Chapter 9: Reconciliation and Happy Ending

Aliandra and Ash came back to the gym tower as Ash was gently set down by Aliandra. Aliandra took a moment to calm Ash down. Even Mew looked exhausted as Aliandra gave him an Oran berry to recuperate his power.

Ash looked beyond guilty. Who would have thought that because of him, everything that has happened, all the great things, was because of him. Tears slid from his eyes as he wiped them off. Rowlet flew to him as he landed on his shoulder and cooed. Ash smiled at the owl as he stroked him.

Aliandra asked, "Ash, now can you see how much you have impacted this entire world? Why can't you see it?" Ash said, "Aliandra, I didn't know. How could I have been so foolish?" Aliandra smiled as she said as she tilted his head to her face, "Ash Ketchum… you are the Chosen One. You must remember of how much they need you. We all do." Ash looked surprised and then let out a smile as Aliandra put her hand down and said, "Remember, the world needs you." Aliandra began vanishing and gliding away. Mew and Rowlet followed their trainer as Ash called out, "Aliandra! Wait! Thank you!" The last words Aliandra said was, "Ash... goodbye. I'm so glad I got to know you and Merry Christmas."

Aliandra vanished as Ash waved goodbye as the sun began rising as Christmas Day finally came.

Ash sighed as he smiled as he enjoyed the silence.

A girly voice broke the ice as Ash heard his name being called out, "Ash! Ash!" The boy turned to see a honey haired girl climbing up the ladder as she ran up to him. Behind her was a woman with red hair, a boy and little girl with blonde hair, and an old man with gray hair.

It was Serena, Delia, Profess. Oak, Clemont, and Bonnie!

Ash and Serena embraced as tears slid from her eyes. Delia came as Ash hugged her too, "Mom!" Delia said, "We have been looking everywhere for you!" Clemont sighed in relief and said, "We saw you up here and followed you!" Bonnie said, "You had us worried!" Delia asked, "Why did you run off like that? Why are you up here?" Oak looked around and finally realizing what Ash was planning on doing, then asked, "My boy, you weren't thinking…" Ash looked guilty as he nodded, ashamed.

Delia held Ash close to her as she asked, "Why Ash! Why, why!" Ash said admitting the truth, "I saw Serena with Tierno hugging and thought that he asked Serena out and she accepted. I thought Serena didn't love me anymore." Feeling it was her fault that Ash was ready to jump to his death, Serena said, "No, Ash! He didn't ask me out, I hugged him, since he was going to be a big brother and he wanted me to design an outfit for the baby. I'd never agree on a date with him."

Ash realized that he had been acting silly; she was never going out with Tierno!

Serena took out the present he dropped as she said, "I read the tag. Do you really mean it?" Ash then smiled at her as he opened it to reveal a charm bracelet as he put it on her and said, "Yeah, every word. I love you, Serena." Serena's eyes widen as she saw the silver bracelet, it had a Sylveon, a Pancham, and a Braixen charm on it as it had Serena's name engraved. She let out tears as she laughed and jumped on him as Ash twirled her around him as they kissed. Bonnie and Delia went 'Aww' as Clemont and Oak let out a chuckle as Serena declared, "I love you, too Ash."

Returning to the house, Serena and Ash held hands as Pikachu saw his friend as the small mouse Pokémon jumped to his arms as he said, "Pikapi!" Ash was happy that his best friend was here as he held the mouse Pokémon tightly, not caring if Pikachu zaps him. Seeing everyone around him, demanding a reason why he ran off into the storm, Ash explained to his friends on why he ran off. But it didn't matter, all it matters is that Ash was safe and at home. Grace and Delia smiled as Serena and Ash shared a kiss in front of their friends as Tierno was crying, disappointed that Serena liked someone else, but happy that Serena found her true love.

Pikachu turned to see the Christmas Tree shaking as he showed Ash and Serena. Following the mouse Pokémon, they saw a branch of the tree moving that was holding a bell as the tiny object began ringing as Serena said, "When I was a kid, my mom would say that when its Christmas and a bell rings, an angel has her wings." Ash thought about Aliandra as he said to himself, "Aliandra... thank you... Merry Christmas..."

Aliandra watched from afar, "Merry Christmas, Ash." She turned away and using her new Valedictorian wings she flew away to heaven as she said, "Merry Christmas, everyone!"