Well I guess I should start with a Hi my name is me1230 (for now till I think of something better) and i'm new to fan fiction this is my first story so I hope it goes well. I am always welcome to constructive criticism and suggestions so please feel free to review.

Digimon time frame: at the start of and through frontier

PJO time frame: between "The Lost Hero" and "Son of Neptune" in those months where Leo is building the argo 2 and such

Disclaimer: I do not own the Digimon or Percy Jackson franchises

Genivive POV

I looked over at my brown-haired friend as I started process what had just been told to us.

"So" said friend started "Your telling me that Gen and I are children of gods, like the greek gods"

"Yes Takyua" the Centuar, Chiron, replied in a calm manner like he was used to this, which he probably was " You and Genivive are demigods or half-bloods as we call them"

As he said a light filled the room and I saw a flaming hammer over Takyua , my friend since we were little's, head and a set of scales appear over mine.

"Hail, Takyua daughter of Hephaestus god of fire and forges and Genivive daughter of Adrestia goddess of balance"

"Well" I said finally gaining courage to speak and turning to Takyua "our life just got weirder."

Over the course of that summer (we got sent to camp near the beginning of it by our mortal parents) we learned to fight and such because we could go home at the end of it since our sents wasn't as strong as some demigods and got weapons to. Taky made (you know Hephaestus and all that jazz) some darts that seemed to suit her, had a bow and arrows set which turned into bracelets and two daggers which became two charms on choker. I used a spear that became a hairclip and two swords that became a dao pedant on a necklace.


We got off the train from the airport at shubya station and turned on our phones having waited till the last second because cell phones attract monsters, apparently, when a message came up on their screens. "Do you want to start?" both we looked at each other and had a short but silent conversation clicked yes, then another message came up "Take the elevator to the basement." Complying, we got on the lift at the same time as another boy who looked about their age, 13, that had long hair, a bandana, and a stoic look on his face.

"I'm guessing you're here about the message to" Takyua asked the boy trying to be nice and all she got as a reply was a glare then she mumbled to me under her breath "Gods, he's like a reverse hunter or something"

That got a giggle out of me and caused the kid to look at us oddly. At that moment the elevator started plumetting into what looked like an abyss. When we neared the ground the we saw many colored trains and more kids, some around our age, some older, some younger, it kind of reminded the half-bloods of camp. Looking around and seeing that their "traveling companion" had already left them they dicided on an orange colored train and got on the small porch on the caboose as the train started moving.

Takyua turned to me as she smiled and said "Looks like our life just got weirder."