Hairdoom and Living Taser were sent off the jail once again and the heroes who stopped them were applauded and praised for their usual heroic deeds. Chief Duncan went up to them and said: "You guys have all done it again. I can't be any more proud of you all, especially you, Je- I mean, Meteor."

It was a good thing that Duncan was keeping his sons' identity a secret from the public so he wouldn't be put in danger. "Thanks, Chief." said Jesse.

"Man it's good to be back home, dude." Luna said confidentially. "Now we can all take down the bad guys at home again. They won't stand a chance against us as a team again."

"I hate to break it to you, Luna," said Mason, "but we don't know who else will gain superpowers and turn evil, considering all those accidents that happened with these bad guys."

"Good point." Luna agreed, "but we'll be there to catch some bad guy butt if needed."

"I agree." said Jesse. "Any more freaky supervillains try to terrorize the town, they'll have to go through us." he cracked his knuckles with hope and confidence.

"We'll be sure to count on you guys for always saving the say." Duncan said. "By the way, Meteor, your mama made some chocolate mousse for desert after having jambalaya for dinner."

"Ooh, that sounds good." Jesse said. "Thanks for the tip da- I mean chief."

The chief of police said bye to all of the heroes and left in his police car. "Your dad is a great guy, Jess." said Luna.

"A very great man."

"Yeah. I know." Jesse smiled proudly. "He's selfless and always does everything he can to save people and keep the city safe."

"Thanks for saving me from being tickled from Hairdoom, Yakov." Lincoln said to him.

"You are very welcome, Lincoln. Always happy to help out my own friends. Oh! speaking of which, Luna, Jackal would like to see you. He says he has a special job for you to have."

"Cool. I'll go over there right now." the ice girl went off to Jackal's palace alone and the guards were happy to see her again after being in France, although they still looked tough and didn't really show it to her physically. No, they have an image to keep and be professional as possible.

Setting foot inside the manner with two bodyguards from the mansion as her escort. She opened the door and there revealed Jackal himself drinking a cappuccino coffee from his hands like a rich man would do. Rupert the chow chow recognized the rocker girl and ran up to her, tackling her and licking his face with his purple tongue while wagging his curled tail.

Laughing from the ticklish tongue, Luna said: "Ah, good to see you too, Rupert. Stop it! hahahaha!"

"Rupert! Rupert!" Charlie called out. "Get off her, boy!" he clapped his hands three times and it made the fluffy chow come over to his master. The Jackal then helped her up. "Sorry about that, Luna. Rupert missed you here."

"No. it's fine, sir." Luna remarked. "I have a dog that behaves like he does."

"Good. So come, have a seat my girl."

"Sure thing." Luna sat on the chair as the rich man sat on his signature couch. "So any reason why you have called me here?'

"Oh yes." said Jackal. "There is a reason I called you here. But first, I am curious, how was your trip to one of the greatest countries in the world?"

"France was awesome! but newr the end of the trip, it was fou! or crazy in French. Les Loups Enrages trying to kill me and my friends."

Charlie chortled before saying: "yes, I have seen that on the news, Luna. it was crazy. An entire group of partisans trying to take over an entire country to try and make it better? it would have been more like a failed revolution. It would have been like a second French Revolution but worse."

"Way worse. But Arno is taken care of and the group is gone for good. But I think there are a few of those guys still out there in Paris, or other cities in France."

"Probably." said Charlie. "Alas, you can't convince everyone to change. It pains me to say this but: there will always be some sort of fanatics out there. Whether it be France, Russia, Germany, or other nations similar."

"Very true, Jackal. But it was very fun in France. We got to save the country and we're getting a lot of popularity in France, and other parts of Europe too. And as a bonus, me and my friends got French citizenship!"

"Really?" said Jackal. "And you didn't have to join the French Foreign Legion?"

"Yeah! it's crazy but we felt privileged."

"I would say you all were very privileged. Opportunities like those are as rare as full scholarships for college."

"That's a good way to put it." Luna modestly said.

"Always remember that out there, you will not just make new friends. You will make new enemies too."

"Yeah. I know that." Luna said. "My mom and dad always said there will always be someone who won't like me."

"Precisely. So anywho. I have a special job for you."

"Got it. Fire away." Luna lounged on the chair.

"Well, you see, there was one of my boys on the inside told me that there was a disturbance in Pontiac. A person had suddenly gained himself the power to create a powerful scream that's powerful enough to literally blow someone away. He calls himself Screamo, you know, the kind of metal genre."

"I know very well what that is." said Luna. "What does he look like?"

"Something like a combination of Slipknot, Rob Zombie, and Kiss combined. Scary makeup and intimidating appearance. Trust me, it would probably haunt you the first time you would look at him."

"Huh. Don't worry, I'll check it out, Jackal."

"And the reward for this is fifty thousand dollars as a bonus to this months' cheque I will give you you."

"Fifty grand? nice! Should I bring Lincoln and the others?"

"The more help the merrier, Luna." said Jackal. "I promise to reward them for their actions too."

Luna smiled gratefully and then asked: "Radical! So what does this Screamo creep look like?"

"You'll know when you see him, and the powers he has." Jackal pointed. "Be careful out there, Luna. And it's good to have you back in America." he gave her the gun gesture

Rupert, being on friendly terms with the heroes for a while let out a few excited barks while panting his tongue on thag adorable mug of his. Luna bid the Jackap good day and left the room to tell the others of the situation.

Pontiac, a kind of district of Detroit, only twenty miles away from the large city. Something similar to the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn in New York city. Nevertheless, despite the semi-long travel, the heroes all made it.

Cold and snowy in February Screamo couldn't he hard to find if he had the powers of supersonic screaming involved.

"I've never fancied myself in that genre of music." Yakov admitted. "The horrifying makeup and how they just damage their vocal chords with that demonic voice of theirs."

"Maybe. That's what I heard about Corey Taylor from Slipknot." Loona stated: "He and guitarist, Jim Root, formed the band Stone Sour because Corey felt like he was losing his voice. But it's just a rumor."

"Wouldn't surprise me." said Yakov. "I just do not understand how there are many, many people in the world that like to hear the screaming sound of screamo or music similar to that genre."

"Everyone has their taste." said Sam.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!" a sudden sound of a demonic wail was heard and a building was torn down and demolished as if a wrecking ball had struck it, and there wasn't a construction crane in sight. "Hear my screaming!" said a gruff voice in a yell before letting it a long, maniacal laughter into the sky.

He let out another scream, and without warning, two cars came flying into a plaza, destroying a couple of buildings in the process. from the smoke and fire caused by whoever did this, there was a man of young age, probably in his twenties, and he was wearing a black bodysuit under a black trench coat with a belt and belt buckle that looked similar to the signature logo for the late Motorhead.

He has long, brown hair that was light brown and was long and straight (going as down as his waist, and a large goatee that went a little down his neck. On top of that, he had makeup that made him look like Kiss and Slipknot combined, similar to a look of a demon. it was almost like a scsry demon mask or demon tattoos on his face.

Yes, he looked grotesque and detestable. "Well, looks like i have a coupleof heroes trying to stop me."

"Whoa, so you're screamo?" asked Lincoln.

"Yep! that's my name, don't wear it out."

"Well, we're-" Sam was about to introduce heeself and her colleagues to this freak, but she was interrupted.

"Oh ho, no need for introductions, Electrifier. I know very who you all are. Luna Frost, Steel Soldier, Color Fire, Meteor, and Ace Savvy, or Lincoln." said Screamo. I reckon i don't need to introduce myself to you guys."

"So you're causing so much vandalism and destruction to private property?" asked Lincoln.

"And public property?" Mason added.

"Not just that. Trying to blast away any annoying cops that try to stop mez and killing as much people as i want. Go figure."

"Killing people?" said Jesse. "That is just wrong! What is your deal?"

"My deal, my rock-wielding friend," said Screamo, "Is what people keep saying about screamo! They say it's so annoying and not music! well, I think it's the greatest kind of music out there. People today listen to today's pop music, which is actually garbage and auto-tune stuff. How can anyone call it music?!" he then calmed down and regained his composure. "Anyway, if there is anyone who can bring doom metal, scream metal, and any of that stuff back to the top, it's me."

"Come on. That's kind of a lame reason." said Mason

"Oh, I'll show you lame reason, Color Fire." he inhaled himself and let out a powerful demonic yell at the heroes, and it was very loud. the heroes covered their ears and were eventually blasted away into the snowy street. "I cannot allow you to get in the way of my fun."

"Then surrender, dude." Luna said, readying her ice powers in her hands.

"I don't think so."

Luna then used her left hand to blast him with an ice blast but Screamo dodged and an all-out fight ensued between the six heroes against one supervillain.

It was thanks to the numbers of the heroes that they had won against this scary supervillain.

It didn't take long for the police go come and arrest Screamo. "You might have won this round, you guys, but I'll be back!" before he can swear revenge some more, his mouth was clamped shut by some cloth to keep him from screaming anymore.

They knew the battle had won and the heroes celebrated their triumph over Screamo.

Luna and Mason got their reward for taking care of this freak from Jackal and it was a rather hefty sum. Both of them were at the Loud house and Sam was getting some root beer from the kitchen and getting ready to jam with Sam.

"Well, that was rather easy." said Mason

"Yeah! I know. it's like he wasn't even trying. And... you did well out there, Mason."

"Heh. yeah, merci Luna. Merci."

They flushed at one another and before they knew it, like they weren't thinking straight, they suddenly locked lips and they looked so passionate. Rubbing their lips against one another, they almost couldn't feel their teeth.

Both of them were unaware that Sam had walked in the room and she gasped as she watched what she didn't think would ever see in her entire life. Hearing the gasp, both Luna and Mason looked at her and they were shocked.

"Wha- wha- what's going on here?" said Sam.

"Sam! this is not what you think. I mean... I can explain!'


"It's... we were just in the moment and... we didn't know what we were thinking."

"Yeah, she still loves you." Mason added.

"Does she?" asked Sam. "Do you love me, Luna?"

"Of course I do, Sam!"

"Then why did you kiss?" Sam asked, starting to become angry.

"I don't know. I... wasn't thinking straight. I... I have some feelings for him. OK?"

"So, who do you love more? pick a side?" tears formed in Sam's eyes. She felt like she have betrayed and Luna felt like she had committed something so horrible and atrocious, she might not think about forgiving herself after what she had pulled off.


"Then why did you kiss her, Mason?" Sam turned her attention to the fire hero.

"She was just right there... and I had no idea what came over me."

"Look, Sam, if there's anything I can do to make it up to you, just name it."

"I... I..." more tears filled up Sam's eyes. "I need to be alone." she walked out the door and held her arms with her hands as she was sobbing silently.

"Sam! wait! please come back!"

"Just leave me alone." Sam said. "Please. I just want to be alone right now."

Luna watched her girlfriend (or maybe ex-girlfriend now) walk away into the snow and Luna collapsed on her knees, sobbing to her hands as she was feeling guilty like she had never felt guilty before.