They were at Illiasport, and walked towards the port.

Luka: This will be my first time leaving the continent…

Alice: It's also the first time I'll step foot on the Sentora continent. I've passed over it in the sky a few times, though.

Luka: I thought you only set out on your journey a few days ago?

Alice: That's right. After I left the castle I flew right to the Illias Temple. That's how I met you two.

Luka: What a freak accident… Oh right, I am a bit curious, Solo, what were you doing before coming in this continent?

Solo: Meh, just running away from my ex-boss from, I stole a precious treasure from him, and cut off my leg, but I managed to escape, and then I fell here.

Alice: Weren't you the strongest Espada?

Solo: Yes, but there is a reason that all us were grouped together, it is because of an higher power… Jeez, Aizen's power is no joke even for me, I will never beat him as I am now.

Luka: He's so strong?!

Solo: Yeah, from the informations I gathered, Illias should be 6-7 times stronger than me, but if she met Aizen and fought, the latter would play with her and easily win.

Alice: 'W-what?! No one should have such strength!' But you said you were the strongest Arrancar, then does it mean that this 'Aizen' is something else?

Solo: Yes, he is a Shinigami, a Death God.

Luka: ...A… Death God…?

Solo: Don't misunderstand, the death gods don't have god-like strength, they are like us, divided in classes, the strongest of them is the Captain-Commander, then there are the Captains.

I am around the Captains and Captain-Commander, but the latter would kill me, even if with a bit of difficulty.

Luka: So how strong is this Aizen?

Solo: around 2 times as me in my 100%.

Alice: But you said that Illias is 6-7 times stronger than you.

Solo: Yes, but as I am now, I have some trump cards that I don't want to reveal, in future maybe you will find out what I meant, now let's go.

Alice: 'How strong is Solo…?'


Luka: Excuse me… We'd like to take a ship to the Sentora continent.

Captain: Hah! You must be joking, young boy. You know what happens to any ship that leaves here, right?

Luka: If we hang this Poseidon's Bell from the bow, it should be alright.

Captain: ...Don't be ridiculous. If such a dirty bell would let me avoid storms. I'd be rich.

Luka: If you let me give it a try, you'll understand. I'll prove that I'm not tricking you if you just let me have a small boat or something...

Captain: I don't have enough free time to listen to some brat's prank.

Alice: ...Move, Luka.

Suddenly, Alice stood in front of the Captain, who had a lewd grin.

Captain: Ohh… What a fine woman. I'd give you a special ride.

Solo sensed a concentration of energy in Alice's eyes, then they glowed a bit.

Alice: ...Follow my commands.

Captain: Yes! Your wish is my command!

Solo/Luka: '...Eh?'

Alice: Take us to the Sentora continent. Start the preparations at once.

Captain: Understood!

Then he turned to his crew.

Captain: Oi, you all! Pack up your fishing stuff and get ready for departure!

Extras: Eh…? Uh… Ro...Roger!

Then the sailors began to prepare the ship

Luka: Alice… Did you hypnotize him with your eyes?

Alice: haha… These are the magic eyes that high ranking monsters have. Using them I can charm, confuse, petrify, or cause someone to faint at my will.

Solo: Meh, that is weak…

Alice: What do you mean? Those are the eyes of the Monster Lord.

Solo: Aizen's ability is to hypnotize people, we couldn't know when it happened and all 5 of our senses are under his hypnosis.

We could feel as if we are in magma, or we could see the person we love as the person we hate the most, and there's no method to escape that I could know.

Even if people are resistant to hypnosis, you can't escape from it, even if people are stronger than him, you can't escape from him anyways, either you make some important sacrifices, or you will not even touch him, I almost lost my leg just from escaping from him...

When Alice wanted to talk, she was interrupted from the sailors.

Extras: Captain, where are we taking these people? Who are they, anyway?

Captain: You idiot! Watch your mouth in front of these fine people! These fine travelers are… Who are you again?

Alice: It doesn't matter, let's just board.

Luka: ...Thanks for the ride…

Then the trio and the sailors entered the ship and departed.


Solo was training Luka to his two techniques, since they are in a ship, he couldn't teach more to him so he concentrated on Ryodai and Onibi, but Solo sensed someone coming nearby and turned his head to that direction.

Solo: It's coming… 'Mh, 5th Espada in Resurreccion…'

The sea suddenly started raging, and destroying the peaceful atmosphere from before.

Luka: Is this the storm they were talking about?

The Poseidon Bell started to glow and the ship was going peacefully in the storm. But after some time the storm disappeared and Solo turned to the bow of the ship, and found a monster.

Luka: You…!

Alma Elma: I see.. So you two are the travelers… You must be Luka… And the white one must be Solo… The guys that caught Alice's eye… You two look delicious.

Then she turned to Alice.

Alma Elma: Lord Alice… According to your order, I'll exterminate the people who are attacking monsters. May I execute your orders of defence?

Alice: ...I don't give exceptions, I'm just observing them, I'm not protecting them, nor giving special treatments.

Alma Elma: Haha… I didn't think you'd say that. But I understand.

Solo raised an eyebrow to her behavior but shrugged, then turned to Alma Elma

Alma Elma: It's like that. Luka-boy, Solo. I won't let you through this area.

Luka: ...Luka...boy…?

Solo was giggling to the stupid nickname Alma Elma just gave while Luka looked disappointed.

Luka: Then I'll beat you and pass through by force!

Alma Elma: And you?

Solo: You will not last long against me, I'll watch from the sidelines…

Alma Elma: Then you will be the next one. So, Luka-boy, how do you want me to violate you? Do you want me to use my hand? How about my mouth? How about I squeeze you between my breasts…? Or… Do you want to try anal? Oh, how about I try it like this…

Then she showed her tail, which had a strange mouth.

Alma Elma: Doesn't this tail look really good, too?

Luka: Guh…

Alma Elma: Alright! I'll do it with my tail! Without using my hands, feet or magic, I'll play with you. Struggle as much as you can, and let me enjoy myself. After we finish playing, I'll be sure to suck you dry and go to Solo… Then… Here I come!

Then the fight between Luka and Alma Elma started.

Luka continued to either use Ryodan, or Onibi, but it did little damage to her, who still used her tail.

After a while, Luka was getting tired, and Alma Elma, who was striking Luka with her tail, was blocked from Solo with one hand.

Solo: Time's up… I'm getting bored.

Then Luka fell down while breathing heavily, and Alma Elma talked.

Alma Elma: I heard you were strong… I'll go all out against you.

Solo: Nope…

Solo grabbed her tail, and twisted it around him, while preparing to throw away Alma Elma.

Alma Elma: W-Wait a second!
Solo: Deal with it.

Then Solo threw Alma Elma with as much strength he could muster towards the water, and turned to the others in the ship.

Solo: Ok guys, we can start moving again.

Everyone: ...Eh?

Solo: What the fuck are you waiting for? Let's go!

Captain: D-Did you hear him guys? Let's move forward.

Crew: Y-YES!

Then they started moving the ship once again, some minutes later Alma Elma got out from the depths, but she was floating in water while being unconscious and had a big bruise on her forehead, probably from hitting a stone under the sea.