Bad to the Bone
Chapter 18 – Not So Smooth Running
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"I'm rotten to the core."

Mal sighed, clapping her hands together as she pushed her way through the door, "Let's blow this popsicle stand."

Jaz threw her arm around Carlos' shoulders, using it to pull him out of the dorm room, with Jay trailing behind a scowl etched onto his face as he watched the pair. The group made their way through the building to the entrance where the other pupils gathered to welcome the parents

The VKs ignored the glances thrown their way as swarms of parents descended onto the grounds. The crowd moved towards the crochet fields as Mal was escorted away by Ben. Jaz watched the families moving about the field, her stomach tight and her muscles coiled ready for anything with the stares she received.

Her attention was pulled when Megan called her name across the field as she stood with who she assumed was her mother. Jaz made her way over, carefully avoiding bumping into any heroes she passed.

Jaz noted the similarities between the pair, with the same facial structures and same brown hair. The woman didn't look that much older than Megan and the only obvious difference between the pair were their eyes with Megan presumably having the same eye colour as her father.

Hello dear, I'm Megara; Megan's mother." The God's wife held out her hand to Jaz, the latter taking the hand cautiously, shaking it firmly before dropping it and shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

"I'm Jaz, Megan's roommate." Her shoulder shrugged slightly, a sign of nerves as Megara's eyes widened slightly in response to the news before the woman schooled her features into a kind smile.

"The daughter of Jafar, right?" Jaz swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat, nodding her head silently in response, "Well Megan has told me a lot about you. My Herc had hoped to be here to meet you but there were a few things in Thebes that couldn't be left unsupervised."

Jaz nodded, feigning interest and Megan took note of the tenseness in the teen's shoulders and jaw, intervening in the conversation, "Mom."

Her mother turned to her, her brow furrowing in worry at her daughters' softer tone of voice. Deeming her child unhurt, she arched a sculpted brow in silent question. Megan quirked her eyebrows before jerking her eyes towards Jaz, hoping her mother would understand. When she didn't seem to, the teen opened her mouth.

"Jaz probably has other people to meet." She prompted her mother's face moulding with understanding.

"Oh yes of course." She breathed, finally noticing how uncomfortable Jaz seemed to be in her presence, "Don't let me keep you, dear. Go, have fun."

Jaz flashed her a tight smile, one of those smiles that doesn't meet a person's eyes, before turning on her heel and walking away. The daughter of Jafar forced herself to take a few deep breaths as she spotted Eddie with a small older lady, with large thick-rimmed glasses that took up most of her face, who she assumed was the teen's grandmother.

The woman's hair was cut in a short bob that hung just below her jaw line, the black hair turning grey at the roots.

"Jaz!" Eddie waved her over, her grandmother following her line of sight and folding an arm across her chest to hold onto her other arm as she stroked her chin, "Come meet my grandmother."

"Ah you must be Jaz; Eddie has told me plenty about you. Edna Mode, nice to meet you. I must say darling, I do like what you are wearing. No cape which is good to see." Jaz couldn't help but smile at the petite woman, the stream of words having a strangely calming effect on her.

"Yeah my friend Evie put it together." Edna clapped her hands gleefully, tugging at her jacket as she circled the teen.

"Ah well this Evie clearly has a very good sense of style. I would never have put this jacket with this skirt, but I must say it works wonders on you. The colour complements your complexion wonderfully. I also love the boots."

Jaz shrugged her shoulders, her body relaxed and comfortable in the older lady's presence, "They're good in a fight."

"I'll bet they are, darling, I'll bet they are. Note to self: boots make a good weapon." Jaz frowned at the addition, Eddie leaning over to whisper into her ear.

"She does that a lot, just ignore it." Jaz shrugged, turning back to the designer to see her scribbling rapidly into a notebook.

"Are your mom and dad not here?" Jaz asked after noticing the absence of anyone else around them.

"Oh yeah they're here somewhere; they just escaped Grandma about five minutes after arriving." Eddie admitted, a grin playing on her lips as she watched her grandmother glance around her, looking at the different outfits on the people around her, "I'd get out of here as quick as you can. As much as I love Grandma, she can be a lot to handle."

"Yeah I got that." She chuckled, Eddie joining her in her laughter before dashing after her grandmother who had started following a family to try and examine their outfits a little closer.

Jaz chuckled, tucking her hands into her pockets as she watched the pair as they moved further away. She moved her gaze over the families milling about with crochet clubs in their hands, spotting Elle as she made her way past with who Jaz assumed where her parents. Elle's mother, a beautiful redhead, had hold of her husbands' hand as he smiled happily at her.

"Hello Jaz." Elle said, her voice soft as she paused by the other teen.

"Hi Elle. These your parents?" Jaz jerked her head towards the pair following the teen, tucking her hands into her pockets to give herself something to do with them.

"Oh yes. Mother, father, I'd like to introduce you to Jaz," Elle said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "She's Megan's roommate."

Elle's mother held a hand out gracefully, smiling at the teen, "Hello dear, my name is Giselle, and this is my darling husband Robert. It's so wonderful to finally meet you; Elle had told us all about you."

Jaz took her hand carefully, a small smile playing on her lips, "All bad I suppose."

Giselle's face fell for a moment before she realised the joking tone, a laugh falling from her lips, "Oh no, on the contrary my dear. Elle has told us lots of wonderful things about you."

Jaz shrugged, a smile still playing on her lips. Her smile wavered as an arm wrapped around her waist, but she forced herself to relax into Aziz' hold when she recognised him.

"Hello Elle. Mr and Mrs Phillip, it's nice to see you again." he leant over to shake their hands, keeping one arm around Jaz, "Sorry Elle but do you mind if I steal Jaz for a bit?"

Elle nodded, looking on his arm around her waist with a fond smile, "Of course, go have fun."

"It was nice meeting you." Jaz offered, flashing a small smile before allowing Aziz to guide her away.

He took her hand when walking side-by-side proved difficult, leading her through the crowd. He paused, glancing at her over his shoulder, a frown taking over Jaz' expression.

"You look good Jaz." She felt the blood rush to her cheeks, her tanned complexion covering it up as she fought to ignore the swooping feeling in her stomach.

"You don't look too bad yourself." He grinned at her over his shoulder, her stomach swooping again as he squeezed her hand before moving through the crowd again.

She allowed him to pull her through the crowd, moving around families and friends. She stumbled into his back when he stopped suddenly, using his shoulders to steady herself. He turned, taking her hands in his.

"Look if you get uncomfortable at any point just let me know and you can leave. They just want to meet you and there's no pressure." He squeezed her hands, his expression soothing the nerves threatening to bubble up in Jaz' stomach.

She squeezed his hands, offering what she hoped was a reassuring smile, "I'll be fine; I'm a big girl and can handle myself."

"I know you can; I just want you to feel comfortable and be happy." her words caught in her throat; their eyes locked for a moment until Jaz pulled away, her heart pounding in her chest.

She dropped his hands as Aziz' parents stopped behind him. Jaz swallowed the nerves bubbling up her throat as she recognised the man the brought on her father's downfall all those years ago. She watched as Aladdin clapped his son on the back, while Jasmine carded her fingers through the curls on top of his head.

"Ah Aziz, there you are!" Aladdin's booming voice had Jaz fighting not to shrink in on herself, her fingers knotting together in front of her stomach, "And you must be Jaz! I'm Aladdin, this one's dad."

He jerked his thumb in the direction of his son before holding out a hand to the teen. Jaz took his hand, hers smaller in comparison but she could tell his hands were gentle – more so than her fathers had ever been.

She dropped his hand as Jasmine drew attention to her by clearly her throat softly, "It's lovely to meet you Jaz, I'm Jasmine."

Jaz offered a tight smile, tucking her hands into her pockets and rocking back on her heels. She ducked her head, chewing on her bottom lip as the group fell into an awkward silence as the family trio shared looks between themselves.

It was Jasmine who broke the silence, her voice carrying softly over the breeze, "Well I must say that I did think it was a brilliant idea of Ben's to bring the children from the Isle of the Lost over to Auradon."

Jaz sucked in a deep breath, fighting to keep a cool façade as Aladdin moved to wrap an arm around his wife's waist, "Yes I've always thought it a shame that the poor children have suffered for their parents crimes when they haven't done anything as horrible."

Jaz sighed, moving a hand to rub the back of her neck, "I mean I guess but it's all I've ever known so I wouldn't- I wouldn't know any different."

Aziz reached out to squeeze Jaz' hand, his movement drawings his parent's attention to their joined hands, "Come on, she won't wanna talk about the Isle."

"So," Aladdin clapped his hands, dispelling the awkward air around them, "have you been watching Aziz play tourney?"

"Oh," Jaz felt her face flush as she pushed her fingers under the hair at the base of her skull, "I didn't even know he was on the team; I must not pay that much attention."

She lauged to cover her nerves, the Sultans of Agrabah joining in as Aziz smiled fondly down at Jaz, his arm resting around her waist. Jasmine was first to calm down, placing a hand on her husband's shoulder.

"So how have you found Auradon so far?"

Jaz shrugged, her head falling onto Aziz' shoulder as she paused to think, "I mean it's been okay I guess; it's not like I had any expectations for this place."

Jasmine nodded, accepting a glass from a passing server, "That's understandable. Do you miss it there?"

Jaz scoffed, shaking her head at the idea, "Miss that hell hole? Nah, coming here might be one of the few decent things that has ever happened to me."

She ducked her head, watching as she scuffed the toe of her boot in the dirt; missing the surprised look shared between the married couple. They fell into a semi-awkward silence with none of the heroes aware of how to break it. It was Jaz that broke the silence, her voice pulling the other three from their thoughts.

"So, how's Agrabah?" she scratched at the base of her skull, feeling awkward for her question and feeling awkward for wanting to know.

"It's absolutely beautiful this time of year," Jasmine beamed, the love of her home clear with the sparkle in her eye, "if you ever get the chance you should definitely go."

Jasmine reached out to touch the girl's shoulder, feeling a deep routed sadness that the teen had been refused seeing the country of her origin, but froze as Jaz flinched away from her touch. Jasmine dropped her hand immediately, looking to her husband in panic as Jaz fought to tamp down her own rising panic.

Aziz took a hold of Jaz' hand, squeezing it in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. Jaz rolled her shoulders back, deciding that ignoring the situation was best.

"I'd honestly love to go at some point; my father would tell my brother wonderful stories of when he was younger, adventuring through the mountains and plains."

"How 'bout I take you?" Aziz offered, pulling Jaz' attention to him, "Sometime when we don't have school or a coronation, why don't we go together?"

"I'd… um I'd really like that." A smile tugged at her lips as she looked at him, her stomach swooping.

She ducked her head, fighting to tamp down her smile and when she looked back up, she found her smile was easy to lose. She felt a weight settle in her stomach at the sight of Mal being bombarded by Queen Leah, the mother of Aurora and Audrey's grandmother. She felt Aziz move, his sharp intake of breath suggesting that he could see what she was seeing too.

"I have to go." The words fell from her lips, Aziz' hand tightening on her arm as she stepped towards the action, "Let go; I need to help them."

"Don't go." He pleaded; his mouth close to her ear as he attempted to guide her back towards his parents.

"I have to."

"You don't have to. Stay here." Jaz shook her head, watching Ben's unsuccessful attempt at defusing the situation.

"I do; now let go of me." He shook his head, tightening his grip on her arm when she moved to pull away.

"Z let go."

"No stay here. Don't get involved." Jaz shook her head as she tried to tug her arm free of his hold.

"Z please." She ignored the break in her voice, taking his hands into hers, "I need to go."

"Stay here; it's safe here and- and- just stay here Jaz." She glanced over her shoulder, trying to tamp down her panic as she spotted Chad step between Mal and Queen Leah.

"Z I'm sorry." She ignored the flash of confusion on his face, instead pulling his head down so she could press her lips against his.

She felt her eyes close as he threaded his fingers through her hair as her hands rested on his shoulders. She pulled away when air became a necessity and slipped out of his grasp when he kept his eyes closed.

She turned her back to him, moving away as he reached out. She fought not to look back as she pushed her way through the crowd that had gathered, stopping at Jay's side.

"They were raised by their parents, Ben, what do you think villains teach their kids huh?" Chad asked, distain lacing his voice as he looked over the VKs, "Kindness? Fair play?" he stepped around Ben, eyeing each VK with uncontained disgust in his blue eyes.

"Chad stop this." Jaz called out, holding herself back from stepping closer to the blonde prince.

The prince rolled his eyes, his glare landing upon Mal, "You stole another girl's boyfriend."

Mal's head dropped, her gaze on her feet and Jay placed a hand on Jaz' arm to stop her from stepping towards Chad as Ben stepped between his girlfriend and supposed-best friend.

"Hey. Hey." His tone held a warning that the son of Cinderella ignored and instead he looked to the twins, "You two enjoy hurting people." He eyed Jay's hand on Jaz' arm and scoffed, then turned to Evie, sneering at the blue-haired teen, "And you. You're nothing but a gold digger and a cheat."

He turned smugly, his hands resting on his lapels as he looked to the crowd, enjoying the attention on him as Evie rooted through her bag to pull out her magic mirror.

"Mirror, mirror, in my hand, who's the biggest jerk in the land?" turning the mirror to face him, Chad's jaw fell slack as he looked at himself in the reflective surface.

"What? Come on." He scoffed, pushing the mirror away which knocked Evie off balance."

Jay stepped up, ready to defend his friend and grabbed the prince by the lapels of his jacket, forcing the teen onto his toes, "Back up Chad, alright?"

Evie grabbed the spray bottle from her bag, moving up behind Ben, who was attempting to pull Jay away from Chad. She leant over the soon-to-be-king's arm, spraying the teen in the face twice. Ben manoeuvred Jay towards Jaz as other princes moved to catch Chad before he hit the ground.

Evie moved to Mal, grabbing her friends arm as Audrey frantically called Chad's name, "Come on Mal."

"Guys!" Ben called as they moved away, torn between following them and staying to do some damage-control.

Jaz found herself searching the crowd, her eyes landing on Aziz and the devastated look he sent her way as he crossed the grass towards Chad and Audrey.

"Jaz come on!" Carlos called, pulling her and Dude away from the scene, Jaz' heart sinking with how bad the day had gone.


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