I am extremely sorry for such a long wait and I would also like to say that in order to make sure that this story, which is actually the prologue, gets enough time to give Ichigo and my two OCs a nice reputation that even ophis and great red are wary of them also the problem is that I wanted to make Arahitou brother of Irina and son of shidou problem? I somehow missed Touji as the sir name and shidou as the real name so yeah Arahitou's sir name is shidou not touji I am going to say that this timeline is 2 years before rias even starts schooling in the human world Enjoy the chapter

{Satan campaign}

"You cried from just hearing my story even though I was smiling. That's the kind of friend I need." He said Serafall looked a little surprised by that "some one that will look past my mask and see the truth and pain while I fool everyone else." He said and smiled at her. Serafall looked with awe before smiling herself.

{Time skip}

{The void}

Ichigo opened his eyes as he remembered Serafall putting a queen piece inside him. He sat up and saw that he was in a place very similar to the first circle of hell when he went there to get back his sister. He saw that in his front were 2 very indistinct figures there was one that was made purely out of white light with four limbs and a head with the only thing of other color being a black cross that covered the left side of his fore head the other one was made purely out of darkness with the head on fire and 2 black bat like wings with fire on its borders it also had chains wrapped around its ankles and wrists.

He looked at the black figure in amazement, he didn't know why but it looked too familiar. This was the bad guy, the evil one, he was sure but he just couldn't get his eyes off of him. He slowly got up still looking at the black figure. He heard the white figure call him but he didn't care he took one step forward towards the dark figure and then everything went black. "You pass the test good" he heard a voice from behind him he saw that the black figure was looking at him with a single eye on his forehead.

"Wh-who are you?" Ichigo asked the being.

"Well you came to my world and wrecked havoc, killed multiple kushanada, destroyed the chains which should indestructible, destroyed the gates and most of all you actually escaped, all this and yet my armor chose you instead of any devil. You know my name don't you?" the being said as Ichigo's expression turned from amazement to shock.

"You… are. Satan" he managed to blurt out.

"Why yes. It seems humans aren't that stupid." Satan said

"Why are you here?" he asked with little to know hesitation. It felt odd really. He was speaking to the devil. The ACTUALL FUCKING DEVIL like he knew him since his childhood. He felt so familiar it was like he belonged here like… realization dawned in him as he said "you are a part of me"

Satan closed his one eye and disappeared he appeared in front of Ichigo "Incorrect you are thinking that I am a part of your soul like zampakutou aren't you?" he asked and Ichigo nodded

Satan shook his head in disappointment "the truth is that you are a part of me." He said earning a shocked look from Ichigo.

{Serafall mansion}

Bahamut looked at Ichigo in anticipation. He looked quite strong and no doubt there queen wouldn't just add anyone weak into her peerage. Bahamut took a long look at him before thinking "I wonder what powers he has". At that moment Serafall came in to the room she had changed from her suit to her normal, mahou shojou Cosplay, she took note that Ichigo was still sleeping. She move up to her rook and asked "I thought you were going to be in India you know our relationships aren't any better than in trading with the Hindu pantheon"

Bahamut whined "but they are so scary…"

"Well I can't deny that" sera put a hand on her chin and said

"By the way what powers does he have" Bahamut asked

"Well… I don't know" Serafall said sticking her tongue out

"EEHH?" Bahamut cried as Ichigo started to shift uncomfortably then abruptly he woke up. He sat straight on his bed. Serafall looked at him and thought with a smile. 'Your life as a devil starts now'

Sirzechs stared at the files in front of him. To think Serafall had claimed the second coming of Satan before him, of course he and his peerage, Azazel and Michael were the only ones who really knew about it. Sirzechs let out a small smile of victory. At least they had their king back Michael and his white army had gotten his father back a long time ago but he never really stayed in one place at a time so he couldn't say that. Both Brahma and Shiva had agreed to let go of their mantles and give it back to their rightful owners when time was right and they themselves asked for it. Sirzechs scowled however when he saw the next file the vanishing emperor had been sighted in multiple places mostly in Japan; he couldn't care less that Azazel had got Albion, that wasn't the reason. The real reason was that he was not satisfied they had the destroyer and death, the white army had the generator and life but neither had the operator and destiny. With both sides on an equal and the fallen angels at a loss the only way to defy a clear victor or to equal all sides was by gaining the trust of the destiny. And he should a appeared before Ichigo that was after all the way everything was supposed to work generation operation death. You see they didn't just think for a second and said "hey let's call the one we will worship for the next eternity god" no there is a reason why they are called that.

At that moment grafia including his entire peerage burst right in through the doors with a man in the arms of his rook. "What is the matter" he asked

"'s 'ittle guy 'ere says that the operator's 'ith the old maou faction" surtr second said


"WHAT" Michael cried out Gabriel told him about the situation with the operator. Michael scowled a rare sight for the indirect ruler of hell. Gabriel gave a concerned look before saying "what's the matter I just said that they took a young exorcist. That is a little concerning but not that much" Michael then got up and walked out of his office. They didn't know he almost forgot. He continued walking when he felt a familiar energy signature. He looked at the door and saw his direct superior, even though he won't admit it, Touji. Touji looked at him and gave a half hearted smile. So he still didn't like that almost every man in heaven thought him as a father.

"Yo Michael" Touji greeted him and Michael looked at him with slight wonder. His normally amused eyes were actually serious this time. "what's the matter" Michael tensed seeing that he was serious gave everyone tense. Touji shook his heads and went back to the same door he came from.

To say Touji was pissed was an understatement. Michael thought that he could hide one of his kinds was it? Too bad he didn't know what he knew.


Darkness that was all that he knew that day. It had all gone so nice at the beginning. He had been training as an exorcist, and the pope himself promised that he would give him an Excalibur piece should he defeat more than 10 devils in a week. And then it all went downhill. He had been captured by one of the leader of the old maou faction Katerea leviathan herself. He had been tortured for two whole weeks and after the 15th day they stopped bothering him putting him in a solitary confinement cell for about a month.

And now finally he was allowed to go out. He reached his home and found that there was no one there he went to his teacher but he refused to even know him. He was telling a lie, he had guilt written all over his face but why? Finally he decided to meet the pope himself and ask the question that had been haunting him more than the fact that no one was admitting they recognized him. It was what happened to his dear sister Asia. When he met him the answer shocked him. He said the reason no one recognized him was because he had been captured by devils of the 'old' maou faction, That he was a disgrace to the society of exorcists… and that his sister was now an outcast due to having healed a devil labeling her a witch they kicked me out after that I could feel rage building up inside every bit of my body I went back to where they had left me to go out. And surprisingly she was still there Katerea looked at me and asked me with a cold smile.

"So how would you like to join us?"

I looked at him before saying "help me kill the pope and I will walk through hell for you"

"I see then welcome to the faction Alexan-"

"Andrew" he said cutting her off. She looked at me confused "what?"

"the names given to me and Asia were given by the pope himself and we are of native exorcist clans I am no longer a part of them. So this is my name Andrew Storm. I named myself storm because I will be the storm that will crash on Vatican. Katerea simply smiled and welcomed him to the faction.

Deep with is his minds a being made his voice known "it seems that the three of us will be on opposite sides."


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