Inspired by BuzzingBea 5 Years Later One Shot I don't own any characters

Hetty's Story

As we were walking to St Pauls Cathedral, I started to get nervous, Afterall my feelings for Vince had long since disappeared and I had no idea how he would take the news. I started to nervously twist the engagement ring that Jack had given me 4 months prior round my finger. We had been courting for 4 years so everyone expected it. We plan on having a small wedding, close friends and Jacks Family only.

Gid and Sheila were walking ahead of us talking about plans as Sheila was expecting to have a baby in 5 months and they were very excited for the new arrival.

As we arrived at St Pauls Cathedral Jack kissed my forehead to calm me down, normally it works but I was just too nervous this time.

He squeezed my hand as Harriet and Mathias arrived. Harriet was pretty as ever her dark brown hair reaching her waist and her eyes as big and brown as ever. Her left hand was adorned with a ring on her index finger. Mathias looked way taller and the way he looked at Harriet you could tell that they were perfect for each other. Harriet gave me and Sheila a big hug, Congratulated Sheila and Gideon on their happiness and asked me everything about Jack. She made me promise that she would be invited to my wedding. Harriet told us marvellous stories about New York and all the places that they have been.

Then Vince arrived… the happiness that once filled the air was gone, tension in its place.

He looked at Harriet and Mathias, Gid and Sheila … Then finally Me and Jack, His eyes met mine they were full of betrayal and pain. He spoke three words and left ... "Goodbye Hetty Feather"

I tried to find him to explain but he was gone. Tears started to well up in my eyes, Jack ran to me and embraced me trying to cheer me up, whispering sweet nothings to me but it didn't work. Harriet thought that we should meet up another day which the others agreed too.

Jack turned me to face him and I looked him in the eye. His eyes told me everything. Then he kissed me on the lips and it reminded me why I chose him over Vince.

Thank you for reading if you want I could to a sequel to this x

-The Author xx