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Names NeoShadows. A writer of the RWBY sect and old author of a few works in Fairy Tail. And I became a big ass fan of the ToAru universe after binge watching the anime during a break my works. Seriously, where the fuck was I when this show came up? I missed out on such an awesome series and I'm still kicking myself for not getting into it. Of course once the anime ended and I was left to wait for part three to come out, I naturally turned into the Light Novels where the series was born. Which eventually lead me to finding some fanfiction.

A year later and here I am. I introduce to you A Certain Influx of Time Traveling Mishaps. A story that's been in development for a good year before I decided to begin writing it out a few months ago. After reading a fair bit of good stories, I couldn't help myself from throwing my hat into the ring. And while I am still catching up on a lot of what the LN's have to offer, I felt confidant enough to start writing this up.

I've already completed a few chapters before uploading, even had a friend of mine, ArmorCoreNineBall, take a look at the first chapter. Now all that's left is to see how the fans of the series react to it. I hope I make a fan out of a few of you.

Trust me, this is going to be a hell of a ride. And if you're already a fan of my other works, I think you'll know what to expect. Now, let's get to scrolling!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to A Certain Magical Index. All rights are reserved by Kazuma Kamachi. I myself felt immense brotherhood with Touma. As a man who falls under bad luck regularly, I know how it feels to curse your misfortune.

What? Don't believe me? I'd like to see what you would call being run over by a truck, chased around by thugs for some comments about their mothers, overdosing on both coffee and energy drinks, forgetting to take your cell out from your trunks while going into the ocean, losing your wallet in said ocean the next year, and having to deal with a few girls you're sure are sadistic who've tied your arms, legs, and hands with duct tape along with your mouth, other than misfortune.

And no. All that I have said is not a joke and only a few of what I've been through. I really wish it was.

Chapter 1: The Roar That Creates A Future.


Imagine Breaker. A power so simple, yet so great, it could shatter the illusions of even gods with nothing but a simple touch. It was the power to negate all supernatural phenomenon from the world. In layman's terms, it destroyed the unnatural, what was not suppose to be, that which was born from outside means, and brought all things to their original state. It was not a power of good nor evil. It was simply a power born out of the fears, the hopes, and dreams of magicians. Hope to return to the original world distorted by their careless powers, the dream of a normal world not affected by outside forces, and the fear of their machinations being erased.

It was a strange power. An ability crystallized with a will of its own to search for an individual it would reside in for however long it pleased. What that individual did with the power to neutralize even the wishes of gods and devils, the power could care less. It had its own purpose to act only as a seal in reality. Yes, for that power that denies higher beings from distorting the world was simply but a side effect. The true power of Imagine Breaker laid in its container. And the unseen thing within. A thing with rows of innumerable rending fangs, seething glowing pupils belonging to draconic heads of varying designs, and a power that devoured everything whole.

What that Invisible Thing was, no one knew for sure. Its true power and meaning but a mystery that baffled even the gods themselves. But one thing was for sure.

When It roared, it signaled The End. The End of whatever stood in its way.

Imagine Breaker and It. Two powerful abilities and beings that could change the world to the user's wishes. Be their intentions good or evil, their hand is said to grant the wish of its wielder with but a touch.

For one Kamijou Touma, it was an unfortunate ability he never wished for. After all, it rejected even the blessing of god, negating the very prospect of luck. It brought the once normal high school boy nothing but misfortune. Bad luck seemed to always engulf him, resulting in the oddest adventures that he had to admit would make a great series of novels. Maybe if he ever had the chance, he would write down all his unfortunate adventures for all to read. It would be nice to have some form of steady income.

Sadly, this is not the tale of a certain unfortunate man turning his past ventures into a series of light novels. No, this was actually the end of a tale full of nothing but misfortune and suffering. For even being neglected the grace of death had not saved him from the events that lead to Kamijou Touma's last breath.

December 25th had marked the death of Kamijou Touma. On that very night, it was said that the sound of shattering glass could be heard resounding across the world one final time before a deathly silence curtained the earth.

Several days later, December 29th became the Eve of The End. Upon the death of the famed cursed man, a great and powerful man rose to power, attaining the title of Magic God, and plunged the world in the hellfires of the damned below. Their wish had been granted with the death of Kamijou Touma, their illusion becoming the worlds reality without the wielder of the Imagine Breaker to oppose them. What that wish, that intent, their purpose, was unknown as they bathed every inch in the visions of hell. All that the people of the world could understand was that they were driven to destroy the normal, blessed, and happy reality created by one unfortunate man.

In four days, that god had gained new titles.

The God of Ruin. He Who Denies Reality. The Wish Killer. Hellbringer.

In less than a week, the Magic God had brought the entire world to its knees despite the efforts from both the Magic and Science side. No one could so much as confront the god, only suffer and fall at their wake. Hope was lost. It had died with the death of one man.

With the world at their grasp, with no opposition before them, the Magic God had stopped. At The Eve of The End, the god had paused their ruin before finding a renewed purpose.

It is unknown how, but the god had found a way to travel through time. The god sought more. And it would gain more. The world's Phases were at the god's finger tips after all. It could whatever it so desired. And no one would stop it.

But the god had forgotten something important involving the man they had killed. Kamijou Touma had touched many lives in his wandering. Even before he left behind the city of science to travel the world in search of others in need of saving, he had already found himself in the hearts of many unique individuals from all sides. Magic, Science, Light, Dark, he had one way or another impacted their lives for the better and shattered the illusions haunting them. Those bonds he had formed in his unfortunate life had not been for nothing. Especially with the fairer sex.

It was funny when you thought about it. How something as stupid as the Kami-yan Disease would be the worlds salvation and not the end of the world.

Despite that, a certain blue haired man with piercings still cursed out a certain spiked haired deadman.

"Dammit, Kami-yan!"

Between Future Lines-1.

Mount Everest is regarded as the highest natural point on earth. 8,850 meters above sea level, no other mountain peak was closer to the sky and vast heavens beyond than its peak. Long ago one man made structure had gone beyond such a feat, passing the pillowy sea of earths heavens to dark space above at 35,000 kilometers above earth. But such a structure had fallen in an event that would have killed many below it if it wasn't for a miracle born from a certain Idol, and to an extent, a certain high school boy. Since its destruction, no other structure has ever come close to reaching past the earth's clouds. Leaving Mount Everest as the highest peak, and only peak, to touch the heavens.

It could be said that only Everest was allowed the blessing of being so close to god.

Perhaps that's why the Magical God had come to the peak of Everest for his spell. Even as pillars of molten earth pierced up to raise more flames to consume Nepal, the chilling mountain remained untouched by the destruction. As the highest point, it remained the only thing left alone to its natural state. Its chilling, cold snapping winds continued to rage in the deathly waves of heat born from the fires spread along the land.

Hana shivered at the face of the chilling winds flapping his tan winter furred coat. It was times like this he wished he had gained an Esper ability that could him warm his body up. But he just had to take after his mother instead. He couldn't help but sigh visibly in the chilling land.

"So, this thing is suppose to take us back in time, right? Hard to believe that something like this is possible. But then again, I still don't know much about magic." Hana grumbled distastefully. Magic was the reason the world was burning. Or at least it was the damned Magic God that was at fault for the horrible reality they lived in.

At the thought of the demon god who brought nothing but ruin, Hana's blue eyes glared at the frozen still form of the almighty supernatural deity. The haze of snowflakes, cold winds, numerous magical circles overlapping the god's body that extended to the sky above, made it hard to make out the bastard's appearance. Not like he wanted to see the monster.

Hana was sure he would lost it completely if he had to see the god again.

"Don't these kind of things only happen in manga and movies?"

A few feet away from the still magical god, Hana could see the equally snow cloaked figure standing before a swirling gate of numerous colored hues shake their head tiredly. At the peak of the tallest point of the world, countless magical arrays spun around the summit, their inner circles constantly spinning like complex tumblers that speared the chained god with slivers of holy light. The figure facing the forbidden magic arrays was slim with their cloak hugging their petite frame tightly as locks of ebony hair flew along with the cold winds.

"After everything we've been through, you still don't believe in magic? A literal Magic God is frozen right in front of your very eyes. What more proof do you need, Sparky!" the usually soft spoken girl's voice said in irritation.

Hana felt a twitch in his brow. But unlike his mother, he wasn't easy to set off. He'd like to think he took after his father.

"I would honestly like to believe there was no such thing as magic after all that I've seen. Maybe then none of this would be happening." Hana said bitterly with a scowl.

The girl's figure seemed to grow somber, their shoulders falling. At the sight, Hana sighed tiredly as he made his way over.

He was an Esper raised in Academy City, the greatest and most advanced city in all the world. He was taught to believe in science, in logic and facts. The very idea of magic was nothing but some make believe seen in the mangas and anime he watched when he was bored. It was crazy to believe that without the use of certain drugs and tests of the mind that one could do something as create fire in the palms of their hand. His powers were proof magic didn't exist.

Funny enough, his mother always told him to keep an open mind. She said there was more to the world than what he knew inside the city of science. Even though they lived by the laws of science, his mother was actually a believer in god and had friends who followed Christianity and Catholicism. He never understood why she had such faith in a godless city.

But after the events of December 25th, where the world had been doomed by a man who regarded himself as some Magic God, Hana could no longer deny that magic was a thing. Especially after meeting the girl with him. Hell, he was seeing magic right now.

Standing beside her, Hana bumped his fist above the girl's hoodie covered head. A small yelp of surprise and pain could be heard before he found green eyes glaring back at him.

"But if magic can help us save our world from that bastard's hands, than I guess I have to believe, Angela."

Angela's shimmering green eyes stared up at the brown haired boy with neck long locks. Small tears gathered in her eyes, putting the boy on edge as her lip quivered.

Like his father, he had no idea what to do when facing a crying girl.

Time was of the essence though. Sniffling, Angela dried her tears before they could turn to ice. She still had an important task to attend to. Now was not the time for tears.

Facing the swirling gate created by a god who brought hell onto earth in only four days, the two teens set their faces into ones of determination. Several crunches could be heard behind them, nearing closer at a brisk pace. The sounds of several new presences coming towards them didn't worry them. In fact, smiles now adorned their fierce expressions as new voices could be heard calling out to them.

"Whoa! Is that shitty Magic God frozen?! Well fuck me, you two little shits actually did it! And here I thought you didn't have the balls to face a walking talking atomic bomb. Think I can riddle him full of holes real quick?"

"Please refrain yourself from attacking the monster, Kaen. Such an act could free it and ruin our plans. Even if I myself would love nothing more than to slice it to pieces with mother's blade."

"Can we get this over with already? I still have some Xtra Large Soft drink coupons that give out a side of medium fries that expire today that I want to use up before it's too late."

". . .I don't think those will be of any use here. Or where we're going. You can have a sip of my sports drink if ya like. It's got double the electrolytes and vitamins for the long road ahead."

"So, this is the portal that will sends us back in time? Good grief. I never thought my Christmas holiday would involve time travel of all things. I miss my normal middle school life!"

Several other voices spoke out their opinion to the events leading them to standing around a time portal and the frozen form of the god that had ruined their futures. And while many voices wished to destroy the god now that they had the chance, they were stopped by the warning of Angela. Unlike the man who could shatter the illusions of a god, none of them possessed the power to stop the Magic God. But they were not as powerless as they had believed.

Turning away from the portal, Angela faced the gathered force standing with her and Hana at the eve of the worlds final days. All of those gathered at the mountain top were about her age, meaning they were still middle schoolers. A few were older, being 1st and 2nd years in high school. They were all different, not one of them alike in any way. Quite honestly she would have never believed she would ever acquaint herself with any of them, especially the more brutish and violent of the bunch. But like her, they all shared something in common.

On each of their faces they held a fierce expression of determination. Each in their hearts held a small piece of the will of the man who could purify gods and slay demons. The small faction before her were the fruits of labor that had been born from the bonds of Kamijou Touma.

The Kamijou Faction was alive and well in the new generation, filling in the roles of those before them.

With her smile growing, Angela simply nodded up to the brown haired Esper boy next to her. She had nothing more to say, but she was sure he did.

Hana nodded back, albeit grudgingly. He didn't want this role. He didn't want to go this path. He didn't want this responsibility. But he also didn't want this present. And he could see no future in this world anymore. Tightly gripping his right fist, Hana addressed the faction they had gathered in the last four days.

"I'm not going to lie and pretend that we'll save the world. I'm just a normal Esper who had only been worried about school and his overbearing mother weeks ago. Hell, I was planning on lazing around the house for the next week during the holiday, hoping to get some kind of message before the new year from my bum of a dad." Hana smirked fondly, earning several chuckles and nods of understanding from the others, "I know you all must feel the same. But then all those plans had been screwed up by this son of a bitch over here!" he shouted angrily with a thumb aimed back at the still Magic God.

"That fucking pigshit mother fucking cunt!"



"He made my mother cry! And my sister! Fuck this asshole!"

"You still think these coupons will work in the past though?"

Hana faltered slightly at the outbursts, nearly falling over at the idiotic responses and threats at the Magic God. He should have expected much. Clearing his throat to gain their attention again, he stopped the shouting as they returned their gazes at the brunette boy. A bitter smile came to his face.

"We all lost so much in these last four days because of that crappy god. Friends, family. . .parents."

A few soft cries broke out from the group. Hana's eyes reflected back at them with equal pain. They had all experienced loss.

"Everything is falling apart. All because a certain someone is no longer here to save the day. The hero is gone, leaving no one to stop anyone from distorting the reality we all love and cherish. And that's something I can't stand!"

A thunderous crack of energy erupted from Hana's body, vaporizing the countless snowflakes blocking out his surroundings with the flicker of lightning. His body smoked, melting the snow beneath his feet as he breathed heavily. The sudden action took some of them by surprise.

Hana's eyes were narrowed, showing anger and grief. He had suffered just as much as everyone here. And like them, he had enough.

"I don't believe in magic even though its right in front of my eyes! It's something I still can't wrap my head around, and I've traveled the world with a busty silver haired nun with a perfect memory for four days while fighting demons and magicians! As an Esper, I believe in fact. Cold, hard facts! BUT!" Hana shouted fiercely as he swung his right fist over to the portal behind him, "If something like belief and faith can create something to stop the end of the world and return it to the reality we all wish for, than I'll become a believer! I throw away my own beliefs for another if it means I can have my family back!"

Those who were in the same boat as him nodded stiffly. To them, this was also new and terrifying. But at this point, they were willing to believe in anything.

"I'm no hero, I don't want to be a hero, but I'll stand up to the plate to shatter the fucked up illusion of a Magic God!"

Grins, smirks, looks of respect, and stubborn smiles responded to his words, growing even stronger with his next words.

"But the empty space of that hero is big, impossibly big! So, think you can all stand with me to fill that spot?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"It is the duty of a Saint in training to slay devils, so I will lend my blade!"

"I don't want to! But I guess I got no choice but to help out!"

"With a little magic, anything's possible!"

"If this means I get to met my personal hero, than count me in!"

"What's a stupid god to a nonbeliever anyway?"

That's all Hana and Angela needed to hear. Nothing but resounding spirits ready to change history for the better. With everyone in their small faction ready, Hana and Angela faced back to the portal. Together they would stop a Magic God that could slay other gods with ease, who destroyed their present, ruined their future, and aimed to corrupt their past.

The BREAKERS would shatter the illusions of an all powerful god. With the will of Kamijou Touma in their tight fists.

The first to step into the gate were Angela and Hana, followed by two more of the BREAKERS. Sadly they all could not rush in, the maximum per entry was four. Not to mention they needed a few to watch over the frozen Magic God. The power keeping him from moving would not last forever, so they needed to watch out for when he freed himself.

Moving forward, Hana could only hope that they could change the future they would leave behind. How exactly? Hana smirked weakly.

He had absolutely no idea.

August 9th. Just another night in the marveling city of Academy City, the leader in all things scientific and technological in the world. It was a brisk night like any other. The sounds of the city were like a comforting hum to the city people as many turned in for the night to awake to another day in their lives of improving themselves. Another day to advance themselves further and reach new levels to prove their worth. For that was the sole reason any of them resided in Academy City. To become Espers, to gain power that normal humans were incapable of. To become special.

But in this city of science, where god was abandoned, another force had made its way into the world of Espers. A little nun who followed god's book and his teachings now walked Academy City's streets with a joyful hum on her lips and a bottomless pit where her stomach should be. One could say that with the addition of the new element, a reaction had been set to change the normal days of the city to come. The silver haired nun was a pebble. And Academy City was the sheltered pond.

Currently one of the many ripples of her presence could be felt throughout the building of Misawa's Cram School. The building that housed over 2,000 students stood tall with four office like buildings, serving as a fortress for a powerful alchemist for his own personal goals. And yet despite having been struck by Gregorio's Chant, a bombardment spell that should have razed the building to rubble in thanks to the 3,333 monks chanting, it stood up in defiance of the Roman Catholic Church's most notorious spells. All in thanks to the power of Ars Magna, the power to turn words into reality.

But that power to turn the users words into reality found itself being broken by the right hand of one average high school boy.

The sound of glass shattering with an otherworldly whine could be heard bouncing off the walls of Aureolus Izzard's personal study. The tall man, dressed in a fine white suit, with neatly combed green hair and green eyes, stood in shock at the nullification of his Ars Magna. He glared at the spiky haired boy with dark blue eyes, who glared right back at him with seething anger. In the high school boy's arms, the boy held a black haired girl wearing a shrine maiden's outfit. Strange as the outfit was, that was not what surprised Aureolus or had his attention. No, that would be the rise and fall of the girl's chest.

Himegami Aisa was breathing softly. She was alive. That shouldn't be. Not when he commanded the opposite. What he was seeing must have been some mistake. Yes, Aureolus nodded firmly while ignoring the single trickle of sweat running down his forehead. The only explanation must have been that his focus had slipped for a second. Well he could remedy that.

The glare on Touma's face twisted angrily as he watched Aureolus flick the back of his shirt's waist for a thin golden needle. With a sickening squish, the needle stabbed into the Alchemist's neck, showing no signs of harming the green haired man as he calmly spoke a single word.


Touma felt it, the pause in Himegami's breathing at the sound of the Alchemist's command. He could feel the second her lungs stopped, the second her body grew cold, and the second her heart stopped. He bit his lips with a throaty growl as his right hand clenched the dead miko's shoulder tightly.

Once again, Aureolus could hear it. The sound of glass shattering despite none of his windows being been broken. There should have been nothing in the room other than the glass windows that could have made such a sound if broken. Even more alerting was the rise and fall of Himegami's chest. The girl was alive despite his command! How!?

It was then Aureolus found his eyes falling on the right hand on the girl's shoulder. The same hand the boy had bitten to somehow free himself from the Alchemist's command to slam to the ground. The right hand, was it responsible?

"That hand, what did you do!? What kind of technique can dispel my Ars Magna like it was nothing!?" Aureolus demanded with a slight panic in his voice. He silently cursed himself. What he'd seen had caused his concentration to slip again. His hand reached back for another needle to settle his nerves as he met the normal boy's furious gaze.


Aureolus paused, quirking a brow in interest as Kamijou stared down at the peacefully sleeping girl in his arms. His grip on Himegami's body tightened to the point he guiltily nearly drew blood as a look of discomfort grew on her face. He lightened the grip with a snarl now on his face.

"That was twice now that you killed her without so much as a damn thought! Just what the hell did she mean to you!? Wasn't she your friend?! She said that you saved her from the people using her to copy her powers, that you promised to save her from the pain that her blood causes her, that you of all people would never harm a person!"

Through out the entire day, Touma had seen nothing but death and suffering from the moment he walked into what he believed to be a cram school. The death of a knight he couldn't save, the death of all those students by a dummy of the alchemist, and the death of an innocent girl he had tried to ignore. He had failed to save them. And it was only because of the power in his right hand that he could even happily admit to saving Himegami. But the fact remained. Himegami Aisa had died in his arms again. Though she was breathing again, she had died in an instant.

And it was all because of the man standing in front of him. A man Stiyl had said was once Index's most treasured friend years ago. A man so twisted, he used others for his own means. All so Aureolus could save Index from losing her memories again. What he had done for such a wish only made Touma angrier.

Gently setting Himegami down to the side, Touma stood up to face the spiteful Alchemist. His face grew shadowed from the locks of hair over his forehead as he spat at the man Himegami regarded so highly.

"How the hell can you stand there so calmly when you just killed someone who thought the world of you!"

Aureolus continued to stare at the furious boy with interest before sighing. To Touma's further anger, he chuckled.

"What are you talking about? I simply did as promised." Aureolus smirked as he toyed with the needle in his hand. "Not only is she no longer useful, but I also freed her from the misfortune she was born with. Just as promised before you cursed her to continue living with her horrible reality." he scowled in pity towards the sleeping girl with Deep Blood.

What little self control Touma had struggled to keep was broken by the Alchemist's next words.

"And you look at me as the monster."

A thunderous snap of lightning could be heard from outside, drawing Aureolus's attention to the windows. He gazed out into the city, his brows furrowing at the odd sight. Dark clouds gathered in the sky, flashing with lightning before he saw thunder strike down to the earth. He could actually feel a tremor crawling up the building.

How odd. He couldn't recall seeing anything about a thunderstorm occurring tonight. Than again, the weather forecast as of late hadn't been as accurate as before.

Another crash of thunder from outside shook the building visibly, causing him to stumble slightly. It was worrying to feel such a tremor hit so close. As if he didn't have enough things distracting him today.


With a sound of surprise, the green haired Alchemist glanced back at the charging high school boy. He narrowed his eyes before stabbing the needle on hand into his neck.

"Your Heart Will Stop."

Touma grit his teeth as he felt some unknown force grip his heart. He didn't even think twice as his right fist punched his chest. Thankfully it appeared he didn't need direct contact with his heart in order to stop Aureolus's command. The stopping of his heart was negated immediately. But he didn't stop his charge. Or the swing of his right fist.

"You Shall Not Touch Me." The distance between Kamijou and Aureolus grew suddenly just as Touma's fist came close. Touma simply swung at air. Taking the missed blow as an opportunity, Aureolus spoke another command before the boy could make a move. "Suffocate."

The muscles of Imagine Breaker's neck grew taught, cutting off his ability to breath. Choking to his death, Touma quickly clenched his neck with his right hand to nullify the command. Once again he had made Aureolus Ars Magna useless with a simple touch. Aureolus was growing more and more frustrated with each failed attempt. At the sound and tremble of the thunder outside, he spoke his next command to finish the boy.

"Be Struck By Lightning!"

Touma's eyes went wide in panic. Feeling the building tremble again, he found the ceiling above him broken through as a bolt of lightning crashed down to him like he was a metal rod. He reacted faster than the lightning, swinging his right clawed hand above his head just as the lightning struck to catch it. The bolt was nullified.

"In My Hand I Hold A Pistol. Its Ammo Is Infinite. Each Bullet Fired Will Hit Its Mark!"

But in canceling out the lightning bolt, Touma had failed to react to the Alchemist's next commands. Cutting straight through the air, a round old timed bullet drilled through his shoulder with a bang. A gush of blood flew out from the new hole on his body that made him grit his teeth openly in pain. He stumbled back with a struggling gasp. That was certainly a first. Maybe.

Touma desperately hoped that this was the first time he had been shot. Sadly he wouldn't know that since he had lost his memory weeks ago.

Aureolus ceased his commands as he mused out loud with his pistol still smoking.

"So, it appears that your right hand does indeed nullify my Ars Magna. How interesting. I don't believe I recall such a power before until now. It truly is a formidable ability." Aureolus commended before sneering, "But I believe the trick to overcoming its nullification is to strike anything but your right hand. And hit you before you can react!"

Not needing to reload with the infinity ammo his pistol attained, Aureolus fired another shot. His aim was set on the boy's head, going straight for a kill shot. He watched as Touma reacted in time to block the shot, canceling even the bullet out. But he saw that coming. His eyes had already moved onto the side of the high schooler's hip and fired. The metal ball hit its mark, but to his displeasure, he was slightly off and missed the annoying boy's kidney.

His commands were losing their power. Reaching for another needle, he plunged it into his neck and relieved at his thoughts calming back. His laser focused concentration returned.

"Be Crushed By Ten Tons." he said almost lazily, forgoing his accurate pistol for a more gruesome death.

Above the unfortunate boy, a pure iron anvil in the shape of a car sized anvil fell down out from thin air. Touma may have been in immense pain, and slowly bleeding out, but he fought past the pain and threw his hand up to cancel out the heavy weight. Struggling to stay on his feet, he returned to attacking. He ran to Aureolus with a straight punch for the green Alchemist's gut. Aureolus commanded that he would not be hit again, repeating the command every time the boy charged at him. Wincing at the strain on his wounds, the wielder of Imagine Breaker moved to charge back with a roar. His eyes glanced down, finding one of the needles the Alchemist used that he swiftly kicked up. Going in for another straight punch, he watched Aureolus avoid him with another command and took him by surprise by flinging the needle. The surprise needle broke Aureolus concentration for a second, forcing him to actually dodge on his own. His concentration was only worsened by another tremble that hit his building from the strong thunder storm outside.

A chance had been opened. Touma forced his wounded body to move. He ran as quick as he could, closing in on the sweating green haired man with an uppercut. Aureolus's breath hitched. The needle he was ready to use to return his concentration was instead used to slash at Touma's face. Touma ducked just before the needle could slice his eyes, suffering a slash on his forehead. He flinched as blood ran down his face, losing his footing slightly yet still connecting with his sloppy uppercut.

Aureolus's eyes went wide as his jaw cracked. Pain erupted around his chin and he could have sworn his jaw was dislocated. The force had sent him stumbling back and grabbing his chin. He glared at the boy, watching him raise his fist up an in attempt to knock him out with the next punch.

A golden needle slipped into Touma's lower abdomen, causing him to gasp sharply. He was forced to jump back and abandon his attack in order to avoid the needle piercing a vital organ. With another hole in his body, he gasped in both pain and exhaustion from the battle. He could see Aureolus stand back up, already moving to stab the needle dripping with his own blood into his neck.

'I-I can't keep this going on too long. I may be able to block his more direct commands, but all it would take are a few more of his complicated commands to take me out. I'm already losing enough blood as it is.' Touma flinched as he noticed his white shirt drenching with blood. He could even see a few drops plip onto the floor.

He already had to fight the Aureolus dummy and was lucky to have made it out of the fight alive. Or unlucky seeing as surviving the fight ended with the situation right now. Exhausted, sweating, shirt slick with blood, with a slash on his forehead and three holes on his body. He was really starting to curse the bad luck he found himself cursed with since waking up with no memories that day. He couldn't go on much longer.

". . .Touma."

In the midst of the fighting, a sleeping silver haired nun mumbled in her sleep. She was undisturbed from all the impossible feats Touma was seeing or the loud thunder that was shaking all of Academy City. She was left alone to her dreams. Her soft murmurs and occasional smiles telling all those in the room that she was dreaming a pleasant dream. One that most likely involved mountains of food all cuisine.

And of the spiky haired high schooler that had saved her.

Touma sighed tiredly as he forced himself to stay on his feet. Just how could the little sister sleep here of all places? Couldn't she tell that he was fighting for his life right now? Or that a creepy guy with green dyed hair was standing over her? He had half a mind to give her a lecture when she woke. He was pretty sure he had asked her to stay back at the dorm. Did she follow him like some lost puppy?

The picture of a puppy Index came to mind, bringing a chuckle to Touma's lips. It hurt to laugh, but he couldn't help himself. With the way Index bit him, she was like a puppy.

'I can't let myself stop now. Her smile. . .isn't the not the only one I have to save.' Glancing back at Himegami's resting form on the ground, he was happy to note that none of Aureolus's attacks had harmed her. He wasn't surprised she was still sleeping. She had gone through so much.

Thanks to the right arm that brought him nothing but trouble on a daily basis since he woke up in the hospital without any memories of his previous life, Himegami was alive. And he would make sure she continued living. Whatever it took, he would make sure she escaped this prison to live her life.

A stray thought passed through Touma. He glanced away from the miko to another person on the ground, finding a red haired man with a barcode tattoo on his cheek still stuck to the ground. Touma couldn't help but smirk.

"So, what's your excuse?"

Stiyl Magnus glared up at the spiky haired brat. If it wasn't for Aureolus's command, he would whip a blade of flames at Kamijou just to annoy him.

"Keep your eyes on the spiteful Alchemist, kid! I really don't think now is the time for jokes." Stiyl groaned. The force keeping him glued to the floor was really a pain in the ass. He couldn't help but roll his shoulders.

'Wait.' Stiyl paused in realization. He wasn't able to move a muscle before.


The grip on the needle in Aureolus's hand nearly snapped it in half. The girl with a perfect memory doomed to forget about the bonds she made with those in a year had been saved. After all those years of precious memories she could never retain, she could finally continue with the memories she currently kept with her mind. For once, she wouldn't forget about those friends she made, who found themselves blessed by the girl's radiant smile.

Index could live her life now with the memories of the friends she made this year. Without the memory of Aureolus Izzard in her perfect memory. She would never dream of playing with Aureolus, or spending a nice sunny afternoon outside with tea and cookies while reading books with him. Her dreams were replaced by Kamijou Touma.

"You. . .you haven't suffered enough. Not nearly enough." Aureolus spat through gnashed teeth. The needle was stabbed deeper into his neck than necessary.

Anger clouded his judgment, but his focused was still as sharp as his needles. Only further fueling his commands creative forms.

"Countless Guillotine Blades Will Drop From The Air In The Following Orders!"

The ceiling quickly filled with countless death blades above Touma's head, glinting cruelly as the high school boy stiffened. Touma glared tiredly at the green haired Alchemist, preparing his damaged sore body to move.

"A Blade Will Drop Above His Head."

Instincts forced Touma back, just in time to avoid the instantaneous executioner's blade dropping down to split him apart. The office floor was shattered, showing off the heavy blade's impact as it continued to fall straight to the lower floors. Touma sweated.

"A Blade Will Drop From Above His Head. And Behind!"

Predicting Touma's next move with a smug smirk, Aureolus watched the boy's face flinch as he suddenly changed his backwards hop into a sideways skip. The two guillotine blades were like the lightning outside, flashing down to nearly chop the foolish boy apart. With his eyes trailing Toumca's every move, Aureolus commanded every deadly blade to drop down in tandem with the boy's odd reflexes. He commanded a blade to follow Touma's every step, forcing the boy to change a back step to a sideways roll to avoid a blade from falling behind, than to throw his right hand up to negate another blade waiting to dig into his skull, and force the panting boy to spin his body to the left as Aureolus commanded one of the dropping guillotine blades to curve with the intent to split its target's abdomen apart from his waist. The assault just kept coming.

"Eight Blades Will Drop From A Ninety Degree Angle To Dice My Enemy!"

Sweating nervously, Touma thought quickly. A circle of death blades angled towards him with frightening speed, intent on chopping him to bits. Cracking his right hand, he spun on his foot to swing his arm out like whip, negating the circle of guillotine blades just before they could do him any harm.

"A Blade Will Fall Forward And Spin Like A Saw With The Intent to Slice My Enemy In Half!"

With the sound of shattering glass came another command from the Alchemist. Dropping down in front of Touma's very face, a guillotine blade spun wildly like a revving saw disc. Still in revolution, it spun straight forward with the intent on sawing Imagine Breaker in half. Touma gulped, taking in the blades size that nearly towered himself. He move without a second thought, slapping away the death saw with Imagine Breaker.

"Two Blades Will Fall On Both Sides And Curve To Chop My Enemy's Waist Off! In The Same Movement, A Blade Will Drop Above His Head!"

And again, another damn command. Touma made sure to pay close attention to Aureolus words, planning his next action to counter whatever would come next. He jumped back quickly at the end of the sentence, watching as the three razor edged blades slammed into another. Not wanting to risk any change of another attack, Touma shattered the guillotine blades with a straight punch of his right arm. He breathed a sigh of relief.

"A Rain Of Blades Will Fall Wildly With the Speed of Sound At My Enemy!"

"GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!" The next command was enough to visibly horrify Touma. His face twisted in agony as he stared up at the suddenly glinting ceiling of executioner blades. He gulped dryly. His instincts rang wild. Above his head, numerous guillotine blades fell down with sonic booms, snapping the very air as they fell randomly at only their target. Falling back on his hard wired instincts, Touma dodged, rolled, and shattered whatever blades came close to him. Sounds of the floor cracking echoed along with the thunder cracks outside as sweat flew off his bloody face. It looked like he was stuck in a death defying dance of raining silver flashes and the beat of thudding steel booms. How he could evade sonic speed blades, he didn't know. But he'd be damned if he stopped to question.

This was just a game to Aureolus though. He was confidant he could kill Touma at any moment if he wanted to. But no, that wouldn't do. This was after all the boy who had robbed him of saving his precious Index. This was the boy who had robbed him of the title of savior. The insignificant, dull faced, ignorant boy had stolen his rightful place beside the girl with the brilliant, innocent smile. No, Aureolus would make the boy sweat, exhaust him, grant him some hope that he could defeat him despite how worn out his body became. Than, and only than, when the boy believed that he could defeat him, would Aureolus deliver the finishing blow. The Alchemist would make the blow fatal, but not enough to kill Touma on the spot.

No, Aureolus will make Touma live long enough to feel his hopes die away. Long enough that the boy would gain just a slimmer of understanding to the grief and despair that Aureolus felt.

"From Both Right And Left, Two Car Sized Balls Of Fire Will Slam Into The Boy!"

Gasping heavily, Touma rolled forward to avoid the two giant fireballs crashing into another from both his sides. He spun back to face the collision, is right arm thrown up in time to negate the flood of flames erupting from the explosion, leaving him to watch the flames pass him by in the makeshift field of negation he created with his fingers spread apart. While safe from being burned to a crisp, his right arm sadly couldn't protect him from the immense heat of the flames singing his skin.

"In My Hand, I Hold A Pistol! They Will Fire With Sonic Speed! Commence Rapid Fire!"

No time to breath was given to the unfortunate high school boy as the flames died down. Spinning around, he quickly threw Imagine Breaker out to negate the magical bullets. Blood erupted from his chest, four additional bullet wounds blossoming onto his abdomen to signal he was too late to cancel out the attacks the shot through him with sonic booms. His face twitched as his breath grew erratic, blood dripping onto the floor to form a puddle as his right arm began to fall along with his body.

'NO!' Swallowing the vile copper in his throat, Touma grit his teeth and blocked the sonic firing bullets cutting through the air with a boom. His palm negated one aimed for his lungs, but suffered three of the iron balls piercing his body and shatter the wall behind him like cannonballs. Again his body faltered, nearly collapsing on the spot until he forced his wobbling legs to stand straight.

How many did that make? How many holes did he have in his body? Just how much blood was he losing? And how long until he bled out?

Surprisingly, both Touma and Aureolus had the same answer in mind as they glared at another with equal hate in their stubborn eyes.

'It doesn't matter.'

Because it truly didn't. Even though his body was refusing to listen to him and give into his wounds, Touma ignored the dizziness clouding his thoughts to run straight for the cold smirking Alchemist. The sonic bullets came as predicted, whistling a deadly tune to the death of an unfortunate boy. But even with their speed, Touma followed his instincts, instincts he never realized he had, honed from countless fights with opponents literally above his level that he had forgotten, and evaded the shots at the very last second. He couldn't help but smirk in victory, his smirk only growing wider at what he saw on the green haired Alchemist's face.

A bead, a single bead of sweat rolled down Aureolus's temple. It appeared right when Touma had kept his body standing despite the bullets stabbing right through him like paper. The perfect shots had lost their speed a moment later.

Through out the fight, Touma wasn't simply dodging Aureolus's attacks. The entire time, he had been observing the Alchemist, looking out for any weaknesses to the bastard's spell he could exploit. But nothing came up. With every word that left Aureolus's mouth, he could materialize the objects and conditions without any cost to himself or surroundings. Whatever the man said could come true. Hell, the Alchemist had just summoned death blades to rain down like it was nothing!

But something had stood out. Every once in a while, Aureolus would stab his neck with one of those deadly needles. Touma could see a slight rise of frustration on Aureolus's face, only for his face to relax as the needle entered his skin. Every time the Alchemist would become frustrated, he would stab his neck to calm down, easing his troubled expression and than go back to attacking. Rinse and repeat.

The loss of sonic speed to the bullets and bead of sweat on Aureolus's forehead was the chink in the Alchemist's Ars Magna. A dent that he needed to hammer ruthlessly. All he needed was to find one more piece to the puzzle before he could break apart the Alchemist's powers.

Touma tightened his bruised right fist with a pop and a stubborn grin. The odds were completely against him. But what else was new? If he didn't give up when he woke up without his memories of who he was, why would he give up now to a man who could bend reality to his every word?

Aureolus smirked cruelly. The look on the boy's face was exactly what he was waiting for! He could see hope brimming in those deep dark blue eyes. All that was left was to rob him of that hope and-!

"Hmph, that power really is the real thing, isn't it? Anything you say comes true, reality itself bending to your words without a cost, huh?"

Aureolus paused, the words on his lips falling as he glanced at the still face down red haired magician who had once been by Index side, just like him. He grew curious at the man's random question.

"Of course. Ars Magna is the greatest achievement to all Alchemists, a power as great as the Philosopher's Stone! It is the very jewel of our kind!" Aureolus proclaimed proudly.

No alchemist in history had ever achieved such a feat, never less in such a short amount of time. Only Aureolus was great enough to attain such a godly power that forced reality to bow to his every command. With Ars Magna, nothing was impossible!

"With it, nothing in this world, this reality, is impos-"

"Than why do you need Deep Blood? Why go through all this trouble to draw out a measly vampire when you can just command one to appear right in front of you?"

The pride on Aureolus's face withered away. It was as if he was struck by something foul, his expression twisting into an ugly scowl of frustration. The expression caught Touma's attention as he paid close attention to what Stiyl could be implying.

"Shut your mouth, lousy magici-!"

"After all, reality itself is yours to command, right? Ars Magna allows you to do anything with nothing but a word. If you said, I Command A Vampire Before My Eyes, it will happen like that. Right?" Stiyl commented lazily. The growing grin on his face becoming more broad as Aureolus's face began to sweat more and more with his growing temper. A thoughtful expression crossed Stiyl's face.

"In fact, if you could create vampires so easily, why go through all that trouble in the first place? If you can freely control reality, make whatever you say true, than why didn't just say that you could save-"


Stiyl's words were abruptly cut off as his body was flung into the air. He found himself suspended above the room, still without any control of his limbs. The pure anger and frustration on the green haired Alchemist's face was all Stiyl needed to know to the validity of his musings. He couldn't help but smirk in victory.

"That's is, isn't it? It's not that you couldn't, but that you didn't-"



Touma gagged, nearly losing his stomach's contents as an invisible force seemed to audibly peel away every inch of Stiyl's skin from his body. The sound of tearing flesh was horrifying enough, but the very sight of all of the London mage's muscles, organs, fat, and nerves, still working forced him to clap his hand over his mouth to avoid both vomit and blood from spilling out. His eyes were tearing up, his will just about falling apart at the disgusting picture floating above him. Small droplets of blood drizzled onto the floor.

It was no surprise that Stiyl couldn't utter a sound in such a state.

'Wait, what was Stiyl about to say?' Swallowing the bile, Touma narrowed his eyes in thought. He glanced back at Aureolus. Watching the green haired suit calm his nerves with another needle to his neck. While his body ached, and he was positive he couldn't even walk straight with how much blood he lost, Touma stood up straight as he thought back to what Stiyl had been implying.

'He's right. If Aureolus can make whatever he speaks reality, why would he go through all this, when he could just say what he wished? Why didn't he just wish that Index could be saved?'

Touma's eyes gazed past Aureolus to Index's happily sleeping visage. The silver haired nun continued to sleep without a care in the world.

'How could he not think of that? He can make whatever he says reality, so why not save Index? Didn't he believe he could save her with such power?'


Realization hit Touma in an instant. The pieces he had gathered came together in that moment, allowing him to see through the dent in Ars Magna. The little dent was blown apart, revealing a giant hole in the all powerful magic that warped reality to the wielders words.

Aureolus scoffed at the floating exposed nervous system before returning his attention to the high school boy. Annoyance grew on his face, finding the boy still standing unwavering despite the several bullet wounds on his person. By now, the boy should have collapsed from blood loss. Still though, Touma continued to stand defiantly. The hope he wished to crush was no longer what he wished to see.

"Honestly, that lousy magician has spoiled the fun. I grow bored of this game." Aureolus said nonchalantly as he raised his antique pistol, "I am done with you. So, I believe the best course of action to put an end to all this is to simply rid you of the power to negate my Ars Magna. That odd power seems to only appear in your right arm, which means you are completely useless if it where to disappear." he grinned viciously.

'That's what Ars Magna is. It's not the power to create whatever the user wishes through words, but the power to create whatever the user believes! And even though you had done what others couldn't, you still didn't believe that it was enough to save her.'

"My Pistol Will Gain A Sword!"

'You. . .didn't believe that could save her, could you? Even with all that power, you didn't believe that you could save her with just words that bent reality to your whim. What you lacked wasn't power. It was belief. That's you weakness.'

"This Blade Will Chop Off Your Arm! Commence Sword-Blade Spinning Shot!"

The elegant sword blade attached to the antique pistol spun out from the barrel, cutting through the air like a flashing saw. It's aim was true and straight, set on only one target in its sight.

No one but Aureolus heard the gruesome sound of bone, muscles, and flesh being torn through with a crunch by the flashing steel saw. The blade embedded itself to the wall behind the shell shocked Touma with a heavy thud. Another thud hit the ground, the sound haunting the high schooler before the sound of gushing, squirting blood followed next. He didn't even dare to turn his eyes to the sliced right arm that wasn't even a bloody stump.

A dead, hollowed expression replaced the light in Touma's eyes. Aureolus couldn't help but grin darkly in satisfaction.

A heavy, powerful, roar of thunder hit the Academy City that was accompanied by Aureolus's bellowing laughter. He laughter rolled off the walls. Several flashes of lighting could be seen outside the window that visibly trembled the building, shaking the objects in his office.

Aureolus's good intentions to save a dear friend he loved deeply had transformed him into a ruthless killer. The man who had basked in the same light as his friend had been lost the day Index's memories had been wiped. Now stood a man who acted on his selfish desires. He had become a monster.

An ominous flash blinded the entire city. And in the office building of Misawa's Cram School, another. . .thing laughed.


Aureolus's victory was short lived with the crazed laughter dwarfing his own. His voice found itself stuck in his throat as he watched the boy without a right arm, bleeding out and splattered with blood on his right side of his body, throw his head back with a mad laugh. This was the last thing he would have expected from the boy. Anyone who had lost their arm so suddenly, and so violently, should have been on their knees with cries of anguish. They should have vainly been grasping at their gushing stump arm, trying to convince themselves this wasn't happening. Anyone in such a situation would have been a broken mess of tears, blood, and despair.

But the high school, who lacked anything special other than the mysterious right arm of his, continued to surprise him.

Aureolus flinched. It wasn't enough that the boy's mad laughter had broken his concentration, but he had seen into those blank white eyes devoid of an iris.

Those empty eyes were amused. A dark, cruel amusement that sent a chill down Aureolus's spine.

"Oi~! Alchemist-san~! What's wrong!? Aren't you going to kill me now?" The boy taunted joyfully with a hearty chuckle on his lip.

Against his better judgement, Aureolus stepped back.

"M-Multiply The Last Command By Four! With Sonic Speed, Begin Rapid Fire!"

Four sword blades were summoned from thin air along the pistol, glinting dangerously. Raising the Sword Pistol hybrid, Aureolus fired the blades in rapid fire succession. The sawing blades released small shock waves as they cut the air. Touma's grin didn't slip a bit. To Aureolus shock, the blades swerved in their straight and true paths, slamming into the back walls with booms. Again and again, Aureolus repeated the command, firing an endless ammunition of razor sharp blades to dice the boy to fine pieces. But each one missed.

Touma never moved an inch under fire. He made no sign of dodging the many blades slicing through the air to chop another limb off. Even as one of the spinning blades flew right for his face, intent on splitting his head apart down the middle, he didn't move. The sword blade abruptly curved, following the many missed shots to shatter the back wall to pieces.

"Oh? What's the matter, Ars Magna-san? Don't tell me that you can't even finish what you've started? Come on! I still have my left arm! My legs, my head, all of me! With your words, can't you even cut off a lousy finger?!~"

Pain. No other word could describe what Touma was experiencing right now. His right arm had been chopped off and now laid on the floor far from his reach. Blood continued to squirt out of where it should be. And he was more than sure, he should have passed out this time from the agony that kept reminding him of the missing appendage like an searing pulse. His only trump card towards the Alchemist's power was now gone.

Touma couldn't help but laugh again. Above his head, the guillotine blades returned, lined up to do as they were designed. Touma whistled at the sight. Taking a step forward, he slowly walked ahead to the sweating green haired Alchemist. The executioner's blades fell along with his very step, only to shatter the second they were commanded to fall.

It was true, all Touma could feel was pain. But that pain seemed to push him further into a dark place. Was it possible to become high on pain itself? Because what he was feeling now felt so satisfying! And that look on the Alchemist's face was just too much! The cold, calculating, smug, facade was cracking. Touma could see the wielder of Ars Magna being to shake like a leaf even as Aureolus desperately continued to keep his cool.


From thin air, countless steel chains made from undefinable but durable metal coiled around Touma in a vain attempt to keep him still. The chains hooked to the walls, preventing him from making another step. Touma snickered. He didn't spare the chains another thought as he took a step forward. The chains shattered, vanishing into thin air as he came closer and closer to the shaken Aureolus.

By now, Touma couldn't even feel the pain anymore. He had become numb. Or was it that he wasn't focusing his attention on such a thing anymore. Not when he now knew how to defeat Aureolus's Ars Magna. He needed to continue dwelling in that dark place a little longer, just long enough to come off as deranged. Psychotic. Insane. For what else would you call someone who ignored a missing arm on their person with a grin and a mad laugh.

"That almost tickled! Is that what you're trying to make me do, Alchemist-san? If so, than truly your Ars Magna can make what you believe possible!" Touma grinned widely.

The spoken secret of Ars Magna was what finally broke the facade on Aureolus's face. Seeing the knowing grin on Touma's face, Aureolus visibly panicked and hastily reached for another of his calming needles. His trembling hands fumbled in his panic, causing the needles to slip through his fingers and fall to the ground with a clatter. Aureolus scrambled to pick his needles up, whimpering as his shaking fingers continued to drop them.

"What's wrong, Alchemist-san? Come on now, use your words~!"

The deranged voice behind his back brought Aureolus's eyes to glance back into the empty white eyes of the blood stained high school boy. He screamed in fear and fell onto his back side before crawling for the safety of his desk. All while the boy's taunting voice followed behind.

"What's the hold up? Use. Your. Words! Say it~! Say my heart will stop! Say that I will die a horrific and gory death! It's in your power after all. Don't you believe in your own words anymore? Is your belief so weak to be shaken so easily? Bend me to your belief already!"

Reaching his desk, Aureolus feverishly dug underneath for something, anything, that would kill the monster trailing him. Tears sprang around the corners of his eyes as he heard the boy's giddy laughter growing closer. Finding nothing, he moved to look around the top of his desk before his trembling eyes caught a set of feet standing close by. Looking up, he found the red haired magician from London, standing up again with his skin returned to him. And in his arm was the slumbering form of Index.

Footsteps stopped right behind Aureolus's shaken back. His breath stopped. Despite how much he didn't want to, he found himself turning around to come face to face with the still grinning high school boy.

"Why are you shaking so much? Are you already missing the high of your little needles and suffering withdraw? How sad. Without them, you can't drown out those idle thought and doubts that dwell in the corners of your mind. Your power after all isn't making what you say into reality, but to make what you believe into reality!"

One last desperate attempt came to Aureolus's shaken mind. In the face of the monster wearing a plain boy's bloody face, he commanded one more command to rid him of the monster.


Aureolus buried the fear deep down for just a moment. He steeled his belief without the need of the needles high to erase his doubts. And at his command, reality followed his words.

From Touma's body, multiple rips gushed blood out like a prick from a high pressured hose line. Touma's heart blew up like a popping balloon. With blood shooting out from his gasping lips, the misfortune boy began to fall back with a silent scream. His body hit the floor with a dead thud.

Aureolus grinned weakly as he calmed his beating heart. It was done! After so long, he had finally killed the annoying boy! To think he had doubted his own power!

"I'm sorry, but that's simply an illusion."

The wielder of Ars Magna felt his heart stop. The scene before him shattered like glass, revealing the still breathing high school boy standing over him. The ever present grin only widened as Aureolus whimpered with tears trailing down his quivering face. It was then, that the Alchemist began to notice something even more horrifying about the boy.

Something began to move from Touma's right side. Something invisible, painted by the splotches of blood. It began to take shape, twisting to the unseen eye to take shape of a of row dagger like teeth that could easily rend the flesh off his bones. Stained by the iron scented spatters of red, a dragon head took the place of the boy's right arm to stare hungrily down at Aureolus's terrified form.

Touma himself wasn't sure what to make of what had replaced his right arm. He didn't give it too much thought, choosing instead to finally put an end to the Alchemist's plans once and for all.

It was with one deafening series of lightning outside that illuminated the invisible beast maw, that Touma struck.

"Do you really think that you can save anyone with such twisted beliefs? Do you think that the road of good intentions can be paved with blood and death!? People aren't resources for your fucked up wishes wrought with suffering! But if you truly do believe that, than I'll crush those fucked up illusions!"

A roar from a beast of fables followed behind Touma's shout as the dragon's head stretched from his bloody shoulder. With no remorse left, he allowed the dragon to rampage, watching as its maw snapped wide open and dove straight for the whimpering Alchemist.

All he could hear before his thoughts finally shut off from the exhausting events of the day, was the horrifying cries and pleas of a man devoured by an illusion. And a haunting sound.


With Index still held protectively in his arms, Stiyl walked past the gruesome spatter of red on the floor to the standing form of Touma. His nose wrinkled at the foul sight of blood staining the entire right side of the boy's body. Surprisingly, the wielder of Imagine Breaker was still standing even as he had lost consciousness. Or would he call Touma the past wielder of Imagine Breaker now?

On the far side of the room, the red haired magician eyed the right arm that had been severed in the fight. It laid in a puddle of red, growing colder as the seconds ticked on. He sighed in annoyance.

"Ain't this a mess? I hope they don't expect me to clean all this up for them too." he muttered with a twitch in his eye. Not only would he have to carry Index back with him, but also a boy cursed with bad luck, his right arm, and a girl in a miko costume. Even with magic, it would be a pain in the ass to bring everyone out of the school without drawing attention.

It wasn't every day that one walked out of a cram school, surrounded by knights in medieval armor, with a nun, a high school boy missing an arm, said arm, and a miko girl at night.

His dislike for Touma only grew as he moved over to the knocked out boy. True, he had saved Index from the loss of her memories and revealed the truth of her invisible shackles, but that didn't mean he would become buddy-buddy with the punk. As if a priest could be friends with a godless heathen. Still. . .he would at least do the boy a kindness and make sure he didn't lose his arm.

"So, this is Kamijou Touma? I could have sworn his back was a lot broader before."

Stiyl froze just as his fingers reached for Touma's body. A new presence made itself known. Soft footsteps could be heard from the entrance of the room that grew closer to them. With Touma's body in the way of his view, Stiyl moved his head to find a stranger standing a few spaces from the two. He narrowed his red eyes at the slender figure, noting that their features were hidden by the hood of their long brown winter trench coat. It was odd to see a person wearing such clothes, let alone inside the cram school. Knowing that all the students in the school were still incapacitated in thanks to the effects of Ars Magna that would soon fade away, he knew that the girl was no student.

Not to mention the sense of magic she was giving off. An odd foreign flow of mana that even Stiyl was having a hard time to place. He grew wary of the new mage, subtly readying himself to attack if he had to.

Beneath the hood, the girl smiled. She reached for the lip of her hood and pulled it back.

Stiyl's breath caught in his throat.


Raven hair flew out over the girl's shoulders and her face was finally free. Stiyl wasn't sure what he was seeing. The girl's face closely resembled Index's own. Same green eyes and white alabaster skin, she even wore the same white habit as Index's 'Walking Church'. But unlike Index's own soft features of innocence, the girl's eyes were sharper yet lax when compared to the silver nun in his arms. From what he could tell at first glance, she was most likely a few years older than Index. Those lax eyes did remind him of someone, but at the moment he couldn't place a finger on who.

The Index look alike suddenly glanced around the room, her eyes stopping on the arm belonging to the misfortune boy. Her gaze narrowed before she hastily ran over to the bloody limb. She picked up Touma's arm without a second thought or an expression of disgust. If anything, she held it gingerly and with care even Stiyl wouldn't have shown.

"I would have never thought this would be how I finally met you again." she whispered to herself with a quiver in her voice.

An odd sound echoed upon contact with Kamijou Touma's arm. The sound of shattering glass signaled a negation, but the girl showed now signs of being affected. At least to her knowledge.

But Stiyl saw. An odd miasma was dispelled from the girl's body. Stiyl had questions. A lot of questions. But at the moment, he knew that he didn't have the luxury to interrogate the strange girl who could pass off as some relative to Index. He knew that the longer they stayed in the cram school, the more at risk they were at the authorities finding them. Aleister may have allowed the red haired magician to enter the city to deal with the magical threat, but that did not mean he was protected from the likes of Anti-Skill or Judgment. Not to mention if they didn't get Touma to a hospital soon, the boy would lose his arm.

With a pensive stare at the black haired nun, Stiyl snapped his fingers to levitate Touma's body.

"I have no idea who you are, but at the moment, you don't seem like a threat. For now, make yourself useful and carry that miko girl with you. We can get to introductions once we've gotten to safety." Stiyl said sternly. He would find out why the nun with a strange magical presence wandered into the cram school later. And he would get answers, one way or the other.

The black haired nun nodded without a second thought. With a snap of her own fingers, she levitate the miko girl and followed behind the tall red haired magician. All while clutching the dismembered right arm closely to her chest.

Outside the cram school, a heavy rain fell down onto the city. The thunderstorm had finally subsided, bringing with it a heavy shower that wasn't called for by the advance technology monitoring the weather patterns.

When the people of the city of science spoke of the storm that had arrived out of no where, they would speak of the odd strikes of lightning that hit the powerful were they that all that power lines of the city had suffered and left the city without power for several moments. In fact every thing technological had been shut off before rebooting. The only building to have not suffered would be a certain Windowless Building in District 7.

Academy City wasn't the only city to have been affected. In a strange phenomenon that stunned even the scientists of Academy City, the storm was mirrored around several parts of the world at the exact same time.

The Hero has fallen. Doomed to the illusions of a Magic God who seeks only for the destruction of the world the man of misfortune had created, the newly minted Kamijou Faction seeks to find the salvation to their world in the past.

And so the story of a group of time traveling misfits begins. Ripples mar the waters of the history, erecting new events and new threats. Change is inevitable.

Misfortune is the only thing that isn't effected. In more ways than one.

What a poor time to be a certain unlucky high school boy.

And with that we begin our story! When the future collides with the past to create a new present, a story is born. One unlike any other seen before.

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Zeroes War.

Originally I had it penned as Skill-Riots, but this seemed more appropriate. I'll say no more until we've gotten there.

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