Bad to the Bone

Chapter 4 – (Make you proud)

Disclaimer: I don't own Descendants, only the characters I made.

"I'm rotten to the core."

"That's just creepy." Jay mumbled his gaze locked on the statue of his father.

"It's so life-like." Carlos whispered, reaching out to touch one of his mother's furs but stopping short.

"Come on, lets go find the wand." Evie said before leading the boys out, none of them realising Mal and Jaz weren't following.

"It's like they're here." Mal said softly almost as if she didn't realise Jaz was there.

"But they're not. They can't reach us here." Jaz whispered almost afraid to break the silence.

"She'd find a way." Mal replied before sighing, shaking herself out and turning away from the statues, "Come on Jaz. Let's get this over and done with."

Mal turned on her heel and left the room. Jaz watched her go before turning back to the statue of the man that had haunted her dreams.

"Will I ever make you proud? Will I ever be good enough for you? What must I do?" she whispered, her heartbeat thudding in her ears.

She gasped and took a step backwards as the statue morphed into her father. Her body locked and she stood frozen staring in abject horror at the face of her father, who was supposed to be trapped on the Isle. Right?

"You'll always be a disappointment Jazmeen. No matter what you do you'll never be good enough." Jafar spat with venom in his voice, "You will never make me proud."

Jaz brushed off the disappointment settling in her stomach as footsteps rounded the corner again. She let out a few shaky breaths and roughed her hands down her face. She clenched her jaw as she spun to see Carlos skid around the corner.

"We've found the wand." Carlos said sounding slightly out of breath, "Jaz?"

She sighed and brushed her hands over her hair, before rolling her shoulders. Carlos shrugged and grabbed her hand before pulling her out of the room.

"What the hell were you playing at?" Mal spat as they ran into the room.

Jaz rolled her eyes before walking over to where her brother was stood by the wand encased in a blue force-field. The twins circled the wand looking for weak spot or a way in, a skill they had mastered over the years.

"Jay don't do what I think you are about to." Carlos almost pleaded shaking his head at the brunette.

Jaz winked at her brother before turning to face the white-haired boy, "Don't worry he won't."

Carlos grimaced as she pushed her hand through the force-field. Jaz' smirk fell from her face as the blue pulsed before she was thrown back, her body colliding with the wall across the room. The VKs cringed and Jay jogged over to his twin sister.

Jay held out his hand to help his sister up as a piercing alarm sounded. Jaz brushed herself off before the group ran from the room. They ran past the guard still sleeping peacefully despite the blaring alarm and the shrill ring of the phone on his desk.

Carlos pursed his lips as he paused in front of the desk and drummed his fingers on the back of his head. He clicked his fingers twice and he picked up the phone and quickly typed in the numbers, scrawled on a yellow Post-It note, into the keypad. He cheerily answered the phone, and brushed his hair back.

"Hello. Yeah it's just a false alarm… Ah don't worry about it; it's all under control… Say hello to the miss'."

"Carlos" Jaz hissed from the door and Carlos threw his hands up with a sigh.

"Uh you're welcome." He huffed and rolled his eyes before running after Jaz.

Mal stopped once she was sure they were out of harms-way and turned to glare at Jaz.

"Well done idiot. What were you playing at?" Mal spat her eyes taking on a green tint.

Jaz rolled her eyes and shoved past the purple-haired teen. She kicked a stone further down the street and shoved her hands into her jacket pockets. Her shoulders hunched in as she stepped over a fence onto a grass verge.

"Why do you have to be so hard on her Mal?" Jay said before jogging after his twin.

"Yo Jaz. Slow down." He called after her.

"What? I'm tired and if I have to stay here and go to lessons tomorrow I like to get some sleep." Jaz snapped as she turned to look at her brother.

"Are you okay?" Jay asked placing his hand on her arm, missing the almost unnoticeable flinch.

She brushed it off and turned away, starting to walk towards the school, "I'm fine. You know I am Jay, so why'd you ask?"

"I know you don't want to be here. I don't either. But you have to try and work with Mal if you want to get out of here."

Jaz rolled her eyes and stuffed her hands into her pockets.

"So what do you think tomorrow's going to be like?" Jay asked breaking the pregnant silence that had fallen over the pair.

"Dunno. Don't care either." Jaz drawled.

Jay tucked his hands into his pockets and rocked back on his heels, the silence between the two tense and awkward.

"This is me. See ya Jay." Jaz said as the door swung open and Megan appeared in the opening.

"Do you know its past curfew?" she dropped her headphones around her neck and raised her eyebrow.

"Don't care." Jaz spat as she brushed past the girl.

"Well bye Jaz. I'll see you tomorrow." Jay turned on his heel and left.

He brushed his hand over his head as he turned the corner and sighed.

He pushed the door to his and Carlos' room open and swallowed at the sight that greeted him. He pulled his gaze from Carlos' shirtless back and hurriedly changed before climbing onto the bed. Across the room Carlos slid into his bed and pulled the covers up around his neck.

"Night Jay." He whispered before closing his eyes.

Jay smiled and rolled over. He sighed and rolled back over, unable to get comfortable.


"Carlos?" Jay called softly twenty minutes later, "You asleep?"

"Nah. Bed's too strange. Not much we can do about that though." Carlos replied and Jay heard the sheets ruffle as he sat up.

Jay pursed his lips and rubbed the back of his neck before sliding out of the bed and tugging his covers and pillows from the bed. He arranged them on the floor before walking over to Carlos' bed and doing the same.

"Jay?" Carlos asked watching him curiously.

"Well get on then. Should be more home-y now." Carlos smiled softly and dropped down onto the pile.

Carlos curled into a small ball and tucked one arm under his pillow. Jay shuffled down next to him and closed his eyes. He fell asleep to the sound of Carlos' soft breathing.


Carlos groaned as the sunlight burned his eyes. Sunlight? He lifted his head and took in his surroundings the previous days events finally catching up with him. He dropped his head back onto the solid chest he was resting on before with a small smile.



A blush rose on his cheeks as he took in his positioning next to Jay. One of Jay's arms was behind his head and the other was draped over Carlos' waist. One of his arms was over Jay's chest.

Carlos hurriedly pulled away and busied himself with getting dressed as Jay stirred from his sleep.

Jay lifted his head from the pillow to see Carlos pulling his shirt on over his head. A blush rose on the smaller boy's cheeks as Jay stood up from the make-shift bed and began to change into his outfit from the previous day.

Carlos wandered into the bathroom and jay released the breath he hadn't realised he was holding. His thoughts were all over the place. On the Isle the feelings he was experiencing would have meant a lot of trouble.

If he was being honest with himself he liked the feeling of Carlos sleeping in his arms. And if he could he'd like to do it again.

He roughed his hands down his face and rolled out his shoulders as Carlos walked back into the room.

"Come on we should go find Jaz." Jay said as he shoved the pillows and blankets back onto one of the beds.

"We should take her stuff as well." Carlos said nodding his head towards the bin bag by the door.

Jay nodded and grabbed the bag. The pair made their way through the school to Jaz' dorm and knocked twice on the door. Jay frowned when no one answered. Carlos nudged Jay in the stomach with his elbow.

"I'm sure she's fine Jay. Leave her bag here and we'll go find the others first before we go to look for her." Carlos said tucking his hands into his pockets.

Jay nodded and placed the bag in the doorway.

"What's her roommate like?" Carlos asked as they walked towards mal and Evie's room.

"I only saw her for a second but she seemed alright."

"Let's hope she has a little tact. Wouldn't want Jaz to end up fighting with the girl she's stuck rooming with." Carlos said as they stopped outside the girls' room.

"But it would be funny to watch." Jay said before knocking on the door.

"Morning boys." Evie said as she opened the door a few moments later.

"Have you seen Jaz yet this morning?" Carlos asked as the door clicked shut behind them.

"Like she'd show up here after last night." Mal scoffed as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Mal." Evie warned as she perched on the edge of her bed.

Mal rolled her eyes before turning to Carlos, "What've we got first?"

"Uh, Remedial Goodness. Bet ya that's a new lesson that's only just started." Carlos said and Jay groaned.

"Well if your sister hadn't screwed up then we wouldn't have to go to any lessons." Mal drawled from her bed.

"Fuck off Mal." Jay snarled going to move towards mal

"Jay." Evie warned stepping in front of him.

Jay opened his mouth to say something but closed it when a knock at the door stopped him. The four VKs all shared a look before Jay stepped towards the door.