Guys, I am so so SO sorry. My mood has been decreasing DRASTICALLY as time goes on. I've been in deep contemplation for a while now over certain particular things about this story . It's not anything COMPLETELY worrisome. But it's something that irked me for the longest while which made me kind of hit a block. If you get what I'm saying.

To put it short and frank, I'm thinking about rewriting 'What I lost'.

I honestly loved the beginning but as I get a little older and hopefully more experienced, I realise that I could do much better! Like really a lot better.

This story in general feels rushed to me and doesn't have that bumpy flow feeling my other story 'The Nanny' gives me when I read it (even then the beginning chapters of that story makes me cringe, which is why the beginning is also receiving a rewrite from me). But the main idea is that I think I could do a lot better than what I gave you all in the beginning.

I know some of you were worried when I didn't update for that long period of time and man did the guilt eat at my heart like a last meal. But I DO promise you all will see the end of this story.

I'm debating if I should just leave this story as is and start new so that you guys can always come back and read the previous chapters or if I should delete all these chapters and stick with this base. I'm hoping to get a maximum of 5 chapters out before 31st May.

TL; DR: What I lost is getting rewritten because I feel I could do better but it's up to you guys if you still want this version to stick around

Thank you for reading this and I'm sorry it had to come to this.