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Chapter 5: The Physical-Mental Training!

It had been a few weeks since the Dragon Slayer first entered Konohagakure, and despite there being plenty of ups and downs during his stay at the village, it was safe to say that Natsu was enjoying his time there.

During this time, he managed to make a few friends in the village in the likes of Shikamaru, Choji, Teuchi and his daughter, who had begun working for her father, as well as Naruko. The Dragon Slayer had been spending a lot of time with the blonde since she made the effort to drag him along to whatever she was doing, which included the likes of pranking the villagers.

He still wondered how she managed to do all of what she did without getting caught even once. She even pranked the ravenette of his classroom using paint which splattered his entire face which was a hilarious sight to behold.

Speaking of Sasuke, the Dragon Slayer managed to find a rival in the ravenette since the Uchiha would constantly demand for a battle with him every single day and while the pinkette acknowledged his determination to want to beat him, since it reminded him of his past with Erza and Gildarts, it wouldn't have mattered since he was still inexperienced and was still making the exact mistakes of charging in at him. Not to mention he was even holding back during every single sparring match him, not that he would reveal that.

Though one shocking fact that Natsu managed to discover after hanging out with Naruko was that Izumi, the girl who had brought him to the village, was Sasuke's elder sister! That news alone caused Natsu's mouth to drop to the floor since the two completely contrasted each other.

Aside from everything happening within the academy, Natsu had been training himself every single night to the point he would be able to use his Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts without even feeling tired, which said a lot for an eleven year old. However, the same couldn't be said for his Lightning Flame Mode or Dragon King Mode. He still needed more training before he could use it often during battles. Though, there were some times when he had to stop his training session since he could feel someone's presence nearby, watching him.

Anyways, we currently see our pink haired protagonist walking through the village with his arms wrapped behind his head, a bored look on his face.

It was a Saturday morning, meaning that there was no school, and while Natsu would be normally be happy with such news since he didn't have to wake up early, but it was safe to say that he was bored out of his mind!

Usually on these sort of days, Naruko would appear at his doorstep with an excited grin and bring him out to the village so that she could pull off some pranks on the villagers and while they looked alright with it, Natsu could still hear the villagers muttering under their breath about a demon or something whenever she was around, though he was unsure if the blonde knew about it or not. Unfortunately for him though, Naruko was out of town with her parents since they were bringing her to meet their friend in Sunagakura, wherever that was.

'I wish I was still back at home, I could do some missions on days like these.' Natsu thought to himself with a sigh. Since waking up, the Dragon Slayer had been walking around the village in order to satisfy his boredom, but in the end, it only made him more bored.

'Well, since there's nothing else to do, might as well go and train.' The Dragon Slayer thought to himself as he began walking towards his personal training ground.

As soon as he arrived, Natsu managed to detect a familiar scent in the middle and turning his head forward, there he saw none other than Izumi Uchiha. The black haired beauty was currently meditating in the middle of the river, which piqued Natsu's interest to the max.

'How on Earthland is she floating atop of water?!' Natsu then walked towards her direction, prompting the Uchiha heiress to open an eye to see the pinkette heading towards her.

"Hey there Izumi, long time no see!" Natsu greeted with a toothy grin as Izumi gave the pinkette a small smile as she stood up and walked towards him.

"Hello Natsu, it's good to see that you're getting used to the village." The ravenette said as Natsu smiled at that as he nodded.

"Yeah, it's been a blast!"

"Though I must ask that you and Naruko to lessen the amount of pranks you're pulling on the village since it's creating a giant mess." Izumi said with a slight glare causing a drop of sweat to fall from the pinkette's forehead as he laughed uneasily and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Yeah, sorry about that." Natsu said as Izumi sighed but a small smile still found its way to her face when she looked at the pinkette. He truly was similar to the blonde girl.

"So, what were you doing just now?" Natsu asked curiously, pointing at the spot where Izumi was before he arrived.

"I was just meditating, I usually do this right before my training session." Izumi said and Natsu immediately had stars in his eyes when he heard the word "training".

"Say, could I join you on your training? I'm bored and don't have anything to do." Natsu said and Izumi raised an eyebrow at the pinkette. Usually when people his age were bored, they would hang out with their friends or play some games. Even her younger brother wouldn't train on these days and would just rest.

Though she wouldn't complain since it was quite lonely to be training all by one's self and perhaps by having the pinkette with her, she'd be able to get to know him a bit better. Especially since she had no intention of returning home and listen to her father bugging her about clan duties again.

"I hope you're ready because it's not going to be easy." Izumi threatened as Natsu could only smirk when he heard that.

"I'm all fired up!"


"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said that." Natsu said, panting softly as he laid down on the soft grass with his arms and legs spread out wide.

Izumi was sitting beside the Dragon Slayer, feeling exhausted as well, with sweat falling down her beautiful face as she panted. The both of them had been doing all sorts of exercises for quite some time since it was already the afternoon.

A loud growl could be heard in the area as Izumi turned her head to the pinkette who held his stomach and moaned, "God, I'm so hungry!"

Izumi couldn't help but chuckle as she got up and walked over to a nearby tree and under said tree, there was a small plastic bag with two bento boxes in them courtesy of her mother.

The Uchiha matriarch would always make two for her whenever she were to go out for training, assuming that she would find someone to train with since she usually trained with Kakashi early on in her Anbu days, as well as partner, Shisui Uchiha. However, she usually ate both or gave it to the elderly as to convince her mother that she was training with someone.

And to think that day had finally come as well. Izumi then grabbed the plastic bag and walked over to where Natsu was at.

"Fortunately for us, I've got some food so we don't starve to death." Izumi joked as she handed one bento to Natsu who smiled in appreciation as he opened the lid of the container.

The sweet aroma wafted in the air, the Dragon Slayer's mouth watered as he swallowed his saliva at the mere sight of the food. Izumi noticed that he looked almost hesitant to take a bite out of it so she said, "Go ahead, it's for you."

With that confirmation, the Dragon Slayer immediately began eating the food hungrily, as if his life depended on it and it only took him a few seconds before he finished his meal, sighing in satisfaction as Izumi stared at him in shock.

Never had she seen someone eat that fast before, she was sure that even an Akimichi would take a longer time to finish the food compared to the Dragon Slayer.

"Are you that hungry?" Izumi couldn't help but ask as Natsu rubbed the back of his head at that. "Well, I haven't eaten anything since yesterday, so I guess you could say that."

Izumi could only shake her head at this before she began eating her food as Natsu laid down beside her as he stared up above at the clouds. Ever since Shikamaru and Choji introduced him to this, the three of them had been doing it every single day and even when they weren't with him, the pinkette would go through with it by himself. After all, it was soothing and helped him clear his mind from things.

The two rested in place, enjoying the serenity that the forest was giving out, the wind blowing gently, giving off a cool breeze.

Though as soon as Izumi was finished with her meal, the two instantly went back to training and in the midst of their training, Izumi decided to drop the bomb.

"Would you like to spar with me?" Natsu's eyes immediately brightened up at the thought of that and quickly accepted it as Izumi added the rule that they could only fight each other using Taijutsu only. Fortunately for Natsu, ever since he's been going to the academy, he managed to pick up some skills and words that he's never even heard off, despite not paying attention in class for most of the time, and knew that she meant hand-to-hand combat.

"We'll begin as soon as this leaf drops to the ground, alright?" Natsu nodded his head in understanding as Izumi picked up a leaf and threw it upwards. The leaf began floating downwards as both of them had their eyes on it. It took a while, but as soon as it reached the ground, the two charged straight at each other.

The girl immediately sent a right hook at Natsu who managed to block it with his left arm before sending a kick at her to which she managed to avoid by ducking under. Izumi then sent a sweep kick at him, causing Natsu to fall on his back and when the ravenette was about to step down on him, Natsu rolled out of the way before sending a sweep kick of his own, but Izumi managed to avoid it by side stepping as Natsu jumped back and got into a defensive stance.

Natsu immediately charged back in, sending a kick at her direction to which she blocked it with her arm before sending a kick at his head. Natsu managed to duck in time but was soon greeted by a knee to the face, causing him to step back in shock as he wiped away some blood from his lips as he smirked.

Looks like the fight was going to be interesting after all.

Izumi decided to charge in, swinging the heel of her foot at Natsu's head, but Natsu managed to block his attack before sending a kick at the girl's gut, sending her back slightly from the force of the attack.

Though it didn't do much at all since Izumi continued her attacks starting with a low kick right at Natsu's leg, then to the side of his right rib, and finished the short combo aimed at the right side of his face. The attacks were too quick for Natsu to dodge and nearly sent him to the ground had it not been for his strong centre of gravity. Izumi then sent one final kick at his head causing Natsu to smirk at this.

The Dragon Slayer then caught her kick which was aiming for his head, which shocked Izumi. It was finally time to return the favour!

Natsu then sent a roundhouse kick at Izumi's gut, pushing her back, but Natsu wasn't done yet as he started sending a barrage of fast punches at her direction and the ravenette could only do so much as a few managed to hit her directly before the pinkette sent one final punch at her, breaking through her defenses which sent her crashing to the ground, though, she quickly got back up.

Natsu then charged in once more, intending of dealing more damage but Izumi then sent a kick at his direction, forcing him to jump back in caution.

The sun was beginning to set as an orange hue covered the skies above, as both Natsu and Izumi continued to counter the other's blow, slowly damaging each other as sweat beads rolled down their faces and soaked their clothing.

After a short while, both were panting heavily, the effects of their earlier training session now taking a toll on both their bodies and both knew that this sparring match was about to come to an end soon.

There was only one question that remained. Who's going to win?

With the adrenaline pumping in his body, Natsu then charged at the ravenette at a very fast speed while she only stood in place, a calm look on her face.

As soon as he was about to send a punch at her face, Izumi ducked under the punch spun around Natsu's body to come behind him. Her left arm locked his head in a headlock and her right arm pulled back his left arm, threatening to dislocate his shoulder.

"Surrender now." Izumi said coldly and Natsu couldn't help but scoff as he breathed in some air.

"Sorry to say, but I'll never give up!" he shouted before bashing the back of his head into her chin. This caused her grip on him to loosen as Natsu took the opportunity to send a punch at her gut and while the punch held a lot of strength in it, Izumi managed to stand her ground and sent a kick straight at Natsu's head, which caused him to stumble back.

The two looked at each other, both panting heavily, sweat dripping from their faces. Natsu then took one step forward which caused Izumi to be alert. Though, the Dragon Slayer's legs began wobbling before the pinkette dropped to the ground on his back, with a smile on his face.

"Damn…looks like I lost." Natsu said, looking up at the sky above. He felt strangely happy despite losing as Izumi walked over to him.

"You shouldn't feel so bad. Just keep on training and I'm sure you'll eventually beat me in a spar." Izumi said with a small smile on her face. From this fight alone, the ravenette could tell that the pinkette was no ordinary boy, he was special in a way she can't describe.

"Well that's not enough to satisfy me! I'll get even stronger and then I'll defeat you, Izumi!" Natsu said determinedly, finding the strength to lift himself up to sit straight up and Izumi couldn't help but nod her head.

If the pinkette were to continue training the way he has for a few more years, he would definitely grow even stronger and be a major force to be reckoned with in the future, possibly even stronger than her.

"I'm sure you will. Just continue to train the way you have. You can even bring someone along to train with you." Izumi said as Natsu nodded his head.

"Then, could you continue to train with me?" Natsu asked, causing Izumi to widen her eyes in shock at his question as she turned to face him. The pinkette continued to stare at her, waiting for the girl's response.

The girl thought about the offer and was definitely considering it since she would only train by herself and she could only do so much by herself. Though there was a huge problem in this, her job as an Anbu.

"Perhaps not, considering I still have missions to take part so I may not even be in the village as often as I would like to." Izumi responded in a monotone as Natsu frowned at the news. The girl was ridiculously strong and he really wanted to spar with her again.

After seeing the frown on the pinkette's face, a small smile then found its way to her lips as she added, "However, whenever I have free time, I'll be waiting for you here."

Natsu then blinked as his mind processed her words as he gave her his infamous toothy grin.

"Thanks a lot!"

"Don't worry about it. Well, it's getting a bit late. We should head on back soon." Izumi said and it was only then when Natsu realized that the sun was beginning to set.

"Alright then." Natsu said before pushing himself up with ease. As they were about to walk off, Izumi suddenly felt her legs becoming weak and was about to fall had it not been for Natsu who caught her.

"Hey, are you alright?" Natsu asked in concern and just like in their first meeting, the ravenette could feel her face becoming flushed as her heart began beating faster than before. She had no exact idea as to why she was feeling the way she is now or why the pinkette could even bring out such a feeling from her, but she couldn't deny that being in his arms made her feel…safe and warm.

"I-I'm fine, just felt a bit dizzy for a second there." Izumi said, shrugging off the blush on her face, though it quickly returned at full force when Natsu picked her up in a bridal carry.

"N-Natsu, what are you doing?!" Izumi asked in embarrassment despite her best to look nonchalant about the situation as Natsu tilted his head in confusion.

"Well, didn't you say you were tired? I'll just carry you back home." The pinkette said as if it were obvious and Izumi wished that she had brought her mask to hide her face.

It wasn't that she was embarrassed to be seen with the pinkette, it was more so because of the way he was holding her. After reading a part from her senior's favourite book, she knew that only couples would be in such a position and she had no intention of being bombarded by questions from everyone about her having a boyfriend. That and there were two other problems, her parents.

It was no surprise that her parents wanted her to find someone considering she was going to be the next heir, or in this case heiress, of the prestigious Uchiha Clan and in order to be the head, she must find a partner. And her father would do everything in his power to make sure that it would be someone who was powerful regardless of her liking him or not.

Her mother on the other hand was the complete opposite compared to her father as she only wanted her to find companionship so that she could be happy.

Though, she had no intention of finding love anytime soon as it was still too early on and she believes that it would disrupt her focus when it comes to her job as an Anbu.

Though she couldn't deny that her heart was indeed beating very fast at being close to the rosette. It was one thing for someone to get close to her, but it was another for one to be at such close proximity. She definitely had never been in such a position with someone of the opposite sex before, not even with him.

"I-is there a way we could enter the village without being recognised?" Izumi asked and Natsu began thinking of an idea before it came to his head in an instant.

"Well, I can do this!" With that, the Dragon Slayer was immediately engulfed by a puff of smoke and once it cleared out, a man with messy black hair and piercing red eyes stood in his place with a smirk plastered on his face as Izumi looked at him in shock.

"Well, what do you think?" The man asked in Natsu's voice as Izumi had the urge to face palm at herself. How could she forget about the Jutsu, Henge? Perhaps she was even more tired than she thought if something like that managed to slip her mind.

Izumi then made a single hand seal and immediately she was covered in smoke and a girl with purple hair and hazel eyes took her place in the man's arms. Natsu was also surprised that there was also a Jutsu that could allow the user to transform, if only he had paid more attention in class.

"Well, shall we?" Natsu asked as Izumi nodded her head as the pinkette began walking out of the forest, holding onto the woman in his arms gently as he did so.

The walk back to the village was quite entertaining since Natsu began asking her a ton of questions regarding the type of missions she would do, in which she would only tell and not explain seeing as the job was a tad bit too bloody for her liking. Though he stopped his questions after she yawned out tiredly.

"You should get some rest, I'll wake you up once we're near your place." Izumi could only nod her head as she closed her eyes, completely forgetting that she had not informed the Dragon Slayer as to where her house was, as she unconsciously snuggled against his chest for the warmth that was being emitted.

Natsu couldn't help but smile softly as he looked at the girl, snoring softly as she slept. The pinkette decided to walk at a slower pace so that the sleeping girl would be able to sleep longer.

It somehow felt nostalgic being in this situation again, but this time it was different, he wasn't Natsu Dragneel the Salamander of Fairy Tail, instead he was just Natsu Dragneel, a mage in the world of Shinobi. And the girl in his arms wasn't a ravenette (technically purple, I guess), it was a blonde.

Shaking his head from these thoughts, the pinkette carried on walking underneath the orange hued skies, enjoying the serenity that came with the spectacular view of the forest.


Natsu then woke Izumi up as they neared the Uchiha Compound and the ravenette offered the pinkette to stay and eat dinner with her and her family to which Natsu responded with a quick "No" after recalling that Sasuke was a part of said family. When they arrived, the pinkette placed her down gently and then waved her a goodbye with a smile on his face before walking off towards the village as Izumi could only watch his retreating figure with a small smile on her face before entering her house.

'Well, it's time to eat some ramen!' With that, the pinkette began walking back to the only place in the village that he's happy to frequent to.

As he was walking, amongst the crowd of people, he managed to see a familiar male whose hair was tied in a pineapple fashion walking tiredly beside a woman with long dark brown hair, who Natsu assumed was his mother, both of which were carrying plastic bags in their hands.

"Hey there Shikamaru!" Natsu greeted as the Nara turned his head to Natsu and gave him a wave in response, the woman looked at the pinkette in question before facing the black haired boy.

"Shikamaru, do you know him?" the Nara nodded his head before pointing at Natsu tiredly.

"Yeah, this is Natsu Dragneel, he was the new student I told you about." Shikamaru explained as the woman smiled at this before facing the Dragon Slayer.

"It's nice to meet you, Natsu. My name is Yoshino and I'm Shikamaru's mother and thank you for being friends with my son." The brunette said with a bow as Natsu shook his head and with a grin he said, "It's fine, I'm happy to be friends with him!"

"See Shikamaru, you should be just like him when you meet your friend outside of class." Yoshino said as Shikamaru grumbled under his breath about a "troublesome woman" and whatnot to which Natsu sweat dropped after hearing that.

"So, what were you two doing anyways?" Shikamaru then raised the plastic bag slowly.

"We were just shopping for some ingredients for dinner." Shikamaru said as Natsu's stomach growled at the mention of dinner causing him to blush in embarrassment and for Yoshino to giggle at this.

"Why don't you come have dinner with us, Natsu?" Natsu then shook his head at this.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I was just about to eat anyways." Natsu declined politely with a smile, but Yoshino was not having any of it.

"Please, I insist. It's the least I can do for a friend of Shikamaru's." As Natsu was about to decline once more, the pinkette noticed a dark purple aura surrounding the brunette causing him to nod his head frantically not only causing the aura to disperse but also

"There's no point in arguing with her, my mother will always come out on top. That's just how scary she is." The Nara whispered and Natsu couldn't help but nod his head in agreement.

Why was it that the women he meets were all so scary?

"Well, come with us then, Natsu." Yoshino said as she began walking as the two boys looked at each other and sighed. Looks like there was no way out of it.


It was now dinner time as Natsu currently found himself sitting beside Shikamaru as they, the two boys and Shikamaru's parents, all sat around the table, their feet tucked under their knees as they neatly ate their meals in silence.

While that may be the case, the Dragon Slayer knew that their eyes were on him as he ate his food, more so from Shikamaru's father, Shikaku as he had introduced himself. Although he did it discreetly, the rosette still managed to catch this.

"So Natsu, what kind of village did you come from? I only heard from Lord Hokage that you came from a different village." Shikaku asked with a gentle smile, but Natsu knew better than that.

The man was trying to get information about him, to find where he truly came from. Which only the Hokage knows off.

"Well, it definitely wasn't as big a village like this, in fact, it was extremely tiny, and it's located in the east, far away from here." Natsu lied as Shikaku nodded his head in understanding.

"I see. Well, what brought you here to Konoha then?" Natsu's eyes then darkened, everyone's death suddenly appearing in his mind, causing him to clench his fists, which Shikamaru noticed.

"My village…was attacked." Natsu said somberly which caused Yoshino to gasp and Shikaku's eyebrows furrowed at this.

"What happened?" Shikaku asked in a low tone, even Shikamaru seemed interested in the pinkette's past as he listened intently.

"One of the…villagers was put under too much stress after he couldn't get enough money for his family and decided to attack the village and kill everyone…and I turned out to be the only survivor." Silence then filled the dining room as the Nara family were all trying to digest what the Dragon Slayer said.

They couldn't help but pity the young pinkette, it was one thing to watch the home you grew up in be destroyed, but it was another to watch everyone you care about die in front of you.

"That's why I came here, to be stronger, so that I don't ever have to watch the people I care about die to another's hand." Natsu said in determination as everyone smiled at the pinkette.

"That's a very nice goal, Natsu. Make sure that you stand by it no matter what." Natsu nodded his head at this with a smile.

"Well, now that that's sorted out, hurry up and eat your food, you don't want it getting cold." Yoshino said with a gentle smile causing Natsu to nod before focusing on his meal once again as a smile crawled up his face.

To say the least, eating with the Nara's wasn't as bad as he thought.

(Line Break)

"So what is this…shogi thing?" Natsu asked as the two currently sat at the backyard of their house, in front of them was a shogi board.

"It's a strategy board game where the objective of the game is for one player to checkmate the other player's king, in order to win the game." Natsu scratched his head in confusion as Shikamaru sighed.

Looks like he had to explain the rules in detail…how troublesome.

After explaining it, Natsu exclaimed that it was too boring and lacked action, Shikamaru decided to offer the Dragon Slayer all the ramen he could eat for a week if he were to win a single match, and of course the Dragon Slayer accepted in a heartbeat.

An hour had passed since that moment and-

"That would be my twelfth win." Shikamaru announced as Natsu stared at the board in shock, trying to look for moves to play, unaccepting the fact that he had lost twelve matches in a row.

"How do you keep on winning?! It's so unfair!" Natsu said, pulling his hair in frustration as Shikamaru merely shrugged in response as he stared at the pinkette.

'If he continues to play like this, he may be able to beat me in the future.' The Nara thought to himself. While the pinkette would constantly struggle with the tests given out by Iruka each time, he was definitely not a complete idiot. The shogi matches with the pinkette already proved it. He could catch on to things very quickly and just by watching it once as well, and even he had to admit that it was harder to play against him after each match.

'He may act all carefree, but his mind's actually like a steel trap.' Shikamaru thought to himself.

"One more game, just one more!" Natsu said pleadingly.

"That's what you said five times ago." Shikamaru deadpanned and sighed when he saw the look of defeat on Natsu's face.

"You can come again tomorrow and challenge me again, it's not like I have any other stuff to do." Shikamaru said as he rubbed the back of his head as Natsu smiled wildly at this and nodded his head in agreement as Shikamaru escorted him out of the compound with the promise of returning soon in order to play shogi again to which Shikamaru replied with, "How troublesome" but with a small smile on his face nonetheless.

Later that night, Shikamaru yawned tiredly as he walked through the compound. His father had apparently called him, saying that they needed to talk.

'Why did he need to call me at night? Couldn't he have done it the next morning or something?' He thought, yawning tiredly as he turned to corner and saw his father staring up at the moon.

"Dad?" Shikamaru called out as Shikaku turned towards his son and with a smile, gestured him to sit beside him, something he did so.

"So dad, what's so important that you called me out here in the middle of the night?" Shikamaru asked as the head of the Clan turned his attention back to the moon.

"Tell me Shikamaru, now that you know of Natsu's past. What do you think about him now?" the head of the Nara clan asked, shocking even Shikamaru with the question.

"Well, I'm definitely shocked about his past and all, but I guess I would try to spend more time with him if possible. He's my friend and he's definitely interesting to be around." Shikamaru said as Shikaku smiled at his son's answer.

Normally when it comes to situations as these, he would just say that it was "too troublesome" and try to avoid it, fearing that it would mean more work for him. It was easy to see that Natsu's presence has played a role in his son's answer.

"I see…well in any case, continue to do what you believe is right." He advised and Shikamaru could only nod his head and stared at the moon as well.

Chapter End

Just like the moon shining brightly down towards the people, a hero is needed to light a hope to the people! The journey to become a hero is never easy; with hard work, comes great success. Will the Dragon of Fire be able to reach that success or will he stumble down to the pits of despair?

Now, some of you may be wondering as to why Izumi won a hand-to-hand combat match against Natsu. The reason is because, Izumi, at that age, was already an Anbu, so she's already experienced when it comes to fighting, even WITHOUT the Sharingan or Ninjutsu. Also, after watching the 3rd OVA of Fairy Tail, where Natsu, at the age of 10 lost a fist fight to Gray, which also made a decision rather easier. Though some would still argue, the decision has been made after all.