AN: Merry Christmas guys! I finally got out of my college semester, so I can get back to writing for a bit. I still have my personal life to deal with, but I hope that this special Christmas present will help fill you all with some holiday cheer! I literally winged this poem, so enjoy!

Twas Christmas Eve and bells were ringing

CR was filled with Poppy's singing

Emu and Parad are playing a game

All while Kuroto's plotting his rise to fame

Hiro was eating a cake

While Taiga was himself to be frank

Nico was pouting by his side

Kiriya is taking life with stride

As Eiji wanders the Earth

He looks for the bird who gave him self worth

Although that's his deep desire

He doesn't mind sitting at a fire

Although he misses his friend

He will keep looking till the very end

Christmas is gleaming through Shotaro's eyes

He supposed that it was a blessing in disguise

Philip is here tall and proud

Shotaro is glad to have him around

Spending Christmas in their city

Made everything feel less gritty

Merry Christmas Kamen Riders

You've made the horizon even wider

You're real to us fact or fiction

Your lives aren't a contradiction

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that your holidays go well and that the Heisei Generations Forever movie is amazing.