Enter the Jedi

-On the Negotiator-

Obi-Wan Kenobi and his former apprentice now fellow Jedi Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano entered the bridge upon the Star Destroyer, having driven a Separatist fleet from Christophsis they were hoping to return to Coruscant for some well-deserved rest, only to be met with a hologram of Yoda and Windu.

"Congratulations on you victory Master Kenobi." Windu praised in a greeting manner as the 40 year old man bowed to him.

"Thank you Master Windu though I must admit if Anakin had not arrived with his fleet I would've surely been beaten. We are setting our route for Coruscant and to some much-needed rest."

"I'm afraid you will have to delay your return for a while longer. We received news of the clone outpost stationed in the Lunar system. It was attacked."

"Was it Separatist." Ahsoka asked.

Windu shook his head. "No, it seems the planet it stationed in was inhabited by race of humans. A holo recording was taken before we lost contact, take a look." The hologram of window was replaced of the Holo recording of the humans charging into the base with their war cry and a thirst for blood on their lips as they began slaughtering the clones like wolves did to sheep then they after that they began converse amongst themselves

They watched as a holo projection of a humanoid life form brought a clone troopers helmet to another humanoid. "Kjartan, the men are wondering what they are?"

"They look more like Imperials. And these weapons, are nothing any Nord of Skyrim would produce in any forge." The one known as Kjartan said as he picked a blaster, looking at it for a while before unknowingly firing it and startling his men. The Nords instantly raised the swords and axes for fight and their shields for defense as a blue bolt bounced of the wall and hit Kjartan's shield.

"Clearly, they are Dremora of Oblivion, sent by one of the Daedra."

"I don't know Kjartan, they might be servants of Jyggalag." Said another Nord with a taunting smile.

"Impossible, Jyggalag appears only during the Greymarch."

"My lord!" another called out running into view, collapsing at Kjartan's feet, breathing heavily.


The young Nord pulled out a droid's head and said with a smile. "Halfdan's attack on the tower to the north was victorious. Eastmarch and all of Skyrim can rest safely now." The nord announced.

Kjartan smiled and turned to the Nord next to him. "Guðrum, send a messenger to Solitude carrying these."

"What of the Emperor in Cyrodiil?"

"Let the rest play out, our High King will decide the course of action to take. Hopefully he'll send a messenger to Cyrodiil while this event is still small." Kjartan then turned to his men, "who will share their wine with me?!" He bellowed to the 10 other Nords drinking in celebration of their successful attacks on both towers. They responded with a thunderous cry, "AHOU!"

After that the hologram of Windu and Yoda reappeared.

"What do we know of the natives?" Kenobi asked.

"Nothing, that's why we're sending you to Lunar system as a security force for senators Farr and Amidala and Admiral Amulius. You are to meet with them exact coordinates of the clone base."

Anakin moved and stiffened slightly at the mention of Padmé before he quickly buried his feelings as Yoda looked at him.

"Something to add, you have Skywalker?" He asked the young General as his padawan watched.

"Yes Master. I'm wondering why are we taking the senators to a potentially dangerous site. Shouldn't we send a probing force to make sure it is secure." He suggested as the two masters nodded to it.

"A wise suggestion Skywalker. We would've done so had the Chancellor not brought the idea of sending the senators to show that we are peaceful." Windu answered.

"Well with everything in order it's to meet the senators. Cody set the coordinates and prepare the ship for light speed."

"Yes sir."

"Good luck Master Kenobi, Skywalker and padawan Tano. May the Force be with you." Mace Windu said before his hologram disappeared.

-On a Naboo cruiser in hyperspace-

Padmé Amidala the senator for Naboo stood in her personal cruiser that will take her and her companions to the Nords. Standing beside her was her "uncle" Onaconda Farr and Admiral Amulius.

"Do you think we can bring these peopleinto the Republic peacefully Uncle?" Padmé asked the old Rodian.

"Hopefully we can Padmé. Yet what I am more curious of is their history and—" He started before Amulius interrupted.

"We shall see if these savages will join the Republic, not that it would matter, but the Chancellor is curious about these primitives

-Skyrim, Whiterun Hold 2 months after Kjartan's raid-

A family of four, rode upon horses to their home in Whiterun. Upon a black horse rode tall man, Nord by the looks, with long brown hair and was clean-shaven, he was wearing a chainmail shirt underneath dark grey steel musculata cuirass, he wore leather pants and wore steel greaves and bracers. Next to him was his wife holding a new born baby girl on smaller female white horse and next to her was their son who rode a young foal.

"Father do you really have to go?" the boy asked his father.

"I'm afraid I'm must Björn. you know the Ñine will be here soon."

"Tell me again why you became a Einherjar." The boy stared at his father with admiration that only children seem to be able to possess.

"Björn, you've heard it a thousand times." Said his mother.

"Oh, but it's fine dear." The family stopped and dismounted their horses. Björn sat down and his father kneeled on one knee. "Well my son before you were born, the land was torn and bleeding. The people stood divided by war, brother fighting brother. The only hope for peace was in the legend of the Dragonborn for it was said that the Dragonborn possessed the body of a man but the soul of a dragon. For many centuries since Tiber Septim, Nirn had not seen a Dragonborn, but then on the very day that your sister was born an unexpected hero stepped forth. His name was Uhtred and he was the Dragonborn, with his Thu'um at his command he saved all of Nirn from darkness. The man went up to his horse and pulled his shield form the side and showed his son the triquetra symbol on the face. "And so, this symbol represents the unity of our country. As an Einherjar I took an oath, to protect Skyrim and Uhtred."

A sound carried from the plains ahead, the quad on the small area simultaneously turned to face the source. A group of horsemen and assembled at the top of a hill. The man quickly helped his wife onto her horse while the boy leapt onto his foal. Finally, the man climbed onto the saddle of his own horse and the three galloped up to the path of the hill. They slowed at the top, where the man brought his horse closer to that of his wife's, giving her a quick kiss. "Goodbye, my love." He whispered before trotting forward.

Without warning, the child spurred his foal forward, shouting, "I'm coming with you, father!"

At this, the man turned in his saddle to address the boy. "Yes, when you're old enough, Björn.! I will take you to Solitude I promise." He paused, then added, "I love you!" once more before turning his attention to the group of men waiting for him. He paused to look at his family once more.

"That boy of yours has some fire in him, Véthür." One of the horsemen said.

Vèthür rolled his eyes and said a curt, "Förum." The horsemen took to the road. As they disappeared into the distance, the woman ran her hand through her son's hair. The boy did not seem to care, he only murmured, half awe and half determination, "One day, I'll be a Einherjar, like you father."

The ride from Whiterun hold to Haarfingar was short took only a day and the horsemen could see the capital city of Skyrim, Solitude. She was marvelous and beautiful, the docks and farms near by were empty, there was no need to wonder because the sound of music playing told them everything, today was one of the 12 days Jól but on this day they would light the log tonight but for now until they celebrate with song.

Vi står som en man, nu och för alltid! men skiljs, då faller vi spritt. Hand uppå hand, brother to brother No one shall be greater than all.

The horsemen approach the gates of the city which the guards open without question knowing just who these horsemen were. Upon entering the city, they were greeted by nearly everyone, each horseman was wearing a unique musculata curiass with short chiton colored in colors of their family. A horseman in black reached out to a woman who took his hand, he smiled at her before rejoining the rest of his brothers and dismounting. They led their horses through the crowd and the people continued to sing in their honor.

Vi står som en man, nu och för alltid! men skiljs, då faller vi spritt. Hand uppå hand, brother to brother No one shall be greater than all.

High King Uhtred came into view as he welcomed the horsemen from his count with a brotherly smile. "It's been 5 years, we celebrate all that made our country great. Kinship and freedom for all, each of us will now discuss the prophecy of the Stars." Uhtred led the horsemen through the Blue Palace and into a room on the east wing as the passed a window a man with ginger hair hid from view until everyone had passed him before he himself walked out the shadows and joined them.

Uhtred opened the door to a room that housed a round table with twelve seats. The table itself was a map of all of Skyrim. One by one the Einherjar filed in while singing in the common tongue,

United we stand. Now and forever. In truth, divided we fall. Hand upon hand, brother to brother, No one shall be greater than all.

Each Einherjar including Uhtred took their swords from their sheathes and thrusted them to the air as a sign of respect and thanks to the gods, they then sheathed their swords in sheathes on the back of their chairs and took up their shields held them to the air, the faces of each shield catching the light of the sun as their wielders recited the code of honor in unison

"Broderskap!" (Liberty)

"Frihet!" (Justice)

"Tro!" (Trust)

"Ansvar!" (Freedom)

"Fred" (Peace)

"Ära! (Honor)

"Godhet!" (Goodness)

"Kraft!" (Strength)

"Trohet!" (Valor)

The Einherjar each placed their shields on the table but one of them simply slammed it on the table shouting, "JAG! Charming liten allsång..." He said in a deep voice while his fellow Einherjar looked at his with disapproving scowls and scoffed at him for ruining the mood before siting in their seats.

"Nu ska vi komma till affärer, jag har väntat länge för denna dag. Vad med vilken håll jag ska vara stationerad i." The ginger continued with a very selfish tone that made his comrades even more disgusted with him. (Charming sing along. Now let's get down to business, I've been waiting a long time for this day. What about which hold am I be stationed in)

"Vöndur tänker alltid på dig själv. Som en Einherjar är vår plikt att folket inte till oss själva." Uhtred stated, with chorus of agreement filling the room before he continued. "Du kommer att vara stationerad i ett håll som bäst passar dig och människornas behov." (Vöndur always thinking of yourself. As a Einherjar, our duty is to the people not to ourselves. You will be stationed in a hold that best suits you and the needs of the people)

Vöndur then laughed and boldly claimed, "Då ska jag vara stationerad här eftersom jag behöver mer än alla. Jag förväntar mig en sann kung att belöna sin mest lojala tjänare." Vöndur Värmodsson, selfish and arrogant, always putting his needs before everyone else's. Ruthless in battle, average tactical thinking what so ever, no one would blame you for being disappointed or disgusted with him, the only reason he was apart of the Nine was because of his battle prowess.

Véthür had grown sick of Vöndur's arrogance and disregard for the well-being of Skyrim's people. "Kungen har talat!" He yelled as he slammed his fist on the table. (The king has decided)

Vöndur shot up from his seat and growled in retort. "Det är dags för en ny kung och jag röstar för mig." (Then it's time for a new king and I vote for me)

At Vöndur's response Véthür slowly rose from his seat gripping his shield and growled back, "Jag ska inte tjäna en falsk kung." (I will not serve a false king)

Vöndur frowned, "Servera sedan..." The ginger haired Nord's hands clasped around a mace under the table. "En död kung!" He sprang onto the table charging for Uhtred. (Then serve a dead one)

Before anyone could move, Véthür dashed across the table raising his shield to counter the brutes charge. As if in slow motion, Vöndur grabbed Véthür's shield mid-charge and swung the mace only to be sent flying across the room by a blue shock wave from Uhtred.

The ginger Nord landed and rolled upon impact. He struggled to his feet and fled the chamber, shouting, "One day, I'll have the power of the dragons at my disposal and all will kneel before me!" The remaining Einherjar rushed to apprehend him, only to be stopped as he slammed and locked the doors to the great chamber.

"Quickly get these doors open!" shouted a Einherjar only to be halted by Uhtred saying, "Let him go, as of today Vöndur Värmodsson is no longer apart of the Ñine, he is traitor and is to be hunted down and brought to justice... but for now I must convene with you all." Uhtred said solemnly, his expression softened to one of worry, one that made Sotiris and the other Einherjar worry as well. Uhtred was usually calm only ever breaking when it came down to fighting. Something must have gotten to him for him to be this way.

"My King what is wrong?" Véthür asked.

"The priests from all over Skyrim have been plagued by dreams for days." Uhtred said.

"It is probably Vermina attempting to drive us to her worship." Said Einherjar with distain and hate in his voice.

"I thought so as well Breca. But it is not Vermina... Every priest in Skyrim has had the same dream... Metal men conquering our land and then all of Tamriel burning as they moved across the land with war machines and flying ships." Uhtred explained.

The Einherjar looked at each other with confused looks, who could blame them, flying ships and metal men, the King's gone mad if he's worried by a dream like that.

"Lord king, forgive me but this is only a dream, not meant to be taken too seriously."

"I agree with Magnus, we have had peace for five years, the best years I've ever lived to see, why would the gods decided to curse us with another war." Said another Einherjar

"I understand why you say this. But even the Seer has seen this dream and he said unto me 'When the Dragon line is reborn, when the skies a forth a great whale carrying messengers from the gods, when a son betrays his country and brother slays brother the only victors, the gods of rage and madness. Does this pretend the twilight of our world, is this Lokatímir? The Serpent. The Fire Giant, The Wolf... they may be upon us. If Ysgramor looks on from Sovngarde, his hear can only be filled with woe, go now this is all I have to share'." Uhtred finished leaving the Einherjar with worried looks on their face. Lokatímir, the twilight of the gods, the end times, call it Ragnarok if you wish the name itself means 'End' it was the mention of that name that made Einherjar worry. Lokatímir was an old story told by the Old Atmorans but some Nords believe it to be real.

Now they looked to Uhtred with an expression that said, 'what should we do' or 'what can we do'. Uhtred noticed these expressions and knew that for once in his life he didn't know what to do or how to prepare. He was fearless and strong. but he feared Lokatímir just as much as any other Nord in Skyrim. "I don't know for now all I can do is wait and hope for the gods to show me a sign..." He inhaled deeply and exhaled. "But for now, my warriors go and enjoy Jól. I must see the Seer." Uhtred got up from his seat and left the chamber leaving the other Einherjar to contemplate or argue amongst themselves.

The gods themselves have warned you Uhtred Stålarm now you must decide when and how to take action before all that you have and all that you have fought for comes to ruin and we all FALL INTO THE DARK.

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