Burning Secrets

Pairing: Irvine x Zell, Irvine x Nida, Zell x Seifer

Completed: 2/3

Author's note: I'm not a Japanese man, so I don't own Final Fantasy.

The mourning sun shone particularly dim thrown through the tall thin window beside the bed. With contempt of the star, he glared defiantly as Quistis knocked on the door and shouted from him to be ready in an hour. She sounded like a Chocobo in heat shrieking for a partner. Smirking, he muttered, "Selphie's not here, go away."

Rising out of the warm bed into the cool morning air, he was reminded of the massive cold-blooded creatures that they'd killed the day before. They hadn't seemed "normal"; too strong, too foreign. They resembled no Grants or Dragons, not even the monstrous form Rinoa had taken early in the morning. He couldn't place his finger on what they were

Shrugging it off, he jumped out of bed and into the shower.

TBC. . .