Chapter 1: Crowning of the King

Solitude, Capital of Skyrim, Castle Dour, 20th of Morning Star, 4E 205

It was a sunny summer day in the city of Solitude, the capital of Skyrim. The people were buzzing with life and excitement as it was today that the hero of Skyrim Uhtred Stålarm the Last Dragonborn and descendant of Ysgramor was going to be crowned Skyrim's High King.

The man in question, Uhtred had refused to take up his rightful place as king of his people many times, but the civil war had grown hectic and too many sons of Skyrim were dying and so to save Skyrim and for a time unite her, Uhtred revealed himself to be a descendant Ysgramor and proved it by wielding the ancestral axe Wuuthrad. There were some who voiced their concerns, doubts, and displeasures at a mere boy as young as Uhtred becoming High King, they were but a minority and all of them politician whereas the majority including veterans clamored for Uhtred to be High King.

The news had reached all corners of Tamriel far and wide and many delegates from the Summerset Isle to Morrowind arrived in Skyrim to witness the coronation of the new High King of Skyrim.

Uhtred was standing in his room quietly watching the proceedings of nobles from all over Tamriel arriving into Solitude from the window, the wind blow at his long black hair including a short side braid that extended to his cheek

"Amazing, isn't it?" A female voice asked and Uhtred turned to see his close friend and confidante Serana entering the room.

"All these spoiled, puffed up nobles arriving to see someone crowned king." The vampire woman joked in her usual dry sarcasm.

"Yes, it is rather amazing that all these nobles would be here to witness my coronation." Uhtred agreed.

"I've heard talk among the nobles that a few of them are thinking of betrothing you to one of their daughters," Serana mentioned offhandedly.

"Oh goody," Uhtred muttered sarcastically.

"Well it would be your privilege to take a wife and sire an heir to carry on the new Dragonborn blood." Serana said with a now serious tone."

"And if I don't want to take a wife?" Uhtred replied in the same tone.

"I think the nobles will find a way to convince you." Serana grinned.

"I'd much rather find a wife on my terms and of my own choosing," Uhtred replied

"And what kind of woman would you want," Serana asked curiously.

"She's close to home." Uhtred offered, looking at Serana seriously which made the vampiress look at him in surprise before sighing. "Uhtred, it would never work between us." She said sadly.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm a vampire," Serana answered. "And you're mortal... how many marriages between a vampire and mortal have you heard of?"

"Admittedly none. But I care about, more than anyone in the world." Uhtred said sincerely. "And I know it'll work out between us." He added.

"How?" Serana asked and Uhtred smiled before replying. "I may be mortal, but you forget my dragon's blood and soul will allow me to live until the ending days of man... Miraak lived well into the 4th era and I will live well into the next eras... I want to be with you Serana. I want to be happy with you."

Serana looked conflicted before saying. "I... I don't think I deserve happiness." She replied uncertainly

"I believe you do." He said to her gently. "We all deserve some happiness." He added. "Even the worst of us."

"I'll think about it," Serana replied. "Right now, you need to get ready for your coronation ceremony." She advised as she left the room.

Uhtred sighed and prepared to dress himself in his Plumage of Protection curiass. The armor itself was made from blessed metal in Sovngarde and, there was an image of a winged horse the armor, Uhtred reached under his armor and pulled out a necklace with the image of a wolf, this personal pendant and the way he fights earned him the name "The Wolf". The Wolf of Skyrim among many of the people of Skyrim. The sight of Uhtred in full armor terrified many of his opponents causing many of them to flee and inspired his allies to fight harder.

After strapping on his armor, Uhtred went for his feathered bracers and Winged Guardians greaves and then belted his tassets called Pegasos's Embrace and his sword Dovah Luv.

The sword and armor itself was forged by his deceased mother Gyda in Sovngarde. When Uhtred journeyed to Sovngarde he had no sword for it was broken at Skuldafn and so Gyda the Valkyrie of battle and weapons mastery forged for her son weapons and armor capable of protecting him from Alduin's fire. The armor was based of Shor's mighty winged steed Fleygur.

The blade itself was supremely sharp; sharp enough to pierce the thick hide of a dragon and the hard stone of a mountain. The blade a polished to a dark shade of blue, the hilt was two dragons slithering upward, splitting to form the cross guard and their tails forming the pommel within the pommel was a blue gem, there were two more blue gems in the cross guard as well, the finishing touches were series of swirls which ran up the blade.

After sheathing Dovah Luv in its scabbard and clipping his blue cloak. Uhtred then left the room to head down to Castle Dour courtyard where no doubt everyone will have gathered to witness his coronation including the damn Thalmor.

He was right, as soon as he left Castle Dour he was met with the cheering of the people of Skyrim, the markets booming with business, the young children playing in the streets, the innocence and naivety of children always amazed Uhtred. As he entered to the Blue Palace he greeted by people who cheered and chanted his name as loudly as they could, soon he found himself atop the stairs and in the throne room where the Jarls and their stewards stood before him in ceremonial armor. Balgruuf the Greater, Elisif the Fair, Idgrod Ravencrone, Igmund, Siddgeir, Skald the Elder, Laila Law-Giver, Korir, and Ulfric Stormcloak.

Uhtred dropped to one knee before them and Balgruuf with a ceremonial scepter in hand walked a few towards him and tapped it on the ground making a thud that echoed across the room and made everyone cease their chanting and applause. "Uhtred... son of Healfdene." He addressed the young Nord before him. "My Thane, Dragonborn of Skyrim... so long entrusted with the blood and soul of dragons, you have defended the lives of the innocent across Skyrim with great honor and valor, do you swear to guard Skyrim?"

"I swear," Uhtred responded with pride

"And do you swear to preserve the peace?"

"I swear."

"Do you swear to cast aside all selfish ambition and to pledge yourself only to the good of Skyrim?"

"I swear!" A servant carrying a crimson pillow entered the throne room on the pillow was a beautiful crown made of Stalhrim, Balgruuf took the crown into his hands and held it over Uhtred's head.

"Then on this day I, Balgruuf the Greater, Jarl of Whiterun and all other Jarls proclaim you High King of Skyrim." Balgruuf places the wreath upon the Dragonborn's head. "Now come the days of the king… May they be blessed." He whispered to the Dragonborn as he rose to his feet while the Jarls in front of him bowed their heads.

The next hour was nothing but celebrating, the people danced, drank and sang in the streets of the city. Servants with platters of food came pouring out of the Blue Palace and served the party goers. Fireworks blew in amazing patterns; bright flashes covered the sky; the Jarls were standing in the mix of party guests. The celebration lasted for hours upon hours until Hati chased Masser and Secunda high into the sky.

3 full months have passed since then and not a lot has happened, only a couple of territorial disputes between the holds, occasional bandit raids, and the rare dragon attacks. All in all, Uhtred handled things fine. As High King, he is charged with the protection and governing of Skyrim.

Said moron was looking out of a window of the Blue Palace overlooking the city it was beautiful like the blue skies of Sovngarde, he was snapped from his thoughts when a certain scent hit his nostrils a certain ash like scent.

"I can smell you... so come out of the shadows Serana." He said Serana came from the shadows still as beautiful when she left Solitude.

"I see you're running Skyrim well, anything exciting happened lately?" She asked in her usual dry humor in efforts to tease him.

"Ha, ha... unfortunately the only things that happen are territorial disputes between Jarls, and bandit raids... the only thing remotely close to nerve-racking are the nobles trying to convince me to marry one of their daughters." Uhtred turned to the sound of Serana laughing uncontrollably.

"I told you they'd try to convince you."

"Not to the point where the wolf in me wants to tear them apart." Deciding to the change the subject, Uhtred moved over to the vampiress. "Have you thought about my proposal?"

Serana stood for silent a moment. "When you proposed to me and told you I'd think about it..." She turned to him. "I love you Uhtred... and yes I will marry you." She said as she kissed him, Uhtred meeting her with the same force. She clung to him as though she was clinging to life, and he pulled her in as close as he could.

Serana hops onto him wrapping her legs around his waist. Uhtred carries her to the bedroom and throws her down on the bed, he closes the door to the room and returns to Serana kissing her all over as they undressed themselves.

Uhtred kissed her passionately again as he pushed his massive cock inside her. She let out a gasp that slowly turned into a moan of pleasure, Uhtred began to thrust in and out of her slowly, his canines extended, his eyes sky blue eyes turned white, and black marks appeared where his sideburns would be and running down to his cheeks but they didn't stop there four marks appeared on his jaw and ran down to his neck and up to his eyes engulf them in black rings and going past them and up to his forehead. In an instant he lost all forms of sense, he seized Serana by the shoulders and spun her around and slammed her against the wall, her teeth rattled but she grinned lustfully in response as he lifted by her thighs. She liked it when he let the wolf take control and he liked her for liking it, he kissed her hard and violently while still thrusting into her hard and fast.

"You rarely let aah the wolf have aaah this much control!" She managed to choke out as Uhtred increased his pace, she let out a soft.

"This is a special occasion." He grunted

"Well in that case, you better stop holding back." She said as she hissed and bit into him, Uhtred was too lost in the moment to feel any pain, he spun around found himself on the bed with Serana pinning him down as she began to ride him.


Two Solitude guards were walking the halls of the Blue Palace, their names Jorik and Skjaldi.

"I never would've imagined that a boy would become High King even during the Civil War," Jorik said in a past stunned manner.

"This boy is the last living descendant of Ysgramor, can you imagine it.? We were always told stories as children of how King Borgas was killed during the Wild Hunt and that he had no heir." Skjaldi added in the same tone.

"Then how is the King the descendant of Ysgramor?"

"Who knows, Borgas did a lot of drinking and whoring in his golden years, maybe he impregnated one of the whores with his child."

"Maybe, but then that would make the king an illegitimate heir."

"True, but illegitimate or not he is the last living descendant of Ysgramor's bloodline and thus is the rightful heir to the throne of Skyrim." Skjaldi countered. The two Nords continued getting closer to the King's quarters but stopped when they hear the loud moaning of a woman.

"I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Jorik joked.

Skjaldi let out a low chuckle before saying, "C'mon, we better leave the king to his business."

"But the priest said he needed the king."

"Do really want to interrupt a King during his whoring?"

"Hmm, well when you think about it, no we'd better wait." And with that said Jorik and Skjaldi stood at the door of the king's quarters.

Whilst inside said quarters Serana and Uhtred collapsed on the bed having made love furiously. Panting against each other, bodies shining with sweat, they remained in stunned silence as wave upon wave of residual pleasure continued to wash over them. Serana was lying on Uhtred's chest, she brought her head up to look into his still white Lycan eyes.

"We haven't... humped like that... before." Serana breathed, trying to regain her cognitive senses. Uhtred smirked to himself, satisfied with his thorough pleasure. "First time for everything." He said as his eyes returned to their original blue color and the black marks disappeared. He kissed her slowly so as to not overwhelm her again. He then pulled away and he found her staring into his eyes, as had happened frequently before. Her undead gaze conveyed much, new and old, and one ideal stood out from all of them, reciprocated in full.

"I love you." Was the last thing either of them heard before the exhaustion had overtaken them and put them to sleep.

Several Hours Later.

Uhtred awoke to the knocking on his door. "Oi." He managed to say.

"My lord...the High Priest wishes to speak with you he says it's urgent." Jorik answered, his voice may have been muffled by the door, but Uhtred's Lycanthropic ears allowed him to hear even the smallest of sounds.

"Tell him I'll be out in a minute." Uhtred hop out of his bed though the sheets would need a deep and long cleaning as they were covered in his and Serana's blood from their vicious foreplay, they didn't need to worry about bleeding out as their wound healed abnormally faster than regular humans. He glanced back at Serana's beautiful sleeping form, before going for his loin cloth and then his black tunic, then he went for his armor and crown.

Meeting the guards outside who instantly straighten themselves out before their king, though he is a boy of 22 Winters age he was Dragonborn for a reason.

"Now let's go see the priest."

The guards led Uhtred through the city, as they walked through the streets the inhabitants bowed before him, he payed no mind to this as he was not use to this kind of treatment, he took the time to admire the scenery and beauty of the city he was so caught up in it that he didn't noticed they arrived at the Temple of the Divines.

Uhtred and the guards enter the temple to find the priests on their knees, trembling and soiling themselves in fear praying to their gods for a way to avert crisis.

"Venligst Alföðr giver os en vej eller et tegn for at afværge denne krise, for Nirn's skyld redde os den slagtning, der skal komme." The High Priest prayed in a sobbing manner. (Please All father give us a way or a sign to avert this crisis, for the sake of Nirn spare us the slaughter that is to come)

"High Priest Rorlund, you sent for me."

The priest rose from his knees and at the sight of the young king and gave thanks to the same gods he groveled to. "My king, I have urgent news, news you must hear of the coming tides."

"Speak, what have the gods shown you."

Rorlund proceeded sign al the gods before telling Uhtred to cause of his distress. "I was managing the alters cleaning each and everyone but when I came to alter of Talos everything went dark, I found myself in a destroyed Solitude run by metal men, the men dying with sword in hand and the women and children as slaves. But you my king you were strung up to the walls and force to watch as all of Skyrim burned." The priest finished and clutched the amulet of Stendarr.

"What meaning could this mean?" Jorik asked.

"Only the Pythia would know." Rorlund said.

Uhtred scoffed as the mention of the Pythia another oracle carrying riddles rather than real solutions. "I will have no more talk of the Pythia for now we rejoice."

The priests and guards look at their king dumbfounded by his carelessness of the weight of the priest words. The Aedra rarely interacted with the mortals and thus their plane of influence on Uhtred was weak and thin, while the Daedra who played with mortals on an almost weekly basis creating a strong influence on Nirn, so you can see why Uhtred doesn't heed the gods like most people.

"I have chosen a wife."

5th of Sun's Height Solitude.

It was only two days away from his wedding day, and Uhtred was beginning to think he wasn't going to make it. A month ago, the Emperors carriage arrived, and for the past days, Uhtred had to deal with his guards the Penitus Oculatus commanded by his eldest son Commodus Mede. Many of which Uhtred was convinced had been raised by pompous nobles.

Uhtred knew that they'd want to check on the plans that the General had punt in place to ensure the safety of the Emperor. What he hadn't expected was for the them to change almost everything that had already been put in place. Guard routes and shifts were altered including the time when shifts were changed. Uhtred thought the ceremonial loutra would take his and Serana's mind off the changes, the loutra was ceremonial holy bath engaged couples would take before the day of the wedding, but this did little to ease the Dragonborn's stress.

Worse yet, anyone who was going to be in the same room as the Emperor during the ceremony, had to be interviewed. By a Praetorian an elite warrior in the Imperial legion. A Nordic-Imperial hybrid by the name of Julius had shown up at the Blue Palace to interview Serana yesterday morning. To Serana's credit, she handled the situation much better than he ever could've. Until the hybrid had hinted at his opinion that the wedding should be pushed back a few days, to which Serana responded by promptly throwing the Imperial out the door.

This led to the conclusion that Serana should not be allowed to attend the ceremony at that point Uhtred took the wheel and reminded the hybrid that Serana was the bride.

It was now morning of the 5th day of Sun's Height. Uhtred had been summoned to Castle Dour by General Tullius to address a certain issue. Sitting in a large room, was the captain of the guard, a Nord man named Aldis. He was strong looking man (pause), with long shoulder length black hair. And across from him sat General Tullius. Both the General and Captain seemed to be in a very somber mood. Uhtred assumed it was due to the incident yesterday and decided to at least try to mend the wound.

"I would like to apologize on behalf of my fiancé Serana. With all these last-minute changes that presented themselves over the past month, on top of the nervousness I've been feeling for my wedding, I'm afraid my judgment is at its breaking point."

General Tullius said nothing and Aldis nodded slowly. "The issue with Julius though his actions rash and yours over the boat have been resolved and is not why the General and I have summoned you."

"Then why am I here."

Neither officer spoke right away, after aa few seconds of deafening silence, it was Tullius who finally spoke, "You may want to sit down for your majesty."

Uhtred began to get an uneasy feeling in his stomach as he sat in the chair in front of him. "What is this about?"

"Sire...," Tullius began, "Over the past few days, I and several diplomats of the Empire have been dealing with the issue of your insistences of not allowing the Thalmor entry to your wedding ceremony. The issue has been resolved, but not in your favor."

Aldis took over, "The Thalmor have the right to attend to make sure that the wedding follows the White Gold Concordat. As such, the Thalmor will be in the city and some will be attending the wedding."

Their conversation went on for a couple more hours and the fact that one of the Thalmor emissaries arrived to make sure that agreements met the White Gold Concordat's standards after that the emissary left to report to the embassy.

Tullius could tell that Uhtred was more than a few words away from killing that emissary during the negotiation. "Your majesty, I'm no advisor but I personally suggest you avoid confrontation with the Thalmor. If you have a problem, come to me and I'll deal with it."

Uhtred let out a long sigh that slowly turned into his werewolf growl, before glancing towards General Tullius. "Keep them away from Serana." Uhtred left the room once he was out of sight Aldis finally exhaled a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

"Well I suppose once the wedding is over he'll calm down. Having a man like that especially a king at the breaking point around our Thalmor guests is not making me feel any more comfortable than I already am."

"I doubt that may be the case."

Aldis frowned, "General?"

"Uhtred is anything but a perfect man, he's defiantly no saint, he's a hero that's for sure but he has several dangerous flaws that make him unpredictable. When he see's someone has been wronged he takes matters into his owns and he doesn't stop until justice has been served."

Aldis crossed his arms as he listened to every Tullius was about to speak. "That compassion and desire to do good is the reason he stopped hiding his secret and revealed himself as Ysgramor's descendant. But that same compassion can turn swiftly into ruthless and relentless rage. And add that to the fact that he is now High King he has to think about Skyrim over all others... But..."

"But what?"

"We'll finish this conversation another time."

"As you wish General." With Aldis left for the Castle Dour courtyard, while Tullius sat down, massaging his temple, "If it had been Elenwen that through that door all of Tartarus would've broken loose... At least the Dominion agrees with me on having those two far away from each other. For now, we'll just have to hope nothing happens."

Blue Palace

A rather pathetic sounding knock at the door gained Uhtred's attention. Opening the door, he found the two men who were like brothers to him, Farkas and Vilkas dressed in newly polished wolf armor, looking like two overdressed pups. Uhtred burst out in laughter, nearly tumbling over, the sight of two broad-shouldered men in high-class wear was absolutely hilarious. Well the sight of Farkas dressed in high-class wear was, as for Vilkas he wore wolf armor all the time, so it was no different. "Guys, you're cleaned, groomed, polished. It's disgusting." He joked.

"I feel like a pampered woman." Farkas groaned

Vilkas raised his arms in protest and carped, "You have to wear one of these too you know!"

"Yeah but I won't look like you," Uhtred chuckled. "You two look like children who've literally been forced into those suits and have decided to walk around all day trying to gain sympathy from the adults."

"You're lucky you're the High King Uhtred." Farkas commented. "Otherwise this would be the sight of a brawl."

Uhtred let the brothers into the large room, Farkas and Vilkas sat around the fire, craving the relaxing warmth. Uhtred joined them, pulling up a chair and sitting in between them.

"Security seems a lot higher," Vilkas said, reflecting on his past observations. With the Emperor attending, which he and his were completely unmindful of, the secret had been increased tenfold.

"The Emperor is coming," Uhtred informed.

The two wolves gasped in shock. The news had seemed to hit them like a giant's club. "You mean Titus Mede II?" Vilkas rhetorically asked.

"Oh, gods," Farkas added. "That preacher guy from Whiterun is going to be happy."

"Heimskr?" Uhtred said. "No kidding that's why I've made it an effort to keep him from finding out, the last thing I need is the Thalmor dragging another son of Skyrim out her soil to torture him."

"So," Farkas muttered, "Can we-"

"No." Vilkas interrupted.

"You don't even know what I was gonna say!" Farkas argued.

"You were going to ask to crack out the mead, the answer is no... I'm pretty sure Uhtred wants to be sober during the ceremony. And I don't want my brother shouting profanities at the top of his voice in a drunken stupor."

Uhtred patted his friend on the back, "There'll be a time later in the day where you can get as drunk as you wish... and besides what you're wearing can't be any worse than what Aela has to wear." Farkas and Vilkas looked at each other wide-eyed before Vilkas burst out laughing just as Aela walked in.

"What is he laughing about?" She asks.

"The thought of you in a dress." Uhtred replied flatly. Aela turned white at the very the thought. Literally, backing away slowly. "No, please, have mercy oh merciful High King."

"You and I both know I rarely show mercy." Uhtred grinned maliciously. "Guards!" He called, the two guards Jorik and Skjaldi appeared in the room and bowed their heads.

"My lord." They both say.

"Please escort my good friend Aela the Huntress to the tailor for her dress." The Dragonborn replied playfully as Aela swiftly ran out of the room shouting, "No way in hell am I wearing a dress!"

Jorik and Skjaldi look confuse as to what just happened "Well, go after her." Uhtred ordered. the two Nords both bow and chase after the Huntress just as he and the Two Wolves burst out laughing barely finding a moment breathe.

Recuperating from the laughing, wiping away a tear. "So how do you think Serana is doing?" Farkas asked.

"I don't know, other than the loutra, the gamprós is forbidden from seeing his nyfi until the ceremony."

Farkas massaged his temple, these wedding traditions were starting to get to him. "Marriage is complicated." He said.

"Yes, too complicated for your little mind brother." Vilkas said patting his brother on the shoulder.

The next two days were nothing but preparations. The streets of Solitude were full to the point of bursting with townspeople, builders helping with the layout of the decorations for the wedding. Never before had so many people in Skyrim come together form one wedding but then again, this was the wedding of their king. Their hard work though it seemed to be endless, it neared its end almost instantly as the day of the "Gamos" the wedding day came quick

As the people worked relentlessly outside to make this the most spectacular wedding in history Serana was going through a literal hell!

Serana felt like she was being crushed by all the maids surrounding her. Uhtred seemed to have sent in an entire pack of them to prepare her for the day. She was the nyfi after all.

With about three hours to go until the actual ceremony, Serana predicted it would take at two hours for the maids to complete everything. There was certainly a lot to do. That and the young maids did like to take their time.

Uhtred grumbled as the servants put him in a long sleeved white tunic and place a white musculata curiass as well as bracers, greaves and cape. When that was done Uhtred was escorted by Jorik and Skjaldi to the courtyard, it was fill with people, a lot of people. Uhtred was slightly taken aback by the crowd, everyone wearing their best clothing, Uhtred wasn't sure the last time anywhere in Skyrim had this much color. The city guard and legionnaires all wore armor the practically shined with Sol the sun. Even the male members of the Companions, who stood in rank and file on both sides down the walkway, wore freshly polished wolf armor. As Uhtred walked up the steps to the podium he was flanked by the Two Wolves.

"Please make this quick. It's itchy in these things." Farkas complained.

"Just grin and bear it my friend grin and bear."

"Make it memorable." Vilkas advised. An amused chuckle escapes Uhtred's throat as he nodded.

Absently Uhtred gazed up the balcony where the former Jarl Elisif sat so she could overlook the ceremony. She turned slightly talking to the man at her side who sat in a much bigger and fancier chair. He seemed to be in his twilight years, he wore a sumptuous robe of navy blue and red. He was flanked several impressive guards who looked ready to raise their shields at a moment's notice, Including a man in a golden musculata with a purple tunic underneath, bracers one his arms and greaves protecting his legs and galeae helmet with a face mask protecting his face stopping at his upper lip, though leaving his lower lip exposed which would be a problem if not for the cheek guards the final part of the helmet was crest holder with purple horse hair that was mounted transversely.

It didn't take long for Uhtred to realize who the man was. Emperor Titus Mede II and the warrior next to him, his eldest son Commodus Mede.

At some point Commodus noticed Uhtred looking up at his father. Both men then looked towards each other, neither moving, before the priest of Mara, Maramal walking between them and stood behind the altar.

If I may ask priest, is it okay to be afraid right now." Uhtred whispered to the priest.

"Yes, my son. With some of the guest you have even I'd be a bit terrified."

With the Emperor and other Jarls at the balcony and the courtyard filled mostly nobles, Uhtred really didn't want to screw up.

"This is it." He thought. "She's going to be here any second. She's going to walk down that aisle and... Maláka this armor is itchy. I can't just scratch it UGH, just grin and bear Dragonborn, grin and bear it." Uhtred suddenly couldn't care how itchy his armor was anymore, since he could now see Serana as she walked down the aisle.

Her hair was pulled back a delicately braided, showing off her beautiful and slender neck. Atop her head was a small wreath of beautiful flowers and roses. Around her neck were several strings of bone and ivory beads. Her silk dress left her shoulders bare as it flowed over her form and on her arms, she wore long white gloves. Finally, as she glided down the aisle her long sheer cape draped behind her like and atmosphere.

Behind Serana, Aela and the other bridesmaids followed, wearing dresses of soft faded white. Aela immediately noticed the shocked looks of her fellow Companions, and she past them, she gave them quick stern glares of warning. Her hand tapping the traditional bridesmaid blade at her side that put them back in their place.

Serana soon stood next to Uhtred, and she turned to face the priest, Uhtred turned as well after a quick nudge from Farkas reminded him. His gawking didn't go unnoticed by either Serana or Aela. Serana smiled while Aela rolled her eyes.

Maramal held his arms out as he spoke to the bride and groom, as well as those in attendance, "Ah the blushing bride and proud groom, together at last, let us. Let us begin the ceremony. It was Mara that first gave birth to creation and pledged to watch over us as her children. If is from her love of us that we first learned to love one another. It is from this love that we learn that a life lived alone is no life at all. We gather here, under Mara's loving gaze, to bear witness to the union of two souls in eternal companionship. May they journey forth together in this life and the next, in prosperity and poverty, and in joy and hardship."

Lowering his arms, Maramal pulls out a rope as Uhtred holds out his left hand and Serana her right hand. "Remember this moment in time, for after these vows you shall say to the world." He wraps the rope around their wrists. "This is my husband, this is my wife."

Serana and Uhtred turned to each other and spoke in unison. "I, Uhtred/Serana, take you Uhtred Ragnarson/ Serana Volkihar to be my husband/wife, my partner and one true love... I will cherish you and love you today, tomorrow and forever. I will trust you and honor you, laugh and cry with you."

They gripped each other's hand even tighter.

"I will love you faithfully through the times of happiness and sadness, difficult and easy. I will always be there for you, as I have given you my hand to hold... I give my life to you."

Maramal reached out to both of them. "Under the authority of Mara, Goddess of Love, I declare this couple to be wed. Ring bearers, present the rings you hold to the bride and groom."

Aela hands Serana a ring, while Farkas handed his to Uhtred. Uhtred took Serana's hand and slid the ring onto her finger, once done Serana did the same to him.

"May these matching rings, blessed by Mara's divine grace be an eternal symbol of your union. May they protect each of you in your new life together."

Uhtred stepped forward, towards Serana. With both hands cupping Serana's waist, and her arms around his neck, both leaned in and shared their first kiss not as King and Queen but as husband and wife. When they parted the crowd cheered.

Maramal held his hands out and announced, "And now, the bridal race!" In an instant Farkas and Uhtred broke into a full-on sprint with Farkas in the lead however. They make turn into the court yard where they were met by the city guard in a shield wall, Uhtred broke the wall first and was in the lead, they run passed the blacksmith station and down to the market stalls and well where two men were waiting with horns of ale. The two Companions took the horns and down the ale in seconds before continuing on dodging poles at them before making a turn around a pole and Uhtred being the first back to the Temple of the Divines.

The two collapse out of breath as you Uhtred tells Farkas, "You know the rules if the race shield brother, you have to serve the feast." Skol chased Sól down followed by Hati chasing Masser and Secunda. The night was still mighty young as the city celebrated the joyous event. The entire city had been converted into one massive venue, with everyone in the city there. In the planning, they'd decided to go for a sort of free roam layout without any seating plan. That and Farkas served one fabulous feast.

-The Blue Palace-

With the people still celebrating, the now married Serana and Uhtred had finally found some privacy. Uhtred sighed blissfully as he laid atop the covers, the soft creek of the door caught his attention just as Serana made her way into their room. Uhtred nearly swallowed his throat when he saw what she was wearing.

A soft sheer white silk robe hung loosely from her shoulders and flowed over her curve before ending at her thighs. Serana leaned against the doorframe admiring the effect she was having on her husband before she sauntered over to the bed and climbed on. Stopping till she was on top of Uhtred and wasted no time in celebrating her wedding night.

"From a vampire princess to high queen of Skyrim, how does that feel?"

"Feels better than I'd expected... kind of unsettling as well."

"That's because with queenship we are entrusted with the leadership and protection of Skyrim and that won't be easy but for now, let's celebrate."

She cooed softly when Uhtred attacked her neck. "I love you." He whispered into her ear, with some effort, Serana pushed Uhtred back into the bed, so that she could sit over him. "And I you." She replied. As she removed the robe and allowed Uhtred to see her naked glory.

Uhtred slowly wrapped his arms around her, his slowly sat up, keeping her in his lap, he kisses her passionately causing his lycanthropic marks to appear because the sensation was too strong to resist, he could only restrain the change.

Uhtred placed his tongue on Serana's breast and tit, licking and slightly nibbling on it. She had this desire all day now, ever since the priest declared them to be wed, which albeit was 8 hours ago.

Serana could see as the sclera of his beautiful blue eyes turned to black and his iris turn to the glowing white lycanthropic, illuminating his entire eye. "More! I want more!" She dragged his head towards her, "Show me why they call you Dragonborn."

Heeding his queen, Uhtred placed her on her back on her body and kissed her entire body before spreading her legs and entering his manhood inside of her; the two began engaging with each other, making rough love, their moans and groans were full of pleasure, Serana kissed him passionately on both lips and neck. She absorbed him within her, she loved this, it was extreme pleasure, losing herself with every thrust.

She clawed his chest after his hair, her sharp vampire nail piercing his flesh, the crimson liquid seeping through slowly. Uhtred exhaled and groaned sharply, it wasn't painful but rather it was arousing, so arousing he clawed at his back with his wolf-like nails as she licked the blood of his chest, she could taste great power, pulling her tongue out, she licked the wound until it completely closed. Serana then brought her head up to his neck and bit into him sucking the blood from him.

There ravenous love making continued for hours upon hours until exhaustion had taken them both and they collapsed on their bloodied bed.

Enjoy these years while you can Uhtred, for your destiny is not yet done, the gods have called upon you to defend Skyrim once more and possibly Nirn. There is a new enemy beyond the heavens on that will be the ruin and the destruction of the very things you love and so begins Skyrim's War.

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Fleygur: The Flying One

Stålarm: The Steel hand or Steel arm

Nyfi: Greek for bride.

Gamos: greek for wedding day

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