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Chapter 1: Dropping By.

Time Travel. An impossibility to cross time itself to reach a previous point in time that should no longer be possible to reach. To reach the past, a history already written. And be given the chance to change the events to their liking with the knowledge of what has already transpired. It was a theory hypothesize by scientists, men of knowledge, and concluded to be impossible. There were far too many holes in the theory to ever actually be achievable and too many consequences involved to ever perform. To achieve such would take nothing less than the power of a god.

Or a being similar to a god.

A powerful wind blew past a solitary figure standing in battered ruins of a temple to a great being. Their long striking azure blue hair flew back against the wind, strands wildly whipping back from the pressure striking against her. What could only be described as mangled corpses laid behind the figure, sliced and broken by the elegant silver blade held tightly in her hand. The corpses were odd, aged and stitched together by unknown means. A moment later one of the corpses laying still twitched.

Red wisps trailed from the bagged head of the dead and mangled man, their sickening yellow mustard skin bleeding profusely with a dark purple puss. It rose up on broken legs and moved quicker than it should have physically been possible in such a state. Its arms hung down to the floor, nails as sharp as blades rattling against the ruin temple floor as it moved. With stunning speed it closed the distance between itself and the elegant figure standing before an odd array of seals hanging in midair.

Its claws glinted, cutting through the air to return the favor upon its body by its target.

The well polished and dangerous silver of Falchion slipped easily into the corpses chest. Its heart was punctured. A gush of vile bile followed the blade of Falchion exiting its back and yet did little to cease the monster's intentions. Such a fatal wound was useless.

Lucina, the young Exalt of Ylissestol, knew that perfectly well. She had dealt with plenty of Risen in this apocalyptic world of hers. The Exalt of a ruined world glanced coolly at the Risen, catching it as it brought its arm back to rake its claws at her. Her blue eyes meet its glowing red as the muscles in her right arm acted.

Falchion flew up in a silver blur, ripping it apart and splitting its head before Lucina drew it back in a fluid motion and brought it back down to completely slice its body in half. The Risen corpse's claws paused before they could scratch at her face, specifically the single blue eye that held the cursed mark of their creator's mortal enemy held in one of Lucina's iris.

A chain reaction followed with the death of an already dead being. The bodies of the Risen strewn about erupted into dark purple smoke along with the two halves of the Risen falling back in front of Lucina. The death of the Risen created a carpet of dark, cursed energy on the grounds of the once sacred temple, hanging low to Lucina's body as she sheathed her cherished sword to her side.

The array of seals behind the young bluenette seamed to react to the departure of the walking dead. A brilliant white slit cut through the air. Sigils and magical runes circled the slit, spinning lazily while it completed the rest of its design before Lucina's very eyes. A warm, compassionate light filled the room, seeming to ward off the lingering smoke of the Risen's that brought a small smile to the young Exalt's face.

After a day like today, the light was a welcoming sight.

The capitol of Ylisstol had fallen today. What was once a great nation ruled by a compassionate and loving Exalt was no more but ruins like the temple she and her friends had come to. Laid to waste by the malevolent will of this world's only remaining god Grima, The Breath of Ruin, The Wings of Despair. Nothing but the licking and roaring flames of the capitol remained. She had failed to protect the birthplace of her family line as the heir to their kingdom.

There was nothing left to protect, nothing left to fight for, nothing left to die for. There was nothing in this world she could hold dearly any longer.

But that was now. In a present ruined by monster who sought and achieved the fall of man and all its creations. This time could no longer be saved, Lucina had grudgingly accepted that. Yet that didn't mean she couldn't save another time from the same fate. Their was still a future worth fighting for within the reach of her fingers.

The slit of light suddenly opened wide. Crystal like lashes formed along with the aqua blue eye of a being staring straight at Lucina. Its size dwarfed the young Exalt in both height and width with star constellations and zodiac symbols circling around it. The very presence of the odd portal promised the young woman a chance she had thought been lost to her.

The hope for a better future to all those lost to Grima's rule met her gaze.


The temple trembled under the volume of the roar outside, sending loose pieces of the damaged ceiling to crash onto the floor. Lightning rained over the temple as a serpentine dragon hovered above Naga's worshiping domain. Six red eyes stared down in fury, seeing past the walls of the temple to the annoying blue haired worm within. It tilted its head and cracked open its long narrowed maw with a horrifying screech that threatened to break apart Naga's temple.

"DID YOU THINK YOU COULD ESCAPE MY GRASP SO EASILY!? OR DID YOU FORGET THAT YOUR GOD KNOWS ALL AND SEES ALL?! AND YET YOU STILL PLAY WITH THE IGNORANT NOTION THAT YOU CAN RUN FROM MY RULE?!" Grima roared with its wings spread out wide to block the red night sky behind it. Purple lighting rained down around it as it sneered at the young little Exalt hiding from its fangs. It grinned cruelly, relishing the whiff of fear belonging from the girl who was no doubt sweating and trembling.


Leaning its head down, Grima peered deep within the temple and found a glimpse of the sweating bluenette Exalt. Its grin grew wider, revealing the numerous rows of its mauling teeth.


Despite the utter fear crawling over her skin, the sweat dripping down her chin, and her limbs shaking underneath the sheer presence of the dragon god, Lucina stared it down with a determined scowl. She refused to show it anymore fear. She would stand just as she always did. Just like her father had done before her.

It was then that Grima finally took notice of what was hidden behind Lucina. Its eyes were wide in disbelief before erupting in loathing and rage.

The eye of Naga blinked back at the dragon god of ruin.


Lucina flinched as the floor underneath her threatened to break apart. All it would take was another one of Grima's roars and she would no longer have standing ground. Steadying herself, Lucina spun back to the eye of Naga when a warm and cool voice entered her thoughts.

"Young Exalt, the time is drawing nigh. I can only maintain this gate for so long before my remaining power in this world fades away. Now is the time to make your way to the Dragon's Gate."

Lucina nodded firmly to the great divine being speaking to her. She clenched the hilt of Falchion for support as she walked up to the gate leading her away from Grima's control.

"And the others? Did they make it safely across?" Lucina had to know. Before the Risen had arrived, the gate had already been erected for them to enter. But due to the interference of the living corpses, someone had to stay behind to ensure they had all made it safely to the gate. Lucina had of course moved to defend the last of the children of the Shepherds as the Risen broke in.

Naga's voice was silent for several seconds before speaking softly into Lucina's mind.

"The last of the children have crossed into the gate safely. Though a few errors have occurred in points of landing, they are all safe and accounted for. So do not fret, they are well." Tremors hit the temple walls, breaking large sections off as Grima made its presence well known to those all around the lands. Naga's voice grew haste and stern, "Now though is not the time to be asking for the safety of others. Hurry and enter! Grima is ready to ensure that you do not make it back in one piece!"

Lucina didn't need to be told twice. A horrifying screech hit her ears, threatening to rupture her eardrums. A haunting purple hue filled the temple, lit by the massive orb of dark magic gathering between the twin elongated horns aside Grima's head. It was moving to leave nothing behind but the empty hole in the ground. Nothing would remain when it was finished.

And it was finished. A literal sun of dark magic fell upon Naga's temple, ready to swallow it whole. The entire world would feel the last of the resistance to Grima fall.

A solemn smile grew on Lucina's face as placed the butterfly mask given to her by Gerom on her face she stepped into the Dragon's Gate. The world blurred in her eyes by the light of two dragon gods.

"Father, Mother, forgive me for abandoning our world. But please, watch over me in the next. I promise, I won't fail you again!"

A blink later and Naga's temple had been reduced to nothing. The land erupted in the dark magic of a god passing judgment onto a worm in its way. Now there no longer remained any force to challenge their god. For Grima stood above all.

Unfortunately for Grima, the so called worm had slipped through a crack. An unstable crack, but a crack none the less.

And from that unstable gate, a new timeline had been born.

What had changed compared to the many similar worlds before it? Well, the Dragon's Gate had shut itself down once the Risen had arrived and Lucina had fended the cursed monsters off. The spell to locate the new time had been rushed once Grima had found them, causing in irregularity in the Dragon's Gate. For a moment its primary function had switched.

For the Dragon's Gate did more that just tear into the fabric of time. It did the same for space itself.

The first thought to enter Jaune's head as he flew across the treetops of the Emerald Forest?

'I'm going to die, aren't I?'

He should have seen something like this coming. Truly he should have. Entering one of the best combat schools on Remnant with virtually no training other than a few things he picked up from his father, it wasn't surprising that he would most likely die today. Even with Crocea Mors, his family's ancestral blade on him, he knew that he wouldn't stand much chance against the creatures of Grimm. Not even having his Aura unlocked by his partner for the next four years, Pyrrha Nikos, had done much.

'At least I can say that I didn't die to the first Beowolf that spotted me. Actually, I can't even gloat about that. I'll be dead!'

For Initiation the Headmaster of Beacon had tasked all the future first years to retrieve a Relic and bring it back to the clifftop with their partners. It would have been a simple mission to all them if it weren't for the fact they were all literally launched into the forest filled with Grimm. If Jaune had known about that little fact he would have gone the extra mile to buy a parachute before leaving Vale. Sadly if it wasn't for Pyrrha's help he would have died without ever having the chance to prove himself. The red haired warrior really did have an eye on her. She pinned him against a tree from miles away! Were all huntsman in training capable of that? He really had a long way to go if that were the case.

'And I really thought I had found the Relic! It was glowing and everything! How the hell was I suppose to know it was a Death Stalker's stinger?'

Depressed at the recent events that had transpired, Jaune sighed as his body continued to fly high across the sky. The sheer speed he was flying at caused the wind to sting his face and flinch. How long had he been flying for? It felt like hours!

When Jaune had thought he found the Relic within a cave alongside Pyrrha, he had really thought he had proven his father wrong. He was still alive and he was just one step closer to becoming a huntsman just like the rest of them. Despite his lack of training, he was going to pass initiation and be welcomed to one of the best combat schools of the land along with his new friends. But the moment he latched onto the Relic, he had seen his bright future stripped away by the menacing red-yellow eyes of the glowering scorpion themed Grimm. And than he was sent flying off into the sky like a daytime star.

Jaune grimaced, recalling the girlish scream that had escaped his lips. If by some miracle he did survive his little trip, he would be ashamed for the rest of his stay in Beacon. No warrior screamed so shrilly. Or screamed at all.

Boredom soon seeped in as Jaune's flight showed no sign of ending too soon. Just how hard did the Death Stalker throw him? Would he even land in the Emerald Forest? At this point, Jaune believed that he wouldn't die with his aura now unlocked. Maybe. At best he had a fifty-fifty survival rate. He still didn't know much about what aura did other than he now had some kind of force-field around him. Just like those video games he played involving some armored space marine. But even his shield must have its limits and he was sure to make a big impact.

Sighing again, Jaune lazily watched the trees pass him by before quirking a brow as a red blur flew down from above. Whatever it was just missed him by a fraction of a hair. And it was screaming. 'Wait, was that Ruby?'

Unfortunately for Jaune, he wasn't left much time to mull over the identity of the red blur falling into the trees. For the next thing he knew, time itself seemed to slow down before his very eyes. His blue eyes flew open wide at the sight of a creepy eye like portal open up above his soaring form. Jaune had seen some interesting and weird things since stepping out of his quaint little village into the world of huntsman and huntresses, but what he was seeing unfold before his eyes took the cake. He couldn't even form a gasp when a figure seemed to slip out slowly from its eye and fall into his direction.

"What th-!"

An incredible amount of pain hit Jaune as the figure fell down onto his like an anvil weight. His eyes flew open in pain, losing the air in his lungs. His flight was finally cut off due to the weight of the figure sending him crashing down back into the forest grounds. Before time resumed to its normal pace, Jaune swallowed the pain down and got a good look at the figure against his chest.

He saw blue hair tied back in a bun, a masked face made of some kind of metal and designed after a butterfly, and gritting teeth. A single thought ran through his mind above all else.

'They're going to get hurt too. I can't let that happen!'

The hero in Jaune spoke for his body as his arms linked around the slender figure's waist line. Once the flow of the world returned, he gripped onto the stranger as tight as he could and brought them closer. The wind rushed past both their forms plummeting to the unforgiving earth below. And all Jaune could do was gnash his teeth together and brace himself for the impact.

'I guess it's time to see if my aura can withstand an impact from this height!'

To Jaune the world vibrated, his senses hit by the impact of his spine meeting the ground floor with resounding boom. A cloud of dirt blew up around them and a shockwave rustled the bushes close by with whipping wind. A silent scream rose up from his throat while his aura came out to the open in a static hue. From the looks of it he had taken a heavy hit for his aura to visibly spark about. He laid back in a small crater from his descent, unable to move a muscle. Still, he inched his head up weakly to take a look at the stranger held in his arms. Hopefully they hadn't suffered any harm.

For a second, he had thought the stranger was a man. They certainly had a boyish look to them. But with their bodies pressed against each other, Jaune could make out the slender and lithe form of the woman as his arms wrapped around petite waist. Not to mention the bumps against his chest. While not big, he was more than sure that they were breasts.

'Does this count as cupping a feel? If so, I'm so dead.'

Lucina grunted in discomfort. Where was she? All she remembered was stepping into the Dragon's Gate and that was it. She was sure that when she opened her eyes again, she would be back to the familiar fields of Ylisse. Not randomly falling into some boy soaring through the sky like a ballista. Blinking the soreness of the impact with the stranger aside, Lucina slowly pushed herself up from the human cushion. She sat with a curious gaze at her surroundings, noting the emerald pigment to the greenery in the forest.

This location wasn't ringing any bells to her. Maybe this was a forest nearby that regained its original appearance now that the touch of Grima was gone. Still the air felt. . .off? Something just didn't seem right.

"Uh, how long are you going to sit on my lap? Not to say you're really heavy or anything like that! But this is kinda embarrassing. People could be watching."

The nervous voice brought Lucina back to her apparent savior. Turning back to the stranger, she found a head of blond hair and equally blue eyes with a sheepish grin. She noted the man's odd dress ware, what looked to be a hooded shirt, an odd pair of pants she had never seen before with a rip on the kneecap, strange shoes, crossing belts, and chest armor. Her analytical eye spotted the sheathed weapon to his belt, making him out to be a warrior of some kind. That would explain how he had survived the fall. He must have been made of stone.

"Apologies, good sir. I didn't mean to be of any burden." Lucina spoke calmly like she hadn't just dropped out of thin air into his chest. It also didn't appear that she was affected with their current position. She remained seated on his crotch, her weight pressing down onto him and threatening to rise a reaction from his 'hidden' weapon.

Jaune gulped anxiously before speaking to the odd woman. Apparently he just found someone even more sociably inept than him.

"It's alright. I just want you off my lap is all. My body is already aching as it. I don't want to deal with another ache." he said with a slight whimper in his voice.

Lucina nodded in understanding. The man must have been injured worse than her after the impact. She shouldn't be sitting on him in the first place. Gently she eased herself off the blond and watched as he slowly got up with a grimace on his face. Her eyes roamed over his body for any wounds she could help dress with the few Elixirs she had taken with her. Oddly she found none. Not a scratch.

Now that he was free of the weight, Jaune was able to stretch his arms out. A few bones popped, causing him to wince with a sharp breath. Thank god for aura! He was sure he would have been a bloody pancake if Pyrrha hadn't unlocked it earlier this morning. A frown did make its way to his face when he noticed his aura begin to coat his arm in a static hue. Was that a sign that he was running low or something?

He wasn't the only one to have noticed his aura. Lucina starred at the odd light around the blond's body with curiosity. Was that how he had withstood the fall? Just what was he? The situation was getting stranger by second. Her curiosity was peaked a moment later when the blond reached into his pocket for a sleek white tablet of some kind.

"Maybe there's something on my Scroll that can explain this?" Jaune muttered to himself before opening his trusty Scroll. The tablet parted to reveal its hologram touchscreen that he soon tapped away on. If he had a question, the handy internet search engine would answer him!

'Huh, so if my aura begins to visibly spark, than its weakening. That's handy to know.' From what he was reading on the basics of aura, he had to watch out for his shield showing signs of breaking. A certain sound would ring out when it was shattered too. And he could augment his attacks with it? 'Man, aura really is handy! What else can it do and why am I now just learning about it? Dad's got some serious explaining to do when I get back to Beacon.' The old man better have a good excuse for keeping such a handy ability a secret from him.

"What is that?"

Broken out of his reading of auras uses in combat, Jaune turned back to Lucina to find the girl staring at him in awe. Or more specifically, his device.

"What, this?" Jaune waved the scroll in the air to the masked girl's direction, "It's a Scroll. You know, a communications device that runs on the CCT network? All Beacon Students are handed one when they arrive, if they don't already have one." Jaune's was a gift from his parents. Other students had been given one by some of the staff after the opening ceremony. Even a guy who grew away from the kingdoms knew what a scroll was.

Lucina frowned at the odd item. A sense of anxiety grew in the pit of her stomach. Scroll? CCT Network? Beacon Student? All those words were completely foreign to her.

"Where are we?" Lucina immediately demanded. She took a step closer to the blond knight as the anxiety only grew. She couldn't help cracking her knuckles as they tightened around the familiar grip of Falchion.

Now it was Jaune's turn to frown in confusion. He had forgotten the odd girl had fallen out of some eye earlier ago. Right now, he saw just another Beacon student.

"We're in the Emerald Forest outside of Beacon. Are you alright? You didn't hit your hea-"

"Where is that?!" Lucina shouted in slight panic, her hands flying for Jaune's shirt to pull him closer. She had never heard of the Emerald Forest or Beacon on any map she had studied. Not even on the old maps before the rise of Grima. Was she on another continent? "Are we in Ferox? Chonsin? Valm?!"

"No! We're on Sanus!" Jaune gulped nervously. The girl's fingers tightened against his shirt. Only than did he remember that she appeared from thin air. He frowned softly at the girl as her shoulder's shook. An odd question slipped out of his lips.

"Aren't you from Remnant?"

Jaune had no idea why he had asked the masked girl the question. It was random. But when he got a good look at the girl, he found that she appeared out of place compared to anyone else he had seen before. And she did fall out of an eye of all things. Hell, when he thought back to the appearance of the eye he was reminded of a portal of some kind.

Sanus? Remnant? It was official. Lucina had no idea where she was. And wherever she was, was not on familiar land anywhere near her home continent.

'Young Exalt, are you there?'

Lucina's eyes snapped open in alarm as a familiar voice entered her mind. 'Naga?! Is that you?!' she all but shouted in her head desperately.

The Divine Dragon sighed in relief at the sound of Lucina's voice.

'Yes, my child. It appears you landed in one piece. That is good news. I had lost touch with you for some time now. Something had been tampering with my presence with you in this world. I've temporarily bypassed the forces, but it won't last long. I have only a spare amount of time before my power in this realm is shut off completely.'

'Where am I? I thought I was going back to Ylisse before Grima had risen?' Now that she had some answer to her questions, Lucina released Jaune from her grip and turned away to speak in private with her guardian. Freed, Jaune took the moment to step away and give the odd girl some space.

Naga grew quiet in contemplation before answering.

'It appears I had rushed the spell far too quickly. The Dragon's Gate connects to infinite worlds that cross time and space. I had not fixed the exact gate while Grima had moved to destroy my temple, causing a random gate to appear and send you to this new world. Luckily it seems you landed safely thanks to your new companion.' Naga spoke mirthfully as Lucina glanced back to Jaune. The blond knight appeared engrossed with his odd tome, muttering to himself while glancing at his hand.

'That's not important. Are you able to send me back to Yliss, to the past?' She asked urgently.

'Do not worry. It is still possible to send you back one more time. I just need some time to pinpoint the right time to send you. I can't afford to make any errors this time. I'm afraid this will be the last I am able to be of any assistance to you.' Naga said solemnly. Her power had already been fading in their original time and realm. In this new world, it was almost nonexistent. To perform the spell one last time would take her entire being.

She would fade, her voice no longer to be heard by anyone.

Lucina understood the situation perfectly. She wasn't happy to know that the divine being that had watched over her family and her people would die to help them. But this was the only way to save their time from a ruined future. Whatever the cost, they had to protect their future.

"I understand. I'll wait right here for you to finish the spell. However long it takes."

Naga smiled softly at the young girl. Lucina had lost so much yet was still willing to hope and pray. She was a wonderful child. Just like her father.

'I will begin right away. But you must not leave this area, I can not recreate the gate any longer after this. And be careful, this world has its own monsters as well.'

Their own monsters? Lucina didn't like the sounds of that.

"You say something, miss?"

Hearing the knight behind her, Lucina spun her head back to meet the concerned blue gaze of the man who had saved her. She mentally cursed herself for speaking aloud earlier before smiling thankfully.

"It's nothing-" Lucina suddenly cut herself off, realizing she didn't even ask the blond his name.

Seeming to understand that, Jaune gave the girl a grin and pointed to himself with his thumb.

"Name's Jaune, Jaune Arc! Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue! Ladies love it." he said smoothly with the best winning grin he could show.

Lucina stared dryly at Jaune, finding herself reminded of a certain noble archer.

"Does it?" Lucina couldn't help but ask. Jaune immediately slumped, defeated. It looked like that little line wasn't a winner. He should have known better than to trust anything his father said to him.

"So far, no."

A small chuckle left Lucina's lips, finding the blond knight amusing. At least she was assured he wasn't anything like Virion. That would have been worrying. Seeing as he introduced himself, it was only right that she returned the favor. She opened her mouth to speak only to shut it swiftly. She wasn't from this world it appeared, but she would have to get use to be addressed by her alias while she was here however short it would be.

"My name is Marth. It's a pleasure to meet you, Jaune." Lucina said introduced herself with a small smile.

"Marth, huh? Well it's good to meet you Marth. Nice of you to drop by!" Jaune suddenly grimaced, catching the terrible pun. Did that busty blond girl with Ruby rub off on him?

Lucina didn't seem to mind. In fact she chuckled at the lame pun. Despite her situation, stranded on some strange world not of her own, for the first time in a long time she had a moment to breath freely. No pressure, no Risen, no threat of Grima hovering over her. For once, she was free to laugh. It felt nice.

But such pleasantries could only last for so long with her luck.

Years of fighting the dreaded monsters created by Grima had sharpened her senses. The peace she had felt had only made the hostility in the air sharper. Narrowing her eyes, Lucina faced away from Jaune to the treeline and the shadows within. To her horror she made out the red eyes of a familiar beast.

"Risen? HERE?!" Falchion flew out of its sheath, its glinting blade facing the monsters in the trees.

Jaune gulped anxiously at the sight of the red eyes. He knew those growls anywhere.

"Great, Grimm. I should have known it was too quiet to be of any good. Just my luck." Jaune said in frustration as he unsheathed Crocea Mors and deployed his shield.

For a second, Lucina was taken back at the sight of Jaune's sheath morphing into a shield. She had never such technology before. Just what kind of world had she found herself in?

"Wait, Grimm?" Lucina frowned in confusion before the monsters jumped from their hiding spots.

She was taken back again when she saw a dark furred bipedal wolf leap out with a snarl. The creature was as tall as her with odd bone like growths poking out of its hide and a tribal white mask over its face. Red cultic lines ran along the mask as she made out its yellow-red eyes staring her down with hatred and hunger. The new creature had thrown her for a loop, causing her to slip up.

"WATCH OUT!" Shield raised, Jaune jumped in front of Lucina before the Grimm could sink its teeth into her. A clang rang out, fangs meeting metal. Growing angered, the Beowolf skipped back for some distance. Its claws were thrown up with a howl and charged with the aim to break apart the shield. A series of savage claw slashes hit Crocea Mors shield, steadily pushing Jaune back bit by bit. He was still new at this, so it wasn't long until his arms began to grow tired under the strain. His arms slacked and dropped to leave him open to the vicious claws of the Grimm.

Jaune gasped in surprise as he found himself pushed to the side. A silver blur passed him by, stabbing right between the Beowolf's eyes. The elegant blade of Falchion didn't hesitate a moment more to deal with the dark beast. To Jaune's eyes he could only make out a series of silver flashes crossing over the Beowolf's before he heard the sound of the click of a sheathed blade. Even the Grimm wasn't sure what had just happened, blinking in surprise at the stern glare of the bluenette girl. Eventually its own body registered what had just happened. Several gashes opened up along its bodies, gushing red with the most prominent spurt erupting from its forehead stab.

Lucina was treated to the familiar scene of watching her enemy vanish in dark smoke. Whatever these creatures were they fell just like the Risen. Seemed this world did have its own problems as well. Hopefully nothing as major as a death dragon god.

"Holy crap, you're fast." Jaune stared gobsmacked at Lucina. His eyes could barely keep up with her sword swings!

"These 'Grimm', I take it they are a common occurrence in your world?" Lucina asked with a conflicted stare. It wasn't reassuring to know her world wasn't the only to be plagued by monsters.

Jaune nodded, raising his shield as me made out several pairs of seething red glares from the trees. He may not have been the best huntsman, but he could at least assess the situation., "Pretty much. Our whole worlds been dealing with these guys for centuries. They ain't exactly easy to get rid of permanently."

From their hiding spots, several Beowolves charged in a straight line for the two warriors, tongues flapping in the wind and ready to rend their flesh. Lucina moved before Jaune could even think of what to do next. She proved to be faster than the Grimm, twirling her sword expertly around herself to deal with the dark creatures. A diagonal slash to the neck decapitated one from above, she spun on her foot and twirled on foot as two rushed in with her sword slashing at the wolves. The two Beowolves found their bodies littered with numerous slashes and fell to their wounds. The last of the Grimm found an opening in Lucina's movements as it ran from her left side with its claws already moving to close the distance for a devastating slash.

Lucina eyed the dark beast's speed and aim. She didn't move an inch, standing still to await the Grimm's strike. And when it reached her in less than a few seconds, she finally moved. Tucking her body in, she rushed the Beowolf's rending charge with a shoulder tackle, having moved to the side to avoid the stabbing right claw. Despite her lean appearance she wound up picking the dark wolf up and sent it skidding back on its hind legs with a yelp. The Beowolf was momentarily stunned by the blow, leaving it open for the finisher. Falcion sliced through the air like a spear, burying itself in the Grimm chest. The Beowolf wasn't allowed a second to register the pain as Lucina closed the distance between them in a flash and gripped the hilt of the piercing blade. With one motion she ripped the sword out with a side swing before cutting the monster's chest off from its waist with a single horizontal slash.

Swiping her sword to the side to rid it of the blood, Lucina jumped a step back as a more ferocious roar compared to the wolves erupted from the treeline. She even make out the tree trembling from the force of whatever monster hid in the darkness.

"That sounds like an Ursai." Jaune distractedly, his eyes aimed at the blue haired girl's straight back. In just a minute she had taken out four Beowolves with out any sign of fatigue. She had done it with practiced ease. And all he had done was raise his shield in that time.

The trees blocking the view of what laid behind were suddenly torn down by the swipe of a large bone armored paw. Jaune gulped as the trees fell with a boom, revealing a very large bear like creature with bone spines poking out from its back and covered with a large amount of bone platting over its weak points. That wasn't an Ursai. It was an Ursa Major and an old one at that. The bone platting protecting its paws were dragging its arms down, forcing its paws to drag behind it. It was obvious it wasn't like the weak Grimm before it.

Or the several more Grimm trailing behind it.

The large mob of Grimm growing closer to the two caused Jaune's eyes to widen in disbelief, 'Something's not right here. I know Grimm are roaming around the Emerald Forest, but this is a little excessive!'

As easy as the first few had been, Lucina wasn't so sure about dealing with this many now. Don't get her wrong, she was experienced from all the battles with Grima's creations. But she was still fighting after everything that had just happened back in her world. She had her limits and she was reaching them. Not to mention the large dark bear leading the Grimm didn't look like it would fall to a few swings of her sword.

Jaune couldn't help but step back at the amount of Grimm staring them down with bloodlust in their red gazes. He wasn't trained for this, he wasn't trained at all! What the hell could he possibly do against a mob of Grimm? He hadn't even killed his first one yet. Sweat ran down his face, his breathing growing heavy and his fingers trembled. He was just now perfectly reminded how unprepared he was for the life of a Huntsman. Shame grew in the pit of his stomach as he shut his eyes in frustration.

'What the hell was I thinking? I'm just some idiot who got his hands on fake transcripts. I was never cut out for this. I'm not like them.' The faces of Ruby, Yang, Pyrrha, Weiss, and all the other Huntsman in training he had seen in the auditorium came to mind. They had all passed whatever trials faced them to their dreams. But not him. Just a coward with dreams bigger than he could ever realize. 'What the hell can I possibly do? I'm nothing like my father or my ancestors. I can't fight like them or this Marth girl. But. . . I can't just stand and do nothing either! Even if I'm just a goofball with no real talent!' he thought furiously as he dug his feet in.

An odd warmth suddenly washed over Jaune's back. He grew puzzled at the shine of light passing his body over before glancing back. His blue eyes grew wide at the odd foreign array of seals forming behind him in golden ink.

"What is that?" Jaune whispered in awe before his ears picked up on a war cry and the sound of steel clashing against an equally durable force. Turning back to Marth, he found the girl blocking a heavy downward swipe from the Ursa Major. The otherworldly girl's knees buckled under the force of the creature. With a struggled grunt she pushed the Ursa Major's paw back while dealing a shallow gash on its chest platting. The Ursa Major growled lowly and dug its claws into the dirt below before lifting up a chunk of the ground above its head. It flung the earth chunk at the girl with a roar.

Lucina rolled to the far side to dodge the anvil of earth fired like a cannonball. But in her dodging and focus on the larger Grimm, she had her forgotten about its underlings. As she began dodging the Ursa Major's wild swings, two Beowolves rushed past her to their real target.

In most cases it would be Jaune, a huntsman who had killed their kind since the dawn of man. They were naturally drawn to the people of Remnant due to their auras, locked or unlocked. But at this moment their was something more tempting calling them.

'Exalted child, do not let those creatures touch the gate!' Just as Lucina avoided an uppercut of the dark bear's claws by skipping back, she heard Naga's concerned shout. She grunted as the Grimm sent her flying on her back by slamming its heavy paws down to the ground in front of her, releasing a strong buffet of dirt and rocks her way. Bleary eyed from the cloud of dirt and the blow, she could only roll to the side to avoid its claws stabbing her previous position before turning over to the gate's location. Her eyes went wide in panic as she watched two Grimm charge after Jaune who stood in front of her only way to the past.

"Jaune, don't let those creatures touch the gate!" Lucina shouted desperately before kicking herself back on her feet. The Ursa Major dove back in with a flurry of wild swipes, keeping Lucina distracted with dodging and parrying its heavy attacks.

Jaune's face twisted in self doubt, "Easier said than done!" he whispered harshly, watching as the Beowolves eagerly rushed after him for the gate. Whatever he had gleaned from his father's few lessons would have to do right now.

'I know I don't have the muscle to do any real damage, but if what I read was right, my aura can make up for that!' Again, Jaune found himself blocking against a barrage of claw strikes from both the Beowolves. Already he could feel his muscles strain against the heavy hits. Focusing on his arms, he willed his aura to empower his arms at best he could. He was still new at this, so he had no idea if it would actually work. Thankfully he felt a soothing warmth coat his arms and ease the pain. Now he just had to actually fight back!

Breathing deeply, Jaune let out a shout as he pushed back the two dark wolves. His new found strength was enough to momentarily stun them, leaving him to run into them with Crocea Mors held high above his head. He swung down, surprising himself as his old gray blade sliced through the first Beowolf with ease. Adrenaline pumped through his veins, allowing him to continue on and deliver a series of wild slashes. Blood flew up in the air, splashing against his clothes before he decapitated the Beowolf with a sloppy swing for its neck. He couldn't help but grin.

His first kill! Too bad he didn't have much time to savor it before he found himself knocked back by set of claw slashing his chest horizontally.

Lucina's watched in horror from her spot blocking another swing of the Ursa Major's paw. It was a clean hit and it didn't look like the chest platting on the blond could withstand such a blow.

But to Lucina's surprise Jaune only suffered the brunt of the blow, stumbling back from the claws with a curse. He pushed on from the pain, ducking under two swings for his own head. Ducking one more, he stayed low and swung for the dark wolf's knees, slicing cleanly through. The Beowolf lost its standing and fell forward to the ground with a whine. It growled, ready to crawl up and finish the boy before it found an old gray blade stabbing though the crown of its skull.

Jaune breathed heavily as he ripped Crocea Mors out with a small grin. That's two Grimm so far! Having an aura really did help to make up for his lack of any real training. Then again, they did say there was no better training than real world training. And this was as real as it got.

There was no more time to be patting himself on the back though. Another Beowolf came in behind its dead brothers, jumping high into the air for a chomping dive. Focusing his aura around his shield, he raised it up as the Beowolf dove in, blocking its cruel teeth. Quickly, he brought his shield back and bashed its head, dizzying it to be left open for three slashes. Its body faded away in dark smoke before four Beowolves ran in like madmen. Jaune scowled in frustration as he found himself defending against four seperate pairs of claws, sweating profusely as the wolves bounced him around with claw strikes passing his shield and coming for his back. One would ignore him in the frenzy, more allured by the array of sigils forming close by, but Jaune would bring its attention back to him with well scored slash at its hide. But for every Grimm he killed, another would jump right in.

In the midst of Jaune's own fight, Lucina herself was busy dealing with the largest of the pack. The Ursa Major was proving to be as tough as a General Knight. The bone platting over its hide blocked most of Falcions attack, its blade only nicking the platting with every hit. She tried to aim stabs for the spots not covered in platting, but the monster wouldn't allow her the chance. Its swings were savage and wild, she could feel the very air twist with each of its swipes. Every time she got close, it would send her back to dodging with a swing of its massive paws.

Scoring a deep gash on the platting of the Ursa Major's chest, Lucina skipped several steps back to avoid its paws slamming down where she had stood. The ground shook with enough force to stumble Lucina. The Ursa Major growled lowly, taking its chance to fall on all fours and ram into her full force. A few droplets of blood flew out of Lucina's mouth as she gasped. She was sent flying, skidding on her back near the nearly complete gate with the breath knocked out of her.

Lucina had taken some heavy hits in her war with Grima, but that one right there had nearly made her black out. One of her hands flew to her chest, pulling away with a grimace to find blood on her palm. Some of the spikes on its body must have ripped through her chest. Luckily it didn't appear to be anywhere near a fatal wound but more than enough to slow her down.


An odd sound reached Lucina's ear like the sound of a spark from a lightning tome. Struggling to sit up, she soon found Jaune's body falling back next to her. An odd white energy pulsed around his body before shattering. Several scratches marred his face along with tears on his clothing. He looked to be even more wounded than her.

'I saw that coming, just wish it wouldn't have hurt so much.' Slowly, Jaune rose back up on his feet alongside Marth with a face twisted in pain. He felt several slashes on his body from the Grimm's claws passing his waning aura, the most painful centered on his back by four clean gashes. He was eventually out numbered and overpowered by the mob. He was sure that even if he was trained like the others he would have been done in by the sheer numbers. It felt never ending.

Both wounded, the two stood side by side as the mob of Grimm had them cornered back against the forming gate. Jaune counted about twenty in total making up the surrounding Grimm. What was worse was that he was sure their numbers kept growing for everyone they killed. They wouldn't stop coming at them until they were just mangled flesh for them to devour.

Feeling the soothing warmth of whatever was forming behind him, Jaune glanced at Lucina with knitted brows, "So, mind telling me why I'm putting my life on the line to protect this thing?" Jaune had to ask with a weak groan. Oh, how he was missing the gift that was aura already.

"Let's just say that's its my only way home." Lucina answered simply. She wasn't sure it would be a good idea to explain it was a time traveling gate to the past. It was a forbidden spell and the less others knew of it the better.

"Home, huh?" Jaune couldn't help but chuckle as he watched the Ursa Major push the Beowolves back as if to say it had this, "Doesn't that sound nice about now? But then again, this is what I signed up for." he sighed tiredly with his shield raised.

Lucina grew curious. She looked to the blond, maybe a few years younger than her, dirty, wounded, and exhausted. A complete stranger who she had just dropped on top of. Someone she had dragged into this situation. Guilt grew in the pit of her stomach as she stared at the knight.

"Jaune, I-"

"I want to be a warrior, you know? One that's known throughout Remnant as someone strong and powerful. Someone people can look up to and be inspired by. The kind stories will told of to kids being put to sleep." Jaune interrupted Lucina suddenly, causing her to stare at the boy with confusion. He smiled softly despite being stared down by a towering creature of darkness eager to sink its teeth into them, "But most of all, I want to help people. No matter what it is or what the details are, if they need help, I'll do whatever I can to lend them a hand. That's the kind of person I want to be. That's why I'm here after all. So that I can lend a hand to others one day."

The sudden speech brought a small smile to Lucina's lips. It was relieving to know that despite whatever darkness plagued this world, there were heroes in the making standing up to it.

"Well, I'm happy you're here to lend a hand now."

The Ursa Major had enough standing around. With a roar that kicked up bits of dust and rock, it charged on all fours with the intent of plowing right through them and reaching the alluring gate. The small fry behind it would follow soon after it was done. But it would be the one to go in for the kill.

"We can't let it reach the gate!" Lucina shouted determinedly with a flourish of her royal sword.

Jaune nodded and raised up his shield. It wasn't like he could even move away from the spot to begin with.

If they couldn't let the Grimm touch the gate, than it was simple. Jaune moved a few spaces in front of Marth as the Ursa Major quickly closed in the distance. An audible metallic clang rang out from Ursa Major's skull ramming into his shield. Even without his aura up to amplify his physical prows, he kept his feet dug into the ground to prevent it from steamrolling them. His muscles strained under the force barreling into him like a truck. He just had to put up with just a little longer!

The Ursa Major roared in attempt to intimidate the blond, its seething red eyes staring deep into his own. But Jaune simply smirked, his own aimed above. Only then did the Grimm realize the blue haired girl was no where to be seen.


Steel flashed above the Grimm as Lucina had jumped up high and fell towards it in a barrel roll. Gathering enough momentum, her sword stabbed for a space in between its back spikes and nailed itself deep into its hide. A few of the protruding spines did nick Lucina though she ignored the pain. And with a good twist of her blade, she caused the beast to raise its head high up in the air and roar in pain.

That's when Jaune struck. With the Ursa Major's neck exposed, Jaune swung his sword for its jugular, lobbing of it's head with a spray of blood. It couldn't even part with a whine before its body slumped and slowly returned to wherever it came from. With the Grimm dissipating to nothing, Lucina fell back to the ground on her feet, albeit shakily. She breathed a sigh of relief with the death of the biggest threat among the mob before a familiar voice reached her ears.

'The ritual is complete, Exalted child! Now is the time to head back. Hurry! I will not be able to keep it open for more than a minute!'

True to the divine dragon's words, the portal behind Jaune opened up to reveal the eye of Naga staring back at her. This was her last chance of making things right. She couldn't slow down and stop now! Steadying her trembling legs, Lucina ran straight for the gate, passing right by Jaune who stared back with confusion. Only then did she realize what she was doing.

She was running away to leave the knight to fight against the Grimm by himself.

Lucina shut her eyes tightly, hating herself for the decision she was making. She could already feel hot tears behind her eyes.

'I'm sorry, but I can't allow my friends and family to suffer such a future! I'm willing to accept the sin of what I'm about to do.'

Lucina had made a lot of decisions in her time as Exalt. Not all of them good. Some had left her feeling worse than the monsters she fought. And this was no different. For the greater good of her own world, she had to abandon the boy. So that she may save so many more. It wasn't right to leave another to die, she knew that! If Robin where to have seen her now, he would have shaken his head in disappointment. Sadly this wasn't the first time she had done this.

Even with the warm light of the gate engulfing her as she ran in, Lucina never felt so cold.

'. . . .Did she just ditch me?' Jaune thought dryly at the vanishing form of the strange blue haired girl. Really? Even after he had fought to protect her magic portal? That was just not cool.

The many growls behind him caused Jaune to look back to the many, many Grimm eyeing him and the slowly vanishing gate. He gulped anxiously. There was no way he would be able to take on all those Grimm, especially with his aura gone. He wouldn't survive another minute. And sadly, he had nowhere to run without being mauled to death.

Well, there was one way out of this.

Jaune had no idea what the gate thing lead to. He was still finding it hard to believe that he was fighting beside someone that came out of nowhere and was possibly from another world. But he did know wherever it lead to would take him away from the Grimm.

Sheathing Crocea Mors, Jaune turned his back to the Grimm horde and ran straight for the closing gate. An other worldly energy swallowed him whole, devouring him into a tear of space and time before the eye blinked. With the blink, the dragon's gate shut itself and vanished from the world it didn't belong in. The loss of the alluring mass of foreign energy stunned the mass of Grimm still, almost as if they weren't sure what to do with themselves now.

And in that moment, the world of Remnant had lost Jaune Arc to another world. Unknown to those participating in Initiation, two sets of eyes had been watching the students closely through hidden cameras placed around every inch of the Emerald Forest and had seen everything. A certain gray haired headmaster with hazel eyes full of wisdom had one thing to say to the events that had just transpired as his platinum blond headmistress gaped at the screen.

"Well, shit."

A sea of ever expanding luminescent colored lights was where Jaune's body had found itself a second later. The moment he had stepped into the gate he had lost consciousnesses as his body drifted along the energy compromising the dragon's gate. For who knows how long, he drifted along the time stream with no destination in sight.

Unlike Lucina, Naga had set a course for the exalted girl. Her place among the stream of time and space had been set and recorded. But Jaune was an anomaly in flow of another worlds time. He didn't belong to the history he was currently drifting along.

At least not yet.

An odd glow overcame his body, his pure white aura mixing into the timeline's flow. Just by swimming along the worlds history, he was unintentionally imprinting upon this new worlds every changing timeline. A new history was being created. Or in this worlds unique case, had already been written.

Jaune would not meet 'Marth' again. Or as she was really known, Lucina. At least not the Lucina he had met in his world. He would not know her when they met again, but she would know plenty of the man and a history he had no memory of.

Once more, the eye of the divine dragon appeared before Jaune. It was then that his eyes began to slowly open, his vision blurred and unable to make out anything. And once again, his body entered the dragon's gate for one last time. A ripple effect coursed throughout he timeline, creating new routes and new events to this worlds unique flow of history.

When Jaune opened his eyes to the new world, it would already be familiar with him. And he would change the world on the verge of awakening in ways he would have never thought possible.

The desire to become a warrior, one who's deeds are told through stories to inspire young minds like his own. That was his wish and desire. And his fate had him cheating his way into a school full of talented warriors in order to prove his worth. His story was set.

But an error in another world has caused Jaune's fate to be rewritten in a different setting. A world of war and myths brought to life. With little choice, he will find himself dropping into a new world.

Fate has been written. History has been set. So, what can one lowly knight do?

Eh, he'll wing it.

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