I loved the Duck Dodgers series and I faithfully believed that Dodgers knew the Looney Tunes back in the 21st century. So this is dedicated to that thought.

Chapter 1: Laughter gone silent

Duck Dodgers was the 'greatest' space captain of the Galactic Protectorate. He's protected Earth from Martians (but also ruined their chances at a treaty) and basically all other invasions as well. Over the years, he has gained several enemies, but he didn' fear them like normal people would. But then again, he wasn't normal.

He was looney.


It was an ordinary Saturday on the ship for the Cadet. His captain would lose items of his clothes randomly amongst their home and has the Cadet turning the place turned upside down for them. This Saturday however, was going to take an interesting turn for everyone.

" Nevermind! Found them!", Dodgers said as he walked into the main quarters.

" G-g-g-g-good morning Captain", Cadet greeted kindly.

" It's not a good morning Cadet. I've got an ache in my legsth and we're out of Lucky Charmsth", Dodgers grumbled as he sat in his chair.

It has been happening a lot lately, those aches. It happened all across his body: his legs, his lower back, his throat and his beak. But those were physically aches, he could deal with them. They came and went as they pleased. But there was one ache that no one could cure.

And that was the gigantic hole in his heart.

Every time Dodgers looked at Cadet, he saw another stuttering pig in a blue blazer and red bowtie. Every time he saw Commander X-2, he gets reminded of another small but intelligent martian who once upon a time wanted to blow up Earth. Some of his enemies were even memory kickstarters, which prompted Dodgers to go out for a run.

Yes, a run.

" Cadet, I'm leaving!", Dodgers said.

" W-W-Where are you heading to Captain?", Cadet asked curiously.

" My happy place", Dodgers mumbled before teleporting away.

Cadet sighed, for once not knowing how to help his captain. The Happy Place was Dodgers' sacred place, even while rambling on about things had Cadet never heard his captain actually mention the place until he actually left for it. He tried following (he really did, he was that curious) but he had lost Dodgers amongst the forest he entered. On the brightside, at least he knew it was in a forest.

He could only pray that his captain returns before Dr. IQ gives them their mission.


Somewhere in a forest on Earth

Commander X-2 was sent down to Earth to collect some mineral samples that were to be sent back to Mars. He assumed the forest would be a good start due to lack of population and no civilian entering.

Or at least... that's what he thought.

" There should be a clearing nearby if I'm not mistaken", X-2 murmured before he stopped in his tracks at the sight before him.

Duck Dodgers stood there in the middle of the clearing clad in nothing but his feathers. He was staring off into the distance with a blank expression on his face. X-2 had his hand on his blaster but remained back. He was curious of why Dodgers was without his Cadet, with no clothes and a seemingly calm exterior.

" Alright, Daff. Let'sth get thesthe legsth up and runnin'", Dodgers murmured loudly enough for X-2..

X-2 wondered curiously what Dodgers meant until he saw the hero's feet revving up like a car wheel before he sped off, faster than X-2 could've imagined.

X-2 was no scientist, but he knew Dodgers broke the laws of reality just by moving his legs in such a way and running that fast. It shocked him more that when Dodgers returned, he hadn't even broken a sweat. Why didn't he use such speed at the football game?

" Woohoo! In your face! 10 seconds! I win Bu-", Dodgers went quiet midway his speech.

Dodgers' face looked like reality had finally paid him a visit and threw some anguish in the duck's face. The previous burst of euphoria that had been emitted from Dodgers stopped, leaving the duck alone.

" I forgot... you're not here", Dodgers said," I do missth you a lot... little brother".

X-2 covered his mouth to hold back the gasp at the new information. Dodgers had a brother! He must report it to Queen Tyr'ahnee immediately.

" I know thisth place isn't EXACTLY our old groundsth but... it's the closesth I could find... Maybe I'll even build a little burrow 'round here. Maybe Wile and Roadie could adjust to living in a forest... if they were still here. I don't know who I am anymore...", Dodgers said sadly," Forgive me for being a sap, I just want to go home".

That was the last thing X-2 heard before he stepped back accidentally into a branch, snapping it loudly. The martian prayed the duck didn't hear him.

" Bowling ball?", Dodgers said as he peeked over the bush," What are you doing here? Aren't you supposedth to be workin' on sthome death ray or sthomethin'".

X-2 scoffed," I told you already Dodgers, I'm a military commander, not a scientist", he said.

" Yeah and I'm an actor", Dodgers said flatly.

" I don't have to listen to your distasteful sarcasm anyway", X-2 grumbled.

" What makesth you think that wasth sarcasm?", Dodgers asked.

" Excuse me?"

" Have ya ever wondered that the water boy thing may have been a ploy? Maybe I did somethin' with my time", Dodgers said.

" Uh-"

" I'm not confirming or denying anything pal. Just think about it", Dodgers said picking up his clothes and began to walk away from the martian.

X-2 thought a bit on Dodgers words before voicing his thought," You have siblings?".

Dodgers froze at X-2's words, wondering if it wasn't too late to run. He didn't like talking about them, out of pride and homesickness. Especially Bugs. Especially him.

" I do. A lotta them. But I ain't giving namesth", Dodgers said defensively.

After all, what are the odds that the name Bugs Bunny might still be known today. Or Tweety Pie, Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales, Foghorn Leghorn, Granny, Sylvester, Wile E, Porky or anyone he worked with. Porky... the Cadet must be worried about him.

" Now if you'll excuseth me bowling ball but I need to get back to my ship before IQ calls. And by the way...", Dodgers said softly," Keep this between you and me okay. I don't want anyone targeting them to get to me. Trust me shorty, I'm not as handsthome when I'm REALLY angry. Tata", he said before teleporting away.

X-2 stared at the spot where Dodgers stood, his mind processing this new information. He blankly walked away to find the minerals he was sent for, but continued onwards with several theories in his mind.


End of Chapter 1