This was originally going to be a one shot, but then I realized that it would be to long so instead it will be a story. Hope you all don't mind.

Chapter 1: A Talk With the Fairy Queen

Kendra woke up on a hot summer day. She quickly got dressed, brushed her teeth and hair, ate breakfast and went outside. There she saw a small fairy floating near the house.

"Hello." The Fairy said. She was a bright yellow fairy with a sunflower dress.

"Hello." Kendra responded. She found it strange that the Fairy was being so nice to her.

"The Fairy Queen has asked that you visit her shrine to talk to her." The Fairy said. This explained why the Fairy was being so nice to her.

"Ok, I'll be there soon." Kendra then took of to the shrine. Silently dreading her inevitable conversation with the naiads.


When she arrived at the lake, she took the canoe and started rowing to the island.

Naturally, the naiads made her life difficult.

"Ugggggggghhhhh! It's Kendra!" A beautiful blonde naiad named Celestine said.

"Shouldn't you be on the land where all of the other disgusting peasants live." This time a naiad with purple eyes named Kalene spoke. Her response got a giggle from and another naiad; a fiery redhead named Amina.

Fortunately for Kendra, the naiads where forbidden to harm Kendra. Unfortunately, this did not mean that they wouldn't stop bothering and insulting her until she arrived at her destination.

While most of the naiads didn't bother Kendra since they couldn't harm her, these three lovely ladies in front of her were exceptions.

Kendra started rowing faster.

One of the naiads, Celestine, decided to stop right in front of Kendra's path to the shrine.

"Could you please move." Kendra said irritatedly.

Naturally, the naiads continued to bother Kendra.

"Why are you so incompetent?" Amina said.

"And how am I incompetent?" Kendra asked.

"It's just you really can't do anything by yourself and everyone who helps you always suffers." Celestine said.

"You always need someone to help you. You had to ask the Fairy Queen to solve your problem with the plague. As a result for helping you, the Fairy Queen's Shrine got destroyed. You couldn't even you the stone. No. You tricked Lena into leaving the pound and forced her to do it. It's disgusting." Sneered Kalene.

Kendra just ignored them. If she were being true to herself, their words stung. And it truly hurt her thinking about Lena, and that this was their impression of her, but Kendra had more important things to do, so she continued.


After her horrible encounter with the naiads, Kendra finally arrived at the Fairy Queen's palace.

Soon, she was sitting in ground of the tiny fairy statue, ready for the Fairy Queen to speak with her. Kendra tried to talk to the Fairy Queen at least once a week. After all, she was her handmaiden.

Greetings, Kendra. The voice sounded pleasant in her mind. Kendra smelt multiple flowers, as well as some fruit, and maybe even some spring water.

Hello, Fairy Queen. Kendra started politely. Kendra always attempted to be polite surround the Fairy Queen. After all, she is a queen.

I see you are doing well. How is your training going? The Fairy Queen asked. Kendra was only feeling positive emotions, so she assumed the Fairy Queen was happy.

It's going alright, I guess. I have learned the basic skills you have told me to learn, like disabling my aura, but even that is very challenging for me. If Kendra was being honest with herself, she was very disappointed at how her training was going. It had been months and all she had learned to do was adjust the intensity of her glow, and even that nearly made her pass out each time.

As if she sensed her distress (which she probably did since she was likely peering into her mind), the Fairy Queen said. Do not fret my dear. It will get easier as you practice. What is important is now is that you decide on the path you want to take.

What do you mean? Kendra was confused. The last thing she wanted was for the magic business to get any more complicated.

The Fairy Queen started to explain what she meant. As a fairykind, there are many paths for you to choose from. You could specialize in healing magic. By specializing in that branch you may be able to heal even the most deadly of wounds and diseases. Unfortunately, by being a healer you would not be very useful in battle. Healing magic is best for those who do not wish to fight.

You could choose to specialize in offensive magic. By using offensive magic, you would be able to destroy many powerful foes. You will become stronger and faster. But with all magic, there are some disadvantages. Using magic for offensive purposes is very challenging and can often backfire. When using offensive magic it is key to remain focused. Offensive magic is for those who have a large team who can defend them as they cast their spells.

You could also specialize in defensive magic. With defensive magic, you would be able to protect your friends and yourself. The con of using defensive magic is that you have no good way of attacking. Defensive magic is best for those who have a team of mostly offense.

Another type of magic is charms. Charms are useful because they they don't take up much magical energy and can be used for many different task. A downside of charms is that they aren't very powerful. Charms are useful for those who are skilled fighters and don't need to relay on magic.

The last type of magic you can chose from. It is known as elemental magic. As it appears, elemental magic is useful when you are in battle since it is not too difficult to cast, plus it's quick. Unfortunately, to use elemental magic you must have very good emotional control. Elemental magic are for those with excellent emotional control and who need to use vast amounts of magic without burning up too much energy.

Kendra thought her brain was going to explode. Wow. That's a lot to take in. How can I ever choose?

If needed, you could visit specialist in each branch to help see which magic is most compatible with you.

That would be wonderful! But who would be these specialists? Kendra asked curiously. She then felt a feeling of pride wash over her.

The specialist are actually my children. Bracken specializes in charms, Mizelle specializes in elemental magic, Saphira specializes in healing, Ember specializes in offensive magic, and Saige specializes in defensive magic.

Wow! I can't wait to meet your children! This is so exciting! Kendra was ecstatic! She had only ever met Bracken, and couldn't wait to meet the rest of his family.

Sensing her excitement, the Fairy Queen said. I am glad you feel this way. You can start now if you wish.

Okay! Let my training begin! Kendra said giddily. Kendra couldn't help but wounded what type of people the royal family would be.

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. I could give a million excuses but nobody wants or needs to hear them. So anyways, this was going to be a chapter in my one- shot series, but I realized it was probably going to be too long, so instead I decided to just make it a mini story. I'll try to update this story really quickly, but with all of the holidays coming up i don't know how fast I'll be able to write.

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