Poor Luna was still in a coma-like sleep, and she was in the hospital, on the emergency room. The whole family was waiting outside in the waiting room, so worried about the poor rocker girl who has been freezing in that pod for quite a while, and she was completely out of it in her coma. Out of all the siblings worried sick about her, Lincoln was the one most worried about her well-being, and he prayed that she will be okay and not die of hypothermia.

The rocker chick had been in their for two whole hours while the family was worrying stiff while waiting for the diagnosis.

Coming out from Luna's room, a doctor that looked a little but like groucho Marx, but with grey hair and hisbuairbwas far more long innards ponytail. "Do come inside." He said. Going back inside the patient room, everyone in the family came rushing and crowded around Luna's bed.

"Doctor, please." Said Lynn Sr. "Is our daughter alright"

"Her heart is still beating, mr. Loud." The doctor explained. "Although, I cannot really specify why her hair turned dark blue and her skin turn white in the first place. I have never seen anything like it before."

Leni was the next one to speak: "can you do something about her skin and hair?"

The doctor made a small sigh, and he admitted: "I doubt it, little lady. It looks like frost bite and it might take a while for that to go away. Probably in a week or month, or more than that. How did this even happen anyway?"

Everyone in the family began whistling and Lincoln lied by saying: "she was playing out in the snow for too long."

"Yep, that's right." Lynn added. Everyone else agreed with Lincoln's cover story. "She just couldn't take it anymore."

For the doctor, he was confused about this, and he raised his left eyebrow in question. "Wait, why- why would she-"

"Will she have to stay here in the room?"

"No. By the looks of her, the condition is not terribly bad. Just give her plenty of warmth as the days go on, and it is strongly recommended that she stays in bed with lots of covers over her body for a number of days."

Sighing with relief, Rita said: that's good to hear. We could have lost her."

Lynn Sr looked down at Lisa, trying to smile and not be angry at her. Gritting his teeth while looking at her, he said: "I wonder why it is so cold. Why did it have to be that cold?"

Lisa smiled nervously, knowing that she will probably get punished for this. "I wonder that myself. Hehehe."

"Well don't worry, doctor." Lori reassured. "We'll make sure our sister will literally make a full recovery." Lincoln and the other sisters all agreed with her and the doctor smiled at their loved for their sister.

Clearing his throat, the doctor said: "good. As long as you give her plenty of warmth, she will be just fine. Now, if you can just sign the papers and here is the bill for this." He gave Rita the form to sign her signature on while he gave Lynn Sr the bill for coverage.

The father's eyes bounced up when he saw the price. "What?!" He shouted. "Five-hundred and fifty dollars?!" His right lower eyelid began twitching at seeing the number.

"Oh. Don't worry, dear." Said Rita. "We have health insurance for our kids, remember?"

"Right. Will you take a cheque?"

"Of course."

So right after the father paid and the mother signed her signature, Luna was good to go, and everything was all set. Lynn Sr signed his signature on the paper since he was a parent, too.

Luna began moaning and groaning, trying to regain conciousness. "Man," she muttered. The whole family gasped and crowded around her.

"Luna?" Said Lincoln.

"Come on, stay with us!" Luan added

On the machine, her heart was still beating, and she was unconscious once again.

"I believe I can handle the rest here, doctor." Said Lisa. "I am a genius/child prodigy after all."

"She's right, you know." Said Lola.

"Perhaps I can take a look at why her hair and skin had changed."

The groucho doctor looked confused, and he said: "I don't know what a kindergarten kid like you can do to help this poor girl, but be my guest."

"I think we should just let her rest when we get home." Said Lana.

Everyone is the family agreed with her, and Lincoln was the one who carried Luna, and Lynn helped him out too. As soon as they got in the van, Rita looked at Lisa with a stern look. "Lisa, why is there a cryogenic freezer in your room on the first place?"

"Well... I built in in case I wanted to cryogenically freeze myself in a deep sleep and awaken at a certain time, and be ok the future."

"Why would you do that?" Asked the father in confusion.

"Just in case I wanted to in case a time machine doesn't work."

"Well, I hope you realize how lucky Luna is to have survived that." Lori said.

"And how many times have we told you, NOT to experiment on your siblings anymore?!" Rita asked

"I didn't do it on purpose." Lisa said. "I keep my word on what you told me on that time before." Lisa swore.

Lincoln cleared his throat and looked at Luna. "I just hope she will stay alive. We can't lose her."

Luna began to awake this time and looked around seeing a bunch of smiling faces. "What happened to me, man?" She asked.

"You accidentally froze yourself in my cryogenic sleeping pod." Lisa clarified. "And you miraculously survived."

Raising her eyes in realization, Luna remembered that little incident she had and how frozen she was. "Aw man. Now I remember."

"How do you feel?" Asked Lincoln

"Well, I don't feel so diff than before. Did something happen to me?"

"Well, look at your skin and hair." Leni clarified.

Lola gave her one of her hand mirrors and Luna looked at her face. "Whoa!" It surprised her so much that she accidentally dropped the mirror.

"Oh Luna!" Lola shouted. "You're lucky that it didn't break. Otherwise, I would have killed you!"

"Lola, enough." Said Rita. "Luna's already been through enough as it is. So Luna, would you like anything when we get home?"

"Nah. I'll ne fine, mom. But what happened to my hair and skin, brah?"

"We don't know." said Lynn.

"Well, I hope it doesn't last forever, even in cold, November rain." Then she looked outside the car window, and the snow was covering all the roofs above all the houses passing by.

At last, they all returned home and when everyone got out of the car, the cold, winter breeze hit everyone like a string fan on a hot day, everyone except for Luna. No, she didn't feel even the slightest bit cold at all, and she wasn't shivering.

"Gah! It's so cold out here!" Lana exclaimed while shivering.

Luna took off her jacket and she couldn't feel any cold air flow against her skin or body. "I don't feel anything, dude."

The whole family looked at her in surprise and disbelief. "What?" They all asked her.

"You're kidding right?" Asked Lincoln. "It's like three degrees farenheit out here, Luna."

"Sorry, bro. I just can't seem to feel it." Luna answered. All of a sudden, she felt lightheaded and almost collapsed on the snowy ground, but Lincoln caught her just in time.

"Luna!" Lincoln said. "I better get you on the couch." Then he tried carrying her on his back, but she was wittle too heavy son Lynn had to help him out again. Lucy got a black blanket for her to keep warm in, and Leni made her some hot chocolate to help her out as well.

"Ah. Thanks, bro." She said. "I'll be fine. Just a little... lightheaded right now."

"You sure you're okay, Luna?" Asked Lincoln in a worried voice. "Don't worry. I'll be just fine. Can younplease... lay me down in your room, buddy?"

"Okay. Lynn. Help me out again, please."

"Got it." Then the sports girl helped Lincoln out one final time. And carried Luna to Lincoln's room and say her on his own bed.

"How come you don't wanna stay in your bed?"

"'Cause I don't wanna deal with Luam's jokes right now."

"Hey. Are you saying that it would be a snow job? Hahahahaha! Get it?"

Everyone groaned in irritation. "Good idea." Lynn remarked. She gently placed her on Lincoln's bed, and the white-haired boy gently placed a blanket over her body. "Let me know if you need anything. Just... after I am done watching the Superbowl today!" She had a change of demeanor from sympathetic to excited about something she considers more important than this.

Luna and Lincoln rolled their eyes in irritation, and at Lynn's rather tiny brain. "Eh Lynn." Luna said with a small sigh. "Thabks for letting me rest in your bed buddy. You don't mind, do ya?'"

Lincoln nodded his head to her. "No. Not at all. I just want you to be okay."

"Aww, come here Linc." Then she opened her arms, ready for a hug from her only brother." Lincoln couldn't say no to that, and he simply went up to hug her. It was a really nice feeling for her to give, and she was very grateful.

"And Lincoln, I want to be in here because I wanna thank ya for saving me from turning into a popsicle."

"Yeah. I'm sorry if I didn't come sooner." Lincoln bowed his head in shame a little. However, he felt his forehead being kissed by Luna's lips. It felt rather cold like an ice cube pressing against his head.

"Thst kiss was a little... cold." He said.

"Really dude?" Luna asked.

'Well yeah. Still, I don't hate it. And again, sorry for not saving you earlier, Luna."

"It's okay bro. I forgive you."

"And are you sure you don't feel sick?"

"Nope. I still feel like the same ole Luna Loud. Always rockin' and rollin' as much as I can. Even if my hair is blue and skin is paler than a dog bone."