Winston sat quietly perched in his rocking chair, sipping a hot tea and attempting to finish a puzzle.

"You ok there Winston?" Jess asked sweetly as she sat down next to Nick on their porch swing.

Life had gotten busy and they ended up raising Rory and Reggie in a 3 bedroom home in the predomently upper middle class LA neighbourhood, Wilshire. It was only once their children had grown and moved out on their own, did they decide that they needed to relocate to somewhere a little slower paced. So when Jess had reached retirement, Nick sold his bar and ended up buying a small bungalow with a large porch by the lake in Portland, which he surprised Jess with on her 65th birthday; he told her it was the ideal spot for them to enjoy the sunset each evening and he wasn't wrong.

An added bonus was that Rory had also moved to Portland to be closer to her parents. She was expecting her second little girl in a few short months and her other daughter Josie was the apple of Nick's eye. Reggie was newly engaged and still living in LA, but he was a renowned photographer and was currently globetrotting. He barely had time to visit, but he was still very close to his parents.

"Am I losing my mind guys?" Winston asked. "Because sometimes I touch the end of a frayed power cord just to feel something."

Jess shot Nick a look of concern.

"He's fine Jess. I swear. He's always done that." Nick tried to put her mind at ease, but he was a little worried himself.

Winston's wife Aly had passed away 6 months prior and his 6 children were all grown and scattered across the country. But he had become increasingly unhinged with age, even more so since his wife's passing and their children had made the decision to put him in a home, but Nick wouldn't have it. So shortly after Aly's departure, Winston moved in with Jess and Nick.

"If you say so. But Winston, let's not play with the power cords." Jess pleaded, but Winston was back to his puzzle and was no longer paying attention.

"I promise, I'll take care of him Jess." Nick vowed as he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close.

"I know, I just worry."

"Danbill is only 2 hours away. He said he will visit regularly and take him for the holidays. And Schmidt and Cece both promised to help."

Cece had actually convinced Schmidt to move to Portland as well, after all she was originally from there and it made sense, since they were all still very close friends. Naturally Aly and Winston followed, because really that was his only family on the west coast, besides their oldest son Danbill.

"I always pictured us like this anyways. You, me and Winston... it just feels right." She confirmed.

"It really does... I couldn't picture it any other way." Nick thought out loud. "Hey Jess..."


"I've had the time of my life with you." He said as he pulled her in close and kissed her hair.

"Me too babe, me too." She smiled.

Their life hadn't been perfect, they had experienced their ups and downs over the years, but she never could have imagined it without him by her side; And Winston of course.