It was a very snowy day in Royal Woods on a cold January Friday. The snow was continuously falling on the ground and everyone in the whole kids from chateau Loud were having so much fun playing in the snow. Expected from the weather forecast, it would be a snowy week, and the kids won't have to go to school from all of this. Even the pets were all having fun outside in the winter breeze, playing around in the snow, and sometimes eating a few bites out of it (as long as it's not yellow snow).

While making a snowman, Lincoln felt the back of his head being hit by something, he looked back, and knew it was a snowball. He thought it was Lynn, firmshe was known to roughhouse with him countless times before.

However, he felt another snowball hit the left side of his torso. "Gotcha, bro!" Luna said playfully, and she laughed. Lincoln has a playful look knnjis face, and hit her in her neck with a snowball he created of his own. "Hey no fair! I wasn't ready yet! Heh."

"I guess we're even, eh Luna?"

Chuckling, the rocker girl said: "Yeah dude." And they both began to play with the snowballs in this snowball fight, and it was so much fun playing this classic game in the snow.

Lana took noticed and decided to join in on the fun. "Gotcha Good, Lincoln!" She Said.

"Yeah, But think fast!" He threw a snowball right into Lana's face, but she didn't really mind. Tomboys like her love to play it rough. "Aw man! I wasn't ready!"

"Better luck next time!" Luna sang.

It didn't take long for the other sisters, ans Lisa, to join in and it became a gigantic wide and straight snowball fight. Now everyone as having fun with this little activity, and they all built their own forts to hide innsnd make more balls.

Oh how the fun was nonstop, and it lasted for thirty minutes, and then all decided to take a break from all that snowball fighting.

"Whoo! That was fun. I wonder who got hit the most." Lincoln remarked

Leni didn't really understand the whole game, being a naive girl as she was, and she said: "I think that was me. Do you guys always use me as an easy target?"

The other siblings had an uncomfortable look on their faces, and sheepish to go with it. "No, of course not." Said Lori. "We would literally never literally that to you."

"Good. There's other people to hit Besides me, you know?"

"Yeah. We know." Lynn Said. She pulled out about ten more snowballs from her hands, and she had a mischievous look on her face. "Think fast losers!" Before the others could think, she began throwing the balls nonstop like a Machine gun firing from her arms. "Whoo! Score one for the girls back home!"

Being a sporty and cocky girl she was, Lynn began doing a victory dance, much to everyone's irritation.

"Okay kids, come on back inside!" Said Rita, calling from near the porch. "We made you all some hot chocolates!"

"Yay!" The kids all exclaimed in delight. Lincoln And his sisters rushed all the way back to the house, putting their winter clothes away, and grabbed some hot cocoa to drink after playing in the very cold Michigan weather outside the house.

The marshmallows tasted so good, and it was a perfect add-on to their warm beverages to keep themselves warm on this cold day. Lincoln sat on the sofa while wearing an Ace Savvy sweater around him. "Hmm. This is good." He muttered. "Ah! Still hot." He accidentally took a bigger gulp down his throat. "Hot! Hot! Hot!"

"What's up, Linc?" Asked Luna, coming over to sit with him.

"Ah! Accidentally took too much hot coffee!" Lincoln said. "Ah, my taste buds are burning." He rushed to the fridge and got himself a cherry-flavored popsicle go cool off his tongue. "Ahhh." He signed in relaxation as he came back to the couch. "That hits the spot."

As he sat back down on the couch, he held the popsicle in his mouth for a period of time to stop the pain from the burning. "Aw man." Said Lana. "That was the last Cherry popsicle."

"Come on," Said Rita. "Lincoln is only trying to help his mouth from suffering any more burns. And besides, it's a little took cold for all of you to eat popsicles right now."

"Fair enough." Said Leni. "It's going to be colder tomorrow."

"Around nine degrees farenheit to he exact." Lisa added. "And it will stay that temperature for the next seven days."

"Ah great." Said Lola. "I'm gonna need some extra blankets to keep myself warm tonight."

Rita took a sip of her own hot chocolate before stating: "me and your father will do something about the heating, even though it will cost money. In the mean time, use some extra blankets."

"I honestly don't mind the cold." Lucy stated. "if i sleep in the cold at night' it would make me feel like i am in the deepest, coldest part of Dante's Inferno, and I love Dante's Inferno."

"Why am I not surprised?" asked Lincoln.

"What the heck is Dante's Inferno?" asked Lynn

"of course you would not know what that book is." lisa said before taking another sip of her drink. "a truly timeless classic by Dante, a genius and amazing writer of his time."

"Boo! sounds boring!" Lynn rudely remarked.

"Whatever." Lucy brushed off. "i Just like the cold."

"Well not me." said Lola. "it is irritating being in the cold for so long."

Lincoln meanwhile, licked around his popsicle, and flicked the channels some more. "come on, bro." said Luna. "can you pick a channel?"

"Sorry. just looking for something everyone will love to watch." finally, he caught a glimpse of Home Alone, and he loved that movie, as did the sisters and the parents. he knew he found the perfect thing for his family to watch with him, even though Christmas time is over for this years"

Everyone in the family liked what they were watching and smiled, recognizing this timeless movie well. "Ooh, literally a good idea, Lincoln. i love this movie."

"Me too!" said the other sisters. Lincoln smiled proudly to himself and watched Home Alone with his sisters, and laughed at every moment of this, especially with Kevin's pranks on the Wet Bandits.

As soon as the movie was over, Lincoln still felt a slight burning feeling in his mouth from jugging that much hot chocolate, and went to the freezer to soothe his tongue with an ice cube. Despite how painful the burns were, Lincoln still enjoyed his little treat.

Still watching the movie, the kids were still enjoying it all through the movie, and then the sequel played next which was: "Lost in Paris.", a rather funnier sequel to this timeless movie. All and all, there were some good laughs and more sipping of drinks heard every once in a while.

Yep, these kind of movies were the kind of films that would put everyone in the mood for the holidays, even though if they are already over. (The network decided to give the public the last taste of yule after those days were over to help them with the after-Christmas blues.)

The little burns on Lincoln's taste buds were starting to hurt way less before, thanks to the popsicle and the ice cube soothing his tongue. It was already four in the afternoon when that movie was over.

Weather reports were shown again, and the news anchor said: "This just in, more snow is continuing to hit Royal Woods for the next three weeks. Brrr, possibly the coldest winter we have here since 1996."

"Three weeks?" Said Lynn. "Awesome!"

"No school for three whole weeks!" Lana shouted, just as excited as Lynn was. The other kids cheered along with the two in victory. After that little news report, the kids went back to their own businesses after they were done drinking their cocoa.

Luna was about to go back to her room when she saw an amazing-looking electric guitar that looked on a green lightning bolt. That instrument certainly caught her eye and she really wanted a guitar like that one she is looking at.

Her spirit was crushed when she saw that the guitar was three thousand dollars, plus tax, and Luna couldn't feel any more bummed than she has ever been in her life. "Aw man. Bogus." she said.

"What's the matter, Luna?'

"The price on that sweet ax, lil bro. That's way too steep for me, top of the line."

"Oh. Sorry Luna, I would help you, but... I don't really have a lot of money."

Luna smiled gratefully at how nice Lincoln was trying to be sympathetic with her. "Aw, thanks Linc." she said. "But, i'll be fine. Besides, I do have my own ax. And besides, maybe I can get it from a cheaper website."

"Yeah. And besides, you can try and do a street performing thing, like some musicians do in the streets." Lincoln suggested.

"If that was simple, I would totally try that. But, apparently, it's illegal to street perform in this town."

"What?" Lincoln said. "Outrageous! No city should ban street performing."

"You read my mind, dude. And you're speaking my language." She then played with his hair a little, making him laugh some more. "Well, I suppose I need to be happy for my own ax. Besides, I've carried it with me since sixth grade."

"Yeah, besides, your guitar is the greatest one I've ever heard." Lincoln complimented her.

"Aww, thanks, Linc." Then she gave him a kiss on his right cheek. "Well, gotta hit the ax now." Then she went upstairs and noticed something a little funny in Lisa's room. She had a rather large pod that she built and she was about to put it out. "Wow, bro!" She exclaimed.

"Ah, hello loudest sibling." Lisa peeked her head from behind the pod.

"Lis, what the heck is that thing?"

"It is a sleeping chamber." Lisa answered. "I have just finished with the finishing touches on this thing."

"Sleeping chamber?" Asked Luna. "What would ya need that for, sis?"

"Well, I was thinking about this timeline and I am not very happy about it, and the fact that Stephen Hawking himself has recently passed from this world." She bowed her head in sadness. "Another great person with a great brain in our timeline."

"Yeah, I heard he was very smart."

"He was second compared to Einstein as a matter of fact." Lisa noted. "But anyway, I have built it in case I want to see the future. This chamber will cryogenically put me in a deep sleep while being frozen for as long as the machine will be working properly."

Luna was a little intrigued by this device, and she said: "wow, like frozen that involves ice?"

"Correct, but the machine will keep me alive while frozen. For instance if I wanted to set it for until... 7500 AD, then it will stop, unthaw me, and then voila, I will be in the future."


All of a sudden, Lisa remembered something, and she gasped: "oh Gas planet! I just remembered I need to be teaching a class at Royal Woods university tomorrow. I was assigned to teach Animal molecules and animal brain activities like Galvani did. I'll be gone for a whole eight hours."

"Ooh, that sounds cool."

"So, can you please give me a hand with this, Luna? As you can see, I am no bodybuilder like Lynn is."

"Sure, no problem, sis." Then Luna helped her little sister move the machine in a certain spot.

"Right next to the closet, elder sister."

"No prob, Lis." then she grabbed the machine from the bottom, and this device was a little taller than the rocker girl, probably as tall as the parents. This thing looked heavier than it looked, but still, Luna was a big help to Lisa and she helped her move this contraption next to the closet. "What if Lily gets in this thing?"

Lisa nodded her head. "She won't" she reassured Luna. "It is completely baby-proof."

After the deed was done, Luna clapped her hands sideways in triumph.

"Thank you, Luna."

"No problem, dudette. Always happy to help anyone around me." Then she went back to her room to jam on her guitar like she would normally do in her spare time. Looking outside the window, the continuous snowfall made her jam out by playing something rustic, like playing inside a log cabin in the middle of the woods on a cold day.

Luan walked in the room, and she said: "well, that's one way to make a snow job," then she laughed at the joke she just thought of.

"Very funny." Luna said sarcastically, then she began playing some more.

The Next Morning

Lisa was teaching at the Royal Woods university for the whole day. Lincoln was playing Guitar Dude on the Yball Three, having fun on it. Luam was having a little fun with her dummy: Mr. Coconuts. "Ha! So who is the president of China?"

"I don't know." The dummy replied through Luan's mouth. "Who is the leader of China?"

Luan then burst our laughing. "Exactly! Hu is the leader!" Then she was laughing louder than before like a hyena.

Luna was having a little lunch, which was some microwave fettuccine alfredo with chicken bits in it. The snow had stopped falling for a little while, and the skies were still cloudy with an overcast of cloud, still blocking out the sun.

Some snow plows were expected to clear the streets some time later on today. In the mean time, Luna was a little bored and tried to figure out what she wanted to do today. She already played some drums, and she didn't really want to hear any more of Luan's lame jokes again, so she sat on the couch, watching Lincoln play his game.

"Whatcha doin', bro?" She asked him.

"Just about to beat the high score on Welcome to the Jungle." Lincoln replied. "Hold on, hold on... yes! I got it!" He cheered on triumph over his little victory.

"Nice goin', dude." Luna cheered on for him. "Mind if I join ya on the next game?"

"Sure, grab a guitar controller and go crazy."

"Heh. Sure thing, dude. Going crazy is what I'm all about!" Just as when they were about to play a game together, Leni suddenly interrupted their game.

"Linky!" Leni said. "Can you please help me? I need you to figure out the colors I should use for my new dresses I am working on."

Sounding a little annoyed, Lincoln replied: "now? I'm going to play Guitar Dude with Luna."

Leni then had her lower lip quivering and her eyes looked teary, obviously giving Lincoln a puppy dog look to show how sincere and desperate she was in having Lincoln's help in her work. "Come on. It's for work, and i'm expected to look proposal."


"Yeah, that's right. Please, Lincoln?"

Lincoln eventually gave in, and he said: "alright, alright. Only because you're my sister." He then looked at the rocker girl. "Sorry, Luna."

She smiled at him. "It's okay, dude. We'll play when you're done."


Then as Lincoln went upstairs to help the second eldest sister with her work, Luna went upstairs and thought of creating a winter tune for herself to play. She pulled out her guitar again and began playing random notes and chords to try and give her ideas for a perfect winter song.

All of a sudden, her favorite pick dropped and rolled on the floor, and traced it to Lily's room, inside the cryogenic sleeping chamber, which was open for some reason. nonetheless, she went over and picked up her tool to play her six-string.

just then, something unexpectedly happen: the heavy door crashed on Luna and she found herself trapped in this weird chamber. Luna panicked and she tried pushing and kicking her way out of this pod, but to no avail.

"HELP!" she shouted, trying to make as much noise as possible. "get me out of here, dude!"

despite her shouting, no one could hear her and the machine suddenly turned itself on, making the pod that Luna was in very cold and freezing within. it was becoming so cold that some icicles were forming inside it, and Luna can see her breath.

shivering and shaking from how cold the air was, Luna never felt so cold in her entire life before. "Okay, no need to panic, Luna. someone will be coming, lookin' for ya eventually, i'll be out of here in no time."

The longer Luna stayed in this pod, the colder it was getting every second as she stayed.

about three hours, Luna was frozen and for some reason, the ice was making her hair turn a little blue instead of her dark-brown color on it. Luna's eyes were closed, like she was in a hibernation or some kind of sleep.

Lincoln was finally done with helping Leni, and he was rather annoyed that she couldn't really figure out the many shades of different colors. Still, he was glad to be completely over with that. If not for Lori going out with her friends to the mall, She would have helped Leni herself, but alas, she wasn't there at the moment. Still, Lincoln wondered where Luna was, and she looked everywhere, and she wasn't in her room.

"Luan, have you seen Luna anywhere?"

"Nope, sorry Lincoln."

Mr. Coconuts then joked: "but maybe her girlfriend's in the closet. Huh?"

Luan couldn't help but laugh at her dummy's joke.

"Yeah yeah, thanks a lot, Luan." He looked around the house some more for Luna, and it was just then he found the pod, and he noticed something odd about it, and he didn't know what it was. Walking over, he saw the window on top of it where a person's face would be, and it looked like it was freezing cold in that thing, for ice was seen on the inside of the glass window.

Curious, Lincoln looked through the glass after he tried to get a good look. Seeing through the glass, he gasped in horror and he knew what he saw as he peeked through. Ne saw Luna in her hibernation-like sleep.

Her skin was a very pale blue color on her body, and her eyes were still clamped shut. "Oh no, Luna!" Lincoln shouted. He tried getting the door open and, but he didn't have the strength to pry if open with his hands like a superhero would have. "Cone on!" Lincoln shouted. "Open up!"

Another thing he did was trying to kick the door a few times to force open, but to no avail. "Lincoln, what's wrong?" Asked Lynn coming in the room.

"Luna's frozen in this pod and you got to help me get her out!"

"What?!" Lynn exclaimed in shock. She peeked through the glass herself. "Oh my god, she is frozen!"

"How are we gonna get this thing open?" Lincoln noticed the buttons and settings for the machine and it looked set for 2700 AD. "Grr. Where's the off button on this thing?!"

"I got the key for that." Said Lynn. She made a karate sound and kicked the door, forcing it open. Luna was about to fall, but Lincoln caught her before she was about to hit the floor with her belly. Her body felt really cold and freezing against his hands.

"My god, Luna! Are you okay?"

"Hey, What's with the yelling up here?" Lynn Sr came up the stairs, hearing the commotion from the kitchen. He gasped when he saw Luna looking frozen and her hair blue. "What happened to Luna!"

"I don't know!" Said Lincoln. "I just found her in there, but me and Lynn pried her out."

"We gotta get her help! I'm calling Lisa!"

The father went down the stairs in a frantic hurry and told the other sisters about Luna. They were all shocked the news, along with horrified and concerned.

"What?!" Rita shouted in disbelief. "She's frozen? We need to call for help!"

Rita called Lisa and Lori and told them the news. Meanwhile, Lincoln had an idea and rushed to the bathroom to unthaw her. He turned on the shower and set the water setting to hot. "Come on, Luna! Stay with me!"

It was working for she was becoming less frozen, but her hair was still blue while her skin was still a very pale blue. Despite her being s little warmer, it wasn't enough to wake her up.

"You gotta be okay, Luna!" Lincoln begged. He grabbed his sister and carried her downstairs. "Guys, I managed fo unfreeze her a little, but sue's still out cold."

"She needs medical help!" Said Lana.

From the looks of Luna, she looked pretty bad, and frost bitten by the cold temperature arousing her body while in that cryogenic sleeping pod for so long. Lincoln really hoped she was okay, and everyone can help her out.

This looked very serious and dangerous, for Luna could die in this kind of state.