This will be my very first Highschool DxD fanfic story to make and this is also something I wanted to try to make. A crossover between Diablo and Highschool DXD just seemed too good to pass up on. Plus I will be taking a bit of a break from my Infinite Stratos story to work on this.

To sum up the crossover though, all the events of Diablo, taking place from the beginning between Anu and Tathamet all the way to the ending events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, will be canon in this story. Over the course of this story, I will make a few changes but try to keep the core of it Highschool DxD and Diablo mixed together.

Now I know you are all thinking why I did not label this as a crossover story and put it instead as regular. That is because in the the Diablo crossover with Highschool DxD, there are only three stories with low views and reviews. To capture an audience, especially a large one, I am making this a regular until I decide to change it to crossover.

I do not own Highschool DxD nor do I own Diablo. All rights respectively go to Ichiei Ishibumi, the series' creator, and Blizzard Entertainment, the company who made Diablo.

And at the End of Days,

The first sign shall appear in the Heavens.

Justice shall fall upon the world of man.

The armies of light and shadow will clash across the fields of eternity.

Upon the war-torn battlefield that was nothing more than a barren wasteland, the skies opened themselves up as legions of angels from the Heavenly Host of the High Heavens descended upon the field. These manifestations of light and sound, unlike their other brethren of the Lower Heavens comprised of flesh and blood, soared on wings of light itself that radiate energy, striking down any mortal that would turn them to ash in an instant. In their natural forms, they appear to be faceless, almost always covered by a hood or helmet though they appear to be humanoid in shape.

From below, the demons of the Burning Hells saw their eternal foe fly across the sky in swaths of legions as the strong winds were created from the flapping of their wings.

A large demon emerges from the ground in an uproar before it is impaled and disintegrated by an archangel wielding a spear. He was fully armored from head to toe and his face was unclear to see for it was pitch black. A large ring hung above his head and his wings were bright orange tendrils of light, like the color of the sun. He looked up to see more demons incoming towards him.

A large demon with a shark-like head with two large blades attached to his hands appeared to fight one of the archangels. From its head sprouted a long spinal tail that was connected to the rest of the rib cage shown. Its name was Rakanoth and for him, despair was the true weapon to use against the enemy.

A female archangel comes and, clasping her hands together and bring her arms in a horizontal position, emits a radiant light from her tendril wings that blind the demons. A shockwave came forth to dispel them before she uses what looks to appear to be a chord of sorts, pulsing with glowing runes from end to end, to smite her enemies with righteous fire.

The first archangel with the spear uses his left hand to conjure holy fire from his left hand as he burns the demons away. His valor unyielding as he continues to battle forth the demons.

The battle continues like a never-ending war as both demons and angels inflict heavy casualties on both sides. With the numbers staggering high, it seemed impossible to tell just who it was that would win the battle.

The archangel that faced Rakanoth earlier slew one demon with a swipe of his angelic sword. He then turned to his left to see a massive crack emerging in the earth. And from that crack that was created, another demon emerged.

This one was different though despite only being half emerged from the ground. This demon had four arms, of which the top two have blade-like extensions. The shoulders are big and spiky, having a mouth piece on each of them, which is a recognizable feature. The tail and legs are skinny yet spiked, the feet being hoofed-like demon feet.

All eyes turned to the attention of the demon lord as she turned to his left to give that vicious grin. A loud roar was then heard before all went black.

Aidan Kain wakes up with a loud gasp from his bed. He was sweaty, hot, and thirsty as he reached over to his bottle of cold water. It was another one of those dreams again, where he saw the battlefield of angels and demons clash, all of them ending with that immense demon.

A knock is heard from his door.

"Aidan. Are you alright? I heard a thud and came to check."

The door to Aidan's room and opened and revealed an elderly man in his late 70's/early 80's with full white facial hair that stretched down to his chest and a bald head. He wore a formal brown suit and tie, like he was a professor from a university. His name was Deckard Kain, a world-renowned professor of religious studies exploring the various myths of the supernatural.

"It's alright, Uncle. I'm fine. Just another nightmare," said Aidan as he got out of bed while adjusting his minor headache. He wore his usual clothes for bed which consisted of his gray tank top and black short sweats. He then opened the blinders of his window that the morning sunshine rays shone in.

"I've made breakfast for us. Come downstairs and have some once you're ready," Deckard said as he closed the door.

Aidan walks over to the mirror in his room as he rubs his eyes for better eyesight. A 16 year-old handsome man that was tall, slim, and well-muscled like that of an athletic body measuring six feet tall, he had black short hair and blue piercing eyes that were unusual for someone like him. But perhaps it is because of those eyes that he has been spied a lot by a lot of girls. And boy does he expect it to happen at the new school he is transferring to.

Aidan rubs his eyes one more time for adjust to the morning light. But as he looks up, for a brief moment, he saw something behind him. Something large and menacing in a shadowy form, its shape looked eerily similar to the demon he saw at the end of his dream.

Aidan turns around with a gasp, but he sees nothing but air. He sighs heavily as he grabs his school uniform for Kuoh Academy and goes for a shower.


Aidan comes down for breakfast to see his uncle just serving the food as it was still warm. He was served a typical breakfast of eggs and sausage with a cup of orange juice.

"You're looking good in that uniform of yours, Aidan," Deckard commented. Aidan was wearing the typical Kuoh Academy uniform that came with a long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, matching black pants, and black dress shoes.

"Thanks, Uncle," replied Aidan as he looked at his uncle in his suit. "And you. You've been accepted to Kuoh Academy as a professor now?"

"Indeed," Deckard said while looking over his files. "Hopefully, I can not only teach the young students about the course I am teaching, but also look for more work in my personal studies. If these translations are correct, the powers of Hell could already be on the move. The world must be told of the coming darkness."

Aidan was a bit somber. He had known and been with his uncle ever since he was a child. Their adventures throughout the world together, uncovering the many wonders and mysteries of the supernatural led them through some pretty rough dangers. Dangers that were not just of law enforcement but also of the supernatural as well. Aidan's mind flashed back towards the dream he had earlier.

Deckard took notice. "You do believe me, don't you Aidan?"

"O-Of course, Uncle," Aidan replied, snapping out of his trance from earlier. "It's just…When will they arrive here is the question. And how."

"I am close. Kuoh Academy may have all the information I need in their library. If I can use their resources at my disposal, I may be able to decipher the last pieces together.

"Then I better hope the information we seek is in there," Aidan said as he finishes up his plate.

"And in the meantime, you best get to your first day at school. I will be right behind after I gather my belongings," Deckard advised.

Aidan looked at the time and saw that he had about two hours left.

"You're right. I should get going."

Aidan packed up his Bento lunch in his bag as he headed for the door.

"And Aidan…" called Deckard. "Be careful out there. I fear there may be some Fallen Angels from the Grigori lurking around. Take some healing potions just in case."

"Same to you, Uncle," said Aidan as he headed out of the door.

Kuoh Academy. Once it was a private all-girls school. Now recently, it has become co-ed and now the boys started to show up.

As Aidan walked through the gates with his school bag in his right hand, he was already met with several eyes from everyone. The girls all commented on his sexy look and his eyes. Every time he gave a quick look unintentionally, the girls could not help but feel charmed. It did not fare so well with the men who quickly saw that for all his looks, he is stealing all the girls from them, girls they believed is rightfully theirs. Luckily for Aidan, he had a good insight of what was going on and could tell of the emotions being shown from both genders.

He did not mind the girls staring at him due to his looks as well as the guys who gave their sneer remarks. But with his sharp hearing, he can hear words coming from the guys' mouth.

'It is in man's nature to believe themselves worthier than anyone else around them since their pride feeds off of their shame. Pitiful.'

Aidan took notice of three boys trying to peek through a hole. Hiding behind a tree, Aidan picked up on what they were doing.

"Oi, Matsuda! Move out of the way, I can't see!" The one with the glasses cried out.

"No way! This shot is all but worth seeing." Another with a shaved head said.

"Would you two please move? I want to see the breasts on these girls!" Another with brown hair said.

Aidan, from what he has gathered about the school and its gossip talk, recognizes who the boys were.

'These must be the so-called Perverted Trio. Matsuda and Motohama are easy to distinguish but the last one, Issei Hyoudou. Clearly someone I do not like from the get-go as per his nature. Idiots is what I say.'

Aidan easily figured out that the trio must've been spying on the girls changing in the locker rooms. Hating such acts of misconduct, Aidan approached them from behind and grabbed them by their collars, startling the boys.

"O-Oi! What the hell are—" Issei turned around to see Aidan's stoic face that was actually emitting disappointing anger at the three boys.

The boys did not know what to say. A tall black-haired man with blue eyes was staring right at them, like he was looking into their souls. They shivered like puppies upon seeing him as they attempted to beg for mercy.

"I-I'm sorry! We-We won't do it anymore. Please, let us go," Motohama asked.

Aidan remained silent. He tightened his grip on the boys' collars before he tossed them to the ground by the feet of a group of girls wearing their Kendo uniforms and wielding their shinais.

Aidan gave a nod to the girls, Murayama and Katsue who seemed to be the leader of the bunch, as he casually walked away, ignoring the sounds of unrelenting pain on the poor souls.

From up top of the school building however, two voluptuous women watched the man enter the building, intrigued by him at first sight.

At the classroom, Aidan waited outside as ordered by his teacher for his introduction.

"Alright. We have a transfer student today. Introduce yourself."

Aidan walks in and almost immediately, he is stared at by both the guys and girls. Aidan was entirely unaffected of this as he kept a stoic face and turned to face the class.

"My name is Aidan Kain. It is a pleasure to meet you all."

"Take your seat in the far back, Mr. Kain," The teacher said as Aidan acknowledges and takes his seat, beginning the first day of class for him.


Class was over but for Aidan, he was already swarmed by the girls' presence, constantly asking him questions about himself. Questions like if he is in a relationship or what his hobbies were. Of course, he answered them honestly, but he was not so sure if this was good or bad. Granted while he had handled women before, he never handled those obsessed with his looks.

He was flattered but he tried not to make it personal.

With lunch right on schedule, Aidan decided to have it on the rooftop where it was quiet, and he needed to get away from the crowd of girls. Sitting by the fence where it overlooked the campus, he saw the Perverted Trio laying down by the grassy hill in their PE clothing.

Lunch today was a bento that his uncle had made for him. Strangely enough, his uncle was not Japanese but rather Japanese American as he inherited his grandfather's first name, who was an American, but also his mother's last name. Although his uncle was born in America, he grew up pretty much around the world and was often traveling a lot with his family.

It was something Aidan was accustomed to when he was taken care of by his uncle. Aidan never knew his real parents for he had no recollection of them and his uncle does not know of them either. Whether they are alive or not remains an unknown.

Along with the bento, Aidan looked to see a homemade chocolate chip cookie wrapped neatly. Aidan could not help but smile.

'Oh, Uncle. Always adding dessert after the main course, aren't you?'

Aidan took the cookie out of the wrapper but as he was about to take a bite, he noticed a presence to his left. It was a small, white-haired, amber-eyed girl with a small, flat chest and a small black cat origami attached to her hair. She wore the typical Kuoh Academy's female uniform, which meant she was a student like Aidan.

Aidan recognized who this cat-like girl was, sitting next to him and staring.

'Koneko Toujou. The so-called Mascot of the School. Probably because she is a cat in human form.'

The girl named Koneko looked like she had a blank face but in actuality, she was staring at the cookie in Aidan's hand. Her hungry daze fixated upon the treat.

Aidan took notice and gave a small smile. He then broke the cookie in half and gave one half to Koneko.

"Here," He said.

Koneko takes a sniff before she bites it with her mouth, like an actual cat would. She then begins to feast on the half cookie in a cute manner. Aidan could not help but feel happy as he gently pets the girl's head, to her surprise. She actually enjoyed the petting as she tilted her head back and forth from the head pat.

She then took off and left Aidan alone with his Bento and his half-broken cookie.

'Well, that was something.'

What Aidan did not know though was that in the middle of his head patting, Koneko slipped a pamphlet in his bag.

Aidan was in the library for his break, but he was not there just to read books or studying. Earlier he had received a formal note from his uncle delivered to him by Issei of all people.


Even though we are here for educational purposes, we must learn more about what we are dealing with here in order to prepare for the demons' arrival. Come to the library during your breaks and research what you can about the Prophecy of the End Days. I have given you access to a secret part of the library. Just be careful, for it is open only to members of the Student Council, among a few others.

Here is the key.

With all my heart.

Your Uncle, Deckard Kain

Aidan was walking down one part of the library until he found the door laid before him. This door was not like the wooden ones as it was comprised purely of metal and had a sign that said it was restricted to those of the Student Council.

With the key, Aidan inserted it into the lock and opened the door before he closed it behind him.

When the lights turned on, Aidan beheld himself a library much bigger than the one commonly used by the school. It was eerily similar to the one in London that he and his Uncle were at years ago. It had rows and rows of shelves with a great quantity of books with leaflets that had a different letter on each that separated books alphabetically. In the middle of the room was a great long wooden oak table with chairs surrounding it.

With no time to waste, Aidan looked all over, scanning every section on books of the supernatural, hoping they contained something about the prophecy his uncle discovered through his scholarly work. However, Aidan could not help but feel like he is being watched by someone.


After 20 minutes of searching, Aidan came to the table with four books in his hands and then decided to make some notes with his notebook and pen just like he did when studying with his uncle. Opening one black book, he searched for the section for any information regarding the Prophecy of the End Days.

The Prophecy of the End Days

Compiled by an ancient religious order called the Zakarum, this prophecy spoke of the last battle between the angels of the High Heavens and the demons of the Burning Hells. And from that last battle, the world will come to an end.

And at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost

As Justice falls upon the world of men

Valor shall turn to Wrath

And all Hope will be swallowed by Despair

Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all

As Fate lies shattered forever

With the other three books in his hands, Aidan flips two of the four open as he begins to write his notes. If this prophecy could be deciphered for each big word with a capital letter, then it could give him the answers needed for his uncle to have. As he worked though, he could not help but feel a familiar dark presence behind him, like the demon from his dream was watching him.


Aidan had been at it for a long time now. He needed a break as he packed a few snacks for him to eat.

But as he was about to open a package, he heard the door to the library open.

'Dammit. I forgot this library was only accessible to the Student Council.'

Gathering his belongings, Aidan packed them in his bag as he then hides away from site, leaving the books on the table. A slippery mistake but one he had to make as two people entered the library. He hid away behind one of the book shelves as he peeked on the two people entering the room.

They were two figures that looked like they were of authority, but Aidan recognized them as the Student Council President and her Vice-President.

"President, someone has been here," said one of the girls with knee-length black hair and heterochronic eyes, with a violet left eye and light brown right eye. She also wore blue, semi-rimmed glasses with square lenses.

The Student Council President, named Sona Sitri, walked forward and saw the books opened on the table. Looking at them, she somehow became distracted by the contents.


"What is it, President?" asked the Vice-President.

"Apparently whoever was in here was researching about our ancient myths and folklores," said the President as she sat down.

Sona looked through one of the books called The Seven Evils as it showed her images and information that could only be found in myth. She saw one of them named Diablo, a large red demon with spikes and a red soulstone in his forehead and whose title was Lord of Terror, and rightfully so for his appearance was terror itself.

"Why so? They are nothing more than legends meant to scare people away."

"Perhaps this person was trying to make it fact rather than fiction. I can see they used a lot of writing from the amount of lead erased from the papers."

"But who would ever try to prove such mythology? They're just stories."

"True," Sona agreed. "Perhaps our fellow intruder was a believer of such myths."

Aidan was slowly and steadily trying to make his escape and he nearly succeeded if not for a slight rub against a stack of books that fell, catching the two's attention as they turned behind.

"Who's there?" asked Sona. "Show yourself!"

Aidan quickly hid behind the shelf, but all things considered, he knew he would be caught soon.

"If you do not show yourself now, there will be consequences," Sona warned. "Tsubaki, do what you must."

"On it," said Tsubaki as she prepared for a spell to reveal Aidan.

Fortunately for Aidan, he had managed to slip through an open window conveniently opened as he dove out. The girls noticed but were too late as Aidan slipped out in time.

School followed as normal as Aidan was the last one to leave the school building. Dawn already approached with the sky orange. With his school bag in his hand, Aidan looked back at the building with somewhat of a worried expression.

'I hope Uncle does not stay for so long. He can be obsessive with his work sometimes.'

Aidan then decided to keep moving as it was getting late.


The Two Great Ladies of Kuoh, Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima, watched Aidan Kain leave school. They did not stop gazing at him during their school breaks. His looks aside, there was something interesting to the both of them that caught their attention.

"Akeno, did you find anything on him?" asked Rias.

"Other than the fact that his only relative is our new professor, there is not much," Akeno said.

"No record of blood parents, no birthplace, and certainly no transit school records. There is only his birthday but that is about it."

"I see," Rias said as she continued watching Aidan walk casually away. "I hope he still has that pamphlet Koneko gave to him during lunch."

"Oh my. You're seriously going to turn the new transfer into one of us?" Akeno could not help but giggle.

Rias answered calmly with a smile, "There is something about him that I don't understand. He has me…interested in him."

"Excuse my interruption, Rias," The Student Council President walked over.

"Ah, Sona. What's wrong? You seem unsettled," said Rias as she turned around.

"Yes. Someone has broken into the secret area of the library," Sona said.

"How? I thought that was only restricted to the Student Council," asked a surprised Rias.

"It is. But the worst part of it was that we were unable to get an identity for who broke in," Sona said. "As for what he was researching though…"

Sona then handed a couple books to Rias, one called The Seven Evils and the other The Horadrim.

"Devil Mythology?" asked Rias as she flipped through the pages of The Seven Evils, the page stopping on Diablo's image.

"Ara, ara. Whoever this intruder was, he seemed to be interested in all the myths we know of," Akeno said as she flipped through The Horadrim.

"We don't know what he was looking for exactly," Sona speculated. "But I suspect that the arrival of the new transfer student doesn't seem like a coincidence. It could be the reason."

"You think Aidan would done this?" asked Rias as Sona looked outside.

"Possibly. But how or why would a human want to know about our mythology?" Sona asked for herself.

All the girls looked outside the window, wondering where that new boy was at now. Rias could not stop thinking of him.

On his way back home, Aidan was passing by a park. The park was not too big, just trees, fences, and a fountain right in the middle of it all. It was late at night and there was nobody there but for Aidan, he felt a presence as he halted himself and dropped his bag by the fountain.

Aidan turned around to see an attractive young woman with violet eyes having a slender body. She had long silky black hair down to her hips and possessed two black feathered wings.

Her attire consisted of a black, strap-like objects (resembling leather) around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that ran right up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, shoulder guard-like objects on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots.

Next to her on the floor was the body of a young boy. Aidan saw it as Issei yet he held no reaction to it. Not that it was because Aidan disliked perverts but rather that it would be unwise to be played upon by his emotions as he focused solely on the killer who wielded a light spear in her hand before dissipating it.

"You must be one of the Fallen Angels lurking around here," said Aidan as he walked forward a bit.

"And you must be the other one we were sent here to kill," said the young woman as she gave a lustful smile to attract Aidan to her.

Aidan was unaffected yet decided to play along with her charms.

"Aidan Kain. You are…?"

"Raynare," The woman introduced herself courteously.

"I take it that was your doing?" Aidan pointed to Issei's body.

"It was," Raynare confirmed. "We were on a date together. He was so easily duped and deceived, it was almost heartbreaking to make me kill him. Of course, he posed a threat too great for us to confront as do you."

"Charmed," Aidan responded.

"I suppose then I cannot leave any witnesses," Raynare suggested. "But then again, what was that saying? Kill two birds with one arrow?"

"Two birds with one stone," clarified Aidan. "You have to be lucky with arrows."

"I suppose your right. I don't have rocks or arrows, but this light spear will do," Raynare said as she conjured up a light spear in her hand that was bright pink.

"No, Raynare," A voice suddenly boomed as another figure descended behind Raynare.

He looked like a middle-aged-looking man with short black hair and dark blue eyes. His attire consisted of a pale gray trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, a pair of black gloves, and a black fedora.


"I will deal with this one myself," said the man as he turned his eyes to Aidan.

"As you wish," Raynare said before she gave a kiss to the wind at Aidan and flew off. But Aidan was not amused as he directed his attention to the other Fallen Angel Dohnaseek.

"I guess we don't need to properly introduce ourselves?" asked Aidan.

"I know who you are," said Dohnaseek. "I was tasked to observe you. You are…an interesting human."

"And why do you say that?" asked Aidan.

"Your research on Devil Mythology… What use of those old stories has you intrigued by them?"

"Let's stop talking and get to fighting, then maybe I can tell you."

"Ha! You think a mere human like you can defeat a Fallen Angel? Don't make me laugh."

Aidan smirked underneath. "Let me prove it then."

Dohnaseek deployed some kind of barrier that was dark purple in color and had occasional pink spots appearing at random places. He then conjured up a new spear as he then threw it with a lot of force, making Aidan dodge immediately before he reached into his bag and pulled out two hand-held crossbows before firing.

"A crossbow? HA! What kind of weapon like that can harm a Fallen Angel?" mocked Dohnaseek as he catches one of the arrows.

The two traded for light spears and crossbow arrows, each of them skittering by each other's faces and drawing blood.

"You are pretty fast for a human," Dohnaseek commented before summoning another light spear. "But let's see you dodge this!"

Dohnaseek conjures up all of his black wings before throwing another spear. Aidan dodges them effortlessly and backs off a bit, seeing how he is throwing more than usual. Clearly to Aidan, Dohnaseek is a battle maniac of sorts. If he reveled conflict, then he should at least take his battles to the demons of Hell if he knows their existence.

Suddenly, Dohnaseek charges at Aidan with another spear in hand. He attempts to impale Aidan with the spear, but the boy sidesteps to dodge in order to fire an explosive arrow at the Fallen Angel at point blank range. Taking that moment of opportunity, Aidan fires the arrow, hitting Dohnaseek in the stomach, and exploding.

The blast was enough for the both of them to be flung back. Aidan and Dohnaseek skitter across the ground and regain their footing. Dohnaseek takes a few steps back to clutch his wound. His outfit was singed but he wasn't bleeding at least. Still though, it hurt a lot.

"Why you-!" Dohnaseek charges forth again, enraged he had been wounded by a human. With that, he spins in the air and kicks Aidan on the left temple, the boy mistiming his dodge as he slides a few feet across.

"You may have wounded me, but in the end, you are no match!" Dohnaseek boasted while Aidan struggled to get up.

"Ugh…" Aidan stands back up, his vision clearing up despite his head now bleeding. "That hurt a bit."

With a healing potion that he pulls from his pocket, he drinks the red substance quickly and throws away the vial, shattering it. His wounds heal up eventually.

"You are no ordinary human as I thought you would be. You clearly have been in battle before," Dohnaseek complimented.

"Not one like this," Aidan said with a smile.

"Then this one will be your last!" Dohnaseek throws more spears as Aidan fires more arrows. But Aidan soon runs out and one light spear struck him in the right knee. Aidan falls in pain as he is now immobilized.

"How does it feel to be impaled by a light spear, you little prick?" Dohnaseek asked as he began to approach Aidan with the intent to kill. "Do not worry. I'll be sure to end your suffering for you."

Aidan struggles to stand up as he does, declaring, "Not so long as I live."

"Then, by all means…" Dohnaseek suddenly disappears and appears behind Aidan, unaware of where he went. Aidan is then stabbed straight in the back from behind, blood pouring out of him as the light spear is taken out.

"How does it feel to fight, only to die by someone who is better than you?" asked a boastful Dohnaseek. "I think your days of fighting are over."

Dohnaseek soon grabs Aidan and holds him up by the neck.

"Humans are pathetic and weak. The only thing they are good for is for sport," Dohnaseek said with a serious face. He prepares another light spear to finish off Aidan while still holding his collar until he noticed a smirk on Aidan's face.

"What's so funny? A human laughing at his own funeral?" asked Dohnaseek

"No…" A bloodied Aidan said as he quietly lifts up his right crossbow.

"May Terror spit on your grave!" Aidan insulted before he fires one last shot from his crossbow, catching Dohnaseek off-guard as it impales him through the heart.

Normally an arrow like this would be non-fatal but this was not a normal arrow. This arrow was coated in a special poison Aidan had concocted during his travels with his uncle. It was a poison meant for Fallen Angels only.

"What-?" Dohnaseek was in disbelief. "How did… What are you…?"

With that, Dohnaseek falls backwards, dead from the arrow and dropping Aidan in the process. Aidan could not help but stare at the void sky above him as darkness filled his vision. The only thing he regretted though was leaving his uncle behind.

And that is the end of my first chapter. Not much to go on but I will expand it with each chapter I post. Little by little of course. And what better way to start off the story than the 1st cinematic trailer from Diablo III.

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Name: Aidan Kain

Nicknames: Dark Prince of Kuoh, more on the way

Age: 16

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.

Weight: 210 lbs (muscle)

Hair: Black and short

Eye: Blue (Red with a vertical black pupil when powered up)

Year in School: 2nd year

Family: Deckard Kain (Adoptive Uncle), Unknown Parents

Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Studying his Uncle's works, Occult Research Club

Likes: His harem, Occult Research Club, his Uncle, Symphonic Metal Music i.e. Within Temptation mainly

Dislikes: Perverts (mainly Perverted Trio and yes that includes Issei but only in his perverted state), Arrogant and Power-Hungry People (like Riser or Kokabiel), Disbelievers of the Burning Hells' existence

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