Bold – action within speaking

'…' – thoughts

Bold/italics – change of scenery

Italics – flashback

Underline/Italics – if Serena, Mikey, and the turtles talk in Japanese

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"My friends," said Leatherhead, "Was the explanation all true?"

"Yup," said Mikey as he was hugging his little sister close to him.

"You are telling me that YOU two are reincarnated SOULS from a millennia ago," said a skeptical Rockwell.

"It's true," said Honeycutt, "Even if they show you proof, there ARE books out there that depict the destruction of the Silver Millennium."

"Do you have one kind of book," asked a curious Donnie, "I know that my little brother and Serena are siblings a long time ago, but I really just want to read what others have to say about it."

"Wasn't seeing their memories enough for you," asked Casey.

"And how come it was easier to talk to Leatherhead about your past than with us," complained Raph.

"HE wasn't the one that needed to redeem himself in my eyes," said a glaring Mikey.

Raph backed off as he didn't want Mikey to do a repeat of fireballs or run away again. It was a couple of days that the turtles told their journey through space to everyone until the Senshi left to pursue their dreams while coming in and out of the lair to make sure their princess was in good hands. Haruka was still glaring at Leo as Hotaru was asking a lot of questions about their journey like a good curious little girl she was. Mikey explained while Serena was out that Haruka was ALWAYS like this to any boys that wasn't him holding Serena. Leo just nodded slowly if Raph remembered. Though now, he was getting used to the Senshi popping in and out just as Serena finally woke up yesterday. Today was the day Mikey and Serena were explaining their memories to the Mutanimals. "Calm down, Big Brother," said Serena, "I'm sure Raphie didn't mean anything by it. It's just how he shows that he cares!"

"Don't call me Raphie," said Raph without any heat.

"You had many trials, my friend," said Leatherhead.

"Hm," said Mikey, "I think that it's time for Serena and I to tell you all about the trials in Japan!"

"Are you sure," asked Serena, "Your brothers are going to blame me for most of the things."

"If they do," trailed off Mikey as he produced a fireball.

"No fireballs in the lair," said Splinter.

"Yes, papa," said a pouting Mikey as Donnie and Raph sighed in relief.

The Mutanimals, especially Mondo Gecko, still got shocked over seeing Mikey controlling fire like that, even if Mikey explained to them that it was just his Sun powers. Serena looked around to see if everyone was here, but couldn't find one person. She got off of the couch and went to fetch the last remaining person before they told the stories about all the enemies that she and Mikey faced over the months he was with her. Mikey knew that Serena fell for his oldest brother, but he wouldn't do anything just yet. He also knew that Leo was conflicted ever since he met Karai too. And speaking of Karai… "Hey," said Mikey, "Where IS Karai?"

"Well," said Donnie, "Karai fell into a tub of mutagen and got turned into a viper-like mutant."

"We have been trying to find her slithering self so that we can cure her," said Raph.

"If you DO find older sis," said Mikey, "Maybe Lil Sis and I can help. We DO have healing powers after all."

Raph and Donnie gaped at Mikey just as Mikey saw Serena disappear in the dojo. Serena, meanwhile, was looking in awe at the dojo, for there was a HUGE tree to the side. She was wondering how the turtles and Papa Splinter actually grew a tree in the lair but came back to seeing Leo meditating. Serena quietly sat down right in front of Leo and waited for Leo to notice her. She really didn't want to tell them about how she died and almost died. Sensing some nervous vibes, Leo opened his eyes and was surprised to see Serena right in front of him! "Gah," exclaimed Leo as he backed away.

"Sorry," giggled Serena, "But, I didn't want to disturb you until you were done."

"W-Why are you here," asked Leo.

"Mikey wants to tell you guys ALL about our adventures in Japan," said Serena nervously.

"Ah," said Leo, "I DO have some questions about his time in Japan. But first… Why are you nervous?"

"Just scared," said Serena.

"About what," asked Leo as he sat back down in front of Serena.

"W-What if you all get angry at me for dragging Big Brother around Japan to fight the monsters," started Serena, "W-What if you guys don't want me to be here with you… all?"

As Serena looked at the floor nervously, Leo thought back to the astral plane where his second meeting with Mikey took place. Leo remembered that Mikey was so over-protective of Serena as Mikey explained some things of what Serena went through before he got there. He was sure that Mikey would protect Serena, even from them. Turning back to the matter at hand, Leo just couldn't help to see Serena looking cute when she was nervous. He was in the dojo for a reason, and since it was just Serena and him, he decided to act on that reason. "Serena," said Leo seriously, "No matter what happened with Mikey and you in Japan, we will not turn you away from our home. hugs Serena to him I will not turn you away."

"W-Wha," questioned a blushing Serena.

"I could never turn you away," said Leo, "E-Ever since we talked after viewing your memories incident, I-I kind of… sort of… developed feelings for you?"

"Was that a question," asked Serena with some mirth in her eyes.

"I was in here trying to sort out these feelings for you and a-another girl," admitted Leo.

"Oh," asked Serena curiously, "And you concluded that you like me more than the other?"

"Pretty much," said a chuckling Leo, "So… uh… now that you know… don't think that we, well more I, will push you out after you explain your Japan adventures to us. I can't really speak for the others."

"S-Since you are being honest," started Serena as she looked at Leo, "I-I kind of… sort of… d-developed feelings for you, too."

"Y-You did," asked Leo in surprised.

Serena nodded shyly while blushing a lot. Leo was over the moon that he hugged Serena closer to him. However, the moment was ruined when a cough behind the two signaled someone was there. Leo and Serena slowly turned around to see, in dread, EVERYONE who was waiting for them. Donnie had a recorder in hand. He was SO going to use it as blackmail as Master Splinter smiled kindly at the two. Raph was smirking, happy to know that Leo was NOT going to be with Karai, because, you know… He still didn't trust her, even IF she's supposed to be his older sister. Casey and the Mutanimals were smirking or smiling at the two while April cooed at how cute the two were together. However, it was MIKEY's reaction that got everyone to start laughing. "Y-You…," started Mikey as he took his nunchakus out, "Get away from my SISTER!"

"Eep," said Leo as he ran off with Mikey hot on his tail.

"Get back here," shouted Mikey as he chased Leo, "My sister isn't going to date you until you prove yourself!"

"Not when you are like this Mikey," shouted back Leo as he rushed out of the dojo.

"Onīchan (big brother)," cried out Serena as she ran after Mikey who was chasing Leo out, "Atarashī bōifurendo o kizutsukenaide kudasai (Don't hurt my new boyfriend)!"

"Boyfriend," echoed Leo and Mikey in English.

"Boyfriend," echoed everyone else who also heard the katakana saying for the word.

"Kids," said Master Splinter as he shook his head at the scene.

It wasn't long that Mikey caught up with Leo and gave him the TALK about not hurting his Little Sister or else consequences will happen. It wasn't long that Raph was joking about Leo having feelings for Karai, making Master Splinter look at Leo with a raised eyebrow. And it wasn't long that Serena and Leo were sitting together while Serena and Mikey told their Japan adventures. In the end, everyone did a party with lots and lots of pizza because… you know… Shredhead is dead and Mikey is back with his family… BOTH of his family. Mikey looked around as he thought, 'This is the life. Both of my family is together, though Serena and Leo are a different thing. Yet, I do hope nothing else will happen in the future. And… Raph, Donnie, and Leo will keep their promise to be better brothers. All well, time will tell…'

AN: And that's a wrap! I just left the ending as a Mikey thought because you know… this story IS about Mikey gaining respect and love from his brothers. Time will tell indeed if the turtles will keep the promise or if Mikey has to pull Serena away and go to Japan. XD It's up to you readers on what YOU think will happen. As for Leo and Serena… I just HAD to get SOMETHING out of the time Leo and Serena spent with each other while Mikey was trying to bridge the rift with the other two brothers. ^^; Anyways, happy reading and thank you to those that stayed with me on this adventure. Love ya!