Later in the night, Mason was looking at the stars while on the balcony in the guestroom. While Sebastien was slowly making a full recovery, and was going to survive; he had to stay in the hospital for the remainder of this nice vacation. Despite feeling guilty about killing his own treacherous and treasonous uncle, Mason knew that he had to do it, and what mattered to him was; this Les Loups Enrages fiasco was all over and France will be a much safer place than ever. Young Mason was happy to save France and it's people that love him, and his friends for saving their beloved country. Crickets were chirping, and as Paris was one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, there was the sound of cars beeping every once in a while from the traffic in certain streets. the lights were glowing and glimmering under the cloudy night sky. The Eiffel Tower itself was glowing bright and sparkling the colors of the country's flag" Red, white, and blue.

If Lafayette, Napoleon, and Charles de Gaulle were still alive today, the three of them would have been proud for accomplishing a great thing for their beloved home. Yes, life was going great for Mason, and he knew his father was going to be alright.

Peeking from the glass door from inside the room, Luna was still concerned about her friend, along with Lincoln, and Sam. Deep down, Luna knew that Mason might suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after what he had been through since the time he killed his own uncle to save everyone. Granted, Luna might not have known Color Fire longer than his father did, but she saw how tough and capable he was, and he might recover overtime. She couldn't help but come outside and sit next to Mason. "Hey man, whatya doing out here?"

"Just thought I would look how beautiful the capital of France is as night with all the lights out right now. I know it's nothing compared to Las Vegas, but still colorful. On one hand, it's beautiful, but on the other hand: it would mean more light pollution."

Luna chuckled before saying: "that's true. Ups and downs for everything." An idea came up to Luna's head and she said: "I know how to make it more beautiful."

"What's that?"

"This." she raised her right hand at the sky, and shot a wave of ice to make it snow all over Paris once again. Sure, it will make the whole metropolis colder, but snow can be beautiful. "The people will thank me tomorrow. I know it."

Mason chuckled and looked at her. "I agree. They will be very happy. especially since we saved all of the country from certain doom."

"Right? I wish Mick Swagger was here to see this. He would have loved it! He would any 'Oh Sweet Rolling Stone, love! you got to save good ole France! Luna, is there anything you can't do? why can't more chaps and more of me mates be more like you?'"

Color Fire chuckled as Luna seemed to nail the impression of her idol that inspired her to he a musician in the first place. "That was tres bien, Luna!" Mason gently ruffed her blue hair. "Really good impression of Mick."

"Merci." Luna blushed in flattery. "So, again, I'm sorry about your dad. I'm sure he will be ok."

"I know he will. My dad's pretty tough. He might be a scientist, but he's not weak like a stereotypical scientist that have brain over brawn."


"But, Uncle Arno caught us by surprise."

"Yeah, he tricked all of us. But it's all over now."

"I know. I know. Don't worry about me, Luna. I'll be fine. what matters is that France loves us and we have accomplished something great. You know, imagine if Lafayette was here."

"Yeah, he would be very proud of us. That, and he would be very confused with how Paris looks now, since there were no TV, radios, or social media in those days."

Both of them had another laugh. "Veey true. You know, we can pay tribute to him again. What we did will bring France and the United States closer than ever. I know it will."

"I was just thinking the same thing. And we just got on Macron's really good side. No doubt he is very glad Les Loups Enrages is no more." she looked at Lincoln again, who was reading his comic books in his underpants. Jesse seemed to be talking with someone on the phone with someone while sitting on a nice chair, watching TV in French.

Turns out: Jesse was talking with his dad on the phone, all the way from here to back home in America. He was reminiscing about how awesome he managed to take down a criminal organization with his friends and save an entire country. "Really dad, it was awesome! you should have been here. You gotta believe me."

"I do believe you, son." said Duncan on the other line. There was footage of you fighting those turds on the news this morning. News of this is sweeping the nation like a plague or a pandemic."

"I hope you're proud of me, dad."

"Of course I am proud of you, Jess. I am very proud of you. Just look at you. you grow up so fast and I just remember yesterday when toy were just a baby in my arms. And now look at you: being a superhero and saving lives like one."

"Hehe, don't get too emotional on me, dad. is everything ok back home?"

"Oh yeah. Yakov is taking care of the bad guys, and me and my boys are doing our duty as police officers. You don't need to worry about a thing back here. Just enjoy the last days in Paris. Oh! and be careful too."

"Got it. I'm always careful." Jesse said.

"Oh, and your mama says she loves you, and your sister."

"Tell them I love them too, and I'll be home soon."

"Talk to you soon, and have fun."

"au revoir." Jesse said before hanging up. "So Lincoln," he asked him, "why do you like reading comics in your birthday suit? just curious."

"Well, I wouldn't say 'birthday suit'." Lincoln admitted. "If it was in my birthday suit, then I wouldn't have my underwear on."

Jesse couldn't help but laugh. "That's a good point."

"Anyway, it just feels more comfortable to me to read comics in my undies."

"OK. I don't judge. I mean, everyone has a weird habit, right? You should see what my dad does when he is on a day off in him and my mama's bedroom."

"What does he do?" Lincoln asked curiously.

"Well, I don't think you want to know. Some things are better left unheard of. If I told ya, it would make me a terrible friend to you."

"Well, OK. whatever you say."

"So do you guys might think we will go out there to more places after coming back home? I mean, Mason's dad has a personal pilot that flies a plane." said Sam, who was stringing her bass guitar.

"That would he awesome!" said Jesse. "I mean, we still have school and all."

"Maybe they'll give us a special treatment for being superheroes."

Sam laughed before saying: "I wish, Lincoln. I really wish. No more homework, no more studying, blah blah blah."

"Besides, we don't know exactly where we will go next after coming back home." Jesse pointed. "I mean, you can't just expect another opportunity like this to happen with a snap of a finger, right?"

"True." said Sam. she looked at Luna who was still talking to Mason, and couldn't help but go out there on the wide balcony herself. "Hey guys. Everything alright?"

"Just sitting out here." said Mason. "I hope I don't leave my dad behind here as we leave back home in a few days."

"He'll be fine, Mason. Come on, let's try to be more happier about this. I mean, Simon is going to be so in awe after I tell him all the stuff I did while being a superhero. He'll call me the coolest sister ever.

"And Mason, don't worry about your dad too much. You said it yourself: he's tougher than he looks."

"Touche. And there's going to be a celebration tomorrow in front of the Eiffell Tower. Macron's giving a speech and he is going to reward us all with badges and medals of honor."

"There you go!" said Sam. "I, for one, feel very privileged to be called a national hero of another country."

"Might not he as big a hero as Napoleon, but still." Luna admitted. "So Mason, you want some buttered croissants? there's still some of them in the fridge."

"Sure. croissant me." Mason replied. He headed inside and got himself a few of the pastries from the fridge. They got a nice free dinner that looked like a buffet with cheeseburs, frog legs, escargot, hot dogs, and other combinations of French and American food. It was a nice dinner for these heroes to enjoy and by the time they were finished with their dinner, they were already full.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day because of the ceremony and party to celebrate the extermination of Les Loups Enrages. Tomorrow will surely be a day to remember.

Luna was back in her guestroom with Sam ahd the boys had their room to themselves again.

The Next Morning

A large group of people, probably up to hundreds, or even thousands were gathered around in front of the Eiffel Tower to hear the president's speech. They could hardly wait to see the heroes. Since the crowd was so big, there were some large screens to show the people in the far back the event if they couldn't see what was going on.

Luna, Mason, Sam, Jesse, and Lincoln (who was in his Ace Savvy outfi) was in an orderly line with their hands behind their back to look professional. Macron was to the right of the heroes and Sabre with his GIGN group were behind the heroes with their guns in hands.

"People of France." Macron began his speech in front of the microphone. "Today, we celebrate the great triumph of our heroes from America. Luna Frost, Lincoln Loud, Color Fire, Meteor, and Electrifier to thank them for their bravery and service to us all."

the crowd in front of the stage erupted into massive cheering and applauding.

"We present to you all, medals for bravery and courage." Macron said before he gave the heroes badges as a sign of gratitude. "We also have one for Steel Soldier as well." Macron said to the heroes. "Nut since he is not here, you can give it to him when you return home."

"Merci beaucoup." said Luna.

"We celebrate a glorious day to be rid of Les Loups Enrages!" Macron continued his speech. "We can all rest easy, knowing that they will no longer be a problem to anyone here ever again. Rejoice!"

Another wave of cheering was heard from be crowd and fireworks erupted in the cloudy sky to mark this celebration.