Keith is technically a criminal. He and Pidge work for The Blade of Marmora a wanted group of vigilantes who have taken matters of the Galra into their own hands. The Galra are a vicious group that have been steadily taking over the country and leaving destruction in their wake. Keith and Pidge joined; Keith because he had no home, no family and no place to go, Pidge because she needed a hobby. Everything was going just fine until Lance, the gorgeous seemingly straight Cuban boy that Keith had been crushing on, found out their secret and Pidge was kidnapped. With Keith in danger and Pidge MIA, will Voltron ever defeat the Galra and save their friend or will the Galra forever remain supreme?

Keith was bored out of his mind. He had just come out of class and was sitting at some weird café. Despite the friendly vibe it gave off it blared heavy metal music. He didn't complain because that's what he usually listened to anyway and they got most of his favorite songs down. The floors were a spotless light brown wood, the walls were all either black mirrors or clear glass, there was a pleasant smell wafting from the back that made Keith think of his dad, but he quickly shook his head to clear his head of those thoughts.

Suddenly the door swung open and a small girl came in grumbling. She was wearing a pink and blue dress. Her hair was in a bun, her feet in heels, and makeup on her face. Her face was slightly flushed as she had a bulky laptop held securely underneath her arm.

"Do you have them?" The girl stomped up at him, dropping the computer on the table, and crossing her arms.

"Sure, Kathrine." Keith snorted handing her a small black bag.

"My name isn't even Kathrine, you dumbass. It's Katie and I told you not to call me that. It's Pidge." She snarked, swatting at his nose.

"I'll be out in a minute." Pidge huffed storming off toward the bathroom. Keith wiped the smirk off of his face and walked over to the counter. The café sure emptied out quickly.

He looked up at the menu deciding he wanted a black coffee and a banana muffin just as a boy burst out of the back room and the music abruptly changed form some Metallica song to some soft music that fit the vibe of café a lot better.

"Hey! Hunk! That was so rude! My music was good, and you even said so yourself that my taste was good!" The Latino boy screeched to some person in the back room but when he was greeted with silence he huffed and turned to Keith who was looking unamused.

"Hi, sorry! I'm Lance. Hey, quick question, my music, the stuff that was being played and sounded great, what did you think?"

Keith glanced up at the menu, then at the bathrooms, then back at 'Lance'.

"Uh, good? They were mostly my favorite songs, so…," Keith was stupefied by this guy asking him a question.

"See guys! My music is good!" Lance shouted triumphantly.

"He said that they were his favorite songs though. You can't really-," A warm voice that sound exasperated called back but was cut off my Lance.

"Ah! No! My music is good, and we have a customer!" Keith pulled out his phone and checked the time just as Pidge came out of the bathroom.

"All right let's get going, Keith."

It was 3:26 and they had exactly four minutes to get to the garage. Keith groaned and flashed Lance a glare who looked confused.

"Fuck. Yeah okay. Didn't eat all day and now I'll just eat an air sandwich for dinner." Keith grumbled to himself as he pulled out three dollars and put it in the tip jar.

Pidge handed the bag back to Keith and ran a hand through her hair. It was out of that brain-cell-killing bun and she had changed her clothes as well as wiped off all of her makeup. She wore a black sweatshirt with a cream-colored skull with a pink and green flower crown on it cranium. Her pants were bright green and black legging and green converse that matched her pants.

He sighed, raised a hand for goodbye to Keith, and opened the door for Pidge.

"Hey, wait-," The door shut off the rest of Lance's calling and Keith walked over to his motorcycle.

Pidge had taken a bus from her family brunch straight to…. Keith looked back at the café and saw in bright multicolored letters 'VOLTRON'.

He let a small smile as he handed Pidge a spare helmet as he put on his own red one. He put the bag in the front of him as Pidge climbed on, hands on his shoulders, and helmet knocking against his own.

He gave a quick glance back as he revved the engine and took off. In exactly five minutes he was on his way into the garage, which was actually more of a warehouse, but he just shrugged.

"I'm here, don't-," Keith started just as a knife landed a few inches above his shoulder. The warehouse was dark, and no lights were on. You could only see from the small windows that didn't offer much light at all.

"You're late." A voice growled out from the dark. He rolled his eyes, taking a few steps forward bringing Pidge with him.

"Yes, I do know that Kolivan, but it's only 3:31." Keith sassed as the man came forward.

Kolivan was a large man. War paint of red and dark purple and a deep frown that seemed etched in his face.

"Who's the small boy?" Kolivan grunted, arms crossed, but Keith knew better than to relax. Kolivan had large throwing knifes everywhere and one of those places were underneath his armpits.

"Um, Excuse you. First of all, I'm a girl, General Grouchy. Get your genders correct. And second, calm your tits. I'm a hacker. Keith brought me to help out your incompetent gang, but since you are so rude, I could just leave." Pidge growled out, not afraid to unleash her annoyance.

Kolivan's eyebrows quirked and his expression changed marginally, but to Keith who's known Kolivan for years knew that he was impressed. Keith was impressed himself, but not surprised. Pidge was known throughout the university for her temper. Well, her temper and her brother.

"No, that won't be necessary. We apologize." A woman came out of the darkness three people in hoods and three-eye holed masks.

Keith and she shared a matching smirk as Pidge looked between the two of them, connecting dots in her head.

The woman had a darker completion than Keith, but not by much. She was muscular, from what Pidge could see in her grey and orange skin tight suit and thigh-high boots that ended right underneath her bottom.


"Keith." Krolia smiled in greeting. "So, what was your name?" Krolia said, walking forward to Pidge, who's eyes widened.

"Pidge." Pidge answered shortly, breaking eye contact.

"Well, Pidge, do you know of out mission? What you'll be doing on it?"

"You need help breaking into the medical lab on 82nd street. You need to be in and out as quickly and quietly as possible, which means about 10 minutes or less. No alarms need to be going off. You already have blueprints for the layout of the building, but I couldn't help with getting an updated version because you have the standard one. There's another room. A panic room that's hidden between a lab and a storage room. I have what doors need to be unlocked and what guards are being posted where as well as, phew, hold on," Pidge rambled on, running out of breath. "Okay, so I know what you need, but I also have the rooms that have the formula for the medicine that you need. I tapped into the security cameras as well. Just incase some gets sloppy and shifted them a bit so that they have blind spots. Hold on, I have my laptop. I'll show you. It can't be traced. I made sure of that. The blueprints are also on there as well."

Suddenly, candles were getting lit around the warehouse and Pidge started to see how many people there actually were.

There were six groups. The distributors, the masterminds, the muscle, the stealth, the healers and the hackers.

The muscle and stealth worked together. They made up most of The Blade of Marmora. They were the spies and infiltrators. They stole and fought. They killed and did the heavy lifting. The ones out in the field. The getaway drivers who got everyone out safe and sound. However, stealth is usually the ones who slip in quietly. Their body type is slim, but fit. Muscle are the ones who smash everything to pieces and protect the spies, if they need protection, which they usually don't, or transport the heavy, big stuff to the van.

The hackers were people like Pidge. They broke down security, exposed blind spots, unlocked doors, and were the ones who helped pull off all of their missions. They, however, were the smallest group consisting of only Regris and Vrek, but unfortunately, Regris had died months earlier. Vrek wasn't an actual hacker. He was a coder. He coded things and changed websites and did whatever a hacker could not. Regris was a hacker who went inside. Vrek wasn't. Regris crawled through vents and locked down doors so that when they were getting chased, he could help and see everything. That was also how he died.

The distributors weren't in immediate danger. They only needed to get to and from the drop off point. They had vans for the bigger stuff. Cars and motorcycles were what they usually used.

The healers were pretty self-explanatory. If it was minor like a gun shot wound or something of that sort, they patched you up. Cuts, scrapes, anything non-life-threatening, they had your back. If it was suspicious and life-threatening, like a lot of gun shot wounds or there was shrapnel inside of you or your throat was slit, then they have people that work in the hospital who didn't ask questions.

The masterminds were people like Krolia and Kolivan. They made up the plans, but that doesn't mean that they don't have any fun. They sometimes infiltrated, sometimes distributed, sometimes are the muscle and stealth crew. They didn't really have a designated place.

Pidge had walked over to the frame of a car and opened her laptop. She quickly typed in an intricate password, went through several firewalls that she set up for herself and typed in another password to open a folder. A folder which every single item on it had a password. Keith smiled pulling on his fingerless gloves and walking over to where Pidge was.

After a few minutes there was a blue print. A very detailed blueprint with details on what was in the rooms and where the guards rotated that made the Blade blueprint look like a child had drawn it.

She spent the next few hours talking about the blueprint and what she was planning to do as well as getting them to give her a tour of the place.

It was a three-room warehouse/garage. The main room, where they came in, was the garage. It wasn't theirs. Only using it temporarily. The garage was littered in car parts, grease, and tools that haven't been touched in weeks. The Blades only stay in one place long enough to carry out a job. They take a not super far off, but occupied place, pretend to shut it down for gas leakage, faulty wiring, or health regulations. They do find those things first or they made those things an issue and shut the place down. When they finish their mission, they call have a person who fixes those issues and calls the owners back.

The floor throughout the place was grey concrete a suspicious amount of dried blood on the floor, but it wasn't Keith's job to ask questions. The other room, the warehouse had a boxing ring hidden behind a lot of heavy crates and junk. There was a gym with almost homemade gym equipment, but some of it looked expensive. The last room was just a bathroom. Or more like a locker-room with the number of bathroom showers and stalls.

"Keith." A voice broke it out of his stupor. Keith jerked in surprise and quickly wiped the drool from his mouth.

"Mm." Keith groaned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes wondering how long he was out for.

"The small girl, Pidgeon-," Ilun, another Blade, pushed up her round glasses and scratched behind her ears.

"It's Pidge." Keith grumbled out, standing up and stretching. Apparently, he fell asleep sitting crisscross applesauce against nothing.

"The small Pidge is asleep, and we don't know how to wake her." Ilun continued as Keith looked up at her from where he was standing. It took a minute for him to process that, but when he did his eyes widened in horror.

"Where is she?" Keith frantically, looking around and seeing Pidge asleep on top of a car, her arms splayed out as she was prodded by multiple Blades.

He sprinted to where she was and knocked an airhorn out of a nearby Blades hands.

"No! Don't wake her up. She'll kill you." Keith whispered harshly. The Blades all raised a cynical eyebrow, except for the ones that always had their masks on, but Keith could see the skepticism in their stance.

Keith rolled his eyes and took off his jacket and pulled down the collar of his shirt to show a thick scar. It was maybe five inches long and thin. Technically, it wasn't Pidge's fault. It was from a motorcycle accident that he caused because he got surprised from her horrified screaming when he went fast. They didn't need to know that, and Pidge was terrifying when she gets woken up. She would kill someone and get away with too.

Once they had seen his scar, they all nodded and backed off leaving Keith and Pidge to themselves.

Keith pulled out his phone and almost passed out. It was midnight. He was asleep for a good eight hours. That never happened. He could barely get three hours when he actually tried to get sleep. He shrugged on his jacket and walked closer to Pidge.

Carefully, Keith slid Pidge onto his back and grabbed their things before slipping out. Most of the candles were out only a few stragglers and a few Blades that stayed wherever they could because thy didn't have a home.

Keith put Pidge on the front of his motorcycle and climbed on behind her. Putting on their helmets, he made sure Pidge was secure and quickly drove off to her apartment. He drove slowly as he pulled up to her building.

He's done this before when she falls asleep like that. He had never met her roommates before, but he does know that she has two. Pidge had skipped the fourth and ninth grade. She was eighteen and in her second year of college which was pretty impressive. He was in his last and four years older than her.

He stepped off of the elevator and walked to her apartment. He fished her key out of the bag and opened the door. He walked through trying to be quiet, but Pidge tightened her grip on his neck and scared him into swerving into the wall and hitting his hip on the table and almost dropping Pidge.

"Ah shit! Shit! Huhhhh." Keith groaned, adjusting his grip on Pidge as he suddenly hopped around the corner and there were five people in the living room, all seemingly just waking up now.

"What the hell?" A voice said as all of them rose to their feet. Keith must have looked mighty suspicious carrying their unconscious roommate while wearing all black minus his huge red NASA jacket at twelve at night.

"Who are you?" A woman's voice was heard, and Keith's gaze swung to her. She was a solid woman packed with muscle, but also looked soft. She had two dark brown messy buns behind her ears with had huge thick hoop earrings. She looked a threatening with her huge fists that would probably knock him through the floor. She was only wearing a brown t-shirt and boxers and seemed to be with the man beside her. He looked mildly threatening with his stature and all. He was also only wearing pajama pants and had an orange strip of fabric around his head.

"Uh, hi. I'm Keith. A friend, of sorts. A friend of Pidge." Keith who had no idea why he was stumbling over his words. He was used to talking to people in compromising situations.

"Holy-! Keith!" Lance shouted underneath a mass of blanket as he burrowed himself out of.

"Keith?" Echoed a familiar voice. Keith took a step backwards as he recognized the familiar white tuft of hair, although now it was all white.

Now everyone was standing and staring at Keith who was starting to get extremely nervous.

"Shiro. Hi." Keith mumbled as he felt Shiro's judgmental gaze lock on to him.

Keith made eye contact the brown-skinned guy and tilted his back to motion towards Pidge.

"Oh! I'm Hunk," the guy voiced, standing up. "This is Shiro and Lance, although they seem to know you already. This beau-uh, this is Shay, Allura, and Romelle." Hunk motioned to the people and took Pidge off of Keith's back and Keith slumped in relief. He loved Pidge and all, but she weighed the equivalent of a small planet.

Shiro stood up, his face a mask of disbelief and a little anger.

"Keith. Where did you go? Why'd you leave?"

"I-I didn't really have a choice." Keith mumbled, ducking his head and avoiding eye contact. Keith started backing up as he saw questioning and judgmental gazes. Usually he would get angry and defensive, but finally seeing Shiro again after disappearing for a year drained him.

Sensing the conflict, Allura, the tall, brown skinned-white-haired rich girl, opened her mouth to speak, but Pidge's groaning drew his attention.

"Mmh, Kolivan's a real bitch. He wouldn't get-oh." Pidge's eyes cracked open as she pursed her lips.

"Who's Kolivan?" Lance asked, shifting around and glancing between Pidge and Keith suspiciously.

"Uh-," Keith mumbled, glancing down at his toes then at Pidge.

"It doesn't matter. Keith, get out. I'll talk to you whenever." Pidge grumbled stretching at walking to her room as Keith nodded and slipped out of the door.

If you asked Keith this and even showed him video evidence, he would deny it but Keith sprinted to his motorcycle and sped off to his apartment, thoroughly embarrassed and pissed with himself. He was a wimp acting not at all like his usual self. Maybe it was from seeing Shiro or finally getting a good night sleep for the first time since his dad died. It was probably that cute Latino guy from the café and the shock of seeing him again.

Once Keith took a quick shower, pulled on his boxer briefs, and fell into bed, he shrugged and turned onto his side. It didn't matter all that much what they thought. It was his last year in the space program and this would probably be his last job with The Blade of Marmora. He would leave and travel the world and space, never to see these people ever again.

Little did he know that the universe doesn't care plans.