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Chapter 3.

The boy looked at the blonde serious man and his eyes locked at his heavy armor and long navy spear. The man's blonde long hair made him look quite handsome, not the Arthur cared to much, he needed the strength of the servant not his looks.

" It is a pleasure to meet you Fionn mac Cumhaill" he said with a smile on his face " Indeed I summoned you for the grail war, you of the lancer class" he extended his hand to the spirit.

The man's stone face broke in a smile " It is a pleasure to meet you master.. I am happy that you were able to summon the servant you wanted.. But as you know my name already will you give me the pleasure of knowing your name?" he asked.

Arthur chuckled " Forgive me my rudeness sir knight, my name is Arthur Ainsworth it is a pleasure to be in your presence " the blonde bowed his head to the ancient knight.

The man grasped his extended hand" It is a pleasure then sir Arthur Ainsworth, I hope we will be able to win this war. But more than that I hope we will be able to work together without the need for something like this " he pointed to the command seals on the other blondes hair.

Arthur nodded" I hope so as well.. I will answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability but I hope you will agree to help me with my research " he looked at the servant expectedly.

The man thought for a moment before nodding" I am not one for reaserch much, but if I can help than I will do all I can to help you " he shook the hand.

" Now for my questions.. "


The light which slipped past the windows found the two blondes sitting near a small table, a cup of tea in the hands of each one of them.

Fionn chuckled" The time truly flew by didn't it? Your world is so interesting though.. Who could have thought that something as extraordinary dangerous was going on under the surface of the peaceful facade of the world ".

" Do not laugh Lord Fionn.. I lost my sibling to them.. I will have my revenge one day.. " Arthur's voice became a dark hiss.

The older man looked at him with a questioning gaze" So this is your wish for the grail? To destroy them all? " he asked" Or is this what your research is for? "

Arthur chuckled mirthllesly" If that would have been this easy they would have been dead years ago.. No I can't just smilpy whish for the grail to destroy them.. It will create a disaster so big that the accursed Gaia and twice more accursed Alaya will notice it... Sending their accursed counter guardians to destroy all we care for... No I don't have any wish for the grail.. My research on the other hand might at least let us defend ourselves better if not outright to crush our enemies " his voice was full of hatred which made the older man uncomfortable but he did understand the feeling.

Before he was able to say anything however, the phone rang in the apartment and the younger blonde went to answer it.

" Hello Arthur Ainsworth talking" he said to the phone.

" Lord Ainsworth, it's Kirigaya Midori" came the reply from the other side.

" Milady" he said as his face changed into a serious expression " How may I help you?" he asked.

The woman on the other side paused for a moment " My lord we wish to sign the Geias, both of them were chosen" she spoke in a much lower tone.

" I suspected something like that" Arthur sighed "Very well.. But please come to my residence, we will sign it here" he said cautiously.

The woman chuckled " Makes sense, two servants at once and on a home base of another magus isn't really a good odds, we will be there tonight, but I assure you we mean you no harm" she said assuring him.

Arthur nodded to himself " Very well, I'll be waiting tonight at eight pm, make sure that their servants are in spirit form" he said.

" Of course Lord Ainsworth, we will see you tonight" she said " Have a good day" then she finished the call.

Exhausted, Arthur moved back toward the sofa " Two more masters identified.. Which puts us into the number of five.. I am curious who will be the two others" he told the servant who looked weirdly at him.

" Arthur.. You really have no wish for the grail? Will you even try to win it?" he asked, his tone serious.

" Fionn, just because I don't have any specific reasons does not mean that you don't which makes perfect sense, so don't fear.. I won't abandon our contract and I wlll do whatever I can to win the war.. I promise you " he said as his eyes tiredly closed and he drifted to sleep.

The older man looked at him with concern in his eyes, after which he covered him with a blanket" Good night master.. I hope the war will end in your favor "he said as he vanished into spiritual form.


The small room was dark, the lights were turned off, the only light was coming from a man in a long white lab coat who held a phone in his hand, on the screen of which a timer was working quickly coming closer to zero.

The man's short dark hair was messy, as if he just woke up. The man closed the distance between himself and a small magical circle on the ground and entered it just as the timer hit zero.

The circle suddenly lightend up, as the man started to mutter something, his voice was horass and his eyes danced toward the light and off it repeatedly.

With every word the light from the circle intensified until it became a great pillar of light enveloping the man in the middle.

As the light settled down, the mas was still standing there, but unlike before he wasn't alone. For there, were just a moment before there was nothing was standing a woman, clothed in Chinese style white robes her black hair was in a ponytail and flailing behind her, a dagger held in her hand.

"Welcome my servant, once more to the mortal plain" the man spoke with a vigor, his smile small and devious.


When Arthur woke up and looked at the time he cursed slightly it was two pm which means he was terribly late to school. Sighing he decided to not go today, instead he decided to put some more defenses around his small apartment, which he started without delay.

By the time he was finished it was already 16 pm and he was hungry, so without any further delay he went to cook something.

The door behind him opened and his servant entered " Oh you're awake Arthur.. What are you going to cook for us?" he asked his eyes eyeing the kitchen.

" Nothing special, I am not all that good just something small. I am planning on ordering some fancy food from a restaurant for tonight.. We will have guests after all " he said with a smile.

He couldn't pinpoint but there was something that made it easy for him to talk to his servant. They had some good chemistry between them and Arthur was grateful for it.

" Well whatever.. Just make sure there will be some quality wine will you?" he asked his master " red if possible" he said.

Arthur chuckled lightly " Very well Fionn, I'll make sure to have something good" his eyes flashed in amusement.


It was evening when the doorbell rang, and Arthur motioned his servant to be ready for anything.

He opened the door, his eyes falling on the three people waiting there.

" Welcome Lady Kirigaya, Kazuto and Suguha to my humble abode, please come in" he said as he moved to the side letting them enter.

Suguha looked around, the apartment was small and was obviously only temporary, but even so it had some personal touch, like the flowers on the side and the several pictures of Arthur and another boy, with a long black hair smiling at the camera, in one of the pictures he was even messing Arthur's hair.

The blonde took them to the small living room, where a table was ready, food and drinks were carefully arranged on the table, and several bottles of definitely expensive wine.

" Please sit down" Arthur said with a smile " I would suggest to first sign the geias contract before moving to the food.." he said.

Midori nodded, she will fill safer knowing he was under a geias as well if they will sign it.

Arthur took a stack of papers and gave them to her.

The older woman took her time reading through the contract, after all a written geias was a very dangerous bind.

Finally she nodded and let the two children to sign as well " Well.. I guess that's it huh" she said with a small smile.

Arthur nodded " Please sit down and let's eat something" he said as he took his seat " If you want you can let your servants to come out as well, there is enough food for all of them as well" he said with a devious smile.

Kazuto wanted to agree as did Suguha, but Midori shook her head " No, I don't think so Lord Ainsworth... We will not give you this information on a gold tray" she answered with a smirk.

The boy chuckled " It was worth a try though" he said.

Kazuto looked at him with annoyance " That's was a dirty trick Arthur" he said.

" Well, just because we are not at each others throat doesn't mean I won't try to get any advantage I can.. We are magi after all" he replied as he filled his glass with wine to the dissaproving look of the black haired young magus.

" Let's make a toast for the safety of magi everywhere" he said with a smile.

Midori nodded and took her glass up as well " Very well.. May we all survive this" she said seriously.

Arthur took a sip of the wine " Hmm.. Not bad at all, I have to say" he said with a smile only to be interrupted when his cellphone ringed.

He took it out annoyed only until he saw the caller, his eyes narrowed " Excuse me please" he said apologetically to his guest as he got up and walked to his room.

"What is it Einzbern? " he asked worried " Something went wrong if you call me" he said bluntly.

To his surprise the man didn't joke on his behalf, indicating even more that something was wrong.

" This is not a joking matter Ainsworth.. We have a situ on our hands.. One which must be dealt with as fast as possible before they will notice something wrong" the older man spoke hurriedly.

" I am listening" he answered curtly.

" Berserker was summoned.. Which is alright.. But unfortunately it was summoned by some weakling who had no idea what he was doing.. The servant killed him on the spot and now running rampant in the outskirts of the city.. We need to take care of it before they will notice it.. I am already on my way with my servant as is Fraga... Please come fast "he told him.

Arthur's face changed into a serious expression.. Without a master the servant won't hold long, Gaia will erase him soon but until then.. It was too dangerous to leave it as it was.

" Understood.. I will be on my way, hopefully we will be able to handle it without they noticing it" he said and finished the call.

His eyes narrowed.. Time was of essence right now.

" Fionn" he said quietly " Get ready, we are moving".

End of chapter 3.