Vanellope von Schweetz was sucking down on a soda that she down in a broken down gas station, enjoying her day off from Slaughter Race as she watched the other cars race by, with the more than occasional crash and burn happening followed by sewer sharks popping out of the sewer grates every once in a while, with Vanellope being somewhat unfazed by each one.

"Boy, this place is so exciting, but not as exciting as all this gas that this soda is giving me!" Vanellope stated, feeling her stomach rumbling. Vanellope lifted her leg, ripping a loud fart that fluttered the back of her dress. "Phew, even the smell of this place cant hide how smelly my gas is!"

"Good one, Vanellope!" Shank stated, appearing next to her at that moment. "You're more gassed up than my car!"

"Yeah, I guess so!" Vanellope giggled. "It sure takes me back to all those gassy days I had back at Sugar Rush!"

"I can see why you love it so much! It must be sweet that it gives you such a rush!" Shank stated.

"Whoa calm down Doctor Seuss." Vanellope bent over and farted again, continuing to speak above every one of her farts that followed. "I mean, yeah it gives me a rush, and I do love it, but let's not get crazy! It's not like I could just put on a tiny biker outfit and use my farts to propel myself forward! Do you really think the people who play this game would be fine with that?"

Shank rubbed her chin, thinking for a moment. "Well, you could be right. This game is hardcore, but it's not that kind of hardcore."

Vanellope laughed as her farts pushed her whole body upwards constantly. "Yeah I mean who would want to play this game just to see a little girl like me fart? Umm hello? This may be the internet, but this isn't one of those fetish based games or anything!"

"Well if you want to explore a whole new kind of extreme that not many people would want to get into and should not be public, go ahead! But be sure to take me with you if you do, it would be a nice break from killing gamers' avatars all the time!" Shank explained.

"Well then rev up those fryers, girl! Cuz I sure am ready for one rippin' slaughter race!" Vanellope punctuated this by ripping another fart that pushed her whole body upwards towards a building, only to miss the building and landing inside a dumpster, which didn't smell as bad as her farts did, but was inhabited by some random punk NPCs, all of whom had to evacuate from the smell of Vanellope's farts stinking it up worse.

"D'oh, I missed!" Vanellope pouted. Shank couldn't help but giggle at Vanellope's antics.