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Prompt: Eleven and Kali as young girls.

"Kali?" A young girl asks. She has a shaved head with brown doe eyes as wide as saucers. "Yes?" another girl, a tiny bit older, calls back, placing a small pot plant on a desk. "Broke" she whispers, tears pooling in her eyes, she stares at the tiny toy bear, stuffing slowly seeping out. On her arm, is a mark, at first it looks like a simple black smudge, but no, it's a tattoo. A tattoo of her name, a symbol of her life. 011. Eleven.

"Thank you" Eleven whispers to the other girl. She has dark skin and her long black hair is pulled back into 2 plaits. "It's alright" Kali, the other girl, smiles. They continue playing, sometimes working out puzzles together. A man appears in the doorway, almost magically. His hair is bright white, a sign of age, he looks menacing, ruthless, powerful. The girls cower in his presents, forgetting the toys in their hands. "Papa" they both address him. "I just love to see you two play" he attempts a warm tone, it still comes out cold and untruthful, it is untruthful. "Come Kali" he beckons the girl, her plaits bounce as she gets up, her back becomes straight and rigid, this is a scary man, but they must please him. They simply must. "Bye, Kali" Eleven whispers. Kali smiles hesitantly. As the man pulls her out the door, a mark shows on her arm too, she's number 008.

Two weeks have passed since Eleven and Kali last spoke, it was one of their first meetings together. This time, it would be much more important, they would get to show their incredible powers. Men dressed in black coated the white room, they conflicted one another, Eleven didn't like it one bit. A steel table rested in the middle, seated at it was Kali, number 008. Eleven looked up and locked eyes with Kali, they shared the same emotion for this moment, relief. Relief that they were not alone, relief that they knew someone in this room. Eleven sat down in an uncomfortable chair, it was also steel. Why make something so uncomfortable if we are going to have to sit in it for a while, thought Eleven. Kali and her smiled quickly at one another, the men filed out, gathering in another room where they could watch the two interact. "Papa s-s-said w-we sh-ow... powers" Eleven struggles to get the words out, she was raised in the lab, she doesn't know much English. Kali nods at her, implying that she's right in her choice of language. Eleven smiles softly, finally she had gotten it right. "Ok" Kali says. They both ready themselves. "What power?" Eleven asks. "I make people see things that aren't really there" whispers Kali. Eleven's shocked face makes her grin a bit, just a bit. "I do things with mind" Eleven points to her head. Kali nods, "Now show" she urges Eleven. Eleven stares at a can intently, it tilts slightly. Kali looks impressed, that's enough for Eleven. Eleven gestures for Kali to have a go. "Here it goes" Kali whispers, more to herself than Eleven. A tiny wisp of blue appears in the air, it swirls around mysteriously before being sucked into an invisible vacuum. Eleven let out a tiny squeal, then cupped her hands over her mouth, looking extremely guilty. She peers up at the men in the window. They stare emotionlessly at the two girls, Eleven lets out an almost silent breath of relief.

Two weeks passed, no Kali, a month, no Kali, two months, still no Kali. Was Papa keeping them apart deliberately, did they do something wrong? Maybe Kali did something bad, because Eleven knew, deep down, she had done nothing to deserve this torture, deserve this pain, but it was her life. Maybe Eleven could track her, she had been getting much better, much stronger. Kali. She called with her mind. Slowly and carefully, Eleven sat in her bed, concentrating on finding Kali. Eleven pictured her face, knew it off by heart because it was the only face she wanted to remember. Suddenly, everything went dark. Yes, her powers were working. A small form that Eleven soon found out was Kali stood in the darkness. Water pooled around her feet, Eleven's too. She walked up to Kali, oh no, Eleven realised where she must be. Kali is cramped up, crying salty tears, they fall onto the ground and soak her knees. "Kali?" Eleven whispers, but Kali can't hear her, or maybe she can, because her head whips back an forth frantically, maybe looking for the bodiless voice. "It is Eleven" she adds, whispering again, but Kali is gone, the connection is lost. Eleven knows exactly where she is, she's in the dark room. It can't have been for two weeks, no way, they had been keeping them apart and now they put Kali in the dark room! They are bad men, and Eleven was angry about it, fuming. Blood dripped from her nose, staining the cold sheets. Then, she had an idea, she was going to save Kali from the dark room. Eleven tiptoed out of her room silently, the padlocks were easy, well, for her at least. Loyalty is a strong trait in Eleven, she was loyal to Kali, not the bad men. Eleven kept reminding herself this, I'm loyal the Kali, not the bad men. Eleven turned left, then right, then left again, only two more hallways left. Piercing screams could be heard, not from Kali though, maybe someone had gone crazy, it happens quite a lot, or so her Papa says. She was almost there when...she heard something.

Pounding footsteps reverberated off the walls, startling Eleven. Men donned in military suits carrying high tech guns stepped forwards, blocking both ways. Eleven gulps. "Come her now, young lady, you need to get back to your, ce- er- room" he growls. Eleven stands still, she was a deer caught in headlights. She nodded solemnly, "Kali?" She whispered to one of the men, pleading with only her eyes. The men refused to talk, making him even angrier, for some strange reason. His face looked like a red tomato. Or maybe he was just about to explode. Hmmm, adults are weird, Eleven thought. They threw her back in the room, she was defeated, extremely guilty too, she had to be good for Papa. Better for Papa. Everything for Papa. Although, when she was stronger with her powers, maybe she would impress him, and then the bad men would run away screaming out her name. Is that what she wanted? Of course, they had hurt her and Kali one time too many, they had to pay. When? Soon.

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