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OP: Metamorphose feat. Ishida Yoko – Over the Testament (Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST OP)

(As the music begins, a flash of white light occurs as the camera moves upwards to depict a mural showing the entire universe like a tree, first starting with the Burning Hells and their masters, the Seven Evils, as they light up in red. Aidan appears first in a blue background with a bare chest before it cuts back to the mural moving upwards to the middle showing Sanctuary/Earth and all the other realms surrounding it, including the Underworld which light up in green. Then Rias appears in a red background, a bit further back than Aidan yet also naked before it reverts back to the upper portion of the mural, showing the High Heavens and their leaders, the Angiris Council, illuminated in a white glow. Akeno is the last show further back than Aidan and Rias, also naked and with a yellow background. The last image shows the entire mural illuminated in its respective colors.)

Over the Testament (The title of the show is revealed as Highschool DxD: The Prime Evil)

sabireta kono sekai ni habikoru (Aidan is standing on top of Tristram Cathedral, looking out to the sunset over the horizon before he turns briefly to his right to face away from the camera)
gizen to jiko gisei sore ga bigaku ka? (Rias is shown in front of the ORC Clubhouse before she turns around fully and then begins to walk forward)
honne o kakushita koduku na PIERO (The camera cuts to Akeno in her miko outfit at her shrine, her eyes closed before she opens them in a serious expression)
kyou mo kimi wa Poker face (Asia is shown in a church praying before she turns around to the light. The next image shows Kiba leaning his back against a wall, head down and eyes closed, with the spirits of his dead comrades surrounding him in comfort)

kamen hazushite saa kocchi ni kite (The Gremory rune is shown before the background turns black. Rias appears amidst the flames of the Burning Hells soon afterwards with the rune still present)
arinomama no kimi shiritaikara (Aidan's left arm, from his Sacred Gear that was holding Silentium, is corrupted as he activates his Balance Breaker, making him scream into the air as the shadow of Diablo appears above and behind him)

kagayaki ni tsutsumare yasashii kaze ga fuku (Rossweisse, fires a powerful blast of lightning from on high at a group of flying Demons. Xenovia was on the ground as she slams Durandal to the ground, creating a massive quake that topples the incoming Demons in front of her)
sonna sekai o misetakute chikai o koeta (Kiba charges across the rooftops with Sword of Betrayer in hand. The camera follows him where he was charging towards the towering Belial, Lord of Lies. He jumps up to dodge a blast from the Demon Lord before spinning in the air and cutting off one of Belial's horns)

arata ni kizamareru kibou e no ayumi o (Koneko is seen next running across the rooftops as the camera follows her, charging at Azmodan, the Lord of Sin. She lands roughly on one roof before jumping upwards, dodging Azmodan's attack before she runs across the Demon's left arm and delivers a swift kick to his head)
tsugi no PEEJI ni kakishirushi (Rias fires a powerful blast from her Power of Destruction, only to be caught in a blast herself by Azmodan, sending her flying away)

ugokidashita jikan wa New age (Rias is caught by Aidan who smiles at her to which she returns. Then the two lean in for a romantic kiss as they are enveloped in a red power, their clothes also dissipating in the process)

(Aidan is shown in his Balance Breaker, Primal Terror Vengeance, starting at the back as the camera steadily turns around to show him until the last shot shows his left demonic eye. Between each frame, quick-time images appear; the first one being Venalana Gremory, Lilith, and the angel Aurelia in her mortal guise but with her back facing the camera, the second Sirzechs and Grayfia, the third being the Student Council led by Sona Sitri, the fourth being Loki and Diodora Astaroth back to back, and finally the last one showing Sinestra as the Angiris Apostle with the Angiris Council members looking over her, including Tyrael as the Archangel of Justice and Malthael as the Archangel of Wisdom)

(The final image shows Aidan looking to his right at Sinestra in the air, ready to take part in the Eternal Conflict)

Autumn came for everyone in Kuoh. Summer had ended and the leaves were beginning to turn, losing their green color that only gave way to more colors that were all the more beautiful. The winds slowly kicked in, heralding winter's arrival that would come in the months to follow. Normally for days like these, everyone was either at school or taking their day off.

The days of peace came right after the emergence and revelation of Lilith. With her being watched by the Four Great Satans, Azazel, and the Lower Heavens; and having established the ruins of Lucifaad as her primary domain within the Underworld, everyone is keeping their weapons at the ready. But so far the Daughter of Hatred has made no moves yet against the Three Factions. Still, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

As for the ORC, they had gained another member of the Peerage. Rossweisse, having decided to stay in Kuoh, has been reincarnated into a Devil and become the second Rook in Rias' Peerage. Rias now had a complete set. As for the reason why Rossweisse joined… well with Odin having abandoned her, she had nowhere else to go. So she decided to stay and become a teacher at Kuoh Academy.

Not to mention that she and Mimir have been talking on and off a lot, the severed head approving of her actions to be reincarnated. The former Valkyrie however knew how much of a wise-crack Mimir can be despite his well-mannered, kind, and cheery witty nature. His sarcastic sense of humor, especially when he speaks of embarrassing moments of Rossweisse, would only make the former Valkyrie bashful enough to want to crush his head with her hands. But so far the only thing she can do is drink whenever she can in front of him.

One day, a rare visitor has come to the club room, on a day off, to the surprise of everyone in the ORC. A pretty and familiar girl, with drill-like roll hair on both sides of her head. Someone that Aidan did not think would show up to the club house. Of course, the last time they met was at a party, the one Loki had shown up at.

Rias, who is beside her fiancé, was surprised by the visit.

"How do you do, Ravel? Did something happen for you to come to this house?" She asked.

"Yes, Rias-sama. I'm very sorry for the sudden visit," Ravel bowed her head in apology, having showed up unannounced. "Oh, and congratulations on your engagement to Aidan, by the way."

Judging from Rias' surprised attitude, it appears she didn't receive any notification of this visit beforehand. It really was an unexpected visit. Ravel was wearing a cute-looking one-piece dress. After she wiggled her body shyly, she spoke as if she had made up her mind.

"The truth is, I would like to consult you about my brother…." Ravel pleaded as Akeno gave her some tea.

When Rias and Aidan heard that, they looked at each other, realizing right off the bat what this was all about. It was in regard to a certain member of the Phenex family, the same one who was Rias' previous fiancé and the one who was nearly killed by a possessed Aidan controlled by Diablo himself.

"About Riser?" Rias asked.

Ravel nods, "Yes. I'm sure you have heard that my brother fell into depression after that…incident. He does nothing except hide away in his room and mope about, but it's also because he is confined. His wounds are still serious and he has been suffering nightmares."

Rias could tell from Ravel's expression that, thanks to Uncle Deckard resurrecting her, he also wiped away the memory of her death and of the whole Terror Unleashed incident. With ancient Horadric magic, he weaved a memory that Ravel was sick and bedridden and that she learned that her brother was challenged by Aidan and defeated, thereby annulling his engagement to Rias.

But to those who knew the truth, well, it is best to keep her along with a few others in the dark.

A lot happened, and the marriage proposal was revoked. So Buchou's engagement, is no more.

As it turned out, the story of the broken engagement became quite a topic among the upper echelons of society in the Underworld, and it left quite a complicated impression on them. Since the important thing between the High-class Devils which has been passed on for generations was involved, it became a scandal for the pure Devils who take importance in their traditions.

And at the heart of it all was Aidan. After all, he was the one who bashed up Riser and took Rias from the engagement party. Though not in a way that was chivalrous at all. The real truth of the Terror Unleashed was initially covered up but the nobles had threatened the Satans for the truth, wanting to exact justice upon the Demon responsible for the deaths of so many that day.

Aidan knew in his heart that he didn't regret his actions. Since Rias much didn't want to be engaged to Riser, he risked his life to stop it. A small part of him did feel proud for having rescued Rias, but the majority of him felt ashamed of the decision he made to accomplish it. If there was any other way, he couldn't see it. And his soul had been damned forever.

And to the house of Phenex, he might be their sworn enemy, Of the three Great Houses, the Phenex family may never forgive him for what he did to Riser and Devilkind as a whole.

And he would accept that fact regardless.

A weird tension rises between Rias and Ravel. The revocation of the engagement has already been settled by their parents, who are the current heads. They should be able to talk normally; however the discussion is complicated as it's about Riser, who has been locked in his bedroom for many months, healing from his wounds but also suffering from a severe depression and nightmares.

The House of Phenex have the regeneration ability of the phoenix, an immortal bird. Normally his wounds would heal. But it could not heal the mental scars he received from facing Terror itself.

After that, Riser became seriously depressed for losing to Aidan, losing Ravel in the process, having a severe hole in his stomach, and for losing Rias. Even six months after the incident, that hasn't changed.

Along with tasting the first defeat in his whole life, women also left him. For a guy, there might not be anything more depressing than this.

"Riser?" Xenovia asked from the other side of the living room.

"Who is he?" asked Rossweisse.

"He's a high ranking Devil of the Phenex family and Rias' ex-fiancé," Asia started explaining to the two of them.

"Wait, you said ex-fiancé then… what happened?"

"You see, Aidan crashed their engagement and challenged Riser for a duel for Rias and won her back," Asia explained to those unaware of the story, keeping out the fact that Diablo was involved. "However, Riser never lost a duel before and so…"

"The world of High-class Devils sure is complicated. But I look up to the society of the nobles. I wonder if I can find a rich man?" Rossweisse muttered, looking like she is up to something.

"The little sister came all the way to visit the house belonging to the Gremory," Koneko stated. "Maybe they really are having troubles with it."

To a certain nephalem, he found the circumstances to be conflicting. When Aidan met her at the party, not only was she a tsundere of sorts but she was a rich-girl with an uptight attitude. But today she's quiet. And yet, he coudl only guess why that is.

Rias speaks to break this silent atmosphere. "So Riser... hasn't recovered since then."

Ravel nods at Rias' words. It wouldn't have been unusual for Ravel to say "It's your fault!" in terms of the position they are in, but it doesn't seem like she is going to say that.

Well, that's something Aidan had been thinking the last time he met her, but it seems like Ravel doesn't blame him or the rest of the ORC for it. Instead, she even told him that it's a good lesson for her brother to have. But not when he is plagued with nightmares.

Ravel then says, after drinking her tea. "Despite the healing of his wounds, especially his stomach, even treatments that have been tried to quell his mental condition didn't give any results. Naturally, it might be wrong for me to come here. But when I asked for opinions in different places, there were suggestions that I should consult with Lady Rias."

"With me? What do you mean?"

"To fix my brother's heart, his mentality. I received suggestions that… 'Maybe it's better to learn from the servants of Rias-sama who have experienced the nightmares of Demons firsthand?'"

This was curious. Since Ravel doesn't remember there being Demons due to her sealed memory, she must have learned that her brother was suffering nightmares of Demons. Manifestations of torment that have plagued him every night. No normal person could ever hope to walk unscathed from such things, not even Rias who had experienced these nightmares before.

Each and every person within the ORC had firsthand encounter with the Demons. Kiba and Xenovia were involved with the Excalibur, whom Mephisto was behind of. Akeno was revealed that her entire life was orchestrated by said Demon Lord. Asia was held captive and drained of life by a Fallen Angel turned Demon, and Rias and Aidan have nightmares of torment thanks to Diablo. The only one not having suffered such experiences yet were Rossweisse and Koneko.

Shaking her head in frustration, Ravel lets out, "The fact is, my brother is pathetic! For him to stay depressed for six months after a single defeat…..! It seems like he's afraid of Demons, you know? He hasn't participated in a Rating Game since then and he's been written about in a gossip magazine, where they wrote things however they wanted! He has trauma after being defeated by Lord Aidan and he doesn't talk about anything related to Demons. I would understand if he held a grudge instead. But he's scared you know? If he's a man, he should learn from his defeat and move on! He's really pathetic, just pathetic!"

She then grits in frustration before sighing. "…But, he's still my brother."

So deep in her heart, she's actually very worried about him. Rias, who is being consulted, must feel quite complicated. The first thing is, she won't be able to decline it and Ravel didn't come to push the responsibility on us; she came, purely because she is worried about her brother.

Her fiancé on the other hand though was quiet, bearing a remote look. But he finally breaks his silence to reveal his answer to this entire situation.

"Forget it, Ravel," Aidan suddenly spoke, shocking everyone with the rejection. Even Rias was so stunned as she turned to face her boyfriend with wide eyes and partly opened mouth.

"What…?" Ravel looks up in surprise, yet feels a chill upon seeing Aidan's cold expression.

"If your brother has really fallen that far, then the damage is permanent," Aidan explains without a hint of pity. "He cared more so for his pride rather than his honor, and in doing so, because of his first loss ever, he has sunk this far into depression to the point where he's barely recoverable. Besides, he was the one to provoke that challenge and threatened to kill us should he not get what he wants. Look to what has become of him now."

"Aidan…" Rias was flabbergasted, never seeing her fiancé this harsh. She would have said more had Aidan not hold a hand up to silence her.

Ravel felt defeated. Coming all this way for help from the one source that defeated her brother and immediately she was denied. A small part of her felt that this would be the answer she would expect. It would have been a long shot, since she was there throughout the whole ordeal and witnessed firsthand her brother's arrogance, being the Bishop of is Peerage before.

But… what other option is there to consider? She didn't come this far for nothing. All her other options have been exhausted and this one, while a long shot, was her only source of hope now.

Just as Aidan gets up and walks away, he feels a tug by his arm, seeing Ravel being the one to grab him. He turns to see her expression filled with desperation, yet even he felt unmoved by it.

"Please…" She begged. "You have to help him."

Still bearing a cold look, Aidan asks, "Why should I?"

Ravel was at this point on the edge of tears, but she tries not to show it despite forming on her eyes. "I know how much you hate him. And… I'm not asking you to be his friend. I just… want him to live. Please. Is that too much to ask?"

"And what has led you to believe I should help him?"

"…Because you're the only other person who has experienced what he has experienced."

"And that is?"

"Demons. He's scared of them. And I'm asking on behalf of my family." Ravel then gets on her knees and bows her head to the floor, learning of the dogeza position. "I'm not asking you to trust him but trust me. I just… Even after all he has done, I can't just abandon my big brother."

Aidan maintains his cold façade at Ravel, his eyes looking emotionless as he looks at the little sister of his fallen enemy. Admittedly, he still hated Riser, but it could not be said the same of his little sister. Despite vouching for him and acting on his behalf at times since she was family, Aidan could not help but wonder if the two really are that different. Questions ran through his mind regarding those troubling days, of whenever he encountered Riser.

Should he have killed him back at the clubhouse when he first made his appearance? Should he have finished him back at the Rating Game before Rias intervened to save his life? Or should he have quickly slaughtered everyone during the Terror Unleashed incident?

The answer was neither kill or do not kill. It was an indecision. But ultimately, he was not the one to make the final call.

Finally, he gave his answer.

"That decision…" He said. "Is up to Rias."

Ravel looks up and over to the redhead, but Rias immediately gave her answer.

"Ravel, we'll accept your plea for help." She said.

Ravel was surprised. "You will?"

"Of course," Rias nodded. "It is times like these where I must set aside the past to embrace the future. And if helping your brother is part of it, then this is something I want to settle."

Ravel felt relieved. Finally, after months of calling out for help and on the brink of giving up, a glimmer of light shined at the end of the tunnel. A light of hope. If Riser's former fiancé was willing to help him in his recovery, then she will do whatever she can. After all, for her sake and everyone else's she cannot allow hatred of the past to hold her. It is not in her nature as a Gremory.

But the joyful mood soon turned tense as Rias next bore a serious expression, directing at her current fiancé.

"Everyone…" Rias called out. "I want to speak to Aidan alone."

All members of the Occult Research Club, plus Ravel, soon take their leave. Once the doors were closed, Aidan and Rias were left alone. Rias looked out the window, her expression hidden from her soon-to-be-husband, but the look of her hands gripping her arms told the story. Aidan meanwhile remained remote, knowing what this may be about.

"I should slap you for what you told Ravel before I accepted her proposal," Rias said without turning around to face her betrothed. "But before I do that, I will ask this." She then turns around to face Aidan with a somewhat angry look. "What the hell were you thinking, Somnus?"

Aidan was a bit confused. "What do you mean?"

Rias wanted to shout out in anger of how she isn't playing games based on his response, but instead she sums up this. "What were you thinking rejecting Ravel like that? I too was not so fond of Riser entirely but hearing his condition from Ravel made me pity him. She came all this way to ask for our help and you rejected her, making her practically beg on her knees." Rias' anger was climbing bit by bit. "Yet still, you rejected her. And when she started bowing for help, you left that decision to me, giving her the cold shoulder. I know how much you do not like Riser, but I will not allow old hatreds of the past to get in the way of accepting help from someone who came all this way. So I'll ask again: what the hell were you thinking?"

Aidan soon understood where Rias was coming from. He held neither anger nor fear towards Rias for her somewhat outburst at him. Instead, he sighs in contemplation, as if he was expecting this to happen.

"Rias…" Aidan began. "Did you really think I would reject Ravel's plead just because of my hatred for her brother?"

"Yes!" Rias said immediately. But that is when she figured out, almost immediately, that Aidan was not one to reject a person's plea for help. This however left her confused. "Wait… you weren't going to?"

"How could I reject help from someone who was in desperate need of aid regarding her brother?" asked Aidan who gave a small smile. "I owe Ravel my life. After all, if it weren't for her gift of a Phenex Tear, I would already be dead thanks to Fenrir."

"But…" Rias stutters. "But you rejected her. And gave her the cold shoulder. I assumed it was because of how much you didn't like Riser due to his pride."

"You're half right," Aidan admits, surprising his beloved. "I admit, I still hold a lot of disdain for that bastard. But if his little sister is coming to ask me for help, then how could I say no?"

But Rias was further confused. "What do you mean?"

"The reason why I rejected Ravel at first wasn't because I didn't want to help Riser nor of my hate for him," Aidan revealed. "It was because I needed to test her familial care for him. I needed to know if she was asking for help on his behalf as his former Bishop or on behalf of his little sister."

Rias then understood. Her fiancé may have not held any hatred for Ravel, after all. He was testing her. Perhaps it is because of him spending so much time with the Gremory Family that he has come to understand the meaning of family. And he wanted to use that knowledge on Ravel to see if nobles like her really care for family.

Ordinarily, in any other story, the nobles would base their pride, ego, and bloodline above all else. So for Aidan to test Ravel like this may have led Rias to believe that he feared she was just like her older brother: vain, arrogant, and egotistical. Hence why he rejected her in the first place to test her values of family.

"Still…" Rias said. "You could have not been so harsh with her like that."

But Aidan was adamant as he shrugs. "Can't be too accepting of other people's help. Especially of former enemies. You never know when they would stab someone in the back."

Rias however scoffed. "You don't really think Ravel is capable of that, do you?"

"No," Aidan shook his head. "Of course not. Perhaps it's just the demon side of me talking or influencing me to finish what Diablo started."

Rias' expression changed to sympathy, knowing that her fiancé had been through a lot. Of everyone in her Peerage, Aidan is the one to have suffered the most, being the first to be possessed by the Lord of Terror.

She walks over to him and brings his hands into her, massaging the left hand gently.

"How do you feel, though?" asked Rias.

"I… I'll be alright," Aidan said. "Not sure though if the nightmares will ever cease. But with you sleeping next to me in bed every night, and the fact that you are pregnant, it gets me some better sleep these days."

Rias could only smile warmly, feeling her fiancé's hand cup her right cheek as the two lean in for a romantic kiss. Their lips separate quickly so as to prevent each other from falling into their lustful modes.

"I must admit, going back to see Riser and help him makes me nervous," Rias said. "But with you beside me, I feel like I can do it."

"You know it will be a big shock to him when he learns we are engaged," Aidan reminded.

"I know. But it must be said since he does not know. I'm sure he will accept it in time."

"Let us hope so."

Aidan's hands soon travel over to Rias' stomach, feeling a bit of a bulge within her belly.

"Oh? I think I felt it kick," He jested.

"You did not," Rias giggles.

Unbeknownst to them, they were already starting to display the traits of parents. The day will come when the child will be born. And when it does, the two will accept it and do what they can to act as parents while still in school.

Everyone was on board the Gremory Train leading them to the Underworld, towards the Phenex Territory. Rossweisse was playing cards with Xenovia, Asia, and Koneko while Kiba and Gasper watched from the sidelines. Rias, Akeno, and Aidan talked amongst themselves while hanging out with Ravel. Even the Phenex Maids were present, and had some time to catch up with Ravel and speak to them about their current lifestyle as maids to the nephalem.

Noises from the card game of Old Maid came out forma certain Valkyrie, who could only whine and moan about her bad luck.

"I lost again!" Rossweisse cried. "How do I keep losing?"

"Rossweisse, I could see your expression every time you got a good card," Asia sheepishly smiled as she explained.

"It's true," Koneko said bluntly. "Your looks are obvious."

"Even though it's your first time playing, you're really bad at it," Xenovia shook her head.

Meanwhile off to the side, Aidan and Rias sat together like they were already a married couple, with one hand of each on the latter's stomach. With Ravel not aware that Rias is pregnant, they can play it safe and just make it seem like the to are all lovey-dovey with one another.

Of everyone on the train, only the members of Rias' Peerage know of the pregnancy. And they all vowed, thanks to Sirzechs and Azazel, to keep Rias' pregnancy a secret, knowing of the consequences if leaked out. Not just because of a famous heiress of a great family is pregnant before being married, but also of the fact that her child is a hybrid: half nepahlem, half pure blood Devil. If such a hybrid lingered within the Underworld, then it could set off a chain of events that would make life difficult for the child and the Gremory Family.

Yet everyone knows that of the ones to spill such a leak, it would be Lilith. Even though the Daughter of Hatred is watched very carefully, and her location known to all of the Three Factions, it did not mean she is far from predictable. Even without the Worldstone or the nephalem at her disposal, Lilith is not Mephisto's daughter without a reason to be.

Aidan then notices Ravel looking at him and Rias like she was observing them. "What's wrong, Ravel?"

"It's just… You two really do look like you're married," She said.

Rias chuckles. "Well, it's just a formality. But for once I am not complaining about it."

"Ara, Rias. If Aidan is your soon-to-be husband, does that mean I get to be his exclusive mistress that he wants to sleep with when you're not around?" asked Akeno as she comes over to Aidan's side and presses her breasts between his right arm.

"A-Akeno!" Rias pouted. "Please keep away from my fiancé!"

"Hmm? And let you have all the spoils for yourself? I think not. I think somebody needs a break from all the cuddling."

"I will be the judge of that, Akeno. Not you."

Ravel could only watch, seeing the two busty women go at it, with Aidan caught in the middle. Contrary to what she said, it seems Aidan really does have a rough life ahead of him.


Aidan could only whistle at the huge castle that was donned in flames. It seemed to be bigger than Rias' house. There were even statues that spewed out fire onto a great lake that was burning.

"Talk about hot weather," Aidan jests. "This makes the deserts of Aranoch look like a tropical island compared to all these flames."

"I still remembered when I first came here," Karlamine said. "I thought I was in the heart of Hell itself. Technically, I wasn't wrong."

"I used to remember practicing with those flames with Riser," Xuelan also said. "I even used that lake of fire to practice my flaming kicks."

"One could easily get a good tan out here if they just sat by the flames," Yubelluna also said. "I remember when Lady Ravel was young we'd go and make s'mores using the fires."

"Lots of memories of this place for you three?" asked Aidan.

"Too many," The Bomb Queen said. "We remember it all from beginning to end."

As Rias, Aidan, and the Phenex Maids were being led by Ravel towards Riser's room, the latter group were caught up by a familiar voice.

"If this isn't Lady Rias. It has been a very long time. And it's been a while since we last met, nephalem."

When I looked, a person I am familiar with was standing in front of some stairs. It was the woman who has a half mask on her face, Isabela. Riser's other knight.

"It's been a while, Isabela," Karlamine said.

"I have heard many rumors. I must admit I didn't expect to see you three. Things haven't been the same without you."

"That bad, huh?" Xuelan asked.

"You have no idea," She responded.

The three former Phenex servants all bore looks of concern. Then, speaking for them, Yubelluna turns to her current master. "Aidan, if you and Lady Rias can go on ahead, the other two and I want to catch up with the rest of our former compatriots."

"Of course," Raiden granted permission. Leaving the Phenex servants be, Aidan and Rias continue following Ravel over to Riser's room.

"So, what does Riser do all day?" asked Rias to Ravel as they continued their walk.

"He usually stays in his room running Rating Game simulations," She explained. "Occasionally he will summon people that are good at playing chess and play with them, but otherwise he never leaves. And… when he has his hallucinating episodes, the servants try to rush in to calm him down. It has not been easy."

Walking up to a large pair of double doors, Ravel knocks on it a few times.


"Oniisama!" Ravel calls out after giving a couple knocks. "You have guests."

Riser's voice, sounding very depressed and shaken, was soon heard from the other side of the doors. "Ravel? Is that you? I don't want to see anyone today. I had that dream again… the flames, the bodies… the red Demon. I-I don't want any visitors."

Hearing this and expecting that response, Ravel sighs. "It's Lady Rias."


With one mighty thud coming from the room in surprise, Riser called out, "R-Rias, you say!?"

With him in this panicked state, it must have been such a shock that his former fiancé was here right outside his door. Even Aidan was a bit surprised to hear such a crash coming from the other side of the door.

Sighing, Rias steps forward to the door. "Riser, it's me."

"Why have you come here, Rias!?" Riser demanded, his tone low and sounding like it was mixed with fear and hate. "Are you here to mock me? To laugh at my state?! Or maybe you're bragging about how fulfilling your life with that…that…THING is."

Aidan was a bit surprised; hearing Riser call him a 'thing.' He must not know he is a nephalem at all. Or if he still remembers him as a Demon. But other than that, he didn't feel insulted of being called that.

Rias however kept it all in stride and calmly said, "I just want to talk for a bit. Will you please open the door and let me see your face? It is rather hard to talk through the door."

The following footsteps were very loud like he was stomping, each one filled with rage. Riser soon opens his doors for the first time in a long time, wearing pink pajamas. His hair was a mess, and he grew a lot of facial hair. His eyes bloodshot like he hadn't gotten any proper sleep. And it could just be anyone's eye but there was a white streak of hair flowing down the right side of his face, most likely of Marie Antoinette syndrome as a result of the Terror Unleashed incident.

"What could you possibly wish to speak about to the man you rejected!?" Riser demanded. But that is when he saw Aidan and he froze in recognition.

But that is when the nightmares started as he saw the visage of the Demon on Aidan, wearing the same black cloak and bearing a red glow. And from it, he also saw one other thing.

Ravel's dead corpse, with her snapped neck.

"Ah ha AAAAAAHHHHH!" Riser screamed in horror, surprising everyone, including Aidan.

Then he pulls Ravel in his arms and takes her back into the room, slamming the doors but forgetting to lock them.

Aidan was shocked somewhat. "Well, I didn't think it was this bad. Maybe it was a bad idea I came."

Rias concurred with her fiancé. "I'm starting to second guess as well."

Aidan knew though that they did not come this far for nothing. So he opens the doors to Riser's dark bedroom and what he finds is a mess. Medical supplies everywhere, most likely for his hole in his stomach, and his entrees of food just left as they are. Despite the maids cleaning them up so as to not let it spoil, Riser clearly had been sticking to IV bags.

The two then spotted Riser holding Ravel tightly to him.

"Onii-sama! Let go! They're here to help you!" Ravel pleaded but her brother wouldn't listen.

"Riser please…" Rias also pleaded, wanting to help him. But her words, like Ravel's, fell on deaf ears.

He then drew a gun from his drawer onto Aidan, which looked like a pistol of angel design. Where Riser got it no one could say but it was loaded with bullets that could severely harm Devils. And he was pointing that gun to Aidan rather shakily.

"Stay back!" Riser cried like a madman. "STAY BACK I will kill you!"

An unmoved Aidan then asked, "And are you prepared for what comes after?"

He then approaches Riser, with the fearful Phenex still fixated on him while holding Ravel tightly and having a gun drawn on him. He holds a hand up to Rias as if telling her to stay back.

"When I first looked upon you, I thought there might have been a glimmer of hope that all is not lost. But now all I see is a weakling coward consumed by his fears of what he experienced. If you kill me now, you will only release Diablo and have him inhabit another body and start the whole tragedy over."

This made Riser stunned a bit. Killing Aidan will release the Demon yet make that Demon inhabit another? If that happened, then either he, Rias, or Ravel, may be possessed. And the Terror Unleashed might be played out again on perhaps a worst scale.

Still, Riser was not convinced. "YOU made me this way! You did this to me!"

"I'm not the one that caused your nightmares, Riser," Aidan said calmly yet firmly. "Diablo was the one who did it, manipulating even me to do his dirty work. And even if you did kill him, Terror can never truly die. So tell me, will you still pull that trigger?"

Riser's trigger finger was getting tired. And he was just about ready to squeeze it. He so wanted to end this abomination right before his eyes. He wanted revenge for Ravel's murder which he can still remember clear as day. If he fires now, he has this one chance to claim his revenge and get some personal payback for the honor of his family.

"I'd say that's far enough," A familiar voice spoke up and echoed. While Riser and Ravel were confused of the voice, Aidan was irked by it. As was Rias.


A portal suddenly appears, looking black and crimson red. And out of a portal that briefly showed crimson flames was revealed to be Lilith.

"D-D-DEMON!" Riser cried pointing the gun, but Lilith easily pulls the gun away telekinetically from Riser's hand.

It made him stumble forwards, forcing him to release Ravel as she is then caught by Rias. By the time Riser is met face to face with Lilith, he screams loudly, only for Lilith to place a finger on his forehead and his eyes roll back, making him fall to hied bed backwards.

"Sleep for now," Lilith calmly said. "It will make things easier this way."

"Lilith!" Rias was surprised, only for her expression to turn vulgar as she approaches the Daughter of Hatred. "If you're here to—"

"I am in no condition to fight you, Rias Gremory," Lilith revealed with a hand up. "And as you already know, I am aware of the deal I made with the Satans in that I would not interfere. I only came because Somnus was in danger, so I thought to restrain his assailant before any more damage occurs. After all, old grudges are not of importance here now, are they?"

"You are still not welcomed here," Rias venomously retorted.

But Lilith retains her smile, unmoved by her threats. "On the contrary, I am. Like I said, I will not interfere. At least in places unnecessarily. After all, isn't the reason why you came is to help this fool recover from his ordeal with the Demons?"

Aidan was surprised. "How did you know that?"

"My dear Somnus," Lilith chuckles. "I have eyes and ears everywhere more than you think. For your benefit of course and not for mine."

"Who—Who are you, Demon?" asked Ravel as she try to put on a brave face whilst defending her otherwise knocked out brother.

But Aidan steps in. "Ravel, stand down. You're no match for her. This is Lilith, the one from the legends. Lucifer's original bride."

Ravel's eyes widened. "What? That can't be! How did—"

"It's a long story," Aidan said. "It's best if we tell you later. For now, we need to focus on your brother. So just bear with me on this, for Riser's sake."

Ravel stands down for now, yet keeps her eye on the original bride of Lucifer, wary of her given that there is a Demon from the Burning Hells walking in her home right now.

Lilith's gaze then looks at the knocked out Devil on his bed.

"Riser Phenex…" Lilith said. "Seems as if the Phenex Family who were slaves originally owned by Diablo have seen better days. How did you ever get tangled with someone like him, Somnus?"

Sighing because it was pointless not to tell, Aidan sums up in a nutshell, "Riser Phenex was originally the fiancé to Rias. Rias didn't want to marry him, so a Rating Game was issued. She lost and was in the midst of an engagement party with him before I arrived to save her. But… not in the way most would think. I used Diablo's soulstone to gain advantage over Riser and defeated him, but not without great cost."

"And what had become of that prideful bird afterwards?" asked a curious Lilith.

"He was left on the verge of death, taken away to be healed. Ever since then, he's been reduced to this state of madness and insanity and by Rias' wish, I have to help him.."

Lilith gives a grunt of dissatisfaction. "Disappointing. I was hoping you'd be more…thorough. As for helping him, that can be arranged."

But Rias scoffs instantly. "You really think you can be of any help to us after what you did before?"

"You wound me, Rias Gremory," The Daughter of Hatred looked hurt but didn't show any drama behind it. "You provided the problem. I can provide you the means. A simple courtesy among friends."

Rias however took that as a grave insult, likely that Lilith was mocking. "We are NOT friends, Lilith! Don't even think for one milli-second that this changes anything. I won't ever forgive you for what you tried to do to my me or my fiancé."

"Are you still uncomfortable about the arrangement I made with your brother?" Lilith asked wittily. "You seemed to suggest it was not built to last."

"Nothing lasts forever, Lilith," Aidan said. "Not even deals made with Demons."

Lilith chuckles in response. "Words to live by. I would suggest making contact with the Dragon King Tannin so that he may help. With his experience of fighting Demons before, he may provide some valuable insight to Riser if not training for you, Somnus, to have better control over your Sacred Gear."

"And where will you be in all this?" asked Rias with venom in her voice.

"Oh, I think will be up and around here and there," Lilith cryptically said. "Rest assured; I don't intend to interfere on this one. But I will gladly watch as two former rivals train if not fight one another to the death."

"Wonder what will it cost us this time," Aidan wondered sarcastically.

Back outside, an awakened Riser, dressed for the occasion and shaved, was sitting outside near one of the fire fountains wearing his typical suit. And he was still in a grouchy mood. Having been told what was going to happen in his efforts of recovery, he was not looking forward to it.

"Hmph! Why do I have to go through with this?" He asked with arms and legs crossed while looking away. "I am a Devil of noble blood! They can't just do this to me. It's unfair!"

Keeping a wide berth from him were Aidan, Rias, and Ravel. Lilith had disappeared, most likely going back to Lucifaad since she could not stay outside of it for so long with the Satans watching over her.

"Are you sure about this, Aidan?" asked a concerned Rias with arms cross over. "We don't want to make this any worse than what it is right now."

Aidan smiles and assures Rias with a hand to her shoulder. "Don't worry about me. I'll be sure Riser is in good hands. And I won't be the only one trying to fix him up. In fact, he should be here right about… now."

Suddenly, a very loud and familiar voice boomed from overhead. "It's been a while since I've last seen you all."

Aidan smirks as he looks up to see a familiar purple dragon landing on its two back feet. "Tannin! Good to see you again. Sorry I had to call you over."

Riser however froze up, recognizing who it was. "Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-Tannin! The Ultimate class Devil and legendary dragon!"

Tannin stares down at the fallen Phenex in a mix of emotions, disappointment being the main expression. "Riser Phenex. I used to watch you with great interest because I thought you had potential. But look at you now. You are a disappointment to yourself and your family, a serious problem if you are plagued with nightmares of Demons."

Aidan carries the sash bag around his body, with all the essentials needed attached off the side of his right hip. "Do you think you can give him what you gave to me before? Something about overcoming his inner Demons as per the request of his family?"

"Inner Demons, huh? That I can work with," Tannin said as he turned to look down at me. "You coming to the mountains, too?"

"Yeah. I think that would be good. I have already packed my stuff and his."

"You are well prepared."

"N-No!" Riser shouted as he jumped up and took off into the air with his fiery wings sprouting from his back. But his escape attempt was easily cut off by Tannin grabbing onto him with his massive claw.

"Don't run now," Tannin glares at Riser. "If you're a man then prepare yourself."

Tannin then returns his gaze back to the trio below. "Before we go though, we need to wait for two more people to join."

Everyone, even Aidan, was confused.

"Two more?" asked Aidan. "Who could that be?"

Suddenly, a serpentine-like creature appears from the sky and rallies over to the group. It was pretty bright, like the sun was shining down on them. And out of it came the appearance of a dragon, pulling what seemed to be some sort of golden chariot. It emitted some sort of trail of fire wherever it was dragged across the sky.

The dragon had the appearance of a large golden scaled Eastern Dragon with amber eyes and a white underbelly. No limbs were detected, not even the legs. It looked more serpent than dragon, but then again so are all Easter dragons.

And on the back riding the chariot was Issei Hyoudou, garbed in his Kuoh Academy uniform and holding a large backpack on his back. He seemed somehow unaffected by the heat nor brightness of the chariot.

"Hey, Aidan! How are you doing?" He called out with a wave of his hand.

"Issei?" A surprised Aidan saw. "What are you doing here?"

"Azazel sent me," Issei explained. "Said you needed some help with that yakitori guy. And I apparently need some training as well from the old man Tannin."

Aidan's eyebrows twitch a little, seeing as how Azazel somehow caught wind of Ravel's request to help her brother. That sly fox had done it again. And clearly Aidan had no intention to get him involved at all.

Ravel was the one most surprised. Her crush just happened to be there. In an effort to look good, she tidies herself up and fixes her hair, making sure it isn't messy.

"Cheeky bastard, that Azazel," Aidan muttered. He then noticed the Eastern Dragon Issei rode on. "Who is pulling your ride now?"

"Oh, him?" asked Issei. "This is—"

"My name is Hyperios," The dragon introduced himself proudly. "The Solar Flare Dragon. And don't be fooled. I am actually a Fallen Angel."

Silence came over the group for a few seconds, before it was replaced with total surprise and shock.

"A dragon… in the form of a Fallen Angel?" asked a disbelieving Rias.

"Unbelievable…" Ravel too was surprised.

"What?" A shocked Aidan asked. "He's a Fallen Angel?!"

"I know," Issei admitted. "Even I was surprised when I first met him."

"Hyperios…" Tannin greeted. "Last time I saw you, you were still a pup training under Tiamat."

"Oh admit it. You did that on purpose," Hyperios said. "Azazel sent me with the Red Dragon Emperor to assist. You don't mind that, do you, nephalem?"

Aidan looks over to Riser who was already having a hard time with two dragons now in his presence. It was not so much that he was afraid of dragons per se but rather of their sheer power and magnitude that paled compared to his.

This rehab mission just got a lot more complicated now. But perhaps more help would not be so bad for him.

"I—Sure. Why not?" Aidan shrugs as he warps over to Tannin's shoulder.

"Dear!" Rias calls out to Aidan. "If you need help, be sure to contact me, okay?"

Aidan smiles. "I will. I'll be back before you know it."

Before the dragons took off though, Ravel calls out, "Wait! Take me with you! I want… I want to help with my brother's recovery!"

Aidan was surprised before he turns to Tannin and asks, "What do you think? Should we take her?"

Tannin nods. "That girl has good eyes. Issei, why don't you take the girl onto the chariot with Hyperios? You could take care of her."

Walking forward, Rias concurred. "Aidan, I am okay with it and I will talk with Lord and Lady Phenex about it. Take her with you."

"Rias-sama…" Ravel said with a little surprise.

It couldn't be helped then if she wanted to come along. Aidan soon turns to Issei, "Issei! Have her ride with you."

"Right. Come on aboard, Ravel!"

Ravel smiles as she runs towards Issei using her fire wings spreading from her back, jumping into the air and climbing on board into the chariot. This was really exciting for her, being next to her crush who had a sun dragon, the son of Drokan and Boria, pull them along.

"Alright, Tannin," Aidan said. "Lead the way to Dragon Mountain!"

A certain yakitori guy was still not having it though, flailing fruitlessly in Tannin's hand.

"N-No! I don't want to go to Dragon Mountain!" Riser cried in fear as he tried to pry himself open from Tannin's clawed hand as the massive dragon took into the air.

Hyperios drags the chariot carrying Issei and Ravel behind him and follows right behind him.

"This is for your own good, Onii-sama!" Ravel chastised as Tannin takes the group to the home of the dragons.

Upon entering Dragon Mountain, the name of it gave meaning to why it was called as such. There were dragons everywhere. This was their home. There were big holes on various parts of the cliffs of a canyon and there were Dragons which exceeded 10 meters popping their heads out of them. Many Dragons were spreading their wings and flying within the valley. It appears many of them are living within this valley.

"Holy crap!" Issei was astonished at how many dragons there were. "This is crazy…"

"This is the dragon nest where my brethren live," Tannin explained to them.


He then lets out a massive roar, as if he was calling out his kind from their slumber.

Hyperios however looked amazed. "This is the Dragon Mountain? I have to say, I am impressed, seeing it for the first time."

"Didn't Tiamat take you into these mountains before, pup?" asked Tannin.

"Not that I know of," Hyperios admits. "She never took me here for training."

A lone blue dragon took to the air and was flying next to Tannin. It was a western one with blue ice crystals on its body along with some green and orange marks as well.

"You called for me, Lord Tannin?" The male dragon asked.

"Who is this?" asked Aidan.

"This high ranking dragon serves under me. I've asked him to help in training Riser Phenex," Tannin explained.

"I thought I was in charge of that?" asked Aidan, confused.

"You are, nephalem," Tannin clarified. "But the training I will give to him and Issei will be similar to how I trained you. Your job is to provide him with a rival in training. Someone that he can try to match."

He then calls out to the man in question. "Riser Phenex! Here in the mountains, we will rebuild you. Your body, mind, and soul will be broken and remade until you are ready to face the Demons."

Riser, blue in the face filled with fear, could only whine as he looks at the ground below him, "Why is this happening?"

With all three trainees out in the snow, one could either say this is a great workout or it is hell but frozen over. In the case of Riser, it was the latter.

Both Issei and Aidan were already ahead, wearing their snow protective gear consisting of heavy jackets and pants, and snow boots. It allowed them to traverse the fresh powdered snow easily, created by the gusting winds of the oncoming storm.

Panting slightly, Issei stops for a quick water break. "Whew! Good thing I prepared for cold weather. How are you doing, Aidan?"

Aidan answers as he caught up, "Fine myself. Gotta say I had doubts trudging through the snow like this, but it isn't too bad. At least for now."

"You don't like the cold, do you?" Issei asked.

"No, I do not," Aidan admitted after drinking some water. "Though I could say the same for our friend back there."

Both boys look to see Riser also wearing sow protective gear, but also using his blazing wings in an attempt to keep himself warm.

"Hurry up, Riser!" Aidan called out. "You don't want to end up out here like those climbers on Everest!"

"Hey, hey, you're too slow!" The Blizzard Dragon called out from behind.

With one blast of cold air, Riser's wings freeze up completely, knocking him to the ground.

"You froze my wings!" Riser shouted as he began to pick up the pace.

"Riser, when you're running, you need to call out 'dragon.' Now say it. Say it!" The Blizzard Dragon called out.

Ravel, who was hitching a ride on the Blizzard Dragon's back, calls out to her brother, "Onii-sama! You can't give up now. Say it with me. Dragon, dragon, dragon."

"Why is this happening!?" Riser cried out in procrastination.

Both Aidan and Issei could not help but pity the fool. They shook their heads at the miserable sight before deciding to continue along the snow path.

By the time they three trainees finish their running, they end up by the side of a mountain hundreds of feet high. And with the blizzard wind blowing down on them, flying was not an option. So with safety rope and some ice axes, the three were tied up and started climbing, beginning first with Aidan, then Issei, and finally Riser.

But already this climbing experience was bearing too much for Riser, especially since he is not use to any kind of training, not even endurance. He relied solely on power, not true strength.

"I'm… I'm dying…" Riser panted below the two boys.

Looking down on him from above, Aidan calls out, "Cut the slackin', Riser. It hasn't even been a full day since we started this training for your sake."

Frowning and frustrated at his dilemma, he responds, "I am a high-ranking Devil, a noble! It is my duty to put value on my blood, and my shrewdness. Not in my ability to run through a blizzard or climb a mountain!"

Spreading his flaming wings, Riser jumps off the mountain and tries to take off into the air to ascend the mountain. But not even five seconds later…


An ice cold blast from the Blizzard Dragon subdues him and make shim fall. Because he had the safety rope, he wouldn't be falling back down to Terra Firma hundreds of feet above.

"Don't even think about it," The Blizzard Dragon said, looking down at the pitiful Riser.

"Are you trying to kill me!?" Riser shouted dangling from the rope.

The two boys just could not help but wonder how long of a way Riser has to go before he makes any progress. And if he ever gains his pride again and becomes arrogant, there will be a whole lot of hell to follow afterwards.

For the next three days that had passed, Riser was no close to gaining the resolve and fortitude he needed to overcome his fears and nightmares. His training with Tannin and the dragons was quite severe and hardworking, but at least he wasn't alone in it thanks to Aidan supervising and Issei training alongside him. Whenever training ended, the three boys ended up in a cave within the mountains as shelter. Riser would be sulking in some corner of the cave while Aidan and Issei prepare the fire for warmth and food for cooking.

Ravel would drop by to check on progress on her brother during the training sessions, but Aidan reckons it was also to see the Red Dragon Emperor and get close to him. She often arrived with Hyperios, the sun dragon pulling his chariot with her in it, along with whatever treats she brought for the boys. And speaking of Hyperios, he was ordered by Tannin not to allow any sunshine happen in the mountains out of concern of melting the snow. If Tannin wanted to get Riser to overcome his fear, he needed to conquer the darkness. After all, Demons do live in the dark after all.

Ravel came by once again in the morning for breakfast. She had a table set up for Issei and Aidan. And breakfast was served for her and the boys in the form of some decorated pancakes and tea. She even wore a fancy looking red dress with black stockings.

"It's been three days since the training started," Ravel noted. "How would you rate my brother's progress?"

Aidan turns around to see the Ice Dragon chasing and blasting at Riser, who was still screaming like a little girl.

"Better than I feared. Worse than I had hoped," Aidan deduces as he begins to cut into his pancakes. "He just needs the right push in the right direction. Give it too much, he will break. Give too little and he will make no progress."

"You think so? I'm relieved to hear that," Ravel said.


A cute sneeze was heard from her as she covers her mouth and nose. Despite a magic barrier protecting her back from the wind, the area was still cold.

"Umm, aren't you cold?" asked Issei. "You should wear something warmer."

Ravel, typical of her nobility statues, exclaims out, "I-I'm not cold at all! It's only proper for a lady from a noble family to wear a dress for morning tea."

Despite saying that, she was shaking from the intense cold. Aidan sighs, "Nobles don't usually have tea on top of snowy, windy mountains, Ravel. In a dress no less."

A loud roar was soon heard Hyperios arrived. "Oi, Hyperios!" Issei called out.

The sun dragon comes over to the trio with something in his mouth. "Here. Take this. It's a heater that can warm up your feet."

"T-Thank you," Ravel said with a slight blush, a little embarrassed to see herself humiliated just a little.

"Mind if I also join in for your breakfast?" asked the sun dragon.

"Sure, but I'm not sure if a 100 foot dragon can fit at a table of four," Aidan said.

"Not to worry. Watch this."

Hyperios soon emits a bright light on his form, encompassing it before it shrinks down and disperses to reveal a tan Caucasian man with golden blonde hair and amber eyes, appearing in his thirties. He wore a typical butler outfit down to even the gloves.

"What the-?" Issei was shocked. "I didn't know dragons can do that."

"They can't usually," Hyperios said as he takes his seat by the table. "I learned of this from my master Tiamat, back when I was her star pupil. But we can circle back to that later."

Aidan shrugs his shoulders in acceptance, "Fair enough."

"These pancakes by the way are delicious," Issei said before looking to Ravel with a smile. "Thank you, Ravel."

But the Phenex girl became bashful with a smile as she looks away. "Oh! You…You really think so? Most of the ingredients I gathered from the dragons, but I couldn't find certain things. So… I wasn't satisfied with how they turned out."

But Issei said otherwise. "Are you kidding? I haven't such a good breakfast like this before! I think these are delicious! What do you think, Aidan?"

Aidan grabs his tea and drinks it to wash down the sticky food in his mouth. Thanks to learning etiquette, he drinks it like a gentleman. "This breakfast is fantastic. A good way to recharge for training."

"Oh, thank you," Ravel said before she sets off on her high horse again. "You can count yourself lucky to eat my homemade pancakes. You should be thanking me."

"Is that so?" asked Aidan.

"Yes, I even woke up early to make them…" Ravel said but then saw Issei's gaze and quickly retracted herself. "N-No, I mean I can make dozens of pancakes in a short amount of time. I-I just happened to be up early this morning."

However that is when Issei leans into her, much to her surprise. She stutters with a red face, "W-W-Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Just trying to figure out something, if you were in the human world and going to school… what grade would you be in?"

Blushing, Ravel smiled. "Well, if I was going to a human school, I would be a first year student in high school."

"Sounds about right," Aidan sips his tea.

"First-year!? Seriously!? You are my junior then!" cried Issei.

"You know I would love to try on the Kuoh Academy uniform someday," She said with her head tilted down.

"Oh, try it. It will suit you," Issei said.

"Of course! I will definitely wear it! …C…Can I also come and visit your home next time?"

"Sure. Come whenever you want."

"Th-Then, I will come and visit without any hesitation! It's also the duty of a High-class Devil to understand the living style of a commoner in the human world!"

Aidan could not tell if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Granted he bore no hatred or animosity for Ravel, but to have a Phenex attend the IS Academy? Well, she has a thing for the Red Dragon Emperor by the looks of how close she is to her crush so perhaps Issei can take care of her in the meantime.

"By the way, Rias and the others are coming by the mountain tonight," Ravel said

"Really?" asked Aidan in surprise while drinking his tea. Were they coming here to check up on progress?

"Apparently there is a really good hot spring out here on the mountains," She revealed.

This almost made Aidan spit his tea out. That knowledge came out of nowhere. And before he could drop his mouth, he looks to see Issei have a perverted grin on his face.


"OW!" Issei is knocked out of his perverted senses as he looks at Aidan. "Dude, what was that for?!"

But Aidan glares at the Red Dragon Emperor, realizing his intentions. "No peeking on my Rias! She's my fiancée!"

"Oh come on!" Issei cried. "You get to look at her breasts all the time and you are her favored servant!"

"Exactly!" Aidan retorted. "She'd rather prefer a gentleman's eyes rather than some pervert's she doesn't want to get near with!"

"Why you—!"

"Boys!" Hyperios calls out, silencing the two. "You're ruining breakfast and tea with your banter!"

Both of them retract back to their seats in shame.

"Sorry…" The two said, though the two still glared at one another. They really were good friends and rivals, especially over Rias despite the redhead choosing Aidan to be her boyfriend. Though she has yet to announce that publicly to the rest of the school.

"So, Hyperios…" Ravel calls to the sun dragon butler. "How did you end up a Fallen Angel? Normally dragons don't choose to be reincarnated, unless with good reason like Tannin."

"My kind of Sun Dragons are found mainly in Greece," Hyperios explained. "My father and mother, Drokan and Boria, are the ones who pull the sorceress Medea's chariot. And don't be fooled, our fire is twice as hot compared to a normal dragon's, about as hot as the surface of the sun."

"Must be why our feet have been kept warm by this heater despite standing in snow," Aidan sarcastically quips.

"I was trained by Tiamat herself. Became her star pupil throughout her education. I even fought a nephalem as part of my many tests in my final years."

"A nephalem?" Aidan's curiosity peeked. "Who was it?"

"Some nephalem named Li-Ming, who apparently was an old acquaintance of Tiamat. Though why the nephalem was scared of my master, I do not know why."

This surprises Aidan. Li-Ming never told him that she was acquainted with Tiamat but perhaps it was not wise to ask. If the Rebellious Wizard of Xiansai was scared of Tiamat, then one can wonder if she ever gets any sleep. Then again, she must have done something to make her mad enough to have the nephalem be scared of her.

Somewhere back at Kuoh Academy, Li-Ming sneezes. "Achoo!"

"As for how I am a Fallen Angel, I joined Azazel and his Grigori on the condition that I become part of his new Fallen Heretics system, which at the time was still in its development phase. But now with it completed, I became a reincarnated Fallen Angel now bear a mutation Golden General piece in the service to Shamsiel, Chief of Security of the Grigori."

"Shamsiel?" asked Aidan. "Like Julian?"

Hyperios nods. "Shamsiel is Julian's Fallen Angel father. I've served him for over a hundred years. And I am quite familiar with the tales of his son."

"I be damned," Aidan sips his tea.

"You managed to beat a nephalem?" asked Ravel. "I thought nephalem were supposed to be stronger than any other being in the world, including dragons. So as our mythology says."

"That's just an exaggeration made by the Satans on purpose to make the nephalem look important," Hyperios revealed. "The truth is nephalem are only strong as Ultimate to Satan-class Devils. So yes. They are quite powerful in their own right given that they are half Elder Angel and half Demon. But even they have limits and need to be placed somewhere in the hierarchy of strongest species."

This was surprisingly new for everyone, including Issei. If nephalem are not as powerful as the Dragon Kings or even the Twin Heavenly Dragons, then it may be possible that he could potentially be more powerful than Aidan. Unfortunately, the two are neck and neck in terms of power and social status despite their great many achievements against powerful foes. Plus, Aidan carries within him the souls of half of the Seven Evils.

Time will tell however what the future carries for both of them and how far they will go.

"I wonder how much else information in recorded history on nephalem are wrong and exaggerated?" asked Ravel.

"Probably best not to know," Aidan said sheepishly. "It would only destroy everyone's hopes."

"Yeah, probably a good idea," Issei concurred.

The four continue on with their pancakes and tea, all the while hearing Riser's pitiful screams as he is chased by the Ice Dragon blasting at him from behind.

Meanwhile, at the onsen Ravel had mentioned, the ORC, minus Kiba and Gasper because they were boys, were either in the middle of washing themselves or already in the hot spring and taking in the lovely snowy weather that they were given. With Aidan, Issei, and Riser in the mountains

But a few days have already passed since then. And there has been no word.

Rossweisse sighs in relaxation. "Haah~! This hot spring water really does melt my stress away."

"What makes you so stressed these days?" asked Asia as she washes herself.

Rossweisse sighs, her mood a bit melancholy. "Well, as a Valkyrie, I devoted myself to Odin, serving him faithfully. I did that for so many years, taking the place of my grandmother Göndul. But when he decided to ditch me after we dealt with Belial, it felt like all my efforts were gone to waste. I'll never forget what he did."

"Well, at least you found a new life with Rias," Akeno tries to cheer her up.

"True," Rossweisse nodded. "But I also have to deal with Mimir in the house, the wisecrack he is even before his head was severed. I can never take his humor seriously."

Xenovia soon spoke up as she looks out to the snow covered mountains. While they were beautiful, especially with the clouds hanging over them and passing by gently, followed by the night sky filled with beautiful stars, one thing concerned her. And it was not because of the harsh weather out there.

"I wonder how things are going up on the mountain?" asked Xenovia as she looks towards the mountain range.

"It has been a few days since they left," Koneko said. "You think Aidan-senpai is okay?"

"Don't worry," Rias said as she looks out. "I'm sure they're okay. Aidan knows what he is doing."

"How can you be sure?" asked Rossweisse.

Rias smiles as she cradles her stomach, feeling a small presence. "Let's just say… he knows what he is doing. I hope."

That night, Issei was inside his sleeping bag, in the cave that the trio are using as their sleeping area and the Red Dragon Emperor couldn't go to sleep. With Aidan guarding the entrance of the cave and keeping watch outside by a fire, it would allow the other two to rest. However, he too seemed a bit tired and was catching some sleep.

Largely because of the fact that there is a hot spring, and he couldn't get his mind off of the naked bodies of the girls.

His brain was turning into a paradise! Hot springs! Not just Rias, but also Akeno and everyone else as well!

So he gets to see oppai dancing around on this mountain!? He held onto his sexual desire for three days and now was unable to control himself! He claims to be at that delicate age of puberty, for if he doesn't see oppai soon, then he won't be able to remain normal! He came here thinking seriously about helping Aidan fix Riser and do some additional training in the mountains, but after hearing the words "hot springs", his thoughts were changed into lecherous thoughts!

Yeah, that's how he is! This is Issei Hyoudou, Red Dragon Emperor, member of the Perverted Trio, and a future Harem King!

He has to go! To the hot springs! He couldn't hold it in any longer! If that's the case, he has to leave this cave without Riser realizing it.

But before he could even make one move…

"Where do you think you're going?" The voice of Aidan asked sitting by the entrance to the cave.

"Aghk!" Issei was ticked, seeing his harem rival awake by the entrance of the cave.

The nephalem turned over to Issei's direction and warned, "Don't you dare think of leaving this cave. I'm not letting you go see the girls and intrude on them."

"Oh, come on, Aidan!" Issei pleaded. "If I don't get one chance to see the oppai of those girls, then this whole trip was all for nothing! Tell you what, I'll only take one quick peek and be back here in a jiffy. Sound fair?"

But Aidan immediately answered, "No chance. Now get back in your sleeping bag with Riser and—wait, where is he?"

"Huh? He's right there."

Aidan wasn't so sure. Riser had been quiet. If Issei was being so passionate about oppai, it should have awakened the Phenex, but it didn't. Heading over to Riser's sleeping bag, Aidan turns it over.

But when he turns it over…

"What the—" He said.

What appeared from his sleeping bag is a fake face! It has a crappy drawing of a face on it!

Issei was stunned. "Shit! Don't tell me he…..! Was he listening to my conversation with Ravel while he was running!? What ears! I totally forgot about it! He's a perverted bastard who has made a harem!"

Aidan then realized that Riser could have also had the same idea as Issei to go see the naked girls at the hot springs. Or it could be something worse.

"Issei!" Aidan called out. "Stay here and guard the camp. I'll go look for Riser."

"In that weather?" Issei pointed out to the snowstorm outside. "You won't survive!"

"I'll be fine. We've been up these mountains for three days and have gotten used to it. If Tannin comes to check, inform him what has happened. I'll go find and bring back that son of a bitch."

With that, Aidan takes off to the skies and travels far a set of magically conjured wings. But as he flies, Aidan began to gather his thoughts.

'Ever since I first showed myself to Riser, he has been on the state of pure madness. His hatred of the Demons, and the fact Diablo scarred him, must have changed him into a vengeful person. Now he is overprotective of Ravel, knowing what Diablo… what I did. But if it is a fight he wants, then it should not be just me he must face.'

Halting himself in the air, Aidan brings up his Sacred Gear and releases one of the locks holding Diablo's influence within. Three special locks were specially crafted by Sirzechs and placed on his Sacred Gear to prevent the Prime Evils influencing him. But with one of the locks now unlocked, Diablo's will manifests within Aidan, assuming control over him just like the Terror Unleashed incident.


His Balance Breaker form was now conjured, allowing Diablo to emerge with obsidian spikes out the back, clawed hands and feet, and a spiked tail. A dark red glow emanated off of the form, as Terror itself once more manifests.

With the snowstorm now over, it was a quiet night in the mountains. Landing on one of the mountain regions surrounded by the tall spires made of rock and snow, now all Aidan/Diablo had to do was wait for Riser to show up.

And luckily for him, he was not far.

"Ahh… There you are," Aidan/Diablo calmly states.

To his left as he looks above towards the moon, a flaming phoenix, which was Riser, charges down at Aidan with righteous fury, the nephalem standing there as if accepting the challenge.


Riser tries to strike with his right fist, but Aidan/Diablo uses his left hand to catch it. At the same time, Riser also tries to use his other punch from his left fist, but that too was caught by Aidan/Diablo, who held his ground against his adversary.


Their clash was so violent that the air and ground around them begins to quake and tremble.

"I'll have you return everything to me, Diablo!" cried Riser.

"Have you come to try to kill me yourself this time, Riser Phenex?" asked Aidan/Diablo.

The pressure builds as the two break away from their impending clash, but a violent shockwave soon followed, along with a massive energy explosion that tore the surrounding skies apart. The shockwave and air pressure was so powerful that the trees shook, the animals fled from the scene, and even loose boulders from the mountains began to break loose and fall, creating landslides.

Aidan and Riser remained in the air but far apart from one another as they reassess themselves.

"I was wondering where you were," Aidan/Diablo said as he emerges unscathed, adjusting his right wrist. "To think you were lying in wait to ambush me, only for me to hold back your assault easily whereas others would have failed. You've gotten weaker, Riser."

Riser grits his teeth and anger at his rival as he adjusts himself in the air. "You're one to talk. It's kind of difficult to ignore the fact you are only at a sliver of your power. Aren't you overexerting yourself?"

Riser asked that question with a lot of sarcasm in his voice. Before him stood his most hated enemy, who was responsible for ruining his engagement with Rias just to rescue her out of the life she did not want to experience. It only made him hate the nephalem more and more for the destruction he had caused. The cry for revenge and retribution coursed through his blood like a violent ocean.

But this was not just directed at Aidan, but also at the Demon now possessing him. The one that gave him his nightmares and who taught him the true meaning of fear.

"I won't repeat the same mistake I made last time, Diablo!" Riser said as he clenches his left fist and prepares himself. "I will take Rias back and I will make certain you're nothing but ashes for the rest of your damn life! And the revenge for the murder of Ravel will finally be mine!"

With that, Riser charges with his left fiery fist cocked back at Aidan/Diablo, who seemed unconcerned as he brings up his left arm upwards. He charges up and enhances his arm, emitting a black and red lightning from when it was being powered up. It was almost as if it was the Power of Destruction but enhanced with his own nephalem power to augment it.

"Sounds like you got your work cut out for you," Aidan/Diablo said as he powers up and lines his shot, with red/black electricity sprouting all over. "This will be hard for us both."


Aidan/Diablo soon fires his enhanced blast of the Power of Destruction, engulfing Riser completely just as he gets within arm's reach of Aidan/Diablo. Although his Immortality power as a Phenex manages to protect him from the blast as he is engulfed in it, its massive force projects him so far back, making him crash into several mountains before stopping at the last one and making a crater.

Aidan/Diablo could not help but feel amazed at his new power as he looks at his hand cackling with the energy of the Power of Destruction.

"The Power of Destruction. Combined with Baal's essence and my nephalem blood, it becomes even more powerful than Rias'. This is a delightful combination. Perhaps I should experiment a few more power ups next time."

But an explosion of dust and debris interrupts him as he sees Riser take into the air again before charging at Aidan/Diablo. His wounds from both the blast and the crash have healed thanks to his Immortality, but the pain he still felt was evident as noted by the dirt on his figure. Unfortunately, his Immortality has limits to how much he can regenerate.

Aidan/Diablo decides to deal with his old foe once and for all and summons the arm blades on both of his arms. The arm blades that he had used during the Terror Unleashed incident were brought out, as if a replay of events lingered in the minds of the two.

"You're mine!" Riser cried as his fist clashes with Aidan/Diablo's right arm blade, producing another shockwave that shakes the forest below.

Aidan/Diablo breaks off and decides to open up four portals, from which the Demonic Hellflyers, the winged Demons last seen during Azmodan's assault, swarm over Riser. And while Riser tries to stand his ground, there were also too many swarming in onto his position.

He fires off a few flaming shots and takes down a few, but in a situation such as this, you take down one flyer and two more take their place. And just when one came up from behind…


A powerful red beam incinerates the Demon as Riser looks to see Issei Hyoudou in his Balance Breaker Scale Mail armor, beating back and destroying the Demons with relative ease. He flies through the air and with Ascalon deployed, cuts through so many of them in a zig zag formation, reducing the number of the Demonic Hellflyers down to just three of them.

Issei stands back to back with Riser, each facing their own respective opponents.

"You're slow, Sekiryuutei!" Riser said to Issei behind him.

Issei berates back, "Give me a break, you yakitori bastard! When I saw the fight, I rushed as best I could. So cut me some slack will ya? You should be grateful I'm here to help you!"

Riser scoffs but knew the Red Dragon Emperor was right. "Truth be told, I had my doubts you'd came. So I'll thank you just this once." He coughs in his right hand briefly. "It's a shame I need the Seikiryuutei's help, but now…" He points to Aidan/Diablo. "I don't have to hold back against you with your Demons distracted! You're finished!"

"I got these things!" Issei said as he goes back in to fight the Demonic Hellflyers. "You deal with Aidan!"

Riser's right fist comes into contact with Aidan/Diablo's left hand who catches it. He then tries again with his left, but Aidan/Diablo again holds it back with his right fist. The shockwave would have normally propelled the two back, but they stood their ground. The two's clash was so intense the snowfall was propelled outwards before falling on them again.

"Are you holding back against me?" asked Aidan/Diablo curiously. "Trying to preserve your strength to not reach your limit?"

Riser backs off as he grits his teeth. Aidan/Diablo was right in a way in that he cannot unleash his full power, or else he will be pushing himself. At the same time though, he was already losing. The fight was one sided as Aidan/Diablo barely had a scratch on him.

"You've put yourself in quite the predicament. So how will the Immortal Phenex prevail?" asked Aidan/Diablo mockingly. Riser could only grit his teeth further in frustration and charges back in.

Just as Riser strikes…

"Warping! Plus Impact Recoil!" Aidan/Diablo commands. As soon as Riser's fist comes in, a magic circle erupts and out pops Issei Hyoudou, donned in his Scale Mail armor.


The impact of Riser's flaming fist strikes at Issei's face.


Combined with Aidan/Diablo's counterattack, it reverses the impact caused by an opposing physical force, damaging Riser severely as he stumbles back from the force thrusted back at him. Aidan/Diablo was unaffected as he was the one to initiate the recoil of the impact.

As for Issei, Riser's fist made contact to his head, breaking off a part of it and making him bleed, and also knocking him out of commission for the moment.

"I-I'm sorry!" Riser apologizes to a knocked out Issei.

"I only came to help on Rias' request. But if you say you're going to fight, then I will face you as you wish," Aidan/Diablo said. "In the past, your fist crushed one after another of my comrades. Many of them were forced out of the Rating Game to recuperate while you were extolled as the victor. What a grand view you must have had from atop our sacrifices..."

Aidan/Diablo prepares his blast on his left arm from using his Power of Destruction attack. "An immortal Phenex standing on a mountain of our defeats."

Riser sees this incoming attack and uses his right fist, fueled with Hell Fire, to block Aidan/Diablo's blast, contacting his fist with his palm he blocks the blast. At the same time, he grabs Issei out of the way of the blast and holds him back.


The blast of the Power of Destruction splits up into multiple beams as it breaks apart, tearing throughout the nearby mountains. Riser gives it all his might to block the attack but was forced to be pushed back by a mere twenty feet, making him cough some blood along the way due to overdoing it.

Aidan/Diablo was a little surprised as he looks at his right arm, the armor completely blown off from the shockwave.

'He stopped the attack himself…'

"You still won't fight me with your full power, huh?" asked Aidan/Diablo curiously. "Phenexes sure have a lot on their plate, don't they?"

Riser however grits his teeth further in anger.

"You shut up!" Riser demanded, surprising Aidan/Diablo a bit to see that the Phenex still had some fight in him. "It's because of you that I had lost everything! You took Rias away, destroyed my name, and brought ruin to my family! And now you dare ridicule at me. Me! Who is already having a difficult time living after all of this?!"

Riser comes forward and grasps Aidan/Diablo's left arm with his right, holding it tightly and away from him.

"That is why I'll never…" Riser declared in anger.

"You're mine, Riser!" Aidan/Diablo said as he attempts to bring his right hand up with an arm blade deployed to stab at Riser. But it was too late for him.

"FORGIVE YOU!" Riser screams at the top of his lungs as he brings in his left fist.


With one mighty and fiery left fist, Riser punches Aidan/Diablo square in the face, shattering the nephalem's helmet hard and breaking it into pieces the process. With such a concentrated attack, Riser and Aidan/Diablo soon plummet back down towards the earth, like a meteor across the skies.

Back at the hot springs, all was quiet and peaceful, the girls enjoying the nice warm bath up in the snowy mountains. But their peace and quiet moment was about to end as they see something in the sky.

"Hey, what's that up there?" asked Asia as she points up to the sky. The girls follow her finger to see what looked like some sort of object falling to earth. It was bright white and orange, like it was on fire.

And it was getting bigger and bigger as it was getting closer.

"Incoming!" Xenovia shouted.

Everyone backs away and ducks for cover, clearing the way of the meteorite.


A large explosion of fire, water, earth, and air erupts from the point of impact. The flames erupted high that were quenched by the hot spring water. Part of the hot spring was damaged due to the destruction of the rocks. And the shockwave from the air nearly threw everyone off balance.

As the chaos dies down, everyone looks to see what appeared to be a battered and exhausted Riser, huffing and puffing like an enraged bull. They also saw Aidan, who was pinned down to the ground with Riser's left fist smashed into his face. The hot spring was destroyed and water flowed down from them, scalding hot water that is.

"Aidan?" Rias was stunned. "And… Riser?"

But that was when Ravel noticed something regarding Riser.

"Onii-sama…!" Ravel gasped, seeing her brother's somewhat weakened form exposed. Half of his face started to show signs of fatigue and weariness, as his skin was pale skinned and gaunt. "You've reached your limit…!"

"What…?" Rias was shocked as she turns her head to Ravel. "What do you mean limit?"

"Since Onii-sama's battle months ago, his stomach wound has been so severe to the point his power levels considerably dropped. His ability to reform his wounds has also been rendered useless and is now on a time limit of how long he can fight. If he pushes too hard or goes beyond the limit of 30 minutes, he will die!"

Everyone gasped, even Rias who looks at her former fiancé Riser still in the same position of his fist on the head of Rias' current fiancé, Aidan.

"That can't be…!" Asia said.

Riser pants with such anger and fury from delivering that blow to Aidan/Diablo. He figured that blow was enough to knock out the nephalem who had robbed him of everything. Despite his weakened form showing up on the left side of his face, he still retains his powered up form, but it was not going to last long due to his limit.

"What's wrong?" asked an indifferent Aidan/Diablo, whom Riser was so surprised to see that he had survived from the impact. "You seem to be worked up about something, Riser. You know, I cannot help but recall the face of the one I killed that day."

Aidan/Diablo begins to chuckle menacingly, as Riser's eyes widen in realization of who he was speaking about.

Upon seeing Aidan's twisted and deformed face due to the soulstone chunk in his forehead. It was the same face he wore during the Terror Unleashed incident; with the black veins appearing all over, those red demonic eyes, the raccoon eyes spilling blood, and the glow of the red soulstone gleaming brightly. Everything on the face plate of the helmet was broken save for the bottom portion which covered his mouth.

"The face of your little sister who was your former Bishop – Ravel Phenex."


Something soon triggered in Ravel's mind, as if a great weight were suddenly pressing down on her body. Her vision of color turned blurry and grey. Her eyes widen like she saw something stunning.

"Ravel?" asked Rias. "What's wrong?"

Ravel's breathing was starting to be erratic and heavy. Her hands were slowly brought up to her ears, covering them, and her eyes were about to become blank.

Xenovia realized, "She's hallucinating!"

All the girls rush in but it was too late. Ravel could then see a building in flames, bodies everywhere and coated in blood. And right in the middle of it all stood a Dark Wanderer with a red glow by his head, holding someone by the throat up high. Initially, she thought of it to be Riser, only to see him on the ground and pinned down by what appeared to be a demonic foot.

And that is when she saw who was being held and choked. It was her, in the gripping arms of Aidan, the Dark Wanderer.


And a rackling sound of a broken neck was heard from her as her body goes limp. It was then tossed aside unceremoniously to the ground, making it roll before it stops cold, bleeding to death.

Then, she screams.


Back in the real world, all the girls rush in and do what they can to support Ravel and calm her mind. Asia brings out An'Naresh to wrap Ravel's head and use her healing magic, while Rossweisse and Akeno deploy strong magic barriers to protect everyone from the intense blasts.

"Ravel! Ravel, look at me. Look at me!" Rias called, holding Ravel's head gently to have her look at her.

Ravel's eyes soon regain color as her mind begins to recover thanks to An'Naresh. She looks up at Rias with tears in her eyes.

"L-Lady Rias?" She asked.

"Oh thank goodness," Rias sighed in relief, but it was short-lived. "By any chance, do you… remember?"

Ravel hesitantly answered, "Y-Yes. I… I saw it. But how did I-"

"Deckard Kain brought you back," Rias hastily explained. "Using old magic. He sealed your memories of the event so that you would not remember."

"I… I see. Wh-Where is Onii-sama?"

All eyes turn back to the fight as Riser was still huffing and puffing in anger of seeing his opponent mocking before him.

"To think that you and Ravel Phenex had much more in common than I initially thought," Aidan/Diablo remarked mockingly. "And yet, you could not save her from me in your moment of prideful triumph."

"I don't want to hear the name of my little sister coming out of your filthy goddamn mouth…!" Riser demanded in pure rage.

But Aidan/Diablo was not threatened by Riser's threats as he continues his taunting unabated, his tactic of getting Riser angry to the point of recklessness working.

"A little girl who concerned herself solely of your prideful reputation, devout of any and all talent…! How embarrassing for me, the Pawn of Rias Gremory, to see her as a Bishop in your Peerage. And the way she died was so pathetic. Where do I start describing her screams of agony…?"

"ENOUGH!" Riser screams as he lifts his left fist for another powerful punch.


Only for Riser to be blasted away by Aidan/Diablo's powerful enhanced Power of Destruction blast. The Phenex went flying in the air, coughing up a lot of blood, and was heading straight into the mountainside. He would have crashed into it and perhaps he out of commission had Issei not caught him.

"Riser!" Issei cried as he catches the Phenex in his arms.

Aidan/Diablo sits up coughing before he sees the dragon. "Curse you, dragon…"

As Issei flies overhead to a safe distance with Riser in tow, Tannin also arrives on the scene yet begins to berate Riser. "It's the same as last time. Riser, you need calm down! The last time you fought him, you allowed him to provoke you with Ravel's death and that's how he won! And put that hole in your stomach!"


Both Issei and Riser land rather roughly, getting their bearings as Riser coughs more blood. Tannin also lands with them right behind, keeping an eye on the demonic nephalem.

"That's your biggest problem right now," Tannin said. "Don't let him get under your skin!"

"Ngh…right…" Riser begrudgingly takes in the advice. Both of them watch as Aidan/Diablo stands up, his armor cracked and falling apart bit by bit.

Issei asks Tannin, "How are we going to take him down, old man?"

Tannin then notes, "His power and fighting style are completely different than before. You won't be able to stop him head on. Use your wits."

Issei then looks at Riser and asks, "Hey, Riser. Can you still fight? It's do or die. If you want to win, you must go past your limits."

"I will…" Riser said despite blood coughing out of his mouth.

From the safety of the barriers deployed by Rias, Rossweisse, and Akeno, the ORC and Ravel Phenex watch the battle unfold. But what they were witnessing was just out of this world. Riser and Aidan were fighting again but almost in a reflection of the Terror Unleashed. This time, Riser was standing his own ground, doing his best not to give into fear like last time. But with the exposure of his limit and his weakened form for everyone to see, he needed to end this fight quickly before he can no longer go on.

Still, concerns were raised from all. Rias feared for her fiancé possessed once more by Diablo. Though it does not appear to be a full possession this time due to Diablo's true and unholy form not overcoming Aidan, it still left her in fear, and she had many questions of what was going to happen next. She also had concerns for Riser, seeing that his mortal injury had left him severely weakened and now, for the first time, she could only hope he comes out of this fight alive. She was not going to let the past dictate the current situation, not with her current fiancé and her former fiancé at each other's throats.

Akeno keeps Koneko close to her, seeing that her beloved Aidan was once more possessed. She didn't think things could get more uglier than before, but she was wrong. Now she cannot help but fear when Mephisto will have the chance to possess Aidan, or if the Lord of Hatred was assisting his younger sibling in granting their host power. With the powers of Destruction, Hatred, and Terror flowing through Aidan's body, she'd wondered if Riser, in his current condition, even stands a chance against him. Though he has help in the form of Issei and Tannin, will the powers of two powerful dragons help Riser?

Xenovia kept Asia close, hidden behind her back and had Durandal out to defend her in case the barrier broke. But even while making a stand, her seeing Aidan being possessed by Diablo left her with shaky knees. However, she holds firm to herself and steels her feet. Thanks to her training by Tyrael, she had been taught how to not give in to fear, for terror is what gives Diablo his power. Now, facing Terror itself, Xenovia has to be ready to steel her heart should things go awry.

Rossweisse could not believe what she had seen. She heard stories of the nephalem possessed by Diablo, but she never thought to see it. She was unconscious during the Khaos Brigade's attack, thanks to Sinestra, thus she never got to see Aidan's crazed form as the Prime Evil. Then again, it was probably best that she never did. But now, seeing the Lord of Terror in possession of Aidan's body made her believe that against such terror, Asgard may not stand against a chance against a demon lord who cannot feel fear.

Issei and Riser soon sprout out from the ground and out of hiding from the crater. Both combatants stand up on their ground to face their enemy. Riser soon coughs up some blood from his mouth into his right hand. He felt like his ribs were cracked, hence the blood.

"I find myself conflicted," Aidan/Diablo said as he stretches out his arms to his sides. "Here stand three individuals born for greatness, with only one more powerful than the two. So is it fair that I should put the final nail in this coffin to see who is the strongest? You know, Riser, as much as you hate me, I think I probably loathe you more. I killed your little sister, sure, but you took away so much from me. Everything I tried to protect. That's why I want you to suffer until your last breath and die broken and disgraced for all the Underworld to see!"

Aidan/Diablo powers up his Power of Destruction on his right side, red and black lightning cackling around it. Riser and Issei take notice of it.

"Big one's coming! Dodge and counter!" Tannin said as he goes up in the air with Issei following behind.

"Not everyone is so fast, aren't they?" Aidan/Diablo asked. Riser's senses urged him to look behind and see the naked girls vulnerable to attack. It was clear that dodging was evidently out of the question.

Issei saw them and realized his mistake, making him quickly fly down hopefully to reach the girls in time.

"Watch out!" cried Issei, but it was too late.

"I will obliterate everything you've protected!" Aidan/Diablo cried as he fires his Power of Destruction. The blast meets Riser head on as he uses his Hell Fire to fire back and meet the blast head on in the hope to block it and spare the girls' lives. The shockwave was enough for Issei to be sent flying backwards.


A massive explosion of fire, steam, and rubble was met. The dust soon clears shortly afterwards.

"First to go is your self-respect and your ridiculous public image," Aidan/Diablo said. "Show the Underworld how pitiful you really are, Immortal Phenex."

In his "true form," after sustaining permanent damage from Diablo, Riser's declining health reduced him to a skinny man with sharp, angular features and long limbs, his neck long and his eyebrows absent. He possesses a large scar that covers most of the left side of his chest, and it is not uncommon for him to spout blood from his mouth from time to time whenever he reaches his limit in fighting.

All eyes watching were stunned to see what was before them. Riser Phenex once stood as a strong muscular man, but now he had been reduced to a state of weakness. One near death injury, combined with his trauma and nightmares of the Demons, had now reduced him into something that one may find in an asylum.

"He… He looks like a skeleton…" Rossweisse said.

Even Ravel could only stare in fear, seeing what has happened.

"Onii-sama…" Ravel said. "Your secret…"

"Hollow cheeks and sunken eyes," Aidan/Diablo mocked with arms wide open. "To think you were once a champion of the Rating Games. Now the adoring public knows your true form. Try not to be ashamed."

Riser glares at Aidan/Diablo for such a ludicrous proclamation. Blood pours from his head and other parts of his body as he stares defiantly back.

"Your move," Aidan/Diablo said as he brings his arms down and sees Riser struggle to stand up.

"Even as my body rots and grows frail… Even as you expose my weakened state…" Riser clamps her bloody left fist down with passion and conviction. "In my heart, I am still Riser Phenex of the Phenex Family! And there is nothing you can do to take that from me!"

"Is that so?" Aidan/Diablo sighs in amusement. "Oh well. I'd forgotten how stubborn you are. I guess I'll just give up."

The Phenex glares back at the demonic nephalem, stubbornly clinging to whatever shred of life remained within him. He was not going to back down now with his weakened form exposed, not after going this far in the fight. A part of him wanted to give in but a majority of himself refused, not wanting to suffer another humiliating defeat at the hands of the one Demon that nearly killed him and destroyed his family.

Riser then asked, "Aidan… I have one question for you."

This briefly confuses Aidan/Diablo for a bit. "Speak."

"How close are you and Rias?" He asked.

This confused Aidan/Diablo for a bit. "Pardon?"

Riser then asked again, "I said… how close are you and Rias? Clearly the two of you have bonded in the time of my… recovery. So how close are you?"

This question came as a surprise for Aidan/Diablo, whose eyebrows were raised slightly either out of surprise or amusement. Looking to his right, he sees an audience gathered nearby, Rias living among them.

He then looks back at Riser, with a bit of a smirk on his lips and a chuckle that followed. One that Riser heard.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"She does have that glow, doesn't she?" Aidan/Diablo asked with a smirk to Riser regarding Rias. "Bearing my child so agreed with her."


"You asked me how close Rias and I are, so I will simply put it like this. We are close enough to the point of being formally engaged. And close enough to the point where she is now pregnant with my child."

Riser was immediately silent. Confusion and shock soon came over his face at what Aidan/Diablo had just said. He thought if that was really true? That Rias Gremory was his fiancée now? Moreover, she was pregnant? With his child?

Upon seeing his expression that looked as if he was not lying, Riser's eyes were wide open, and his mouth was left ajar in shock as Aidan decides to come clean with the truth.

"I kept wondering what would annihilate your prideful heart," said Aidan/Diablo. "But while you recovered, Rias had to travel to and endure Hell itself, all to rescue the one Pawn she had admittedly loved dearly with her heart. We both confessed later on in our time together and soon consummated, resulting in her pregnancy. When we told this to her parents, they decided to have us be formally engaged."

Riser was more shocked as his eyes were even more wide-opened. "You lie…"

But Aidan/Diablo dispels it. "Oh come now. You know it's the truth. That is clearly something I would do."

Riser's body soon became limp as everything was draining off of him, him emotions mainly. His body, once pumped filled with what remained of his strength followed by the adrenaline in the course of his fight with Aidan, suddenly became weak as it slowly hanged itself by a thread. His mind was filled with so much denial and doubt, the truth now opened before him about his former fiancée. Although Riser did not want to believe it, he never thought it possible that Rias, his former fiancée, was now engaged to a man he despised the most. And pregnant with his child

Then again, for someone like Aidan to pull off something like this, in truth he was right. Aidan would be the cause all of this. And much to Riser's bitterness as much as he didn't want to admit it, for all the destruction Aidan had caused to him, he was no liar when it came to speaking the truth.

"Huh. Well, well, that's strange, Riser," Aidan/Diablo then mockingly imitates a smile with his thumbs, as if to showcase Riser's egotism. "Where's your smile now?"

He snickers menacingly as Riser gives in to his dark despair. The truth laid before him as everything comes crashing down. His entire life felt like it had just died for a second time.

"You…bas…tard…" Riser softly spoke as he looked at his nemesis, a nephalem Pawn who had not only taken everything away from him but also gained everything he ever wanted.

Aidan/Diablo continues to laugh and imitate and mock the smile until he stops, taking in the delight of Riser's horror and shock. "How very entertaining. I think I had taken a piece of you after all."

Riser could only look with widened eyes, his face filled with despair. "You're engaged to her? And… she's pregnant… with your child?"

Riser soon gasps, his breathing becoming erratic as his mind turns blank before it shows a hallucinating image he never dared to see. There he saw Aidan on top of Rias, possessed by Diablo. And below him was Rias, naked with the demonic nephalem on top of her. And she was screaming in both pain and pleasure.

The demonic nephalem was laughing like mad, thrusting himself into her, ravishing her, all the while looking at Riser with glee.

And that was the final straw for the Phenex to break down.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Riser screams as he collapses to his knees, clutching his head with both of his arms, unable to break away from the hallucinating image of a demonically possessed Aidan raping Rias.

But that is when he hears a soft voice speak to him, in the form of his little sister.

"Don't lose..." Ravel said, sitting up. "Don't give up, Onii-sama! We need you!"

But Riser would not move, still stunned of the revelation and caught up in his hallucination. Despair held on tight to him like a twisted mangled piece of metal burning hot with fear. Though red hot, the metal refused to melt and was further tightening onto his heart.

"Beat this Demon..." Akeno said, gritting her teeth and seeing the situation the former fiancé of her best friend was in.

Asia even shouted to reach him, "Riser! You can do it! For Ravel!"

"Kick Diablo's ass!" Koneko shouted.

Xenovia chimed in, "Don't let him fill you with fear!"

Rossweisse also said, "Stand your ground! You are a son of the Phenex Family!"

Voices from the ORC were giving their all to support Riser and have him snap out of his shocked state. Rias and Ravel also joined in to cheer him on, knowing that between an once proud yet arrogant Phenex and a nephalem possessed by the Lord of Terror, one of them had to win. And that winner must be Riser Phenex.

"Win this!" Rias cried.

"Beat him!" Ravel cried.

Then the two shouted in unison. "COME ON, RISER!"

Then, out of nowhere, Hyperios arrives and moves fast, before he covers his body in an astral form and slams into Riser.

"Take my power, Riser Phenex!" Hyperios said. "Use it to defeat this Evil and banish back to the Abyss!"

With the Sun Dragon's power coursing through Riser and giving him a boost, Riser concentrates the remains of his power and infuses it with Hyperios', bringing it over to his right arm as it engulfs in flames like the sun. Riser then knew what to do, having heard the voices of the girls reaching into his ears and into his heart, telling him not to give up. This alone made him snap out of the illusion he saw and also break away from Diablo's grip of terror.

"Don't worry, Ravel…" Riser said as he looks up, with her little sister amazed. "I'm not done yet."

"Onii-sama…" Ravel saw her brother rising bit by bit, consolidating much of his power into his right arm.

"You were right, Diablo…" Riser fully admitted to his opponent. "I still have much to learn as a member of the Phenex Family." Riser's eyes then burn bright with new conviction. "Which is why… I will defeat you!"

From the rubble, Tannin watches while holding a knocked out Issei in his arms. He grits his teeth, realizing how grim the situation was looking despite Riser's boost of power thanks to Hyperios.

'How many times is he going to have to counter such a large scale attack?' Tannin asked. 'He should've been out of power a long time ago. He's concentrating whatever remains he has in his right arm. His distorted form is not good.'

Aidan/Diablo soon ascends to the skies, looking down on his wounded opponent.

"There it is. That's the last of your strength isn't it, Riser?" asked Aidan/Diablo. "A wounded phoenix is a most frightening animal. Do you know that even now I sometimes dream of you charging at me with your entrails strewn across the ground?"

With that said, Aidan/Diablo prepares another blast of his Power of Destruction, forming it and pointing his right hand at Riser.

Tannin wanted to intervene, but he couldn't. Issei was knocked out and in the area. One more blast and the Red Dragon Emperor will be blown away by the blasts.

"You have, what? Two to three minutes left?" asked Aidan/Diablo.


Out of nowhere, Aidan/Diablo immediately brings up a magical shield to block an incoming attack from the side. A huge explosion magic was cast near his position, catching him off-guard briefly.

A stunned Riser recognized that explosion as he looks to his left and saw who it was.

"Riser!" The familiar voice of Yubelluna, his former Queen, spoke, wearing her normal outfit during the Rating Game. "Don't you dare give up now!"

"Looks like we made it in time!" Xuelan said as she lands.

And right behind her were the other members of Riser's Peerage. All of them. Karlamine herself was leading the rest of the team, armed and ready.

Riser was stunned. "Wh-What are you all doing here?"

"We came to help," Karlamine explained. "We won't just sit by and let our master fight alone."

"But… But this is my fight. None of you can—"

"Don't give us that!" Yubelluna exclaimed. "Have you forgotten why you made us your servants? Why you made me your Queen? You didn't do it for a full set of your Peerage. You saved me because you saw my death was unjust and gave me a second chance. I did everything I could to repay you, even if it meant I had to endure your pride."

"And the harder we worked, the more we found satisfaction in it," Karlamine continued on. "Even though you were so prideful about yourself to the point of arrogance, we nonetheless carried on in your name. To serve the Phenex Family with pride. You brought me back when I was killed long ago with my family! You brought back all of us when we were killed unjustly!"

Isabella, Riser's other Knight, then spoke, "When you were left mortally wounded and comatose, when you were left locked in your room in a state of madness, we couldn't do anything to help you. We struggled for months, with only Ravel keeping us together. She did all of this for you, to help you, her big brother, recover from the ordeal. And we want to partake in this as well."

Shuriya spoke next. "We can no longer just sit idly by while you fight. If you fall, who will take us in?"

Marion and Burent, the French maid duo, stood with Shuriya as if to affirm her statement. Along with Nel and Ile with their chainsaws out.

That is when Yubelluna makes her final statement. "Stand up and show the world you're better!"

"Everyone…" Riser widened his eyes in pure disbelief.

"If the only reason you're here is to cheer him on, I demand you to remain silent!" Aidan/Diablo retorted, preparing another blast.

But that is when he narrowly dodges a flaming kick from a flying Xuelan.

"Think again, Mówáng!" Xuelan cried as she turns around to attack again. "We're here to assist!"

(Author's Note: Mówáng means Demon Lord in Chinese)

Isabella jumps up and clashes at the demonic nephalem with her blades. "That's our duty as members of his Peerage!"

Everyone all charges in to the demonic nephalem lingering in the air. Using their wings, they fly in and try to do as much damage as they can against the demon lord. Despite being of no match for him, at least on an individual scale, together they were able to keep him at bay.

Yubelluna was the one beside her former King, helping him up while providing support to the others. Riser however looked at her in shock.

"You… You came for me?" He asked.

"Of course we did," Yubelluna said. "We can't do much. But if we can just help a little, then we have fulfilled our duty to you."

"But why?" asked Riser.

"You have to stop him, Riser!" Yubelluna said, as she points out to his Peerage, both former members and current, fighting against the Lord of Terror. "This personification of evil. Everyone is praying for your victory, no matter what you look like! You are still noble son of the Phenex Family!"

Aidan/Diablo scoffs. "Hmph, now pointless!"


With one blast straight to the ground, the demonic nephalem clears everyone out and away from him. The members of Riser's Peerage and the Phenex Maids all retreat from the blast whilst Riser remains alone, ready for his last stand.

"Let's stop dwelling on heroism and start focusing on reality," Aidan/Diablo declared.

Aidan's form soon begins to change as the black spikes begin to protrude from his back, a red spiky tail emerges, and his hands and feet become more claw-like. The red scaly skin of Diablo soon coats his armor, and his face bears a dark and striking resemblance to the Lord of Terror. With two horns protruding out and in half circles by his head. One thing was certain, Aidan/Diablo had just had a sudden increase in power as shown by the possession. By now, Diablo had taken full control and was ready to meet Riser head on, the Phenex gritting his teeth.

"Those blasts from my Power of Destruction were only meant to wear you out, not kill you. I knew it would take a lot more than that on someone like you. With all of my power consolidated into this attack, I will strike you down for good, Immortal Phenex!"

Riser braces his right fist back, trying to prepare and focus on his old enemy from on high, their final strikes at the ready.

"I wasn't certain until we traded blows tonight, Riser, but now I am," Aidan/Diablo said. "Your demonic power no longer dwells within you. What you have been attacking me with is just a lingering ghost, the embers that remain from what you've already used up. And that fire gets weaker every time you use it. Even now, it's a feeble spark about to put itself out."

Aidan/Diablo then charges in, his attack at the ready as he winds it back.

"Ravel Phenex..." Aidan/Diablo called out, shocking Riser of the former's taunt. "She's the child whom you couldn't save that day, isn't she? I bet she came here without your asking. You have no control over her, do you? It sounds as though you'll die full of regrets, Riser. You fail today not just as her King but also as her brother!"

With his enemy now within range, Riser screams as he his fist meets up with Aidan/Diablo's, their strikes colliding as a massive implosion of energy gathers before dispersing, once more bringing destruction to the surrounding landscape.


For a brief moment, the two seemed to be on even footing.

"IMPACT RECOIL!" Aidan/Diablo summons his ability.


A massive backlash is caused in Riser's right arm which immediately breaks as blood sprouts in all places like a geyser.

Riser shrieks at the unbearable pain as he is forced very far back by Aidan/Diablo, struggling to hold against the powerful attack.

"You're right…" Riser weakly said, catching the Demon Lord's attention. "As her brother, I should've reprimanded her for coming here." Riser looks up, with a face of admission. "I have failed… which is why I must make it up to her!"

Using whatever strength he could, Riser starts to fight back against the relentless tide, bit by bit pushing Aidan/Diablo back despite the two forces being drastically and vastly different.

"I see..." Aidan/Diablo begins to note. "The embers inside you are resisting. They're desperately trying to preserve your last strength so that you may fulfill your duty. BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH!"

Annoyed at such resistance, Aidan/Diablo presses his attack. Riser's blood continues spraying out all over his arm, his body pushed way beyond his limits.

Being constantly pushed back and overpowered, Riser coughs and vomits more blood. Ravel shrieks and gasps out in horror as the others looks very concerned at Riser being pushed back further and further.

It was then that Riser heard the voices again.

'When you think you cannot go on any more… remember.'

Riser, using his left foot, catches ground and tries to stabilize himself despite being pushed far back.

"I'll beat you… not because of who I am," Riser said. "But because I will do what Ravel sacrificed herself to do. Until I finished fulfilling my role as her big brother…"


Riser manages to halt his tracks and come to a stop. Despite the force still pushing her, he finally gained her footing to stand his ground.

"Until she is ready…" Riser said.

"To think you are still able to resist this much..." Aidan/Diablo noted.

"I won't…" Riser powers up his left fist.

But that is when Aidan/Diablo realized it. "I miscalculated!"

Now was Riser's chance. Getting out of the way of the relenting assault, Riser manages to come over to Aidan/Diablo's right side with an empowered left fist. Despite his right arm now completely and utterly broken in many places and bleeding all over.

"I WILL! NOT! DIE!" He screams as he gives a hard left hook to Aidan/Diablo's face.


His left fist destroys the remnants of the Demon's helmet. Riser soon recalls the words Issei told him.

'You won't be able to stop him head on. Use your wits and work your way around him.'

A powerful shockwave enveloped the sky and the land, making Tannin stand his ground as he watches from the sidelines, holding Issei in his arms.

'At that last moment, he transferred the power from his right arm to his left. He used his right arm as bait. But—'

"A clever trick? That's so unlike you!" Aidan/Diablo said as he prepares his Power of Destruction from his left arm. "It's still weak, though!"

In that moment though, Riser redirects the power of her left fist, surprising Aidan/Diablo when she takes notice in a gasp.


"That's because I didn't put my back into it that time!" Riser revealed, as the left hook was actually a distraction for Aidan/Diablo to take in the bait.

As Riser gathers what remnants of his power into one final strike, voices of his family speak to him. The voices of his other two brothers and his parents.

'You have survived so far and learned the lessons not so to put fear into your heart, but to give you hope, a chance to start anew. And only you can make that dream a reality. Now it is your turn. Now it is your time. Good luck to you, son/little brother.'

Whether one could imagine it or not, the members of the Phenex family pass on what seemed to be the real power of the Phenex into Riser's right hand, which he grabs onto and empowers his arm in a fiery light of white and orange. His fiery wings spread out as he is enhanced by his new conviction, his new power.

Aidan/Diablo, using one last attempt to kill Riser, fires his Power of Destruction at point blank range, only for Riser to duck under, making the shot miss completely and instead destroy a nearby mountain.


A fiery explosion erupts behind the rising Phenex.

Now was his chance.


Riser screams for his one last strike, blood spewing out of his mouth and through his gritted teeth. Aidan could only look on towards his inevitable defeat in anger.

"Goodbye… Diablo!"


With one punch to Aidan/Diablo's left cheek, Riser gives everything he has; body, mind, and soul; to take down the Demon that had plagued him and his family for far too long.



And with one massive hit, Riser slams Aidan/Diablo straight to the ground, creating a vast tornado of flame that spirals out of control, destroying a few nearby mountains. Everyone takes to cover with magic shields up to protect them all from the blast.

And from that flame, a massive image of a phoenix, like it was reborn from the ashes, was lit up for all in the vicinity to bear witness.

"Welcome back… Riser Phenex."

With the battle concluded, Aidan and Riser were treated of their wounds and returned back to the cave in the mountains where they stayed at. Because they caused so much devastation to the hot springs, they had to earn the ire and wrath of the girls for ruining their relaxing moment. Now it was under renovation and reconstruction and the girls may have to find another hot spring.

Riser had nearly died once again in that fight but unlike last time where he was defeated, this one was in assurance of victory. Having been granted Hyperios' power, Riser was wise enough to return it to the Sun Dragon, but the dragon himself insisted that Riser would keep it, to prove itself useful in the days to come and have it be incorporated with his power.

For Aidan however, everything had went according to plan.


"I'm going to let Diablo control me, partially at least," Aidan said.

Before heading off to Dragon Mountain with Riser, Aidan had confided to Rias about his plan to help the training and recovery. However, Rias was not happy about the plan.

"Absolutely not!" She vehemently replied in her tone not as Aidan's fiancée but as the King of her Peerage. "I'm not allowing you to tap into that power again and let you be possessed again! Why would you do something so foolish and lose your life?!"

Aidan answers calmly, "Because it is not just me that Riser fears or hates. It is Diablo. Since, by my hand, Ravel was killed and his engagement to you was ruined, he will try to kill me. I intend to play the role of villain but have Diablo take the reins. It is the inly way for Riser to vent all the anger and hatred he has and not be tethered to his fear and nightmares."

"Or it can backfire and make him flee as faraway as possible!" Rias replied. "If that happens, we will have no choice but to get my brother and the other Satans over to help us!"

"Precisely, Rias," Aidan said, but that caught his fiancée off-guard when he said that.


"It is as you said. This plan could backfire, and Riser could flee and run away instead of facing his fears and fighting Diablo. In the event that happens, I want you to contact your brother and inform him of the situation. Only his power, and that of the Satans, can contain Diablo. But if that does not work, call for Tyrael. He will come as well."

"But Somnus…" Rias next said in a rather trembling voice. "I-I don't want you to die."

Aidan sympathizes and brings his right hand to Rias' left cheek and smiles to soothe her. "I have no intention to die, my love. But you must trust me. Please. For me… and for our baby."

His left hand soon rubs against Rias' stomach as if to reassure her that he will be okay. Though Rias was still doubtful, she did trust her soon-to-be husband. Her right hand travels also to Aidan's left, cradling her belly and what was inside of it.

"Okay…" Rias said. "I have a bad feeling of all this, and I think your plan is too extreme. But… I'll entrust you to Riser's wellbeing. Just please… spare him if you can. I don't want to see him die nor suffer anymore."

"It's not just for you, isn't it?" He asked calmly.

"No. I don't want Ravel to live without her brother either. She reached out to us, so we should give her what she wants."

Aidan smiles in agreement as he presses his lips gently against Rias', the Gremory heiress kissing back slowly and closing her eyes.


It was one hell of a gamble to make but it paid off in the end. Aidan may have scarred his spirit up again thanks to Diablo but at least he did not make a deal with the Lord of Terror for that would have been foolish. Thanks to Aidan's strong will and past experiences of possession, he was able to resist if not help Riser give him that one final chance to exact his vengeance on the Lord of Terror.

Now Riser was back and better than ever, having regained his pride without its corrupting influence of arrogance and having conquered his fears of the Demons. And with the ever encroaching threat of the Burning Hells, he will stand a chance of fighting against them.

Hours have passed since the battle, with both former enemies lying on the ground, each taking opposite sides of the fire.

Then, a voice spoke up, but it was not Aidan's.

"It seems Rias' pregnancy is coming along nicely," Riser said.

Aidan was surprised to hear his former enemy say that, but he had to agree with him for once on that one.

"Yes," He nodded. "She is getting all the support she can get, though of those outside the family, only you and Ravel know of this."

"Hopefully, the child does not end up like you," Riser said.

"Oh shut up," Raiden sarcastically said. "That's not your concern."

Riser took it all in stride, having made peace with his pride. "We must make the Underworld a suitable place for your child. She will be an outcast, but her blood must matter little to her and all others. Which is why, Aidan, I ask of this."


"I will give up on Rias, so please… take care of her."

Aidan nods. "I will… so long as you do not get the chance to see her oppai next time."

Riser wanted to retort back at that, but he was too tired to do so. And he needed his rest. That last battle drained nearly every ounce of his strength just to defeat the Lord of Terror, a feat few mortals and Devils have accomplished.

A phoenix may reach the ends of its life and perish, but it will always rise from the ashes anew, stronger than ever.

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