This is really a huge hit judging by my standards this is also the first time I have updated so fast I will also be doing another story about my oc, the host of yhwh Arahitou Touji, if you take a close look at the summary it says "as he becomes the equal and opposite of YHWH" and the YHWH of the dxd universe is dead so it is about his host Andrew Storm however let me tell you that they will not be enemies they will be time to time rival though. And if some readers thought YHWH was going to be issei… you are seriously disturbed

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PART ONE {Satan}

{Line break}

"Thanks Ichigo I will be on my way now." He said standing up "again thank you Ichigo"

"You're welcome" I replied "now let's start"

"What is your name?"

"Serafall Leviathan"

"Oh. It's nice to meet you. So could you tell me why a youndai maou is doing in my humble home?"

'This is humble?' Serafall thought as she looked around the room. This kid looked like he just turned 18 yesterday. And yet he was considered the richest teen in the world and the only work he did was invest in other peoples projects… 'Wait a minute…' she thought

Serafall: "How do you know who I am?"

Ichigo*smiles*: "I have basic knowledge of you devils. I don't want to get caught up in the supernatural world but I don't want to be completely oblivious about you people either. I was taught by aizen how to be a good manipulator although I am not even close to that guy I got good enough. So I tried to manipulate everyone I thought was suspicious. It didn't work on the Azazel guy, but he was impressed enough to tell me about the basics."

Serafall: "I see"

Ichigo: "so why did you want to meet me anyway. You want to me to join your peerage or something"

Serafall*sweat drop*: "you were able to tell huh?"

"With that nervous face anyone will make out and anyway I just said I don't want to get caught up in the supernatural world." Ichigo said as he got up "so I hope you got my answer" Ichigo started walking towards the stairs but suddenly felt unfathomable pain in his heart he fell to the ground and Serafall calling his name in worry was all that he could make out before he lost his consciousness to the pain.


Serafall looked at the down Ichigo and felt a little sad looking at him like that and she couldn't help but blush looking at him. He was pretty handsome; he had a pretty nice body add that with the bad boy vibe and the I-own-the-world face he put on from time to time mostly to help with his 'manipulation' as he put it he was definitely a guy girls would fall head over heels for. She had even heard Steve jokingly say once that he had the president in his pockets that alone was enough for many people to force their daughters down his throat but he would always refuse or some rare cases where the girl wanted only his money the girl would be dead under mysterious circumstances or sometimes commit suicide. Another one of his manipulations she thought.

Soon one of his servants came and called the ambulance

{At the hospital}

The doctor came out slightly concerned. He saw Serafall and moved towards her.

Serafall immediately stood up. "He is good now but he may suffer like this again so please inform us shall it ever happen"

The doctor left after saying that. Serafall went inside the room and saw him sitting upright on bed.

{Serafall pov}

He looked at me from his spot on the bed "you're still here?" he said looking at me. I was really trying to suppress the urge to look calm right now and by the look of him face I wasn't doing much of a good job.

"Well of course I am still here that disease of yours is no laughing matter it is really lethal for a human you know." I said with a pout. I folded my arms and looked at him he looked quite puzzled. He tilted his head to the side and said "What diseases" I looked at him with an angry face something that I wasn't that good at judging by my child like body.

"Look Ichigo you can't fool a devil, humans may take it for something else but being a creature from hell I can sense hells reiatsu." I said again with a pouty face but the look on his face almost broke my heart. That look wasn't amusement or the smirk or the I-own-the-world façade. No, it was shock and fear.

{Ichigo pov}

I was pretty sure that I broke my rich guy façade there when I heard about hells reiatsu. I was shocked, shocked at hearing that hells reiatsu still lingered in my soul and afraid, not of death but because I had to go to that hellhole of an afterlife again. Not like I was expecting to go there anyway, my hands were soaked in blood. Not of the innocent of course but of the time to time thug hunting I did I was without a doubt stronger than them due to the constant training I did to keep in shape.

"You really didn't know… did you?" Serafall said to me.

"… No. what happened"

"when you went to hell to save your sister you were infected by hells reiatsu and the second hell gave you its power it was all concentrated on your heart when you came out It was kept in check when you were still a soul reaper. But when you turned human-"

"I didn't stand a chance" I cut her off and she nodded. I hung my head.

"You know there is one way"

{Line break}


It was a pretty bad night to say the least I was living in kuoh and looking outside it seemed that the new host was chosen I went to bed and as soon as I closed my eyes I heard a voice

"He is awake, little one, the host of my brother has awoken find him make him realize his purpose. Remember not to let any devil to see you they will not take it lightly that there king is being prevented from interacting with them. If you take my word it is good if you don't let even angels see you."

With that I woke up.

Oh in case you're wondering I am Arahitou Touji.

The host of god.

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