It was October 10th, 279 and for hundreds of miles around there could be roaring and booms could be heard. All over the Nation people were hiding in their houses, caves, wherever they could and priests could be seen praying to their gods. As we get closer to the source the night sky gets lit up as if it were day. you could see every chakra affinity being blasted at a giant fox with 9 tails. Suddenly the fox opens its mouth wide, red and blue energy could be seen being condensed in the foxes mouth. With a sweep of its head the fox launches a beam of energy that tears through the environment taking a huge chunk of forest, mountains, and shinobi with it. Within a few minutes a flash of yellow and cheers could be heard: " It's the Yondamine!" "It's the Yondamine Hokage!" "We're saved!". With those shouts a giant puff of clouds appeared and dispersed showing a giant toad with a sword at its side with a blonde figure on top of its head. "So, you're going through with it huh Minato?", the toad stated. "That's right. With Kushina dead, the Kyuubi raging, and me being near death this is the only choice to stop this Kyuubi Gamabunta.", Minato stated back. "I wish this didn't need to happen. Don't worry I'll tell Jiraya to take care of Naruto and to have Naruto be our summoner.", Gamabunta reassures Minato. "Thanks, that's all I can ask.", as he starts the hand signs to end this fight. " SHIKAI FUUIN!" he shouts. WIth another flash of white light the toad disappears, and another figure, older, appears and catches Minato. "Hey you old monkey, make sure Naruto is seen as a hero will you? Raise him as if he was your own will you? Thanks Sarutobi. Don't worry Kushina I will be joining you soon.", Minato states as he looks far off in the distance. His eyes dull as he dies. "Don't worry Minato he will be don't you worry.", Sarutobi states as he cries over the loss of his student, successor, and having to deal with paperwork again.

6 years later an object could be seen from across the Nations falling to the earth. BOOOOOOOM! was heard as it impacted. A few days after the impact, "Get back here you demon brat!", "Revenge for the Yondamine!", "Die demon brat!" yelled a crowd carrying varying weapons from clubs to pitchforks to kunai chasing a small blond figure in an orange jacket. "What did I ever do to you!? Leave me alone!" the blond figure shouted back. Suddenly the crowd stopped when a figure dropped between them and the blond. One of the mobbsters stepped forward, "So you want revenge too? Who did you lose? Do you want first blood?", the person asked. With that last question, the new figure took out a black cylinder and asked, :You dare attack an unarmed civilian, a CHILD AT THAT!?" "Oh yeah? What you gonna do about it?", one of the Hyuuga replied. The figure didn't say anything and just pressed a button on the cylinder. HZZZZZZZZ, a red blade grew out of the cylinder. "GET HIM!", a person with a decent sized wolf-dog yelled only for the blade to cut horizontally across his waist and for his body to fall apart in half. "Anyone else?", the figure asked with his face still covered.

With the Inuzuka's death the rest of the group went into a frenzy and tried to rush in hooded figure. When they got within an arm's reach they all suddenly stopped. "HEY! What's going on?", a ninja stated. "It's simple really. Your all dead.", the hooded figure said before he crouch and spun in a circle. He pressed the button again which made the blade disappear and he clipped the cylinder onto his utility belt. "Now than, little one are you okay?", as he turns towards the small blonde child. "P-P-P-Please sir, d-d-d-d-don't hurt me.", the child whimpered as he huddled into a fetal position. "Now now, I'm not like those who harm those who have no way of protecting themselves. What is your name little one?", the hooded figure asked as he took a hold of the child's shoulder. He suddenly felt a jolt flow up his arm and he stumbled backwards in shock. 'Hmm, what is this power I sense? Its similar to the dark side and yet with some light mixed in. The amount is even greater than mine, if he could somehow be taught to harness this power he could become the greatest Sith of all time.', the hooded figure thought. "N-n-naruto, My name is Uzumaki Naruto.", the child identified himself. 'Uzumaki Naruto hmm. Maybe just maybe.' "Say, Naruto, what are your goals in life?", the hooded figure asked Naruto. "My goals? TO BECOME HOKAGE, GAIN THE PEOPLE'S RESPECT, and protect those precious to me.", Naruto said with conviction. "Who are your precious people? And why do you want to protect those who wish you were dead?", the figure asked Naruto. "The whole village are my precious people and because it's obvious they now something i don't and must be misinformed or mistaken.", Naruto said with a grin. 'Incredible! For the amount of darkness inside of him and for him to be so…. happy is astounding.' "Say Naruto, what would you do if I told you that I can help you with you goal? That you have a power that could rival my own once you gain control over it?", the figure asked Naruto. "REALLY?! GREATER THAN YOURS!? I WOULD DO ANYTHING!", Naruto shouted. "Even leave this village for an indeterminable amount of time?", the figure(Now referenced as Hood) asked Naruto. "Leave for so long? Is that okay? What would Jiji the Hokage say?", Naruto asked. " Technically he has no power over you as you are a civilian, you can leave whenever you want without question and he can't do anything about it.", Hood stated. Naruto seemed to be deep in thought, "I'll come back right? With the power to protect everyone right?", he asked Hood. "Of course, the power to protect the village and more.", Hood responded. "I'll do it.", Naruto stated with conviction.

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