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Chapter 4: Training With Healing Specialist Saphira

Kendra was starting to feel concerned. It had been approximately 30 minutes since Mizelle had left. Kendra was starting to worry if she had done something wrong and the royal family now hated her or something. Kendra knew these thoughts were foolish, but still could help thinking that she had done something.

After another few minutes of waiting, Kendra heard a high pitched voice of a girl yell, "I'm sorry! I'm so, so, sorry I'm so late! I just completely lost track of time!" Soon Kendra could see a very pretty, very out of breath girl. Even from a distance, Kendra could tell the girl was short. Kendra decided that she couldn't have been more that 5 feet tall. The girl's hair was a bluish sliver and very long and wavy. Kendra also noticed she had light, almost misty grey eyes. The girl was dressed in a elegant white, flowy dress. Kendra was also surprised to see that the girl had no shoes on!

"I'll take it that you're Saphira?" Kendra asked. The girl just stared at Kendra for a bit before suddenly answering with, "Who me? O-Oh yes! I. Am. Saphira!" The girl then started rambling "I'm sorry if I was looking at you strangely a little while ago. I have a tendency to space out a bit. I'm really, really, sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or upset. If it does please tell me."

Kendra hadn't realized that she had been staring until Saphira said, "I'm sorry! I'm not very good with… um how do I put this… er people." Saphira looked very embarrassed. Kendra felt like an idiot. She remembered that Bracken had once said that unicorns weren't very social creatures. Kendra also realized that that was probably the reason that Mizelle was acting sort of weird too.

"It's really okay!" Kendra said. "Bracken told that unicorns aren't very social creatures so it was likely that you would be shy or awkward."

"So you're not mad?" She asked.

"Ok course not." Kendra said.

Saphira let out a large sigh. "That's a relief." She said. "Anyways, we need to get the the important part: learning healing magic!"

Kendra smiled. If she was being honest with herself, she would have to say that healing magic was what she was most excited for. She absolutely adored the idea of healing those that meant a lot to her. "Yes of course!" She said excitedly. "I can't wait to learn healing!"

Saphira smiled. "That's great news! I was worried that you wouldn't be interested in healing." She exclaimed. "Okay, so like with every other magic, healing magic has a sort of mind set that you have to put yourself into. With healing, it's pretty simple. Well it sounds simple but it's probably a lot harder then I am describing it as. An-anyways with healing all you have to do is focus on the would you want to heal, then imagine it healing."

"Well, thar sounds easy enough." Kendra said.

"There's a bit more to it though. You also have to have a positive mindset when trying to heal. It becomes harder to heal if you're filled with fear that your patient will die, or if you just had a fight with the person and are angry with them."

Kendra bit her lip. Of course things couldn't be that easy. Nevertheless Kendra stayed determined and said, "Well, I'll never know how hard it is until I try, right!" "Correct." Saphira said.

A thought suddenly occurred to Kendra. "Ummm... how exactly am I going to try out healing magic?" Kendra asked. Saphira paled. "Ahhhhhhh!" She nervously yelled. "How could I have forgot that you need someone injured to preform healing magic! What will I do?" Saphira started to cry a little.

Kendra thought for a moment and said, "Maybe we can try to heal my finger." Kendra said.

"Huh?" Saphira stopped crying. "What's wrong with your finger? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I just jammed it while I was playing football with my family yesterday." Kendra explained.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Saphira asked nervously. "Because if you need to go home, I can explain it to my siblings."

"I'm certain I'm alright." Kendra said. "Now, let me try to heal my wound." Kendra tried to make sure her emotions were positive and imagined that her finger wasn't swelled or in pain. After a few moments of deep concentration, Kendra opened her eyes to see that her finger didn't hurt anymore.

"I did it!" Kendra exclaimed! "I did it on my first try!"

"Great job!" Saphira seemed very excited. "I can't believe you did it on your first try! Many of the most talented healers couldn't even do it on their first time!"

"Thank you!" Kendra said. "I think we still have some spare time, so why don't you talk a little about yourself and your siblings."

"Oh! Um, Sure! Who to start with…" Saphira mumbled.

"How about Bracken?" Kendra asked.

Saphira's eyes lit up. "Okay sure!" She said. "I would have to pick a sibling who I got along with the best, it would have to be Bracken. As children, me and him were practically linked at the arm. We would always do all sorts of fun things together. In fact, Bracken is still just like he was when he was a kid. He was always such a great elder brother. He always tolerated me, even when all of my other siblings were annoyed or upset by my crying. He would always ask me what was wrong and would dry my tears. He really was the best brother!"

Kendra smiler. That sounded just like the Bracken she knew: kind and loving.

"Mizelle has always been such a determined person. Whenever she was faced with a seemingly impossible task, she would work hard until she could complete the task. As kids, Bracken would always give us orders, and we usually listened, but when we didn't, Mizelle would quickly put us in line. Mizelle is also the type of person who would do anything to protect her family and friends. She's very courageous and confident, I really admire her. She's such a strong woman and such a dependable leader. In fact, she's so talented she's the the captain of the fairy warriors!"

Kendra was impressed by how amazing Mizelle is. She though it was so cool that Mizelle was a captain. Mizelle sounded like an amazing woman, and Kendra couldn't wait to get to know her better.

"Ember had always been a rebel. I wouldn't describe her as evil or mean, but she certainly like to be different from everyone else. She loves to pull pranks on people and tease. She's quite mischievous. But still, she's incredibly brave and fast on her feet. She's not afraid to take risks, which is probably why she is so rebellious. Ember is also always ready for adventure. As a child, my father would often have to search the Fairy Kingdom to find her since she would be off on one of her adventures."

Kendra laughed. Ember sounded just like Seth! Kendra hopes she wasn't as annoying as Seth…

"Ember sounds just like my brother!" Kendra said.

"She does?" Saphira sounded surprised.

"Seth is also a litttle adventurer." She explained, surprised by the pride in her voice.

"That's wonderful!" Saphira said delighted. "Saige is my baby sister. Out of all of the royal children, she's always been the most distant. She's always quietly watching, like she's analyzing everyones movements. I'm actually sad to say I don't even really know her that well, since she always distances herself." Saphira thought for a moment. "If anyone is to know Saige, it would probably be Mizelle. They seem to have the closest bond, being the most serious. They often train together. From what I can tell, Saige is a serious girl who doesn't let her emotions show. It's kind of sad really."

"Why is it sad?" Kendra asked.

"Saige only because extremely drawback due to fathers disappearance. Before, she would always be by his side. They truly had a close bond."

"But shouldn't Saige be happier now that her father is back?" Kendra asked.

"Unfortunately, father's recovery has been very slow. I fear that until he becomes while again, Saige will still be distant." Saphira has a glum look on face. She must have been horrible you upset that her father was still not awake.

"That's sad." Kendra said.

"Anyways!" Saphira started. Suddenly, she looked up at the sky. "Ahhhhh! I'm 10 minutes over my time! I'm sorry, I have to leave!"

"Goodbye Saphira!" Kendra said.

"Goodbye Kendra!" Saphira yelled as she ran up the hill back home.

Suddenly, Kendra heard a voice. It sounded female. "Well that took ya enough, didn't it?"

"I'm sorry! I didn't notice time was up!" Another voice: Saphira's.

"Well it's time for my lesson now!" The voice said. A girl came into view.

"Hello. I'm Ember." She said.

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