Once upon a time, before Man conquered the world

There were four sisters who laid claim to the land, air, and waters

From the youngest to the eldest their names were

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.


Spring clothed herself in a gown of flower buds

and her slippers were droplets of melted snow.

She had rosy cheeks and her sweet laughter

sounded like the peel of little bells.

She was an innocent but curious girl

who never tired of exploring

the newness around her.

And she never failed to warm someone's heart

with her gentle caress.


Summer wore the bright rays of sunshine

and a radiant smile always lit her face.

She was free-spirited and rambunctious,

carefree, but almost never lazy.

Her greatest joy was to be set free,

for she hated to be corralled.

Playing in the forests and meadows

and splashing through the streams and ocean surf

was what she loved best.


Autumn clothed herself

with the first chill in the air.

She had a quiet serene face,

and was wise, generous, and thoughtful.

As she wandered across the world,

brushing leaves from their branches

with a gentle flick of her wrist,

she never failed to remind its creatures

to be prepared for tomorrow.


Winter clothed herself with ice and fire

as she kept a watchful eye

on the earth during the long dreary cold season.

She was private, solitary, and stern,

preferring to keep her emotions

covered under a thick layer of snow

as she wandered across the earth.

But she also loved to sing

and dance on the snow flurries

when the time came to celebrate the Savior's birth.