The Chosen Ones Ones And The Path To Truth III: The Phantom Menace Escapade

Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, Teal'C, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Yoda and Mace Windu

Story-line: Arriving in the Starwars galaxy the team has revealed the truth to the Jinn/Kenobi team Anakin Skywalker and Queen Amidala and her entourage. Hearing the truth to what's to come Qui-Gon and his friend Adi Gallia decide with the rest of the Jedi council to make changes to the Jedi code for the preservation of the entire Jedi order and with it to protect Anakin from evil.

Hearing that the Sith have returned and the Sithmaster is really the future chancellor of the republic the Jedi orders. And the Rebellion prepare for what's to come now, as they work their plans around the Sith. As the council work to protect their youngest and most powerful student they decide to change the code, but will this be enough or will the Sith realize what they're planning.

Time Range for Story: Mid season 7, after Sam Carter's disappearance on the Prometheus and the podrace on the Phantom Menace as Anakin is racing to get the parts needed to fix the ship to get the Naboo off the planet now.

Disclaimers: Star-Wars or Stargate SG-1 are not owned by me. The story belongs to me everything else belongs to the George Lucas and MGM studios.

Warning: With this chapter it continues as the movie begins their ploys as the council has their meeting and Anakin and Padme fake their conversation. Though from here, the story follows the rest of the movie, the span from the end of the movie and into his teen years. But this story follows through the rest of the Phantom Menace and into his next mission back to Tatooine after that.

And this story leads into his 11th birthday as he spends two years adjusting to life in the temple. And chapter three opens with him at the pit races as he deals with the mission to Zonoma Sekot, before he returns to Tatooine. And to get his clone, before he and Daniel create their lightsabers now. And leading into his, the clone's first mission as a Jedi Padawan and his next encounter with Krayne.

But only Rogue Planet, the first 10 novels of Jedi Quest, including the Path To Truth are going to be used as the clone is now the side of Anakin. Although book 9 is being jumped as it goes right to book 10, before it leads to Ansion. As the clone is being groomed by Sidious in book 9, as we see the corruptness. Now of Sidious's plans for him, but with team involved Anakin's protected.

As Anakin, Obi-wan and the council are all getting worried as a result of what happened in book 10, as he lost two friends and Ferus leaves the temple. That they're all getting worried about this, as things lead into Ansion in the next story. So this finishes out the movie, as they got the clone in place on Tatooine, and it ties uep the clones and Sifo Dyas now, before the second story starts.

As book three starts things from 12 to 19 years old, before the mission to Ansion, as Daniel and his new apprentice are with Anakin, Obi-wan and Anakin's clone. As the duo are deciding on a joint training method for 5 years. So that's leading into Attack of the Clones as the Clone Wars and the Aftermath to it. As the purges are in Book 4 before SG-1 return to the Milky Way after that.

But this story is a piece storyline five pieces between chapters of the story line, as the first fifth of it is focused on the early years of his life in the temple. Followed by the next five leading into the of the storyline are in the Starwars galaxy the next five are in the Milky Way.

And the final five are back in the Starwars Galaxy as the last quintet piece storyline focuses. And leads into the Solo Twins and their friends as they get into Jedi Academy. And Jacen Solo becomes Daniel's padawan after that, but this is chapter 1 to that series now.

Chapter 1: Revenge Of The Sith: The Return Of Darth Vader

"You both made a bad choice and it destroyed our quartet, but the ones at fault are you here for ignoring the Jedi code. But I meant it Ferus, I would be watching you, and if there was a fight, I would win, well guess what. I did win, because I followed the Jedi code, and did not allow a chance at accelerated graduation tempt me into holding back. I did it, time and time again, ignored my own feelings for the sake of the Jedi code."

"But either you tell the truth or you don't and you didn't and your greed at getting selected for early graduation and you're not choosing humility over pride. That results in destroying our quartet, a Jedi is selfless, we only care about others. Well I decided to report that the lightsaber was possibly broken, but before I could do it. Vader shoved me into the background as he let you fail, not my fault." he said and they swallowed hard.

"And do you think I wanted to do that, the council, my friends, I was beyond guilt ridden." Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker said shaking in grief at the memory as Jedi Master Mace Windu rubbed his back. "Just answer this now you two, your mentors, either Adi, or the duo were all dead by this point, but do you know what their loss did to me, after losing our entire clan, my mother and Darra?" he asked and they swallowed hard at that remark.

"Your mother mentor, she and I had a bit of a hard time before, but I never minded. I loved her either way, but she was killed at the mid point of the war, but did you. You ever care for the girls, I mean it, did you ever love your mentors the way I loved my mine, the way Darra loved Damon and Soara?" he asked and Padawan Ferus Olin paled and Jedi Master Adi Gallia crossed her arms as she looked at Anakin.

"You chose your psychosis over me, over your own team and get expelled, wanting to prove I'm not as good as you are. You destroyed the Jedi and for what exactly, the brass ring, this is not worth it, though I loved my job. It's I loved my mentor even more, and I wanted to stay at his side for life, were it not for you, I would have." he said and the duo paled at that remark and Mace nodded gently as he left his hand on his shoulder.

"I understand, and again you are not at fault here, because whether you knew it or not, the you, you were to become once on the council shot forward. As you collaborated with us in the exact way of who was being sent where before the purge shot forward finally. You didn't have to hear, Adi, Master Yoda, Tiana, me or Damon give you orders, regarding your classmates, because you anticipated us, but here's the truth of it now in that."

"The accelerated trials program was to test whether or not you would break the code and rules and allowed your greed to take hold, or just your pride. But of you, you were the only one to follow the code of coming right to Tolan and turn in the fact. That, now, that the lightsaber was broken, it's waiting to see if they would tell us or not. But lying that it was working, not coming forward and allowing your arrogance or desperation to this."

"In a chance to catch Omega, as a reason to get promoted or a chance to go down in history as a living legend in the academy. They blew their chances at this, you did the right thing, you always did that, Anakin, always. Her death was not your fault, they broke the code and while Ferus resigned, though in our eyes he was expelled for it. Tru has to live with knowing his choices killed your sister." Mace told him and Anakin nodded, sadly.

"I knew that was a test you set up for us, as I realized it, I realized why do I even want to let go, after Sekot exactly, I lost Jabitha, my ship. And I suffered a trauma in killing in self defense, I don't want to let go, not yet, I want to stay a youngling, a padawan as long as possible. Honestly, I was getting ready to request you yank my commission, I want to stay his padawan for a few more years." he told him and he nodded to him gently

"And earned the right to the council you did, though Palpatine, cheated he did back then, but this was your trials to master, though not realize it, you did. But proud of you I was that knew you would do the right thing back then. No matter how much it hurts, did the right thing, you had, Anakin. " Master Yoda said and Anakin nodded. "And at the cost of my friendship with Tru, I did what I had to do." he said and the duo nodded gently to him.

"Indeed, listen to me, at times the chance to graduate sooner to your trials is temptation, wanting the glory of stopping the opposition. And being recommended that they are ready for the trials to knighthood now, that becomes an obsession. To the point most Jedi become tempted to ignore their responsibilities as the addiction. And to getting that promotion sooner, that can be the self destruct switch as they throw aside things."

"In favor of their desire to be promoted for the trials, but you didn't do that, again and again, you threw aside your wants and focused on the greater good. You were ready for being promoted to the council and though it was tempting to arrest Greivous. So you could get promoted to master, you focused on your duties and finished the mission. You earned your right to a position on the council." Adi told him and he nodded to her softly.

"You were testing me repeatedly until I joined the council, the last and final test was my discovery that the chancellor was the Sith we had been looking for. I know this is the wrong time to ask this right now, but something Padme told me comes to mind." he said and Adi and Mace looked at him gently. "What's that exactly, Anakin?" Mace asked and he took a deep breath, hoping she was right as he answered his question then.

"Did you trust me with your lives?" he asked and they nodded. "We did, and we always have at the time now, we just wish all of us were here, just to head off what happened. And as you got promoted to master at the time, their timeline we tried to stay detached, but we had from the second you saved Siri during Krayne. But with the fact you saved our lives repeatedly in battle we trusted you to watch our backs, leading into the purge."

"And we allowed you to go into archives and search into what you were looking for, if we waited a little longer. And instead of immediately trying to attack as you told us you found him, as we got you off the planet and then told you. Now, finally, that we were promoting you to master, as you told us you were married. And she was pregnant with the twins, as we forestalled the purge another six months and went into hiding now."

"That's enough as we changed things so you could stay, but we trusted you and we always have." Jedi Master Ki Adi Mundi said and he nodded, as he felt his words shoot through him he heard the compassion and sincerity in them and he nodded. "Honestly, it's your trust was what mattered to me, in fact, your trust was all that mattered to me, Master. And with that, you know me, I would never lie about something this serious, as to that."

"This second chance to have our bonds stronger then they were in their timeline, I never wanted anything more, in truth, a position on the council was more then enough. The fact you trust me this much was also good, but choosing between both sides of me, can't do it. You are my family as a Jedi, I am a Jedi, and I will do my duty now, my place is here now until we, she and I, are back together." he said and they nodded to him gently.

"Honestly I couldn't ask for a better mentor, in all your cases, I want this, I want a second chance, fix what I had done, and make our bonds even stronger then they once were." he said and the council and Obi-wan nodded gently as they smiled softly at that. "We understand, and you will get that chance, what we accomplished in the last week was testament to that, and we have a second chance." Jedi Master Kit Fisto said to him and he nodded.

"I failed you once, I will not fail you again, Master, back to today, we get a second chance, but I want the entire 15 to 16 years, I want to stay his apprentice." he said and the council nodded to him gently at the remark. "The lightsaber that was given to Luke was a symbol of the fear and anger that a certain duo stirred up in me, the new one is a symbol of the balance that is to be created." he said and they nodded gently to that news.

"Yes balance, to maintain who you are, we must create that balance and start dual training now, but with your sister starting her mission in two years..." Adi said and he nodded. "Make the best of the next six months while I got the chance to, before she leaves, but I'm doing everything, and I stay your apprentice. Not ready to let go, and I will not, as my place is at your side, always." he said and the quartet nodded with a smile.

"There's the you we know now, and we are very proud of you, son." Mace said and he felt his heart warm at the words then. "You were good apprentice Anakin, and you're a much wiser man then I am, I forsee you will be a great Jedi knight now." Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi added and he closed his eyes at the words, hearing it from the duo had moved him. He realized he was back to being himself again, as Adi exchanged looks with her counterpart.

"That one is retired, I'll create a copy and it has my new version, but the me you wanted me to be is now in full swing." Anakin said and they nodded gently as they crossed their arms. "Young man, you understand this exactly right now, Anakin would have been you if given the chance. If you just backed off and stopped testing him right now, but this crossed the line." Mace said and they paled as Senator Padme Amidala crossed her's at that.

"Annie, you better join our ranks, though not master, not yet, you are a council member, trapped in your 9 year old body right now, cub." Jedi Master Stass Allie told him and he nodded to her and positioned himself between her and Mace at that. As Mace nodded to Tiana and she nodded to him as she looked at Tru sternly at that remark. "The youngest of the council is Obi-wan and Anakin, but Anakin earned his right to join our ranks."

"He followed the code so exactly that you two proved you're not all as noble as you proclaimed yourselves to be that day. A Jedi does not allow temptation to sway them, they do not allow themselves to lie, and they definitely do not put their wants or needs. And first before the team, honestly, I am truly seeing you for the first time young man." Mace said and Tru swallowed hard at that as he remembered saying that to Anakin.

"Do you understand just what I was thinking when I was trapped in that energy field, and before Ben blew the controls on the one I was contained in. When I saw you guys switch lightsabers as Darra was covering Soara that day at the time?" he asked and Tru shook his head as he felt his heart sinking as he went over it then. "I was watching you guys fight back to back and then saw her jump in front of him when it shorted out."

"I was trapped in a shield trap and was trying to fight off the darkside visions trying to over take me. But I was with my master all that time, but I saw everything, I saw you exchange knowing looks and then halfway through the fight exchange lightsabers. Just as he yanks a blaster on you I see the lightsaber starting to short out. Just as Darra dives in front of you, he fires and she collapses on the floor." Anakin said and then sighed sadly.

"I wondered, when we got back here, I wondered if you knew what the cost was, I saw how you switched lightsabers in the tomb. And knowing when you did that there was a possibility that it could go or blow in the fight, but I thought, 'Not my friend'. 'My friend wouldn't do that.'. But then I remembered how wary you were of me. After my capture by Zan Arbor, you knew my feelings, regarding Ferus, and how angry I was at the time."

"That I am sick of all the special attention, that I never tell you what is on my mind and why would I when I know. I know you would twist my words to him, and just to make it sound as though I'm turning, when I grew up normal. A Jedi that grew up normal, understands why at times what can not be said is personal, between themselves and their mentors, the fact I never tell you think I'm a dark Jedi now."

"You would want to pass me off as the failure in being a Jedi you wanted me to be, even if it meant putting the entire team at risk until it killed one of us." Anakin said and Tru swallowed hard at the remark, as he re-translated that in the words he said to him. "That's not fair!" he snapped and Anakin finished sadly. "And suddenly I realized, yes, Tru would do that." he said and Tru said it quickly to him, knowing he was in serious trouble.

"You're looking at this all wrong." Tru said and Anakin shook his head at him. "I don't think so, I think I truly am seeing you for the first time." he said and Mace nodded to the wording as Qui-Gon crossed his arms at that. "If you re-word that, Mace, Tiana, Adi, that's what he told him, alright time for the real conversation now boys." he said sternly at that remark and they swallowed hard at that remark as they went over it firmly then.

"Do it again boys, Anakin is not the one in trouble and if not for you, he would have done what he told us by splitting himself in half." Mace said sternly and they swallowed. "He never collapsed, because he wanted power, but to save who he loves after your actions cost 700 Jedi, a group of farmers and a tribe of tuski raiders, let alone his mother their lives right now." Obi-wan said and they swallowed and nodded to them.

"Start from the beginning right now, and we move it forward then, but I know you did this, as I knew you were jealous that he changed into his true self." Mace said sternly and he swallowed hard at that. "Ferus!" Anakin said, raising his voice then and he paused. "Anakin, well I guess you're the first to know, I have resigned from the Jedi order." he told him and Anakin looked at him in shock at the news then gently at that.

"What, but why?!" he asked in shock and he sighed. "Because I was responsible for Darra's death." he said and Anakin said it firmly. "That's not true, you couldn't have known..." he started to say and Ferus interrupted him at that as Mace crossed his arms then as he heard it then. " But I did know, I knew that Tru's lightsaber had malfunctioned, I offered to fix it secretly."

"I did not tell his master or urge him to do, his lightsaber failed in battle and Darra was killed because of it." he said and Anakin said it gently at that. "But you thought you fixed it." he said and Mace nodded gently to that. "As always, a sign of compassion, but you are too hard on yourself, that can become a flaw later in life." Mace said and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement to his thoughts at that remark then sternly

"Especially you're not careful padawan and I told this to Obi-wan after we ran into Zan Arbor, but Anakin is correct, you could not have known it. In that staying quiet would lead to this, he knew that and we did, but something always goes wrong." Qui-Gon said and Ferus swallowed hard at the remark, knowing he was going to kill him. And for his next remark as he realized that Anakin was better then he was at this right now.

"You knew, you knew Tru's lightsaber had broken, you must have seen me fixing it." he said and Anakin said it slowly then, his tone stern, but they could heard the warning tone in his voice then at the remark then. "I didn't say that, but for the record why do you suppose I laid into into you and told them so fast. I'm with Obi-wan, wasn't that what you said?" he asked and Ferus tried to turn it around.

"No you didn't, but there are only two of us here, Anakin, you don't have to lie." he said and Mace crossed his arms as Adi, and Jedi Master Damon Calrissian and Tiana Merrin nodded sternly. "Hold it right there young man, but is that a tone of implication I hear in your voice after he said that. He turned you in and you still try to imply this, he turned you in immediately and you still try this?" Adi asked him sternly and he swallowed and nodded to her then.

"Young man, implication is another sign of pride, he did the right thing and you're trying to put the blame on him after he told us and the quartet that lightsaber was busted. So the one in the wrong is you right now, and we heard the entire conversation. But in your eyes you resigned, in our's now, we expelled you, for lying and attempted implication."

"Of a team mate." Mace told him sternly and he paled as he made a 'keep going' gesture and he swallowed. "When we got back, I went to the Jedi master Tolan Ling, he told me that that the fusing. Between the flux aperture and the power cell, it needed a slight adjustment, nothing major, Tru might have noticed it."

"Except that in battle, the power drains faster then normal." Ferus said and Anakin said it firmly at that. "I don't know why you are telling me this." he said and Tru said it firmly as the duo exchanged looks then firmly at this. "Because you fixed the flux aperture, and you would have known that it needed to be rechecked."

"And after the power cell boost." he said and Anakin looked at him. "You didn't come to me." he said sternly and Tru shook his head at that remark and they nodded. "I guess you disregarded the stern tone in his voice for his attempting foul play here. And at the fact, that your decisions cost my daughter her life, young man, is that right, now."

"You wanted him to lie in being honest?" Damon said sharply and he swallowed at that and nodded and Mace gave a 'keep going' gesture to them. And Tru said it with slight tone of accusation in his voice. "That's funny, shouldn't you have said, 'but I didn't know it was broken.'." he said in response to that and he looked at him sternly.

"Wait a blasted minute, did it ever occur to either of you the stress from having it knocked out of your hand could have cracked the crystal?" he asked slowly and Tru's eyes narrowed at that. "Don't say it, you broke the rules, I didn't, that's why I turned it to Obi-wan, Ry' and Siri, as for your remark, I know what this is."

"You're trying to trap me, both of you." he said angrily as he looked between them. "Tru, I would never do anything deliberately to put you into a position..." he said and they watched as Tru's face hardened at that as he answered him then with a tone of anger at that remark and Tiana crossed her arms sternly at this at the fact he lied then.

As she listened to implication. "I wondered, when we got back here, I wondered if you knew, I saw how you froze in the tomb. 'But not my friend' I said to myself, 'My friend would not do that'. But then I thought about how you feel about Ferus, how angry you had been, you would want him to get in trouble."

"Even if it meant exposing me." he said and Anakin looked at him in shock. "That's not fair." he said and Tru went futher. "And suddenly I realized..., yes, Anakin would do that." he said and Anakin shook his head in denial. "You're looking at this all wrong." he said and Tru shook his head as he answered him then, looking at him.

"I don't think so, I think I truly am seeing you for the first time." he said and ended it at that as he looked at Ferus. "I'll see you outside." he told him and then pretended to leave him as Anakin turned to Ferus at that. "You see what you have done?!" he said sternly at that and Ferus nodded as they saw a look of arrogance.

"Yes I see what I have done, do you?" he asked him in response, as he pushed it further at that as he went on at that. "I would call that arrogant, you don't want to admit you're wrong." Mace said sternly to that. "I'm afraid for you, you think admitting you were wrong opens you up to attack." he said and Anakin answered that sternly.

"I don't think so, I think you should save your fears for yourself." he told him and he pretended to jerk at that. "If the Jedi ever need me, I will be there, that includes you, Anakin." he said and Mace nodded as the quartet crossed their arms as Qui-Gon said it for both himself and Adi at that remark then sternly to him then.

"Yeah alright, I heard enough here, but were it not for these two, and my parents and grandparents would still be alive right now, grandpa died five years later, after I arrived at my homestead." Jedi Master Luke Skywalker said and they nodded sternly. "So you managed five years with your grandfather and he passed, but Owen and Beru were the ones that raised you?" Mace asked and he nodded and they nodded as Obi-wan said it with a sigh.

"Not blood, but I still loved him as though he was my real grandfather." Luke told him and Cliegg gave him a hug and he tightened his arms around him in response. "I lost my parents and grandparents all by the time I was five, and I been wondering who's fault it was that my father turned and with it my mother died in child birth and it was these two for doing this, there is no going back." he said and the council and rebel leaders nodded sternly.

"Anakin this affected you the most because they were the true reason you crashed on us, so with that. You once told me I know you better then you know yourself, you never lied to me before so why start now. And the ones that did grew up in the temple, but the one that didn't, that Padawan did the right thing, no matter the consequences, so go ahead." Obi-wan said and he nodded firmly as he leaned against him at that remark gently.

Before Darra turned to Ferus and said it with a furious growl at him. "You see what you've done Ferus, his fall was because of you, if you had just listened to him. And for once, or you reported your lightsaber was broken at the time, I would still be alive. In their timeline none of this would have happened, but you know what, you never knew. You, either of you, don't know what love is Ferus, he grew up in the real world, you two."

"He had attachments, they made him strong until the day you decide not to follow the code of our conduct. And it results in killing me and starts his downward slide into becoming a slave once again. When in suffering the stages of grief, the denial is the piece that takes time to deal in and he was in stage 2 during Shmi. The pain of loss is so bad it takes months to get over it, so tell me, can it with the attitude, who's fault is this."

"He's right, the one not learning team-work and submission of will is you, and your arrogance destroyed your life at the time. Because of me, if you just set aside your pride, I would still be alive and whether or not Tru agreed with that or not. We taught you the point of your letting your pride get in the way and in the most painful way possible. And by the destruction of our team, Ferus." Darra said firmly, gripping Anakin's hand then.

"It's not our..." he started to say and she snapped at him then. "It's not huh, well tell me, why didn't you report that the lightsaber could break down on Tru exactly, huh. Or why didn't you tell Ry that it was broken and could break down in the middle of the fight. You remember, we are selfless, we only care about other, we are not Sith, we are Jedi. And we only care about others and as a result, you were only thinking about yourself here."

"They, the Sith, only care about themselves, you were not thinking like a Jedi, but a Sith and look what it does to him?!" she said to them sternly and they jerked at that. "What about the fact that while you constantly claim that you're following the code. But look at what your decisions cause in him, he slaughtered a bunch of Tuskin raiders. Because he lost me and his mother, and because he saw Omega's face on every raider that day."

"So guess who's fault is that, he killed a tribe, because he saw Omega, on every single one of them, before he sees Bruck on Dooku's face as he's taunting him. In the fact, but said words, surely you can do better, that's like saying, in Bruck's voice, I heard you failed your friend in saving her. You want the fact he's killed a few hundred people, on your head, because you broke the code and lied and it kills me, because it shorted out."

"Look I had no intention on dying, but by switching lightsabers, you not confirming that the repairs would held up or that it was broken to Ry and the council. You killed me out of your arrogance at the fact you're thinking you're better as a Jedi then Anakin is. So tell us, who here got the point of our training lesson five years earlier and who didn't. And who is the reason our quartet is destroyed now?" she asked and he nodded to her then.

"It's not Cerasi, but it's just as bad Master, in six months I lose two people I love and that's what did it, that's what caused my black out. Six months, Darra was the cause, mom was the effect and I blacked out-out of grief so badly. That's the jolt of anger and pain you felt, Master, anger and pain, you felt my anger at losing Darra, and my grief at losing my mother." Anakin said and Mace and Yoda both nodded to him gently at that.

"You saw Omega and Zan Arbor on every tuskin raider that came near you, alright now this makes sense, it wasn't just your mother that the jolt. The one that we, and Qui-Gon, got hit by was the cause, you wanted the duo. The ones that killed Dara and both combined together, as we felt the jolt through the force. And it slammed into Qui-Gon's soul, as he alerted Yoda something was wrong." Mace said and he nodded to him then.

"I knew he never reported that to you or that his repairs wouldn't hold up here, and reported this to Dara, as we decided if he continuing to act like this. Then he had to learn what happened and happens in the heat of the moment. And when you think everything is fine, you're loaded with pride and arrogance here. That you stopped your quarry, and then your lightsaber gives out on you." he added and the council nodded gently to him.

"I knew what I was doing, but though we decided to show him, I never thought she would ever get hit. But she did, I was sitting at her side when she died, it's like your reaction over Cerasi, you never know who pulled the darn trigger. But you feel like your heart explodes at the impact, alteration to your remark, but still the same remark." he said shaking in grief and Obi-wan gripped his shoulder at that as he answered him.

"Cerasi, you had a repeater of my episode at the time?" Obi-wan repeated and he nodded as he looked down and Obi-wan ran his hand through his hair at that. "Not your fault and you're right son, if he just listened to you, just once, she would still be alive. Darra may not have intended to get hit, but the point went through at the time. Her death was not your doing, it's not your fault." Qui-Gon said softly, wiping a tear off his cheek then.

"Darra was my Cerasi, I loved her in the way Ben loved Cerasi, we went through so much together, that it was like a knife through my heart. Does he even understand how it feels, I grew up in the real world, lived a real life, full of love and friendship. Only one person understands that and shares that with me, and he too spent 4 to 6 months in the real world." he admitted sadly and Obi-wan nodded in understanding at that remark gently.

"Ben that's why I had to know the truth instead of you holding back on me, I had to know, you're me in 4 years, my brother. But that's the point, only you understand how I feel, you dealt with it to at the moment. But that's why I needed a mission, I needed time to think and before something caused me to break. But said break was really thanks to the last piece of the formula." he told him and they nodded as Obi-wan said it then.

"I get it and you're right, we both spent years and our entire lives learning to live as normal people. But let me guess, you were me, he was Nield and she was Cerasi, you both loved her and you were the one who's arms she died in at the time. Feeling like you can't handle this much pain, you were going to die from the amount of grief shooting through you?" Obi-wan asked and he nodded sadly to him and they nodded to him.

"I was your Cerasi, I understand and I love you too Anakin." Padawan Darra Thel Thanis told him and she pulled him into a hug and he buried his head into her shoulder as Obi-wan closed his eyes. "I get the problem now, but living six months in the real world outside the temple. And my only traveling companion is an adult all that time. And meeting others my own age, I learned those dangers in the most dangerous way possible at the moment now."

"But my past comes back to haunt me in the worst way possible, by first my encountering the family of my rival, as an adult. And then the son of the man who I replaced as apprentice to my own mentor, Granta Omega is the son of Xanatos, and dead or not. It's enough to tell me that his legacy lives on and by destroying another life, and my cub self loses someone he loved like I lost my best friend in the real world."

"But then six months later comes the premonitions and he's reunited with you, Padme, if I realized it then I would have ordered a Jedi team to Tatooine to check. But we all made mistakes none more so then you, young man, Anakin is me and once I started. In acting like a non force sensitive, but he's right on every count, violence and lying. Destruction is not the answer or make your problems go away." he said sternly, while opening his eyes.

"Then you did what we would have asked right now, if it meant learning that, it had to be done and in the most painful way possible right now at the moment. But one team was destroyed because of this and the other was left intact at the time. Because you learned the key point in the Jedi lesson like during your undercover mission at the private school." Mace said sternly and Adi thought it over and nodded sternly to that news.

"You know what, they're right young man, Anakin proved he got the point of the training lesson, but you had not, and year after year. You were acting as though you're better then he is, until your arrogance comes back to haunt you. But Anakin and Darra decided to teach you the point of you letting your arrogance get in the way. And in the most painful way possible now, by her loss." Adi said, crossing her arms and he swallowed.

"Uh guys, if we keep debating this with the duo, Vader could punch through his control." General Han Solo said, stepping in at that. "He's right and that's enough, and dad, with the entire family together, how are we supposed to this, regarding Hoth?" Leia Organa/Solo asked and he closed his eyes and calmed down as he answered her gently as Mace sighed in relief to that.

"Son, what was it that attacked you because the three of us are running a scan?" he asked and Han answered that one. "It was some sort of ice creature, but after the blow to the head, he was suffering hypothermic shock. Before we realized that whatever he saw, was the reason he suddenly disappeared on us." he said and Anakin nodded firmly."That was the more powerful remark I mentioned." Obi-wan said and Anakin finished that, bemused.

"At that stage, Ben told him to head for Dagobah, we were putting him into advanced training now, but he needed to learn patience. But this time I'm teaching him to get down by using the force, because I know where on the planet Master was at the time. You know where we are this time right now, but just point him in the direction of Ilum or back to Dantooine till we come to get you." Anakin told him and they nodded in relief.

"So just lead them in circles for a bit, before we head to Lando and we have you coming to get us dad?" Jedi Knight A.J. Skywalker asked and he nodded to him. "Yeah exactly, Jabba was pulling a bait and switch, but Jango is the reason Boba hated you guys, because of Mace." he told him and they nodded in shock. "He's right, to save your grandparents, I risked making an enemy for life." he said and they nodded to him gently at that

"Yeah and..." Anakin started to say when he froze up. 'No, no not now, everybody get back!" he snapped as he grabbed his head then. "What's happening right now?" Han said and Obi-wan straightened as he got it then. "First Daniel and now him, Vader is trying to punch through, everyone of the younger two generations stay back." he said as he watched his brother's eyes change from the caring look to the icy colded blooded look he remembered.

'Don't move, everyone stay where you are, and don't move a muscle." he said slowly and Yoda nodded in agreement. "Repeating that I am, if never dealt with Vader you have, stay put you will." he said sternly and they all nodded quickly at that remark. "Anakin?" Obi-wan said carefully and he heard the voice of his apprentice's alter ego then as he saw his eyes flickering back and forth between his natural blue color and reddish gold.

"Well it's been a long and now I finally get the chance to deal with who stabbed me in the back and turned on me." he said and Obi-wan said it carefully to that remark. "Anakin, you never needed him, you had everything you needed through father." he said and heard a sigh to that. "You think I want to lose you again, you remember our last conversation, it was never me, was it?" he asked and the tone changed at that.

"It wasn't me you were fighting, and it wasn't me that died by your hands now, not me, or the council, the team, Damon, Tiana, Garen, Bant and Reeft, Minga, Lana, Nejaa, it was never us, was it?" he asked gently, as he saw him shaking in pain and anger at the memory then. "Not you, I tried to prevent what would have destroyed them, but he forced my hand." he said and Obi-wan nodded as he answered him.

"Why not come to us, and tell us what was wrong?" he asked and he they saw the tears start falling. "The memory of losing my mother hit and I wasn't going to lose her too." he said and Obi-wan nodded. "There was an easier way to do this without us losing you in the process, Qui-Gon learned that power before we found you padawan." he said and he said it gently at the remark.

"Listen to me, the darkside is no more powerful then the lightside, that fear over Krayne was the door left open and they exploited those fears." he said and his eyes narrowed. "And so did Olin and Veld, were it not for them Darra would still be alive in my children's time-line. But they never wanted to admit it, but they turned to the darkside themselves, Olin did the deed necessary for him to be first here now."

"But I was stuck in a trap unable to prevent it, but you have his lightsaber, now it's my turn." he said and Ferus paled at that as he tried to get himself out of range knowing he was ready to kill him finally then as, with that, his lightsaber went flying and Mace quickly grabbed it to head it off. As, at the same time, Damon grabbed him from behind and pulled him backwards at that as they got ready to do it again.

"Master can you neutralize his powers for a few minutes, so I can slam that door shut and lock it a second time right now." Obi-wan said and Yoda nodded as Nejaa moved to them as they heard a fast remark through the connection. "In Daniel's words, one can't do it, but how about seven Dex, you never could beat me before, but I'm fully human again.' they heard through the link as he shouted it out to them.

"Yeah I know what he's saying we're about to see the same battle between them that we saw between Daniel and Ballard right now, but the fight is about to get nasty. But he's me when a Jedi, Vader is like the sithlord that the Tok'ra tried to bring out enroute here right now." Obi-wan said and the entire council, aside from Sifo Dyas and Yoda, nodded in shock at the news as the duo quickly took charge at that.

"Here we go again, he's getting ready to get us involved, but we did this with Daniel on the ship, Anakin is in his youngling body, he can't go against all of us at once, and not like this." Jedi Master Sifo Dyas said and Obi-wan nodded in agreement to that. "No kidding, he's got me back, but I'm his brother, and I'm not losing him a second time here." he said as they heard his 9 year old voice get replaced with his 23 year old voice.

'Master, can you project yourselves into my head, so I can do this, in here, I'm 23 again, as the kids see me for who I really and see your explanation from Ben. Before and after the fight between us, only it's me and Dex?' he asked and they nodded to the request and closed their eyes as they ended up in his head as they saw him on the edge of the hill overlooking the river as Obi-wan said it with him then.

As he was standing on the balcony of the observation tower, he looked out over the rivers of lava then with tears running down his face then. "Oh gods, what did he just do, if he's crying right now." Mace asked and Adi turned and checked the control room and nodded in shock. "These fools ended up in a execution charge for attempted murder of Padme, before the war hit." Master Siri Tachi said and he nodded in shock to the news as they heard it.

'What have I done, this is not me, I just want my family back right now, Vader you're never taking me away from my family. I am a Jedi, not a Sithlord, a Jedi, but be ready I know Obi-wan is coming for me right now.' he thought sternly at this as he felt a jolt through the force. "Damn right I am, I was hoping I could convince him to realize it that Qui-Gon had what he needed without doing this." Obi-wan said and they nodded to that.

'Great Padme and I are on our way here, I don't want Padme seeing what 'I' 'he' did.' he thought as Obi-wan said it with him as he went to receive a transmission from Sidious. "The separatists have been taken care of, my master." he said and Palpatine nodded as he answered him then firmly at that news. "It is finished then. You have restored peace and justice to the galaxy. Send a message to the ships of the Trade Federation."

"All droid units must shut down immediately." he said and Anakin nodded to the orders as he said it to him then. "Very good, my lord." he said and saw Padme's ship on the scanner and nodded as he turned it off then and went to greet her then gently. As Padme landed she saw his hood fall back and looked him over then as she quickly left the ship and went to greet him in relief.

Pulling her into a hug he said it to her gently at that. "Yeah alright this is not your father, but Dex and your father and I are on board that ship listening to the conversation as she gets him to reveal what he plans to do here guys." Obi-wan said to the quartet and they all nodded to him. "I know we're trapped in his head, but I meant this when I said he lost it too close and he was getting thrown." Mace said to this as they waited for it then.

"Okay, this was my conversation with your father's alter ego baby, guys, I knew he must have turned by this point. But I had to make sure, trying to get him to leave the darkside and come home with me. We were living on my home planet of Naboo, at the Lake country resort, where your father and I got married, as he stopped seeing your aunt, uncle and grandfather." she said and they nodded to her gently at that news.

"Just why the hell would they target mom exactly?" Han asked him and he explained that. "We humiliated them one too many times, but your mother was a pacifist where the war was concerned, trying to keep the army from being created. They were accelerating it, but they wanted her dead, but the assassin that tried it first, ending up losing her arm, before getting shot by Jango." he told him and they all nodded to the news sternly at that.

"So try to kill a galactic senator is a death sentence in the old Republic?" Lando asked and the council nodded. "Our allegiance is to the senate, but the bastard had control of the senate and the courts, but Anakin was about to suggest to us we take it out passed the red line. And doing that he was being put to death by the Outer Rim planets for what the hell was going on." Mace told him and the New republic members all nodded to the news.

"The group we just saw was the one that tried to have her assassinated, Anakin took charge and did the death sentence on our behalf. And after they killed close to 900 of us, before the purge and he finished the job that night by going with the execution orders. Said that we, as the Loyalist committee, turned Rebel Alliance, would have ordered right now anyway." Nejaa said and he nodded to the remark with a sigh to that news.

"I was so worried about you. Obi-Wan told me terrible things." she said and they heard a slow tone enter his voice. "What things?" he asked and she explained that to him. "He said you've turned to the dark side, that you... killed younglings." she said and he smiled gently. "Obi-wan is trying to turn you against me." he said and she said it quickly. "He cares about us." she told him and he repeated the word slowly at that news.

"Us?" he said and she nodded. "You really got to ask that, we knew all along young man, why didn't you just tell us this sooner, as he's screwing with your visions and premonitions again." Nejaa said in annoyance and Mace and Damon nodded in agreement. "At this rate I wish you revealed yourself to us, before he made this choice, Qui'." Stass said and Qui-Gon nodded in agreement as they listened to the conversation gently.

"Or before Master and I left Coruscant, I took him with me and we headed this off." Obi-wan said to her and she and Mace nodded to that. "He knows, he wants to help you." she said and he smiled at her. "Yeah one chance and cut him out of you, as we heal the damage done, what happened is just the beginning. If we don't end this now, we're an endangered species now by this point." Obi-wan said with a sigh to that remark then.

"Dex, all I want is your love." she said and he heard a firm tone enter a mental voice. "Love won't save you, Padme, only my new powers can do that." he said and she said it deliberately at that remark then as she looked at him. "No they won't, you're pushing me away with every action and decision you make. I value democracy, what we fought for is destroyed now." she said as she heard her future self say it to him.

"At what cost? You're a good person, don't do this." Padme said and he said it firmly at that remark then. "I won't lose you the way I lost my mother. I am becoming more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of. And I'm doing it for you. To protect you." he said and she said it desperately at that remark. "The power lust went right to his head." Lando said and she nodded to him gently at his remark

"Come away with me. Help me raise our child. Leave everything else behind while we still can." she said and he said it gently at that. "Don't you see, we don't have to run away any more. I have brought peace to the Republic. I am more powerful than the chancellor. I can overthrow him. And together, you and I can rule the galaxy... make things the way we want them to be." he said and she backed away from him at that.

As she saw the power lust in his eyes then as she said it slowly at that. "Yeah that's when I realized my husband, your father, was now in a coma and Vader was controlling his body right now." she said and the trio nodded in shock to the news then. "I don't believe what I'm hearing, Obi-Wan was right. You've changed." she said and he said it with a growl then. "Mom, get back." Han said slowly, wishing he had his blaster then.

"I don't want to hear any more about Obi-Wan, or Anakin. The Jedi turned against me., don't you turn against me." he said and she said it sadly as she answered him then. "I don't know you any more, oh Dex, you're breaking my heart, you're going down a path I can't follow." she said and he slowly straightened as he said it then. "Here it comes now, kids, honey get back." they heard his real voice say and quickly turned.

"Dad?!" Leia asked in shock and he nodded as he hid at the entrance of the ship as he carefully put himself into position then. "Because of Anakin?" he asked as he saw him standing at the top of the ramp then as she answered him. "No what you've done and what you're about to do, you already slaughtered the entire temple and the separatists, who's next exactly?!" she said with a stern growl at that as her future voice said it then

"Because of what you've done. What you plan to do. Stop. Stop now. Come back, I love you." she shouted at him then and he shouted at her. "Liar!" he said and she quickly turned at that. "No!" she said quickly at that and he looked at her as Obi-wan saw the anger and power lust in his eyes. "You're with him! You brought him here to kill me." he said as he raised his hand and put her into a force stranglehold then

"Ben together!" Anakin shouted and he nodded as Obi-wan said it sternly. "Let her go, Dex." he said sternly and she said it weakly. "Dex." she said trying to get it out as he shouted it out a second time then. "Let her go." he said and he let her go and she collapsed as he saw what he did. "Ben check her, I'm dealing with him." Anakin said as he removed his robes as they saw the milky white that Obi-wan wore then

As Obi-wan looked at her then carefully as he shouted it out in a heartbroken growl. "You turned her against me!" Dex shouted at him and Obi-wan looked at him sternly at the remark. "You have done that yourself." he said firmly as he thought it. "Yeah that's definitely not dad, dad is dressed in white, with the chocolate robe that Uncle Ben wears, Vader is dressed in near jet black." Luke said and she nodded in agreement to that.

As Obi-wan said his thoughts out loud for them. 'Yeah this is not Dex talking to me, it's Vader now, Dex would never do this, Vader's lost his mind finally.' he thought as he watched him acting like a wild animal as he removed his cloak. "You will not take her from me!" he shouted at him as he paced back and forth and he nodded as he removed his own cloak as he watched him carefully as he answered him.

"Dear god he sounds like a savage getting ready to mate with a woman by forcefully mating with her." Mara said in shock and Leia nodded shaking and he nodded. "I know I was in shock when I saw him like this right now, but your mother in law and I were brother and sister, that's all there was between us, I'm 38, she was 28, a 10 year age difference." he said and the twins nodded gently to that as he said it out loud for them.

'You really have lost your mind if you think I love her like that, she's my baby sister, and that's all there is between us.' he said to that remark as Anakin answered him then. "Was it worth it, did you gain the power needed to save her, is our team, the council, the order, the loss of mom and dad, Owen, Beru, Jobal, Ruwee and Sola, Darred worth this, was it, Dex?" Anakin said as he and Dex circled each other then.

"Mom, dad, Beru, Owen, Jobal, Ruwee, Sola, Darred, Bail, Mon, Carl, Jan, our friends in the order, the council, how about Rex, Cody, Ahsoka, was all this worth what you have done?" Anakin asked him and he watched him shaking in fury and heartbreak and the council nodded sternly at that remark. "The price here is too much and no, it's definitely not worth it right now." Damon said sternly and Tiana, Yoda and Adi nodded.

"Indeed, is this atrocity worth losing everything you ever had now padawan, is it?" Mace said sternly and Obi-wan finished that sternly. "Your anger and your lust for power have already done that. You have allowed this dark lord to twist your mind... until now. Now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy." he said and Vader said it with a growl to him at that remark as he looked between them.

"Don't lecture me, you two, I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace... freedom, justice and security to my new empire." he said as Obi-wan checked her as he repeated the last remark. "Your new empire?" Anakin said questioningly and he said it with a growl at that. "Don't make me kill you." he said and Obi-wan said it quickly and with an emphatic tone in his voice then.

"Dex, my allegiance is to the Republic, to democracy!" he said sharply and with a tone of finality he said it then. "If you're not with me... then you're my enemy." he said and they nodded. 'So this is it, alright, to protect my family I will do what I must now.' Anakin said as he said it out loud then. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes. I will do what I must." he said and removed his lightsaber as he got ready to go at it with him then.

"Can Dex see us?" Mon asked and they shook their heads to her. "No, but this is me as you remember my friends." he said and she nodded to him as she pulled him into a hug as she looked from him to his double. "Issues with this right now, I managed to resurrect a second clone of myself in here, so this is me, the control factor, my double is my fighting skills right now." he said and they all nodded with a bemused smile to the news.

"I think you took your powers way too far son, but this is going a little too far, so that's Luke?" Cliegg asked and he nodded to him. "Yeah that's my twin alright, but Dex is the younger clone, this is me, before I let go of the padawan braid." he told him as they heard Vader say to him. "You will try." he said and removed his and with a yell he back-flipped at him and started swinging wildly as they started fighting then.

"Whoa, so that's what happened between you, you said he was good, but I didn't think he was this good?!" Han said in shock and he nodded. "Yeah and watch this as the battle ended up in the control room as Dex caught him by the throat, before Anakin back kicked him as the swings started flying, and then they both tried it as the blast between them threw them into the opposite controls before Dex jumped and he dodged the swing.

As they heard a loud blaring and Mace said it slowly. "What control was that he hit exactly?" he asked and Anakin said it as he crossed his arms. "Vader hit the shield controls protecting the station from the lava flows and volcanic eruptions. "He said and they nodded in shock. "Meaning if the shield is down and the lava is going to melt the metal walkway and destroying the station!" Jaina said in shock and he nodded to her gently at that remark.

As the battle raged on between them, Obi-wan and the council could see how much the darkside infused the body of they student as they fought. "Vader could never beat me when it came to Vaapad after the ten years of training you infused into me, but Luke lost his leg. And I lost both arms here at the moment, or in reverse, he lost both legs and I lost the other arm." Anakin said and Mace and the council nodded to the news gently.

As Obi-wan said it out loud for them as he watched the fight getting onto the walkway, before it ended up on the river. 'He's never going to win this, Maul was one thing, this is another, but we fought so many times, I know every move he makes. We're two sides of the same warrior, and he's my brother.' he thought as they ended up on a a skimmer droid and a flying pad just feet away from the molten river of lava.

Taking a few minutes he said it finally. "This portion was a matter in what Daniel told you Master Yoda, on Ballard, his beliefs are the total reverse to mine, I loved you, you were my mentor. I was in pain at what he turned me into and I wanted to cleanse my soul as I said it all to you, knowing you counseled me. And after what I did with the raiders, Krayne, the carver and the quintet." he said and the council nodded to him gently at the news.

"I have failed you, Dex. I have failed you." he said as he saw Dex's eyes blood red as he said it to him "I should have known the Jedi were plotting to take over." he said and Obi-wan said it in shock. "Dex, Chancellor Palpatine is evil!" he said trying to get through to him and Anakin shouted it back at him. "From my point of view, the Jedi are evil." he shouted back at him and he said it firmly then.

"We're not evil, Palpatine is evil, Korriban is evil, everything they believe in is an act of the devil, a demon, I'm a good person, I wish I had you to talk some sense into me, before you left, as I admitted it then." he said and Obi-wan nodded as he wrapped his arms across his back. "And there's the you I know, you follow my train of thought, Palpatine is evil, we're good people." he said as they heard Dex reverse that remark.

"It's all your fault, if you left me return home, I could have saved mom, before she died in my arms!" he shouted at him then and they nodded. "So that's it huh, he blames me for your mother, it was never me, I didn't know she got taken and if not for the duo. None of this would have happened at all, but not me you're mad at, you see Ferus when you look at me." he said and Anakin nodded to him gently at that.

"Then you are lost!" he said as he thought it to him gently. "Don't do this, Dex, don't do this, you would never hurt anyone, I know you're seeing Ferus in his place, he's who you're mad at. I know that, you blame them for Darra, Shmi, and the sextet, I know I understand." Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn said as he joined his voice with Obi-wan's as he said with him as he said it with a firm growl to him then at this.

"This is the end for you, my brother." he said and Anakin nodded to see Obi-wan in range of his landing position jumped backwards as he swung at him at then and Obi-wan, once in range of a hill overlooking the river, back-flipped on to it then. "Here it comes, this is where Vader got it hard as he lost the other limbs." Anakin said to them as he landed as he put himself directly above him then as he landed as he called out to him firmly then.

"It's over, Dex. I have the high ground." he said and Vader said it coldly then to him. "You underestimate my power." he said and Obi-wan said it quickly as he joined his voice with Anakin's, in knowing how painful this was going to end now. "Don't try it." he said and watching as he gave a howl and a jump to get over him, he quickly swung and took off all four limbs then

As he landed in range of the river, grabbing his lightsaber, he turned as he saw his eyes bloodshot in the whites and reddish gold in the irises then as he said it. "You were the chosen one, it was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them!" he said, feeling like a total failure to his brother's alter ego. "Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!" he said, finally saying what he had to say as Vader shouted at him in hate then.

"I hate you!" he screamed at him and Obi-wan sighed as he answered him then gently. "Together, Ben, together now, you saved me this time and it's over, but he can hate me all he wants now." Anakin said and he nodded as they shouted it together. "You were my brother, Dex, I loved you." he said, and as the lake caught his clothes as they caught fire he quickly pulled him up by the force to keep from getting scorched then as well.

"I loved you Dex, but I couldn't save you, the prophecy is done, but when the time comes, we'll be back. And we will end this for now, send a message back to Sidious, the chosen one will return and your days are numbered. I am the Hero With No Fear, I will return and his days are numbered, but did you forget something, when he's about to do, he's got a power advantage on you."

"When fully human, I got one on him and when my twins are old enough and you both are in serious danger, he's never laying a hand on my children. Try all you want, it's never going to work, my son is Jedi, like me and our team, before him good bye Dex, and see you on the other side." he said and ended it at that as the door was slammed shut, at that remark then in relief then

As they heard several locks fuse into place as his eyes opened then and they saw his eye back to their normal color then and they sighed in relief to that response then. "Daniel and me and we're both the chosen ones, for both galaxies, but no matter how many times we do this, these guys never know when to quit." he said as he sat up and Darra passed him a towel and he wiped the sweat off his face.