downtown Manhattan. Cap is on the ground around thirty-third, and I'm trying to contain the aerials. Get to a safe place, Liza-"

"No way. I'm heading down to the street to see if I can help."


She hung up the phone before he could continue his protest. She knew what she was doing, her brother be damned. If she could help with anything, she was going to.

Leaving the relative safety of the building she turned left, running toward the intersection Tony had given her. "Thank god I wore comfortable shoes today," she muttered as arrived at her target. She slowed to a jog, catching sight of none other than Captain America.

She had seen hundreds - if not thousands - of photographs, posters, newsreels, and other visual media of Captain America, but it hadn't occurred to her until just then that she had never really seen Captain America. He wasn't just a figurehead or a character in her father's stories anymore.

He was real.

He was beating the hell out of one of the alien monster things, perfectly countering the alien's attacks. Momentarily entranced, she nearly didn't see the other alien thing approaching him. Without thinking, she scooped up a piece of debris and smacked the thing in the helmet as hard as she could. It rounded on her, and her muscle memory kicked in. She dropped the pipe and threw a punch at where she thought its throat was, quickly retracting her fist and throwing another punch at its gut.

Her attacks didn't seem to be making any effect on the alien, as the thing was more annoyed than injured. It occurred to her then that she should've held onto the pipe.

She heard a grunt from behind her, and she glanced over her shoulder at the ridiculously tall blonde man smashing the aliens with a hammer. Using her distraction, the alien reached out and lifted her by the throat. Her airway constricted, but again she knew what to do thanks to years of self-defense training.

Using what little strength she had, she gripped the monster's leathery arm to counterbalance and swung her legs upward, hitting the monster in the bottom of the helmet. Its head cracked back and its grip on her loosened enough for her to slip out of it and drop to the ground. She crouched low and once again gripped the pipe, but a thick, blue clad arm appeared over her head, cracking the monster in the face. It fell backward onto the concrete and Eliza rose to her feet.

"I had it under control," she said indignantly, facing Captain America for the first time. Shocking blue eyes narrowed with worry at her from behind the mask.

She scolded herself, shaking her head slightly as he took a step closer to her and gripped her shoulders more roughly than necessary.

"Who are you? It's to dangerous for civilians right now!" he said harshly, trying to turn her bodily and shoo her away. She spun out of his grasp and stared him in the face.

"Eliza Stark, pleasure to meet you, Cap," she said as one of the alien chariot things charged them. Without warning, Captain America wrapped an arm around her waist and ducked with her, throwing his shield over both of them as it roared past. They stood up again and she continued, "And what am I supposed to do? Just sit in the tower like a good little girl while my brother charges headfirst into danger? No way! I've sat by too many times while Tony risked his life, I'm gonna goddamn do something!" She poked a finger into his star-spangled chest and he gripped her upper arms again.

"Miss Stark, please! It's not safe out here," His blue eyes bored into her hazel ones and she could feel her resolve melt.

She slumped in his grip a little, "Fine. I'll sweep the buildings nearby, happy?"

"Ecstatic," the captain said dryly, turning to face another alien who was coming at him as Eliza jogged over to a nearby bodega.

Eliza ducked beneath the fallen sign in the smashed storefront. The bodega was dark, and she didn't hear or see any indication of people inside.

"Hello? Anyone in here? I came to help!" she called. She didn't hear movement, so deeper into the bodega she went. Still not seeing any evidence of humans, she moved on to the dry cleaner's next door.

About ten minutes later, she was about to start searching the back room of a clothing shop when her phone went off in her pocket. It was Tony.

"Tony? Shouldn't you be busy saving the world?"

"Well, that's kinda why I'm calling. I've got a nuclear missile on my back and I'm heading for the big black hole in the sky."

Her feet started moving of their own accord trying to get her back outside, "What? Tony, no…" was all she could manage. Once outside her head snapped back, her eyes searching the sky until she finally caught sight of his red suit above her. Indeed, he was flying under a nuclear missile and he was heading straight upward toward the hole, which was closing fast. Unwillingly, her free hand covered her mouth. "Oh my god."

"Eliza, you know I'm the least sentimental person in the world but being your big brother has been the greatest honor. I'm really proud of you and I lo-" Tony disappeared into the hole and the phone call ended.

Eliza's blood ran cold as the hole shrunk faster. Gravity took control of her arms and she let them drop to her side, her phone clattering to the ground. She couldn't tear her eyes away, even as her vision blurred with tears. The noises of sirens and alien screams and buildings crumbling faded and all she could hear was her own heartbeat.

Her heart leapt when she caught a flash of red falling from the sky after the hole had closed. He was falling too fast, he wasn't slowing down. If he kept up that speed, he would surely be liquified upon impact. Her hands flew to cover her mouth and muffle her silent scream.

There was nothing any of them could do but watch him fall.

Until a flash of green snatched her brother out of the sky, dropping down along the buildings as gracefully as he could. The Hulk placed Tony on the ground gently, almost reverently. Captain America was closer, and managed to rip off Tony's mask before Eliza arrived. She skidded to a stop on her knees, not caring that she'd ripped open her jeans and the skin on her knees. Tony was unconscious and not breathing. She lifted his head onto her lap.

"Tony...come on, please, wake up," she muttered, brushing his hair off his forehead and tapping his cheek with her fingertips. His skin was pale and a little too cold. "Come on," she nearly whispered.

The captain bowed his head as she closed her eyes and let her tears fall. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be.

The Hulk roared at her brother and his eyes snapped open. He gasped for air and asked for schwarma, whatever that was.

Eliza breathed a sigh of relief. Tony was still Tony. The captain helped him to his feet and Eliza immediately wrapped him in a hug. The metal of his suit made the hug uncomfortable but she didn't care. Once again, Tony had cheated death. He returned her hug for a second before she let go of him, backing up enough to take a good look at him.

"Hey baby sis. How's your head?"

"About as good as your face looks," Eliza let out a bark of a laugh before shoving her brother in the chest, "You need to stop almost dying, jerk."

"I will make an honest attempt. Scout's honor," He held up three fingers to mimic the child's pledge before turning to his teammates. "Whaddya say we finish this?"

"Let's go get 'im," Cap smiled, nodding at Eliza as he turned back toward the Tower. At some point, his helmet had come off, revealing his golden blonde hair. Gods, he was truly the All-American hero. The Hulk followed him, but Tony hung back.

"Eliza, there's a schwarma place a few blocks away. Go on ahead and order...what do you think, eight schwarmas? Schwarmeen? Whatever the plural of that word is. This shouldn't take long." Tony patted her upper arm, nearly knocking her over.

"I'm your sister, not your assistant," she defied in a teasing tone.

"Yeah. If you're not careful I'll demote you," he smiled, tugging on a lock of her hair before he turned and followed his teammates. She watched him go before setting about her task.

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