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"You know what Lisbeth said to me today? Just now, before lunch break." Asuna asked.

"Huh? What?" You could hardly understand what Kirito was saying as his mouth was full with food.

"That I'm not your personal chef, can't always make you sandwiches and bentos."

Kirito slowed his last bite before answering. "I'm not telling you to make them though."

"That's what I told her. That I make them because I want."

Kirito was quiet for a few more seconds, then, with shining eyes, he said. "What if I bring the food on some days? Like, make a schedule?"

"You sure about this?" Asuna asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"Why not? Okay, then I will bring the food tomorrow!"

And so the deal was made. Asuna couldn't wait for tomorrow while Lis just rolled her eyes, telling her friend not to get her hopes up.

On the next day Asuna resisted the urge to prepare something just in case. No, she was sure Kirito would bring food.

Meanwhile, at Kirito's home, more specifically in the kitchen, a tornado could be seen. Kirito had gotten up extra early, he had even planned the menu the previous night. A menu. Now, everyone knew he could cook, at least some easy things. But this was important, he wanted to impress Asuna, no matter if it was some lunch for school or actually cooking a serious meal. He knew she was from a rich family and probably had a topnotch chef cooking her dinner every day, he knew he couldn't compare with that.

But he was going to try anyway.

So when Sugu woke up and went down for breakfast, she froze mid-step, wondering what was her brother doing.

"Making lunch for school." He simply explained. And soon he ran off, afraid he'd be late, with a backpack on his back and a basket in one hand.

Lunch break came sooner than usual for Kirito and later than usual for Asuna. One was nervous, the other excited. They met at their usual bench and sighing, Kirito put the basket between them. It had made people stare at him the whole day, some even asking what was in it or what smelled like that. What was 'that' supposed to mean anyway? Did it smell good or bad? Just say it!

Too late now, Asuna was here, probably hungry, waiting for her lunch.

"May I?" She asked and Kirito nodded. Nowhere to run now.

Asuna opened the basket (truth be told, she didn't expect a whole basket, maybe one bento only) and her eyes and mouth opened wide automatically. It was filled with boxes. There were two boxes with some sort of a salad, two boxes with noodles with something else, maybe a sauce. Then two boxes with juice and finally two yoghurts for dessert. Two packets with chopsticks and spoons were also readied at a small pocket in the basket.

It was a whole meal. Three dishes - salad, a main course and a small dessert. When had Kirito had the time to prepare all this? Asuna had never brought something this big for lunch.

While the girl contemplated all of this, quietly staring at all the food, Kirito got another idea. She didn't like it. Yep, that was it. Better not even taste it. He quickly closed the basket, jumping up.

"I-I'll go buy something from the cafeteria, you just wait here."

But Asuna stopped him, her small hand holding his sleeve.

"Kirito-kun, did you do all this?" She asked.

"Um... Yes..." He ruffled his hair, not knowing what else to say.


"This morning. Can't guarantee the salad is still fresh though." He laughed nervously.

"How early did you get up?" Asuna looked at him, wide-eyed.

"Err... Earlier than usual." Asuna laughed a little at that.

"Well, why are you going to the cafeteria? We can't just let this go to waste. Let's eat!" And just like that Asuna began taking boxes out, giving one to Kirito and one to herself from everything. She was as excited as a small child on Christmas day but tried not to show it, had a reputation to maintain after all.

An 'itadakimasu' and twenty minutes later, there was no evidence the boxes were ever full with something, everything was eaten. Asuna and Kirito sat on the bench, looking up to the sky above them, having a break after all the food.

"So how was it?" Kirito chanced to ask.

The question made Asuna giggle before answering. "Lis thought you won't manage it."

"Oh." Not the answer he had been expecting. Then again he didn't know what to expect.

"Maybe I should make you bring lunch more often." Asuna said, now more serious. "We have a maid at home, normally she cooks our meals. No one apart from her had ever cooked something especially for me. So thank you, Kirito-kun, this lunch really means a lot to me. And it was really yummy." She smiled that beautiful smile of hers and Kirito decided that it was all worth it.

The planning and researching of recipes, the getting up early, the mayhem in the kitchen, the cleaning, the hurrying, the stares, the nerves, it was all worth it. Just for those words and that smile.

"Then I'll bring lunch whenever you want."