The bored, lengthy blonde leaned back on his chair before the illuminated flat screen. It had been four hours and eighteen minutes since he crawled into this position and seven cans of Vamp since he'd logged into the garden network. Finished with surfing for good porn or mediocre music, he decided to do the unthinkable, go into a chat room. He'd been in a few when he was younger; they ended up being filled with vile-mouthed pests at three o'clock in the morning, unless you were looking for someone to have cyber sex with, then there were hundreds of willing participants.

He scrolled down the rows of post-midnight chat rooms to only see a couple of interest. After ruling out "I have fangs", "I have gay fangs", and "fang banging", he entered "Leviathan's Cave". Only a few people there so he watched the group interact for a couple minutes before joining in. Hikachu appeared to be outgoing and interesting enough to converse with except for her nasty habit of streaking. SirClaymore was way too obsessed with anything even remotely concerning the medieval period. Finally, iflingpoo had nothing intelligent to say. But in the corner, barely saying much was a certain KungSushi. This person only chatted when something was urgent or they really had an opposing opinion. They seemed to like watching people more than participating themselves. Intrigued, he invited him to a private chat:



KungSushi:I saw you in Levi's Cave. I haven't seen you there before. You new?

Scarface:Yeah. LC seemed like a better name for a chat room than "I have fangs".

KungSushi:LOL, yeah. The guys there aren't too bad though. They just wish they could stay up all night and talk about how much their life sucks more than they already do.

Scarface:I see. I don't think it'd be that great. All the important shit happens during the day anyway.

KungSushi:I don't know. I think it'd be kinda fun.


KungSushi:Well, say there's this guy you like. You could bite them and they'd be yours forever. It's a perk right?

Scarface:But what if you got sick of him?

KungSushi:Kick his ass out to the curb! LOL

Scarface:I suppose . . .

KungSushi:Now I'm pretty careful about that sort of thing though.

Scarface:Now? Did something happen?

KungSushi:Ya. It's over now, so it's okay.

Scarface:Tell me about it.

KungSushi:You sure? I don't wanna bore you with it.

Scarface:Go ahead.

KungSushi:A couple years ago, I was with these few people everyday. I was friends with all of them, but one of them just didn't let me get that close to him even though he was so friendly with everyone else.

KungSushi:One night, he told me he was never close to me because he liked me so much. After that we were inseparable. Everything we did, we did together. Eat, fight, sleep, bathe, etc.

Scarface:Sounds good. What went wrong?

KungSushi:He asked me to move away with him and live far away from everyone. When I said no, he didn't talk to me for days. I was in agony like he was. He was letting everything fall apart. One night I woke up with him sitting on my chest with a gun at my head. He said that if he couldn't have me to himself, no one ever would.

Scarface:What did you do?

KungSushi:I talked him out of it and we broke up right after that. He still is very protective, but he doesn't scare me like he used to.

Scarface:Damn, I'd stay away from him.

KungSushi:He's okay now, so I'm not afraid of him. Anyway, That's why I'm careful. I mean, he was totally the puppy-dog type. Couldn't hurt a fly. Just goes to show.

Scarface:Most the guys I've dated were just in it for the sex. It's like I have "fuck-bunny" written on my forehead instead of a scar.

KungSushi:You've got a scar there? I should have figured from the handle.

Scarface:Yeah. Good thing it's not too big.

KungSushi:I wish I could touch it.


KungSushi:Sorry, I've got this thing for scars. Just something about them makes me you know . . .

Scarface:I understand. I've got this thing for blood. It's not like I get into battle and get all aroused, but if I'm with someone, it gets me excited.

KungSushi:The one guy I was talking about before had a thing for biting. It was a little strange. Because of that I'm used to pain during sex, and because of the whole sex part too.

Scarface:I don't follow.

KungSushi:Nevermind then.

Scarface:No, no, just explain it to me.

KungSushi:Well, it's painful anyway, at first.

Scarface:I see, you're on bottom.

KungSushi:I don't have to do the work that way. You?


KungSushi:I see.

Scarface:Hey, your profile says you're from my garden. You wanna meet up sometime? I know I'm being forward, but I wanna meet you.

KungSushi:You sure? I mean, what if we already know each other from a class or something? What if we end up hating each other? I'd hate to ruin what could be a good friendship.

Scarface:Yes, I'm sure, even if I hate you and such. We'd be meeting for the first time. Remember that.

KungSushi:Okay. I want to get one thing straight before we meet.

Scarface:And that is?

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3"Leonhart-sensei of all people?" "Who have you fucked?" "Now we can share porn right?" That was also the same moment when he realized Irvine was bisexual. He'd thought the voices on a couple of Irvine's porno were a little low when he was listening in from the other room. Since then he hadn't had a single week without the cowboy mentioning Leonhart-sensei, Squall's older brother.

Feeling the steaming water wash over every inch off his backside, he ran his hands up and down his chest, caressing his face unconsciously. Every inch he felt further down, the more and more he thought about "KungSushi" and who he might be. Fragments of people he found attractive were puzzled together into this figure, ripped, scarless, a bit shorter than him, perfection for only him to protect and love. Above all, natural. No piercings or weird dye jobs, just simple. Finding his rhythm, the images and feelings from all past unrequited loves dug deeper into his consciousness. Catching up to himself, he was flung onto the shower wall with the flow of his reward. Steadying himself, the face he'd been looking for to fit the body jumped into his mind. A heart-shaped blonde with eyes the color of the sea between two islands and as lonely as the ocean miles from anything. This perfect lover bombarded his consciousness as he slept the day away.

After summer dusk hit, a rude hand flung him out of the arms of his new love. These hands happened to belong to his roommate. He pulled a pillow over his head. "What do you want?" he grunted.

"Come on, tonight's the fireworks at the docks! You said you'd go with me if I didn't get a date, so get out of bed."

He crawled out from under the pillows and muttered, "Fireworks? The docks? What time is it?" he picked up a clock rubbing his eyes. "Shit! It's ten o'clock! We gotta go. I gotta get there before he does!"

"Who does?" Irvine asked, getting ready. When he turned around again, he saw Seifer fully dressed and ready. "How do you do that?"

"Practice," he retorted. "A friend, I'm meeting a friend, now get some pants on."

The pair ran all the way to the shore where a couple hundred Garden students waited on the docks and on the beach for the fireworks to start. At the sight of this, Seifer cursed himself for picking the spot.

"Do you see him?" Irvine asked.

"No," he huffed. "I'm going back."

"You can't! You said you'd take me here!" he argued.

"And I did take you here, now I'm going back to see if he's at the garden."

"But . . . Fine. I'll see you later," he gave up. Once Seifer set his mind on something, it usually went his way.

Seifer turned around only to accidentally crash into his shorter rival who was pacing around furiously. "You waiting for something, Leonhart?"

Squall looked up for a moment seemingly spellbound to something on Seifer's face. Seifer looked down at him in disbelief as the brunette reached for his forehead. "Is it . . . " Seifer thought.

Then Squall smacked him on the forehead.

"What the hell was that for?" Seifer rubbed his forehead.

"There was a bug on you," he said and continued to pace.

"Baka Seifer," he thought to himself. "Of course it's not Leonhart."

Squall looked up and found who he was looking for. "Zell!" he called out.

The shorter blonde walked straight past the pair. In fear of being ignored by the boy, he grabbed his arm to stop him. "Zell."

The boy tore his arm from Squall's grasp with a scoff. "Get away from me, Squall." With that he continued to walk through the crowd with a grimace on his face.

Squall looked at Seifer, "What the fuck was that?"

Surprised at the brunette's new tone, Seifer replied, "I don't know. He doesn't even get that mad when I bug him."

"Actually," Squall corrected him, "he gets a lot worse."

"It's his fault for being so easy to get a rise out of."

"Can you go see what's wrong with him?" Squall asked.

"I'm the last person he'd want to talk to when he's pissed, and aren't you two supposed to be friends?"

"Not lately. Go find out, Seifer," he commanded.

"Yes, sir!" he mocked. As he walked away, the word "prick" slid off of his tongue with its usually finesse.

After a few minutes of searching, Seifer found the small blonde sitting with his back against a beam underneath the dock on the beach. His Prussian eyes lacked their usual vigor. Even Seifer knew something was horribly wrong with the boy. The taller blonde crouched in front of Zell, who was drawing small patterns in the moist sand. Alone under the dock, the two remained silent until the smaller blonde couldn't stand the undivided attention he was getting from the taller blonde. "Go away, Seifer."

He sighed, expecting that sort of reaction. "Look, I'm worried about you. I mean you threw Lionass's arm. I've never even seen you lift a finger to your friends before. If you want to talk, tell me what's wrong."

He merely giggled sarcastically at that. "Tell you? You, the guy who's tormented me for years, the asshole who joined up with the sorceress. Yeah, right."

"I thought you forgave me for that," he said becoming bitter. "You were supposed to be the only one who actually forgave me and meant it." He stood up and began to walk away.

Zell looked away and uttered, "I forgave you. I didn't mean that."

Returning to his position before the blonde, Seifer said, "Then tell me what's wrong. I won't bug you about it, scout's honor."

"Is that supposed to reassure me?" he asked.

"Indulge me."

"Promise not to make fun of me about this?" he asked again.

"Promise! Now get with the telling."

Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, he let his arms crawl around his knees insecurely. "I had a falling out with Squall a while ago, that's why I did what I did earlier. Yesterday, someone reminded me why I should be mad at him. That . . . that bastard," his face turned red as if he might start crying. Then he regained some of his composure. "Then Irvine was trying to protect me again, telling me to stay away from him before he freaked out again."

Seifer tried to follow, but wasn't sure if he was succeeding. "What did Squall do?"

"He tried . . . Fuck, forget about it. The point is I've had a crappy day and on top of it, the one thing that was going to cheer me up today just didn't happen."

"I'm sorry, Zell. If it makes you feel better, you can beat me up."

Taken completely be surprise, Zell asked, "What?"

"All those times I made fun of you and picked on you, you can vent right now to the person who did it to you," he stood up.

Zell watched as Seifer put his boots and coat on the beach and walked into the water with hitched up pants. "Come on, hit me, Chicken."

With a frilled forehead, he threw his shoes onto shore as he ran for the taller blonde with curled fists. Just as he was near Seifer he asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I know you hate me for all those things I did. And, maybe if I let you beat the crap out of me, we could be friends," he divulged.

Surprised again by this new effort, Zell let his fists fall. "I can't fight you, Seifer."

"Come on Chicken!" he mocked.

"No!" his blood started to boil.

"You're gonna hate me until it's done, now fight me, Chickenwuss!"

"No," his voice grew softer as his control of his temper began to fade.

"Come on Chickenwuss! 'Cuz if you don't fight me, I'll fight you," he drew his fists up.

Seeing this strange determination in Seifer's eyes, Zell drew his hands up and swung half-heartedly at Seifer, missing horribly.

"If you're gonna fight, do it seriously, Chicken," the last word slivered out. He swung out, barely missing the blonde's face. "Remember all those times I knocked your lunch out of your hands in the cafeteria, or when I stole that pig-tailed girlfriend of yours. All the skirmishes we had in the hallway, or all those Curas I drew from you when we fought together on missions. Remember how you hate me."

All of Zell's defenses fell and he charged Seifer head on. He swung at Seifer connecting him his stomach. Everything he'd meant to do to Seifer landed in that one punch which flung Seifer head long into deeper water. Not seeing Seifer's head poke back out of the water for air, Zell panicked and ran for the submerged hothead. Seifer's face was calm, his eyes closed as Zell picked him out of the water and dragged him to the shore to cast Cura on him. After casting it on him, seeing no hints of breathing, he leaned over to do CPR when his eyes flew open. He sat up and coughed up a little water. "Don't get too excited, Chicken."

"Damn it, Seifer! I thought I killed you! Don't do that again!" his breathing was heavy with regret. "Fucker."

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3n we're friends now?"

"Yeah," he nodded. "Now let's get you back to the Garden."

"What about the fireworks?" he asked.

"Fuck the fireworks! Let's go. We'll be able to see them from the Garden anyhow," he helped him to his feet.

After being hoisted up, he protested, "I can walk."

"Good, then I won't have to haul your ass all the way back."

They passed their classmates in silence as the fireworks started. Seifer noticed Squall talking to Irvine near the shoreline, but passed them without a second glance. Zell didn't seem to notice as the worried expression never really left his visage. The rest of the walk was quiet with exchanged glances. Zell accompanied Seifer to the infirmary and sat outside the room waiting. Not long after Seifer disappeared into the room he reappeared with a small smile.

"You okay?" Zell asked.

"Yeah, she told me to cast a Cura and get lots of sleep."

Zell led the way back to the dorms without a worried expression, but a sad one.

Noticing this, Seifer patted Zell on the back a couple times. "Your day got better right?"

"I suppose. I mean we're better, but I didn't get to meet him," he whispered to no one in particular.

"What'd you say?"

"Nothin'," he quickly recovered.

"You wanna come over?" Seifer offered. "I mean I gotta do a couple things, but then we can watch a movie or go train."

"Maybe for a bit. I'd like a little time to sulk alone."

They walked through the deserted, open hallways to the dormitory.

"I can't let you do that," he said as he opened the door to his dorm and threw his coat onto his bed.

Zell closed the door behind them and mumbled, "I've never been in your room before. Kinda expected it to be creepy."

"I heard that," Seifer said from the other room.

Zell walked into the other room to find Seifer typing a message to another student on the Garden mainframe. Not wanting to pry, Zell found the refrigerator and dug out drinks.

Seifer on the other hand, quickly finished a message to KungSushi apologizing for picking the wrong spot, leaving his dorm number. "I hope he actually visits," he thought. "I'm done. What you wanna do?" he asked.

His shorter counterpart threw him a can of Vamp and asked, "What is this stuff?"

"It's an energy drink. I sleep at strange hours, so if I need a boost to stay awake, these do the trick. They don't taste bad either."

He took a swig and processed the taste. "Kinda metallicy, Like . . ."

"Blood," he finished his sentence unconciously.

An awkward silence ensued.

Zell laughed a bit to Seifer's dismay.

"What's so funny?" he asked.

"I was just talking to some guy about blood the other day. Kinda sucks when you get creature blood on you."

"Yeah, sometimes it takes forever to get off of my coat."

"Why do you wear that heavy thing?" he asked.

"Why do you wear those big shorts?" he retorted.

"They look cool."

"You think so, huh? Well that's why I wear my coat."

"Right," he rolled his eyes. "Well, I gotta get up for a mission tomorrow, so see ya."

"See ya tomorrow, Zell," he led him out.

He closed the door behind him with a heavy sigh. He was happy he had Zell as a friend like he had wished for, but another boy was driving him to stay awake.

Returning to his computer, he saw that KungSushi still wasn't on as he had hoped. Maybe he wouldn't be on tonight. Maybe he wouldn't be on for a while. The thought of waiting any longer than a night drove him crazy. After a few minutes of surfing for music, there was a knock at his door. "Is it him," he thought. He ran to the door to find Nida on the other side. Shocked to say the least, Seifer uttered, "Yes?"

"Um, is Irvine here?" he blushed.

Seifer let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "He's still at the docks, I think. You can probably catch him on his way in in a bit. You want me to leave him a message or something?"

"Um, nah. I'll just catch him later," he said disheartened.

Closing the door again, he pondered the possibility of Nida and Irvine. "It could work." Sitting back at his computer, he saw he had a message and KungSushi still wasn't on.

I'll be over in a few. I've got to take a shower.


Trying to manage his excitement, Seifer raced into the bathroom and checked himself over. Aside from the bruise on his stomach, he was looking pretty good. After that he sat nonchalantly at his desk until there was a knock on the door. Before he could open it, Irvine waltzed through the door and asked. "Any calls?"

Irked at the intrusion, Seifer answered, "No, but Nida came by a few minutes ago."

"Nida?" Irvine's ears perked. "What'd he say?"

"Well, he didn't say much, but he blushed a lot and asked for you."

"Well spank my ass and call me a cherry picker. Maybe I should talk to him."

Eager to get him out of the room, he urged him on. "Yeah, he was really turning red. You should go console him before he finds another guy to pine after."

"Sure, I just gotta take a shower first," he tried to walk to the bathroom before Seifer stopped him.

"Nah, you should go now. He just left. You should be able to catch him," he persisted.

"Sheesh, I'm going already," he grabbed his shoes and walked out.

Returning to his computer, Seifer cursed his roommate's sex life for a week. "May Nida give him no play!"

After logging off and starting a game of Solitaire up, there was another knock. "I swear if it's not him, I'm gonna break something," he mumbled. He slid the door open to find a heart-shaped face with ocean blue eyes and blonde hair flopped around his face.

"Zell?" he asked not believing who was in front of him.

All Zell could do was stare at his tall Scarface. His mouth moved, but no words came out. Frustrated with himself, he looked away from the eyes above him and to the floor below him.

Realizing he had said nothing besides his friend's name, he ushered him in without a word. He sat him down on his bed and sat across from him on Irvine's. He gazed at the boy before him in a pair of smaller shorts and a T-shirt, without gel in his hair. He was different in mannerisms, no longer loud in word or bodily expression, but the same Zell he had known since he was a child. "So Squall tried to kill you?" he asked.

"No, it wasn't Squall. But Squall tried to force himself on me when he was dumped by Nida," he hugged his legs again.

"Who was it then?" He wanted to help his friend. Seeing him hug his legs like that again tugged at his heartstrings.

He hid behind his knees and whispered, "Irvine."

"What!" He didn't believe it. Then he remembered how he'd said it was a gun before and how he'd been upset when Irvine tried to protect him. "God, fucking Irvine." He couldn't help but get angry about it.

"Don't let him know I told you. He might hurt me again," he still hid behind his knees.

"I'll protect you if he tries. I promise."

He lifted his head and exhaled loudly. "Are you mad it's me?"

"Not at all, Zell, not in the least. We're friends now, right?"

"Yeah. I'm not mad either. I'm glad it's you."

He raised an eyebrow, "Why? I mean I know you don't hate me anymore, but online we were more open than we are. You know what gets me excited, and I know you're on bottom. You have to admit our conversation was heading south."

Zell smiled, "What are you really asking, Seifer?"

"I don't know," he gave up.

He lurched forward, "You want to know if we're still gonna be like that."

"So want if I do. Don't you want to know?" Seifer said forwardly.

Zell thought for a moment then walked and kneeled before the seated Seifer. Seifer didn't retreat but still gave the shorter blonde a questioning look. Zell found Seifer's hand and placed it on his face. Then he hesitantly touched the scar on Seifer's face softly, as if any negative flinch would send him back to his corner. The taller blonde pet his face quietly, indulging in the feel of the other, the one he vowed to protect. He was soft, unlike the battle-torn boy he knew. His skin reminded him of the summer breeze that had swept past his skin off the cliffs of Dollet. Zell's touch gave him something to wish for; more, much more. His eyes called him to say something or do something. He pulled Zell's head toward his as the boy between his knees complied, pulling the taller man closer with both hands. New sparks ripped the nerves in his skin alive without more than a touch from his counterpart. Soon his hands pressed harder and Seifer ended the embrace with a yelp.

"Your stomach!" he remembered. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," he unbuttoned his vest and threw it to the floor. "Now you can see what you're touching so you don't hurt me."

"Wait," he paused.


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3ked in the dim light.

"If you do that, I won't be able to control myself. I'd . . ." he was stopped by Zell's lips.

"That's the point, Seifer," he said and cut himself about an inch long line below his clavicle. He flinched a little, but held his gaze with Seifer.

"You don't understand", Seifer mouthed, but he was all too gone to the sight of Zell's blood beginning to trickle down his chest. He pinned the smaller boy down and gently licked the falling blood from the wound. It was better than any blood he'd tasted, probably because it was someone he knew and cared for instead of an enemy on a mission. His blood was richer, less tainted. All he wanted was more. Before he knew it, he was biting down to get more, feeding off of Zell's moans until a small painful yelp leaked from his mouth. Snapped out of it, to some extent, he sat up and pulled Zell to him. "I'm sorry. You okay?"

Shocked from the amount of care from his new lover, he uttered a tiny "yes". Cuddled under the chin of his new, tall love, he noticed the hardness digging into his side. Searching with his hand, he found the source and caressed it, feeling Seifer's quickening breath on his hair. Mutterings soon followed. "You sure you wanna . . . do that?"

Seifer then began kissing his hair, telling him not to stop. His still arms began unbuttoning Zell's shorts for better access. Gaining it, a hand slid under his waistband and into his boxers. Light caresses were all he needed to get to where Seifer was. Seifer began to hear similar panting which fueled his desire further. Soon he was pulling off Zell's remaining clothing to see his lover in the dim light. Zell yanked off Seifer's open pants and tried to rid Seifer of the rest of his clothing while remaining submissive. In accordance with Zell's desire, he rid himself of it when he saw Zell erect and the blood dripping from the cut. Both things sent him into overdrive. He launched himself between Zell's legs. There, he licked at the cut and ground lightly against the smaller boy's pelvis. The taste and the feel of Zell against him drove him to a place he'd never reached with anyone else. He needed him, and he needed him right then. "Zell, I . . . Please, I need you. I need to be in you, right now," he cooed into his ear.

Zell panted in reply, "Do it soon Seifer, or I might . . ."

Seifer reached into a drawer by his bed for lube and a condom. Finding them by memory of previous experiences, he backed away from the object of his lust and opened the lube. "You know the drill right?"

"'Course," he said. "Hurry up."

Smiling, he pushed a lubed finger past his entrance feeling for that spot. His gaze fixed on Zell's facial expressions prying for that look, the one that told him not to stop. Curling his fingers, he found it. Zell's face relaxed and his breathing became coarse. After gathering more lube, he returned to Zell, watching his face and feeding off of a little more blood to sustain his erection. After Zell had loosened up a bit more, Seifer smothered his cock in the cold substance and pushed into Zell without warning. As Zell had told him before, the pain didn't get to him and he merely whimpered. The first thrust went all the way in, which surprised him. It usually took a few thrusts to fit all of him into his partner. "You still good?"

"Faster, Seifer," he replied almost panicky.

Thrusting faster, Zell became tighter for him, wrapping himself around all the right parts of him. Zell was better than any other he'd had. Already, not that his past lays were bad, but sloppy to say the least. Everything about Zell seemed to fit Seifer, and from what he heard, it was the same for Zell. The smaller boy's panting bounced off of his shoulder as he plunged further and harder into him. The stamina the fencer showed during battle began to fade as he grew closer and closer to coming. From the friction of Seifer on top of him and the lamented pleasure that fell from his lover's lips, Zell was well on his way to spilling himself. After a few more quick thrusts, he buried himself deep into Zell one final time, releasing himself. After which, he pumped his uke a few times, sending him over the edge. "Seif. . .fer," he cried out quietly.

The blonde seme was still too far-gone in his orgasm to notice he had returned to the bruised laceration. Licking the drying blood away, he pulled out of Zell and pulled the offending rubber off of his skin. Watching him throw the condom into a garbage can nearby, Zell said, "Maybe you should let that heal a bit, eh?"

"Hn." Reluctantly, he departed from the cut and spooned with his new lover. "Sorry, I just . . . I told you I can't control myself if there's blood."

"It's okay. Whatever helps you get off. That was great Seifer," he purred back.

"Yeah, I know. Let's get some sleep okay? I'll wake you up before your mission."

"You sure it's okay if I stay here? What if your roommate gets back?" he sat up a bit.

Pulling him back onto the mattress, he decided not to tell him who exactly his roommate was. "He won't he back until the morning, he's got a date."

Settling back against Seifer, he blinked a couple times before asking, "Does this mean we can be this close from now on?"

"Yeah. Now shut up and sleep," he laughed. Post kissing the back of Zell's neck, he lay his head down to rest. At least for that day, the fireworks had ended.