Fandom/Universe: Roswell

Characters: Michael Guerin, Isabel Max Evans, Liz, Maria, Kyle Valenti, OC

Pairings: Maria / Michael /OC, Max/Liz, Isabel/Kyle

Spoilers/Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: Roswell and all related characters are the creation of Jonathon Dukes and Jason Katims Productions, Regency Television, 20th Century Fox Television. OC's are all ME. No infringement intended.

Summary: There's aliens in Roswell.

Status: In-Progress

Author's Note: Takes place in the last 2Seasons.

Chapter: The First Act, Part I

Gagё stood just inside the main entrance of the school. The checklist in her mind of all the things she found different and disliked about Roswell New Mexico grew longer.

Dry hot weather; check.

Dirt everywhere –so maybe that was an exaggeration; check.

One gazillion different types of alien heads, masks, UFO's, gah! ; check.

'I wish I'd have stayed with Grand-mère.'

They had tempted her with adventure and well… Gagё couldn't turn down the chance of that. So far the weather had been … pleasant enough. The dry heat was a change from New Orleans but she missed the water, even the swampy playground which is where she'd be right now if she hadn't agreed to go on this 'adventure' with her parents. An extra week off from school…

'I should've stayed home.'


The crowded hallway was no different than at her old school. Kids walking, talking, yelling…it was all normal.

Gagё scowled at the kids swarming around her and winced at the locker slammed shut just behind her. She half turned, never noticing the tall blond girl walking past with a dark haired boy until they 'nudged' her.

Racing lights through a black expanse-stars. A cloud or clouds and infinite silenc e-



Gagё blinked and the pictures in her head cleared up. Isabel placed her hand on Gagё's shoulder- her skin warming at the simple touch.

A cavernous room, shiny obsidian floor, glittering beads and silk. Silver coronet and a deep bloody stone in the center. Her blond hair braided and weaved together, resting on her bare shoulder where she sat on a brocaded couch of white.


"…you okay?"

Gagё blinked, shaking her head slightly as if that was going to get rid of the pictures in her head. The dark haired boy looked concerned and they both flanked her. She didn't like the feeling of being cornered. "Oui!" she nodded, pasting a fake smile on her face while stepping out of Isabel's touch. "Just fine."

"We?" Isabel glanced at Alex who shrugged a shoulder. "Hey-."

"Bonne journée." Gagё waved a hand over her shoulder, quickly making her escape but mostly just wanting to get away from her, Isabel. The last thing Gagё had expected on her very first day of school would be this; some psychic voo-doo, hoo-doo Gagё didn't want to admit was a part of her.

Isabel stayed put, frowning after the new girl.

"French." Alex stated with a slight note of surprise.

"She's not French." Isabel shook her head.


It was just after lunch when Michael pulled Max aside in the middle of the hall. He whispered about the girl he thinks could be an alien.

"Why would you think that?" Max frowned, concerned but cautious.

Michael hesitated. "…got a flash of before." He muttered under his breath.

Max shook his head. "What- how does that make her an alien?" he lowered his voice on the last and then curiosity. "When did you start hooking up with another girl?"

"I'm not." Michael huffed. "And I'm not with Maria either. Can we focus on this new alien in our lives?"

"Fine," he agreed. "So this 'alien', why do you insist she is?"

"Because that flash wasn't of me, not this me." Michael kept the rest to himself, that he'd also had a flash of Tess helping him learn to use his alien powers, which is what had freaked Gagё out in the first place just a few minutes ago when they'd run into each other in the hall.

That wasn't what Max had been expecting to hear and it showed on his face.


Isabel still wore the smile from the kiss Alex had given her a few moments ago. She headed out the school doors where she knew her brother would be waiting for her. She spotted Gagё- the new girl at school- whom she'd learned had moved to Roswell from New Orleans. That explained her French and the soft accent, as well.

Isabel waved but Gagё turned around and hurried to the parking lot. Isabel was sure the new girl had seen her and for some reason was avoiding her. Isabel followed, moving towards the car. Max was already there, sitting in the Jeep as Isabel approached. They saw Gagё jump into her Bronco when Michael hopped into the back.

"That's her!" he pointed. "That's the alien girl."

Isabel laughed. "Right." She looked at them but by the expression on their faces she could tell they weren't kidding.

"Michael had a flash of himself, as Rath, with her." Max explained. He followed the Bronco as it left the school parking lot. Max recognized her, the new girl in his English class. 'Gagё D'Arcy.'

"That's it?" Isabel looked at Michael over her shoulder. "You got a flash –ew! Why are you kissing the new girl?" she demanded. It was bad enough he was always arguing with Maria and now making out with another girl would only make them that much worse to be around.

"I'm not hooking up with anyone!" Michael shouted out of patience. He didn't see why they kept asking him that.

"He touched her." Max explained.

"I didn't get any flash of that other me." Isabel protested. "I accidentally bumped her and I touched her shoulder. There was no flash." She insisted then noticed her brothers attention was focused behind her. Michael had already seen them; both Liz and Maria stood just a few feet away and it was obvious they'd both heard Michael's shouted denial.


Liz expected the conversation to take a turn anytime-

"Who's he kissing?" Maria demanded as they drove to the Crash Down. "Because it's not me. I would know if it was me."

"I'm sure it's not like that." Liz tried to soothe her friend but Maria would only get worse.

"Right. Did you see them?" she demanded glaring at the road. "It's that new girl. Max was pointing at her. I mean, what's so hot about the new girl? Why are the aliens interested in her?"

"Maria!" Liz exclaimed.

"Oh please, no one heard us." Maria scowled. "You think my car is bugged or something? We are just that important; the government goes around listening to teenaged girls talk about boys."

"We still shouldn't be so careless." Liz insisted.

Maria laughed. "Careless, yeah." She nodded. "I sure have been to think Michael wouldn't cheat on me. And that new girl!"

"Its her first day, Maria." Liz protested. "I doubt she knows who Michael is."

"Why are you defending her?" Maria demanded. "Are you bff's now?" she turned her anger on Liz who shook her head.

"I just met her," Liz protested. "She's in my history class."

"Great, well now that you know her what the hell is she doing with Michael?" Maria demanded.

"I told you -." Liz sighed and gave up. There was nothing that was going to get Maria off this subject, especially when it concerned Michael. "All I know is that she just moved here from New Orleans. Her parents are professors at the university. Her Mom is an anthropologist, she teaches philosophy. Her Dad is a mathematician and teaches history."

"Well," Maria huffed. "I thought you just met her."

"I did." Liz protested. "She seems nice." Liz had liked her, the short introduction she had been forced to make in front of the class had left an impression on everyone. It had been obvious Gagё didn't want to be standing in front of the class and had retaliated by speaking only French. And finishing it off with a mocking curtsey. "We could -."

"If you think I'm going to be friends with the skank making out with my boyfriend, Liz…" Maria shook her head, gripping the steering wheel tighter.

"We don't know that. We don't know-."

"I don't know her!" Maria exclaimed. She couldn't help being jealous and she hated that Michael always made her feel that way. "This… I never got any flashes from Michael. Not once! But this new girl? She's giving Michael flashes? How does that even work-?" she pursed her lips, eyes on the road.

Liz didn't know what to say that would comfort Maria. Was there something? Did anything any of them said make a difference? Liz didn't understand because she had never gotten that far with Max and what did it matter when she had given him up. He was meant to be with Tess. They all knew that.

"Look," Liz sighed already knowing the warning she was going to give wouldn't go over well. "My Dad doesn't like you two fighting at the Crash Down. If you two keep it up he's not going to-."

"What? He's going to fire me?" Maria gasped, shocked and angry. "I can't believe it! After all this time-! And Michael!"

Liz scrunched into the passenger seat, her eyes staring unseeing out the window. She should have known it wouldn't have gone over well and just kept silent. But then she wondered; Gagё was new and she definitely drew attention with her dark hair and unusual eyes. She even had the kind of pouty, just kissed lips that Liz had always wished she'd been born with. Why wouldn't Michael want to kiss her?

Liz spared Maria one last glance and sighed softly. It just seemed they were meant to suffer heart break because of their alien loves.


Maria was the first to notice her. The sour puss on her face drew Liz' attention to the dining room. Her Dad was already welcoming Gagё, placing a menu in front of her at the counter.

"Great," Maria scowled, tossing her rag. "What does she want?"

"Food, maybe." Liz gave Maria's arm a gentle pat before heading out. She didn't know anymore than the others about this new girl. She didn't see how they'd come to the conclusion that Gagё was another alien. For one; she was nothing like Tess.

Gagё didn't think she would ever get used to all the alien stuff. The Crash Down was just so Roswell. Alien heads, big funky eyed balloons, bobble heads too? Gagё almost turned around to leave. It was aliens everywhere and she really didn't need any more trouble on her plate. Which is why she had told herself the weird flashes this morning were nothing.

'Never happened.'

And that would be her truth.

So Gagё sat at the counter offering Liz a tentative smile when she approached, her pad in hand.

"Hi," Liz felt bad for Gagё, all the weird attention she was getting from Michael and then Maria's fits because of Michael's … disinterest. They were just so … difficult. "What'll you have?"

"Food's a start." Gagё snarked. She bit her tongue- too late to keep the words from coming out of her mouth-and offered a half shrugged apology. "Uh, bacon on my cheeseburger please. Fries and a coke. But it's to go." She avoided glancing to the kitchen where a certain blond boy stood, his intense gaze locked on her.

"Ok," Liz smiled turning to place the order at the window. She noticed Michael's interest. His eyes locked on the girl at the counter. "Hey, you'll burn the burgers."

Michael's gaze shifted, his attention turning back to the grill as Liz headed back to get Gagё her drink. She could already hear Maria.

"…I can't believe you!"

"I don't care." Michael kept glancing into the dining room, watching as the new girl sat at the counter, her fingers drumming on the Formica top.

"That's obvious." Maria snapped. "I don't know why I keep doing this. You're the worst boyfriend ever."

That got Michael's attention. "Boyfriend?"

"Guys!" Liz stood at the window. "Keep it down, please. The dining room is starting to hear you."

"You can blame him!" Maria snapped her rag then tossed it aside as she stomped out of the kitchen. Michael didn't spare her a glance. He went back to the grill, ignoring Liz too.

Gagё ducked her head, pretending not to hear the arguing because she really couldn't hear details, just that the teens in the back of the restaurant were arguing about something.

"Here you go." Liz placed the paper bag on the counter in front of Gagё, smiling.

"Merci." Gagё tried not to sound relieved. She handed over a $20 and waited for her change.

"How do you like Roswell?" Liz asked as she placed the change on the counter in front of Gagё.

"Uh, its very…" Gagё frowned. She didn't want to sound rude about the girls hometown but there were a lot of strange-commercial type things that made it sort of a joke. "Honestly?"

"Yeah." Liz nodded, she offered a reassuring smile.

"Its not home." Gagё sighed. "I've been here two days and I already want to go back."

"Oh." Liz glanced at the raised voices in the kitchen and back at Gagё.

"Désolé," Gagё shook her head and picked up the change. "I blurt things I shouldn't sometimes."

"Oh, no, that's alright." Liz assured as Gagё quickly got up. "I mean, its normal, I'd think. You left… I mean, all your friends…"

"Oui," Gagё paused. "Its silly but they've been like my family. We've known each other since 1st grade. Right now I would still be enjoying summer break." She smiled wistfully.

"Does… school starts later?" Liz wondered.

"No, not later. But we do." Gagё smiled. "Did." She corrected and grabbed her food. "Merci. See you in class."

"Bye." Liz waved. She watched her walk out the doors and wondered how long it would take Maria to start with her usual rant.


Liz closed her eyes, sighing as she heard her Dad hiss at them, rather loudly, they needed to work and leave the teenage drama for after.

"Great." Liz turned and headed to the kitchen just as her Dad headed back towards the dining room. "You guys." She sighed.

"Its his fault." Maria jabbed her finger towards Michael who stood at the grill.

"As always." He muttered.

"She was looking for him." Maria glared at Michael. "Wasn't she?"

"What did she say?" Michael asked ignoring Maria.

"Nothing," Liz denied. "I mean, she … she misses home."

"And where's that?" Michael demanded. He put the spatula down and stepped away from the grill.

"New Orleans." Liz answered looking confused.

"Why do you care?" Maria cut in.

"Because she's an alien." Michael hissed. "We aren't safe. I told Max, we aren't safe." He shook his head and returned to the grill. "Home is not New Orleans." He was adamant they weren't safe with the new alien in town.

Both Maria and Liz knew he meant the royal four weren't safe. Well; Isabel, Max and Michael weren't safe because he certainly wasn't worried about Liz or Maria.

Liz couldn't help thinking that Maria hadn't made it easier to endear themselves to Michael with her attitude. But especially with her behavior when they'd thought Isabel was pregnant with Michael's alien baby.

That had not gone over well.


Gagё flailed her arms at the unexpected force pulling her in a different direction than she had been heading in. The hand slapping over her mouth earned a bite after the moment of shocked surprise wore off. But by then, the door to the chalk room had slammed shut behind her and the boy she had tried really hard to forget bumping into the day before.

Michael didn't expect her to punch him but it definitely hurt. The kick she aimed at his groin never made it to its final destination.

"Lâcher!" Gagё ordered using both fists to try and hit him again."I'll scre-mhp!"

Michael grabbed her around the waist, his hand slapping over her mouth once again. "What do you want?" he demanded.

Gagё's wide eyes narrowed at his words. She pushed against his chest once more and when he didn't get the hint she used her boot to whack his shin hard enough he let go.

"Me?" she demanded. She moved as far away from him as the small confined space would allow her. "You dragged me into a closet. What do you want?"

"I know you're after us." Michael stated. He glared down at her, very intimidating but she wouldn't let him see it. She tried really hard not to think of what he could do to her. If he used his 'special' gifts …. She had already seen what he could do to inanimate objects. Especially with help from his blond 'special' friend.

"Who are you working for?" Michael stepped closer, blocking the door and forcing her back to the wall.

"You must be confused." She didn't think calling him 'crazy' would benefit her in the situation she found herself in. "This was a bad idea. Je n'aurais jamais suis venu à cet endroit de infestée étranger, I was fine at home. Je n'ai pas eu des éclairs de bizarreries dans ma tête au moindre contact et je suis ici, in the very center of all the alien craziness. Baiser ma vie!"

Michael jerked as though he'd been smacked with something at the mere mention of 'alien' from her, though he'd only half understood her rant.

"I can't believe this is my life." Gagё smacked both hands on her forehead, her body falling back onto the cold wall. "Why? Pourquoi ai-je hérité de grand-mères voo-doo, hoo-doo? It could have skipped me too!" she blew out a heavy breath muttering under her breath just loud enough Michael heard; "This sucks."

He couldn't have agreed more except the door was pulled open. It took him by surprise and more when he heard the angry voice at his back.

"What are you doing in here? With her?!"

Gagё chose that moment to shove past Michael and get out into the hall.

"Bonne chance!" she pushed Maria in and shut the door, effectively blocking Michael's aborted attempt to go after her. "You two take care of that in private."

Maria ignored the muffled voice and glared up at Michael who looked ready to push her out of his way.

"Michael!" Maria shoved him back, using both hands to push on his chest. "Why can't you ever give me a straight answer?"

"Not now." Michael brushed her off. He tried to get to the door but she wasn't having it and smacked his hand from the knob.

"That's your answer." She knew what she sounded like and as much as she didn't like it, she was past caring because she wanted answers, she needed to know and he was going to talk to her. Maria wasn't going to let him out of the chalk room until he did. "Not now or later or whatever! You don't get to sidestep the issue anymore. Why can't you just- just say what this is, Michael!"

"This?" Michael's mouth was pressed into a displeased line, his eyes flinty as he looked down at her. "Okay, I'll be straight with you." He nodded. "I'm sick and tired of you harping on me, always nagging and complaining because nothing I do is ever good enough for you. Since you obviously think I'm such a loser there's no need to waste our time." He leaned past her and pushed the door open. "I'm done with your idea of perfect. I'm not wasting my time attempting to be what you think I should be." He stepped out into the hall barely seeing the gaggle of teenagers coming out of class. "I know who I am." He walked away, disappearing into the crowd of kids that slowed as they walked past Maria who still stood inside the chalk room. She didn't want to cry but the tears were already leaving a trail on her bright pink cheeks. Disbelief was all over her face as well as hurt and on the heels of that a flush of anger because she knew exactly on who to lay the blame for this.


Isabel watched as Gagё got into her Bronco and drove out of the school parking lot. This girl had come in a month late into their school year and things had been different from then on. The pressures of hiding who they really were suddenly seemed unbearable a burden to shoulder. Max had already told Liz, who in turn had blabbed to her bff. Now Michael had found someone else to tell their secret too. And she didn't care that he denied he'd ever said a word to her. The problem was in believing that Gagё was somehow the exception to everyone they had ever met during their so far, short lives.

'A simple touch and she can see that other me?'

No, Isabel wasn't going to believe it was that easy. Why hadn't it happened with someone before?

The new girl had made one hell of an impression on the group in general. Especially with Maria blaming the 'break-up' on her, though to tell the truth, Isabel didn't see where it could have ever been considered a 'relationship' at all. Michael had done his best not to be seen with Maria, hiding from people when he did feel the teenage hormones rise to the surface. And Maria had always been ready whenever Michael had called her to meet in the chalk room.

'Big mistake.' Isabel tisked and she hadn't seen Michael sticking it out with her for much longer. If she had to pinpoint Michael's breaking point… well, it would have been around the alien pregnancy scare they'd had. Maria had not been at all supportive or understanding. She should have know Michael only loved her as a sister and Isabel loved him the same way. What they had been in that other life… that was not who they were now. There were plenty of little things Maria had done since being let in on the alien secret… it had only been a matter of time.

Isabel walked home studying the picture she'd take from Alex. It was of Gagё sitting in the courtyard. Alex had taken it with the pretext of adding it to the year book. Gagё hadn't been too happy to take pictures but she sat still enough to suffer one.

Isabel smiled, thinking Alex certainly knew how to get what he wanted, more if it was something that Isabel had asked for. Her smile faded thinking of Alex. Of course she liked him but what was the use of starting something with him? It could never work- there was Max and Liz. They'd turned out just great!

No, Isabel shook her head and focused on the picture. She studied the girl in it, her dark hair pulled into a lazy braid and pinned up to her left. There were strands lose about her face and a swatch of bangs almost covering her left eye. Isabel liked the color; deep indigo flecked silver. She had striking eyes… Isabel wondered how the boys would react to a change of eye color? Would they even notice?

"I'm home." Isabel called walking in the door. She heard Max answer from the kitchen as she headed to her bedroom. She had 'homework' of her own tonight.