Star Wars: Song of the Draconic Wolf

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By Spartanj6

Fil Kein: Keizaalro Kein

Proud... Hardy... Conquerors... The Nords of Skyrim a strong hearty people with a history conquering and various conflicts in their homeland and neighboring regions... The ancestors of the Nords hailed from the frozen continent of Atmora far to the north of Tamriel. According to legend, Atmora was at one point temperate in a climate with greenery, although other reports argue that this is false. Many scholars believe Atmorans had been occasionally migrating to various parts of Tamriel forming the first human settlements on the continent, at some point in early history there was a large-scale civil-war causing Ysgramor already a great warrior among Atmorans to travel to Tamriel along many others who would follow him. They landed on the northern coast and settled in the region that would come to be known as Skyrim. Due to the large Snow Elf population present in their new land the Atmorans referred to it as Mereth. Early on the two-differing people lived in relative peace with one another, but soon a vicious war broke out between the Nords and Snow Elves beginning with the Night of Tears.

The Night of Tears involved the sudden sacking of the Atmoran city of Saarthal in which many Nords died and the city was raised to the ground... Only Ysgramor and his two sons Yngol and Ylgar managed to survive the slaughter and they retreated back to Atmora with vengeance in their hearts, Ysgramor rallied a number of warriors to his cause calling themselves the 500 Companions as the sailed back to Mereth for their counter-attack. Mereth soon drowned in Elven blood as the Atmorans slaughtered or enslaved every Snow Elf in they could find, savagely pushing them back until the Elves were forced to make a final stand on the island of Solstheim. Although the Elves put up a valiant resistance especially with the aid of the mysterious Snow Prince they were eventually crushed and either enslaved, killed, or forced into hiding.

At some point after this Ysgramor breathed his last breath at which point many the Companions laid down their weapons never to pick them up again. Ylgar, Ysgramor's youngest son took up the throne as the First King of Skyrim as would many of his descendants until the death of King Borgas at the hands of the wild hunt... or so you thought.

Descendant of Ylgar's bloodline, Slayer of the vampire Harkon, Harbinger of the Companions, Warrior, Revolutionary, Atmoran, his Name... Uhtred son of the Great Nord raider Ragnar.

War is coming to Skyrim no to Tamriel and Uhtred is the only man who stands between Tamriel and complete and utter subjugation will he fight till victory makes itself known or will he fall in battle


(With this done the start of my new fanfic begins a crossover between Skyrim and Star Wars verse... I hope you enjoyed this, this fanfiction will take place during the Clone Wars now keeping in touch with my unpredictable nature I will not divulge any more information. If you guys are wonder about the introduction above and why I start my Skyrim fanfiction off with them, well at first it started with The Dragon's Destiny (which I have put up for adoption) after that it started as a habit, now it's a tradition, so there you have it. But all in all, Bless your face and if you sneezed during this chapter bless you... Peace off and have a Merry Christmas BOOP)